End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Doomed

The Evil Bone Demons bone-corroding black flames kept corroding this long flame, when suddenly, a now dark-red Syudos charged at the Evil Bone Demon. He followed the long serpentine orange flames, and he frantically devoured the Evil Bone Demons bone-corroding black flames.

The Great Tribal Chief roared and his body expanded as he flew up and dove down. His Aura surged and transformed into a several-dozen-meter-long bloody fang that violently pushed down on the Evil Bone Demons head.

The Evil Bone Demon raised its arms to block the Great Tribal Chiefs greatsword, but before it could shatter it, the lightning the Great Shaman controlled transformed into lightning snakes that bound the Evil Bone Demons upper body.

As for Lin Yun, he was hovering in front of the Evil Bone Demon, a huge wheel shadow floating behind him, as well as a several-dozen-meter-tall Purple Dragons shadow holding the wheel behind him.

He was carrying the Book of Death in his left hand and the Draconic Staff in his right hand. The Book of Mantras was floating next to his left hand, while the Spell Wheel was floating next to his right hand.

The power of the Magic Tools were simultaneously roused, and following Lin Yuns rapid chant, the frantic windfire formed a huge fire vortex in front of Lin Yun.

A two-meter-thick golden spear rushed out of this flaming vortex, and after the hundred-meter-long spear drilled out of the fire vortex. That windfire vortex didnt disappear and instead transformed into a tornado that curled around the surface of the spear.

The terrifying mana fluctuations were like a tsunami spreading towards the surroundings. The surrounding air was forcibly squeezed out and the space faintly shook.

The huge flaming spear started crazily rotating, it was forcibly suppressed so that it wouldnt shoot too early.

No less than ten seconds passed and the drill bit-like spinning flaming spear was already formless. Only a flaming tornado could be seen wrapped around a golden red light, there were also pitch-black spatial cracks appearing at the front.

That terrifying power suddenly burst out and a shockwave spread from the tip of the spear. Lin Yun could no longer suppress this chaotic power, after ten seconds of channeling, it had already surpassed the limits of what Lin Yun could control.

He used windfire to condense the most chaotic Fire God Spear, before rousing the power of the windfire to increase the speed and power of the Fire God Spear to its pinnacle. The addition of the gales whirling power even made space split open!

After losing control, the powerful spear crossed several hundred meters in an instant and arrived in front of the Evil Bone Demon. The tip, similar to a drill bit, was frantically revolving and created numerous spatial cracks, the sharp tip even had a spatial collapse singularity.

That force ruthlessly hit the Evil Bone Demons belly and burst it open with a loud bang. The spear easily sliced the skin and pierced through the Evil Bone Demons body.

A large number of Lesser Demon Overlords corpses burst out from its belly. The crazy Evil Bone Demon ferociously struggled and a shockwave mixed with bone-corroding black flames spread out. Dedale, the Great Tribal Chief, and the Great Shaman were sent flying out.

They were all hit by the bone-corroding black flames, even Lin Yuns shield was infected by the bone-corroding black flames.

Syudos fluttered in the air and rapidly devoured the bone-corroding black flames on the four people, he even devoured all the bone-corroding black flames spreading through the sky.

The group of people looked at the pale and crazy Evil Bone Demon and chose to not take a step forward. At this moment, the Evil Bone Demon was holding its belly while crazily shouting, but it wasnt attacking anyone.

After a few seconds, the Evil Bone Demons aura rapidly fell, as if its power was leaking, its life aura was also rapidly disappearing.

Within ten seconds, the Evil Bone Demon let out an unwilling roar and fell down like a small mountain. Its skin rapidly withered, and the bone-corroding black flames burnt its body for half a minute before thoroughly turning it to ashes.

Syudos devoured all the remnants of flames he could from those ashes, his body also turned into a dark red ball of flames.

Everyone was relieved by the fact that the battle was over.

That Evil Bone Demon, as a Black Iron Overlord with silver bloodline, would normally look like a skeleton with a thin layer of skin. To them, it looked like it had no weak point as its defenses were terrifying.

But its belly had greatly swollen after eating, creating a weak point. Its belly was now the weakest part of its body, especially when fiercely fighting after having eaten. Its power became chaotic and plummeted.

Moreover, the Evil Bone Demons source of power was in its belly. It had been frantically devouring and was replenishing its power when its source of power was hit, making the Evil Bone Demon self-immolate and die.

But if the Demon Overlords belly was shriveled at the very start, they would have only been able to display the power of a 1st Rank Heaven Mage and would have been unable to hit the Evil Bone Demons power source.

With the disappearance of the Evil Bone Overlord, the black smoke thoroughly dissipated and the arrays modifications could start working. A huge black hole appeared in the center of the canyon. That black hole seemed linked to the Abyss, as a dense Abyssal Aura spread out.

The arrays modifications had yet to be finished, within the boundless abyss of that black hole, a huge hand was rushing up.

Chaotic power spread out. This was a hundred-meter-big demonic claw forcibly squeezing through that twenty-meter-big hole. The terrifying power it was emitting changed the weather.

The sky was thoroughly dusky, as if it was about to collapse. Spatial cracks were appearing in the surroundings of that claw and made the entire mountain range shake. The formidable power tore through space very easily.

Their expression changed as they faced this sudden situation. Dedale was the first to rush out, he used his Elemental Incarnation and cast over a hundred Bursting Flames.

Explosions kept echoing, but it only slightly slowed that claw and didnt leave any trace.

The claw softly moved, and it was like the entire sky was being torn apart. It put pressure on Dedale, squeezing the air as it ruthlessly smashed onto Dedales shield.

A series of explosions echoed as Dedales dozen Fire Shields were torn to shreds like sheets of paper. The remnant of the force knocked upon Dedales triple defensive shields and sent him flying.

The Great Tribal Chiefs body rose up to four meters. He swung his greatsword and let out a hundred-meter-long Aura Slash that looked like a true bloody fang. That Aura Slash flew towards that Demons claw, but collapsed into fragments, not leaving any trace.

The Great Shamans lightning attack fell on that claw, but it only splashed lightning in a wide area, it was like water being sprinkled onto steel essence, apart from leaving a small water spot, it didnt leave anything behind.

Lin Yun released three Four-Element Bombs consecutively, but the powerful explosion could only temporarily halt that hand, but couldnt cause any injury.

Dedale looked at that hundred-meter-big claw, his eyes frantically twitching.

"Everyone together! Suppress it!"

That was the claw of the Greater Raging Flame Overlord!

Its claw alone was a hundred meters in size. The pressure the huge demonic claw was emitting felt like a mountain pushing down on their souls.

So many spells hit it, but there wasnt the slightest injury. The 8th Tier Spells it endured didnt leave any mark behind.

But a gentle motion of that demonic claw tore through space. It was extremely powerful.

The strength at the tip of one fingertip could compare to an all-out attack by a Heaven Rank.

If that huge hand came out, it would easily be able to wipe everyone with a swing as if they were ants.

Everyone except Dedale, the Great Tribal Chief, the Great Shaman, and Lin Yun, rushed to the sides of the canyon and started casting a deluge of spells.

The large number of spells were putting pressure on it, and every second, there were at least several hundred, up to a thousand, spells falling on that huge demonic claw. But they were just putting pressure to fight for time.

Not only were they unable to injure that demonic claw, they were unable to suppress that demon claw and send it back.

The demonic claw softly flickered a finger, and the space in front of it burst open. The air was squeezed, as if a cannonball had been shot.

Several hundred meters away, the Blood Fang Tribes Wolf Rider army was swept away by that shockwave. Over a thousand level 30 or above Wolf Riders had converged together, but just as the Aura burst out, over a thousand Beastmen spurted out blood and were sent flying.

Following the demonic claws several flicks, everyone had been hurt apart from the four Heaven Rank powerhouses.

After five minutes, the Great Tribal Chief, the Great Shaman, Dedale and Lin Yun, were all wounded. That large hand looked like a person who was stretching out his hand to tease a group of ants. The ants were unable to injure him, but the demonic claw only needed to use a bit of power and it could crush the ants.

Dylas transformed into a shadow, his arms broken as he dodged an attack with an alarmed expression. He raised his head to look at the fighting Lin Yun and screeched, "Mafa Merlin, damn b*stard! You want to kill us and free that Greater Demon Overlord, you have been tempted by that Greater Demon Overlords power!

"Damn b*stard, what can you say now, we are done for, completely f*cked. This Greater Demon Overlord is escaping!

"Ive seen through your act, you have sustained the weakest injuries amongst everyone! This is a Greater Demon Overlord, even just one hand should be able to tear through your Runic Shield.

"B*stard, you have definitely reached a deal with that Greater Demon Overlord! We maybe be f*cked, but dont think that youll have an easy time.

"Ill drag you down along with me!"

Dylas roared in alarm, he was already going crazy against this kind of despairing power. A Four-Element Bomb appeared in front of him just as he was about to make a move and the terrifying power sent Dylas flying.

As he crawled up, he noticed that the crack on his Dark Night Cloak had become bigger.