End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 Start The Attack

"There are two Demon Overlordss corpses and over a hundred Lesser Demon Overlords corpses. It will definitely devour them all, but since it has been starved for a long time, devouring everything at once would exceed its digestive abilities and would cripple its strength!

"Even that Greater Demon Overlord cant restrain that guys craving, it will only think of getting rid of us after finishing its meal!"

That Evil Bone Demon didnt react to Lin Yuns shouting as it was gorging itself on the corpses of the Lesser Demon Overlords.

Dedales eyes flickered and he retreated. The Great Tribal Chief and the Great Shaman also led the Blood Fang Tribe to retreat.

As everyone retreated, a wisp of resentment flashed in Dylas eyes as he suddenly roared, "Mafa Merlin, dont think that I dont know your plot! You want to free that Greater Demon Overlord! You have already been attracting the power of the Greater Demon Overlord.

"What do you mean by letting that guy finish its meal?! Ive never heard of that! Dont you think I know that Evil Demons can recover their power and heal their injuries through devouring? That Evil Bone Demon was at its weakest when it appeared, but its aura had clearly increased!

"You think you can deceive everyone and let that Evil Bone Demon recover and become even stronger so that you could kill us when it attacks us? Ive seen through your plot!"

After saying that, Dylas suddenly rushed out and charged into the Evil Bone Demon. A shadow rapidly expanded and transformed into a several-dozen-meter-big Shadow Claw that ruthlessly clawed towards the Evil Bone Demon.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yuns eyelids suddenly twitched and he unhesitantly withdrew. Dedale also led his people back and everyone fell back.

A loud metallic sound echoed as that Shadow Claw hit the arm of the Evil Bone Demon, shaking it and making the Evil Bone Demon drop the corpse of the Lesser Demon Overlord.

In an instant, the black flames in the Evil Bone Demons eyes turned crimson. Blood-colored flames spread out from his eyes and transformed into a ten-meter-tall wave of flames.

In an instant, the Evil Bone Demons claws ruthlessly pierced the ground and tore the shadow like a piece of rag.

Its huge eyes glared at Dylas with crazy killing intent while its slap flew at a crazy speed. Its huge body didnt seem to be influencing its speed, and it reached Dylas location in an instant.

Dylas paled as he discovered that he had been the only one charging forward. As the huge twenty-meter-tall claw was charging at him, Dylas let out an alarmed shriek and promptly used the Dark Night Cloak to merge with the shadows and escape.

Just as Dylas disappeared, the Evil Bone Demons claw fell on the ground and made the earth shake. Cracks similar to tree branches spread out on the ground following that attack.

The Evil Bone Demon lifted its claw, and its five-meter-deep imprint could clearly be seen on the ground, with the forked cracks spreading over six hundred meters.

And one hundred meters away, Dylas figure suddenly appeared and spat out a mouthful of blood. A crack visible on his Dark Night Cloak.

Dylas didnt have time to feel sorry for his damaged Dark Night Cloak and promptly got his aura and fluctuations under control before rapidly retreating while hiding in the shadows.

After retreating over a kilometer, he joined the rest of the group. He was still pale as he looked at that Evil Bone Demon in horror.

The burning flames within its eyes had returned to normal and only a layer of black flames remained.

With no one else disturbing his meal, the Evil Bone Demon Overlord focused back into grabbing and devouring the Lesser Demon Overlords corpses.

At this time, Dylas no longer dared to say anything about Lin Yuns plotting.

Dedale coldly glared at Dylas, dissatisfaction visible within his eyes. Raphael was also frowning, but refrained from saying what he wanted to say.

The three Heaven Rank powerhouses of the Blood Fang Tribe glared at Dylas.

The Great Tribal Chief even threateningly clenched his fists while viciously looking at Dylas.

"If we end up dying because of you, Ill make sure to send you to your ancestors first!"

Morgan, whose relationship with Dylas had originally been decent, felt that Dylas was less and less pleasing to the eyes.

"Dylas, you think everyone is an idiot like you? That only you know about Evil Bone Demons? Regardless of what you think, if you implicate everyone, Ill make you pay the price!"

Dylas looked extremely pale. He clenched his teeth and glared at Lin Yun. But seeing that everyone was looking at him as if he was an idiot, and although he was about to burst from anger, he only coldly snorted and didnt dare to say anything.

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Dylas, before continuing to look at the Evil Bone Demons feast.

Enderfas three faces all sneered, "That idiot is amazing, he dared to provoke an eating Evil Bone Demon, and a Black Iron Overlord one! Yet he wasnt killed, he is truly lucky."

Xiuban nodded, "That guy is truly lucky to not have been killed for disturbing its meal!"

Dylas was angry, but didnt dare to say anything. He knew he had made a very stupid mistake.

Damn Mafa Merlin, just wait! Do you think I dont know your plot? You want to borrow these Demons power to get rid of me, dont you? Now it looks like you dont just want to get rid of me, but you want to get rid of the entire Odin Kingdoms people.

The Odin Kingdom would suffer a lot if everyone here was taken care of. The losses would be disastrous and allow the Andlusa Kingdom to make a comeback. Stupid guy, you were lucky enough to be right this time.

I shall watch and see how long youll manage to keep up that facade before exposing your demonic tail!

Dylas no longer made a disturbance and the others also earnestly observed, waiting for that Evil Bone Demon to finish its meal.

At this time, over half of the Lesser Demon Overlords corpses had been devoured, and the Evil Bone Demons eating speed had clearly slowed down. This showed that it had already eaten its fill, but it was still eating with no plan to stop.

The more it ate, the slower its eating speed was. From devouring a corpse in one bite, he was now taking three bites to finish a Lesser Demon Overlord.

It took no less than ten minutes for the Evil Bone Demon to devour all the Lesser Demon Overlords corpses. Its skinny flat belly looked like the belly of a pregnant woman.

At this time, Lin Yun shouted, "Start the attack!"

Dedale instantly transformed into the incarnation of a flaming Dragons head and rushed out first, spraying boundless orange flames.

The Great Tribal Chief, Great Shaman, Great Prophet, as well as Lin Yun, all moved together, while the remaining people remained in the rear and started casting.

The large number of spells converged into a flood of spells that washed over like a large river and ruthlessly charged into the Evil Bone Demon.

The flames within the Evil Bone Demons eyes sharply rose, reaching up to eight-meters and its huge claws ruthlessly tore at that flood of spells.

Crackling sounds echoed as the spell flood was torn into several pieces, the pieces fiercely falling onto the Evil Bone Demons body, only leaving a faint bruise behind, not even splitting its skin.

Low Tier Spells were ineffective. That skin covered in detailed magic patterns could forcibly resist Low Tier Spells, and it wasnt something the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord could compare to.

As the battle just started, some people discovered that, although that Evil Bone Overlord had eaten a lot and recovered its power, its speed had decreased and its power had weakened.

A starving wolf was most savage!

A wolf that has eaten its fill would absolutely be torn apart by a starving wolf.

And with that Evil Bone Demons power being greatly weakened, it was completely suppressed at the start of the battle.

Dedale released an elemental sea of flames. The huge flood of spells was forcibly torn apart by the Evil Bone Demon, and it then clawed at Dedales body. Those ten long sharp fingernails instantly tore through Dedales triple defensive shields, and it seemed as if it was about to pierce through Dedale.

The Great Tribal Chief swung his huge fang greatsword and sent Aura Slashes at the Evil Bone Demons body, but only metallic sounds echoed. It barely cut the skin of the Bone Demon Overlord, but wasnt able to injure it.

Even the Great Shamans lightning bolts were like mischievous lightning snakes coursing through the surface of the Evil Bone Demons body and couldnt muster any great destructive power.

Lin Yun used the Windfire Elemental Incarnation, the power of wind added to the power of fire created chaotic flame power. It boosted the power of elemental flames, and the dark red elemental flames were like a group of berserk spirits whose power was stronger than Dedales orange flames.

A twister-like flaming explosion burst on the Evil Bone Demons body, but the chaotic power only destroyed a bit of the Evil Bone Demons skin.

The flood of Low Tier Spells had already lost most of its effect, in fact, Low Tier Spells didnt have much effect on its formidable body.

The attacks of four powerhouses with the power of the Heaven Rank didnt cause much injuries on the Evil Bone Demon, it only infuriated him.

The smoke-like flames on the bony outgrowths on all of its joints suddenly expanded.

Black flames slowly started covering the Evil Bone Demons limbs and joints. Those black flames were full of evil and destructive chaotic aura.

The Evil Bone Demon roared and clawed at them. When the large claw, covered in a layer of black flames, pounced on a spell, it looked as if it was extinguishing a flame as they rapidly dissipated.

The sharp claw slapped at Dedale and suddenly ignited his orange flames. In an instant, that sea of orange flames was rapidly dyed black.

Dedales expression changed as he promptly retreated, but those black flames seemed to have locked onto his aura and kept chasing him.