End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Evil Bone Demon

As the terrifying crisis descended, the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord instantly summoned the evil moon shadow to dodge the sea of flames.

But at that time, a dozen Level 35 Flame Elementals suddenly appeared within the fierce orange flames. Those Flame Elementals were like moths attracted to fire as they directly sought out that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

In an instant, its body was covered in Flame Elementals. The enraged Demon clawed at its own body and tore two Flame Elementals to pieces in an instant.

But a large fire array had been formed under his feet. The array was like a fire vortex that caused spatial fluctuations as it was constructed.

Ominous hellish power spread out from that fire vortex, and roars from Hell could faintly be heard. It seemed that there was a Devil on the other side of the vortex.

The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord was startled as it struggled. But it couldnt struggle free from those Flame Elementals in time. Over a hundred Fireballs had condensed at the same time, but it was impossible to distinguish the Fireballs from the sea of flames.

The huge Fireballs all flew out, with no less than sixty of them striking its head and bursting with immense explosive power that could compare to that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords all-out attack.

That kind of power would at most lightly wound the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body. But at this moment, its body was pushed by that formidable power towards the Hell Gate under its feet.

The Hell Gate quickly distorted, apparently on the brink of collapse. The power of the Heaven Rank almost collapsed that Hell Gate. Half of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body had been pushed through the Hell Gate, but its struggle would make the portal collapse within a few seconds.

Dedale sneered and completely ignored it. He kept releasing a large number of Bursting Flames spells, making use of the explosive force to smash the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord through the Hell Gate like a nail into wood.

The Hell Gate was quickly collapsing, and Dedale spoke a sentence in Infernal.

"The Hell Gate will fall apart."

The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord shrieked miserably. It looked as if its body was being pulled by a huge monster as it went through the Hell Gate in less than a second.

At the same time, a Devils large claw extended out of the Hell Gate, but the Hell Gate collapsed, and only the Devils roars could be heard.

In the sky, a smile flashed in Lin Yuns eyes as he saw this scene while still doing his calculations.

That Dedale, he even dares to take advantage of a Devil Overlord. Last time he delivered another Demon Overlord to Hell. Im sure those greedy Devils have already become addicted to the flavor of Demon Overlords.

He had once again opened a Hell Door with the same power and location, and sure enough, there was a powerful Devil waiting there.

Unfortunately, that Devil Overlord, like all Devils, was deceitful and treacherous, as well as avaricious and insatiable. When it discovered the Demon Overlord, instead of just settling with that, it had even wanted to use that Hell Gate to come to this world.

It wanted to use the Demon Overlord to exhaust the summoner, and after devouring the Demon Overlord, it would have seized the opportunity to come out and also get rid of the summoner.

Seeing that the Hell Gate was collapsing and hearing Dedales words, the Devil Overlord truly couldnt wait, so it only got the Demon.

The fight on Dedales side was over, and the other two were almost done too.

The Great Tribal Chief was holding a three-meter-long greatsword, with a layer of shadow on top of it. From a distance, it looked like he was holding a gigantic fang.

That Horned Demon Overlord simply wasnt a match for the Great Tribal Chief, and a dozen long wounds were covering its body. Purple blood was flowing out of the Horned Demons wounds like a waterfall. Apart from the dozen heavy wounds, there were still a dozen large bloody holes, which were squirting blood like fountains.

These injuries would have already killed a Lesser Demon Overlord, but it was only considered a relatively heavy injury to that hundred-meter-tall Demon.

The Great Tribal Chiefs skin looked as if it was exuding blood, and the blood fang magic patterns on the surface of his body were slowly brightening, almost like those bloody fangs wanted to fly out.

Suddenly, an opportunity came. The Horned Demon faced the Great Tribal Chiefs Aura Slash with both hands in front of its head, blocking the line of sight. Moreover, the chaotic fluctuations and the explosiveness of the Aura Slash made the Horned Demon Overlords reaction fuzzy.

The blood fang magic patterns on the Great Tribal Chiefs skin instantly blossomed with a brilliant light, and a mysterious aura flashed. The Great Tribal Chief appeared behind the head of the Horned Demon Overlord at such high speed that not even a blur could be seen. That thick fang greatsword ruthlessly stabbed into the back of the Horned Demon Overlords head.

A huge power poured into the greatsword, and a blood-curdling thunderous sound came out of the mouth of Horned Demon Overlord. A huge burst of light leaked out of its eyes and nostrils.

On the other side, the battlefield of the Great Shaman and that Goat-Horned Demon Overlord had already transformed into a field of lightning and black smoke. All that could be seen from outside was the cloud of smoke with lightning flickering within it.

The black smoke burst open as the Great Tribal Chiefs fight concluded. Boundless lightning transformed into a waterfall and thoroughly dispersed the black smoke.

The Great Shaman spat out a mouthful of blood as he walked out of the lightning, only leaving the electrified corpse of the Goat-Horned Demon Overlord, which had been burnt black.

With the death of the Goat-Horned Demon Overlord, the Lesser Demon Overlords were no longer being coordinated.

The assault formation they originally were using had turned into chaotic battles. The Blood Fang Beastmen and the humans suddenly held the advantage, and they kept eliminating more of the Lesser Demon Overlords.

And with Dedale, the Great Tribal Chief, and the Great Shaman having their hands free, it took less than three minutes for all the Demons to be disposed of.

Everyone had gone all-out during this battle. But as the fighting died down, everyone solemnly looked at the black smoke continuously churning within the canyon.

Lin Yun was completing the last adjustments and calculations when he suddenly frowned at the black smoke.

"The last modification is in the center of the core area"

As Lin Yuns words echoed, the black smoke covering the area suddenly had fierce changes. A wisp of terrifying pressure swept over like a shockwave.

The sky instantly turned dark, as if a terrifying existence had suddenly appeared. Even the sun was hidden.

Gales suddenly rose as boundless Abyssal Power surged. But the mana that was giving a kind of explosive feeling frantically withdrew.

In less than a second, a huge, two-hundred-meter-tall Demon appeared in the center of the canyon.

That Demon had three thick horns spiralling from its head, and black flames were burning in its eyes. Its entire body had thick and bloody bony outgrowths extending from its joints. Those pitch-black outgrowths were covered in numerous strange magic patterns, and there were smoke-like flames at their tips.

Its body didnt seem to have flesh. There was only a layer of black skin wrapped around its bones. It was extremely thin when compared to other Demons, and its entire skeleton could be clearly seen.

But the appearance of that Demon couldnt help but alarm the Great Tribal Chief.

"Evil Bone Demon! The Black Iron Overlord!"

Lin Yun, who had just finished debugging and completed his calculations, turned solemn.

Although he had expected a more powerful Demon Overlord to appear, he hadnt expected it to be a Black Iron Overlord comparable to a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse!

Within Demons, ordinary Overlords didnt have titles, and they had fighting strength comparable to a 1st Rank Heaven Mage. Only those that had truly grasped Extraordinary Power, Demon Overlords comparable to 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouses, could be qualified to become Black Iron Overlords.

There was a huge gap between every rank of the Heaven Realm. It was even bigger than the gap between the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm and the 1st Rank of the Heaven realm.

In the Abyss, the difference in status between every Overlord was huge. A Demon could only surrender to another Demon with a higher rank.

And the only way to alter this gap in ranks was through the power of ones bloodline.

There were seventy-two kinds of Demonic Bloodlines. Even an ordinary Overlord of one of the ten golden bloodlines was stronger than a Goat-Horned Black Iron Overlord.

What felt troublesome wasnt that the Demon before them was a Black Iron Overlord, but that it was a terrifying existence. Evil Bone Demons were ranked 4th among the silver bloodlines!

Purely in terms of bloodline, the Evil Bone Demons ranked 14th among the 72 Demon Races!

An Evil Bone Black Iron Overlord could kill the previous three Overlords by itself

The Demon Overlord slowly left the canyon. Black flames were burning within its eyes as it looked at the people outside the canyon with malice, as if they were just food waiting to be eaten.

Everyone started to sweat. Evil Bone Demons were innately cruel. Because of their bloodline, they had almost no flesh and had a stronger desire to eat. Apart from Evil Demon Races, they would eat anything. Even other Demons could be their food.

The Evil Bone Demon slowly left the canyon, but it ignored the humans and the Beastmen as it casually grabbed that Horned Demons corpse. Its maw suddenly became a few times bigger, and it swallowed half of the Horned Demon in an instant, devouring it cleanly in two bites.

It then picked up that burnt Goat-Horned Demon Overlords corpse and also wolfed it down in two bites. The corpses of the Lesser Demon Overlords were finished off in one bite each.

Seeing this scene, everyone sweated even more profusely. Dedale couldnt bear with it and was about to attack when Lin Yun suddenly started talking.

"Dont move! Let him eat! That Evil Bone Demon seems to have been starving for a long time. These guys are extremely gluttonous, especially those that have been starving for a while. As long as we just watch, it wont stop until it finishes eating.

"But itll go crazy if you interrupt his meal, and it will burst with even more power than usual."