End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 1022 Endure

1022 Endure


At this time, a red gust of wind whistled past. A huge tornado swept aside the mixed black and orange flames.

Dedale spat out blood The taste of a magical backlash wasn’t so great.

Although he had been injured, Dedale still gratefully looked at Lin Yun.


If not for Lin Yun making a move, he would absolutely have been infected by those black flames. He had merged with the Burning Soul and the metal staff, and the first things to be corroded would be these two True Spirit Magic Tools. Even if they couldn’t be destroyed, the original orange elemental flames would have been forcibly replaced by the corroded black flames.

Dedale himself would definitely have been unable to endure the power of the bone-corroding black flames. His bones would have turned to ashes within a dozen seconds, and his soul would have been unable to escape.

Lin Yun summoned Syudos with a solemn expression. He tried having Syudos devour some of the mixed flames, and after confirming that it was possible, he let him out.

He let Syudos devour the flames of that flaming twister. Those flames not only contained Lin Yun’s recently fused Wind Law taking the shadow of chaotic windfire, but it also contained Dedale’s orange flames dyed with the bone-corroding black flames.

The power of the black flames was far from being able to compare to the flames directly on the Evil Bone Demon’s body, but it was an opportunity for Syudos to get stronger.

The bone-corroding flames could even burn Syudos to death, but slowly devouring it was a different matter. Syudos slowly fused with the power of the black flames and rapidly became stronger. It wouldn’t take long before he could devour pure bone-corroding flames.

On another side, the Great Shaman and the Great Tribal Chief had met some similar issues. That Evil Demon Overlord’s power was terrifying. One of its slaps could send the Great Tribal Chief flying, and the lightning of the Great Shaman didn’t cause it much damage.

The others weren’t even worth mentioning. The spells of those that couldn’t display the power of the Heaven Rank had no effect on that Evil Bone Demon, and they couldn’t even get close, as the bone-corroding flames were the best defense.

At that moment, only Dedale, the Great Tribal Chief, the Great Shaman, and Lin Yun continued fighting. The Great Prophet could only stand in the back and use some supportive abilities to help them.

The four of them floated in the air, forming a semicircle around that Evil Bone Demon, all of them with solemn expressions.

The Evil Bone Demon had formidable defenses by itself, but it wasn’t without weakness. However, it was also releasing the bone-corroding black flames. Since they could only display the power of 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses, it felt like the Evil Bone Demon had no weak points to them.

Lin Yun rapidly spat out three runes towards the Evil Bone Demon, who covered a hundred meters in one step. A large Four-Element Bomb was rapidly condensed before arriving in front of the Evil Bone Demon.

The power of the magnified Four-Element Bomb’s direct hit was more or less comparable to the upper limit of an 8th Tier Spell. And the power of the core explosion had already exceeded the 8th Tier.


The chaotic energies turned into a ball and exploded open. The Evil Bone Demon used its arms to protect itself and resist that exploding mushroom cloud while being forced a few steps back. The black flames covering its arms were somewhat blasted aside, and a three-meter-long piece of skin exploded out.

But it was only its skin bursting out. That injury simply couldn’t be considered an injury. The Evil Bone Demon let out a roar, and the flames within his eyes changed color. A sinister aura spread as its huge body faintly bent down.

Then, the earth burst open, and it was like a thick carpet was unfolded. The Evil Bone Demon travelled three hundred meters almost instantaneously, knocking aside the air in its path.

Its long, sharp claws ruthlessly slashed towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s expression faintly changed as a fierce windfire storm curled around his body. Suddenly, gales rose up and tore at Lin Yun’s body as they dragged him over a hundred meters backward. It was still somewhat faster than Flame Flashes.

Those thick claws almost caught Lin Yun’s body. He hadn’t been directly hit by the claws, but the gales sweeping alongside the sharp claws were like a giant palm that ruthlessly swatted Lin Yun’s shields.

The nine Windfire Shields simultaneously burst, the Mana Shield and three Elemental Shields burst open, and even the Runic Shield’s countless runes fiercely flickered, as if it was about to burst.

Lin Yun slightly paled, his mana somewhat in chaos.

His Runic Shield had almost been torn apart just by the air displaced by that claw sweep. And that was after having advanced to the 8th Rank and fusing with the Wind Law, greatly increasing his number of runes. He had over 700,000 now.

His huge pool of runes was enough to make any Archmage despair. Almost no Archmage would see so many runes in their lifetime.

Such a huge quantity of runes gave the Runic Shield a terrifying defensive power, and it could resist a 9th Tier Extraordinary Spell without shattering.

But it almost exploded just from the side-effect of the Evil Bone Demon’s attack. Its power was desperately terrifying.

The Evil Bone Demon didn’t have time for a follow-up attack after clawing at Lin Yun as Dedale had already released a powerful spell.

Since weaker spells were useless, they could only cast High Tier Spells. Only spells at the 7th rank or higher could injure that Evil Bone Demon.

Dedale gathered the sea of flames and converged the entirety of its power into an extreme Bursting Flames. The eighty-meter-wide fireball suddenly appeared and smashed onto the Evil Bone Demon’s head. The violent explosive force blossomed with a blinding light. That explosive force was like a giant palm slapping the Evil Bone Demon’s face and stopping its momentum.

The Great Tribal Chief was tightly grasping his fang greatsword as he ferociously sent out an Aura Slash. The Aura Slash rapidly condensed and transformed into an enormous blood fang.

The fang took advantage of the opening to slice at the Evil Bone Demon’s neck, cutting through the thick skin and the layer of bone-corroding black flames. After slicing through the skin, the bloody fang landed on the spinal column of the Evil Bone Demon, but only a dull sound echoed.

After a loud “bang” the Aura Slash unexpectedly shattered.

Those pitch-black bones under the skin were covered in numerous magic patterns, and the Great Tribal Chief’s all-out attack only left a shallow dent on the bones. Moreover, this dent was slowly recovering.

A terrifyingly fast shadow flashed and appeared at the side of the stunned Great Tribal Chief before he was sent flying away.

No one saw how the Great Tribal Chief disappeared, but he loudly fell a kilometer away on a mountain peak. The top half of the mountain fell down with a rumble, and dust covered the sky. The Great Tribal Chief once again flew out, but most of his armor was in fragments, and he looked extremely pale.

This was a Black Iron Overlord with a silver bloodline. It was unimaginably powerful. Four powerhouses on the level of the Heaven Rank, and also buffed by the Great Prophet’s warsongs, weren’t the Evil Bone Demon’s opponent.

Lin Yun calmly floated in the air and looked at the Evil Bone Demon’s big belly.

“Don’t use force, let’s trap him and stall for time.”

Dedale glanced at Lin Yun but didn’t question it as he directly cast Flame Shackles. Four orange flaming serpentine dragons surged from the ground and twisted around the Evil Bone Demon’s legs.

The Evil Bone Demon struggled and quickly made a serpentine dragon collapse, but Dedale kept summoning more and more Flame Shackles.

The Great Tribal Chief flew up and kept sending Aura Slashes to suppress the Evil Bone Demon, stopping it from launching a terrifying attack.

The Great Shaman was hovering in the air, covering the sky in dark clouds. Thunder suddenly boomed as lightning entered the body of the Great Shaman. Fork-like scars suddenly burst open on his skin. Blood spattered, but more and more lightning fell down and turned into a lightning cage that surrounded the Evil Bone Demon.

Lin Yun looked at that continuously struggling Evil Bone Demon and he rapidly explained, “Don’t worry about it, let it struggle! The more it struggles, the better. We must stall!”

Lin Yun used his Lava Incarnation and turned the ground under the Evil Bone Demon’s feet into a lava pond, which he used to restrict the Demon’s actions.

Everyone used all their mana, as the Evil Bone Demon only needed to free an arm or a leg and it would be able to struggle free.

They could only keep casting to maintain this situation and stall for time.

As time passed, everyone was getting very pale, apart from Lin Yun. Their mana fluctuations were somewhat chaotic because they had used too much mana.

Only Lin Yun, with the support of his Natural Demiplane, didn’t need to worry about mana consumption.

“Endure a bit more, he’ll start getting worse!”

Lin Yun ground his teeth as he frantically kept casting. The others could only believe in Lin Yun. Lin Yun had stopped everyone from attacking earlier to let this Evil Bone Demon eat its fill, and sure enough, the Evil Bone Demon had been weakened afterwards.

After a few minutes, everyone discovered that the Evil Bone Demon’s attacks had started slowing down, and its power had already reduced. There was some squirming coming from its belly. At first glance, it looked like a pregnant woman’s fetal movements.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“All-out suppression!”

Just as he said those words, Dedale raised his staff and quickly chanted an incantation. A long serpentine flame akin to a gigantic python coiled around the Evil Bone Demon’s legs.