End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 Nervous

"Xiuban, calm that idiot down."

Lin Yun gave a command to Xiuban, still observing the changes of the array while fighting.

Xiuban had been worried about the approaching demonic claw when he suddenly heard that command. He then rejoiced and ferociously swung Carnage towards Dylas. Dylas could only use the Dark Night Cloak to defend himself as he fiercely cursed.

Lin Yun glanced at Dedale, the Great Tribal Chief, and the Great Shaman and said, "I need your help, please attract that demonic hands attention. The array has already been modified, and we are just missing the last step!"

In an instant, the three of them rushed in front of the demonic hand and burst out with all their strength.

Dedale looked like an erupting flame as he transformed into a boundless chaotic flood that pressured that hand as hard as he could.

The Great Tribal Chief also thoroughly burst with Aura, releasing all of it at once to form an Aura Storm that rained countless blood-colored fang-like Aura Slashes onto that demonic claw.

The Great Shaman released all of the lightning he had absorbed at once, making all the power burst out at once.

The three people staked everything on that one concentrated blow. Their attacks fell on the demonic hand but didnt injure it in the slightest. It was only enough to attract its attention.

This was in addition to the attacks of all the others. Three Heaven Rank powerhouses, several dozen Level 39s, as well as over a thousand warriors at Level 30 or higher. All they could accomplish was drawing the demonic hands attention.

As for Lin Yun, he was floating on the side of the demonic hand, calmly looking at that huge black hole.

Following the development of the array, the black hole had expanded to a hundred meters. Only black smoke could be seen from above, and it looked almost like it was linked to an endless abyss whose depths couldnt be seen. It was like another boundless world.

Lin Yun squinted with runes surging in his eyes before transforming into a part of the array. Only the most central parts of the array were blank.

Suddenly, Lin Yun threw the huge totem into the black hole.

Sensing that totem, a bellow echoed from the boundless abyss. The huge demonic claw took on everyones spells and diverted a wisp of power to violently hit that totem.

A loud explosion echoed as that totem exploded.

But at the same time, Lin Yun appeared behind the demonic claw with a huge totem in his arms. He took advantage of this opportunity to quickly throw the totem into the abyss.

The first totem had been a fake and had only been a weapon, while the second one was the true inheritance totem.

The inheritance totem blossomed with light as it fell into the abyss. Boundless runes surged and instantly connected with the array.

The final alteration of the array had been completed, and the new array started displaying its effect. That huge demonic hand frantically clawed at its surroundings, trying to destroy everything, but the mountain range suddenly blossomed with light.

A faint halo enveloped the entire mountain range. The demonic claw scratched wildly at the mountain range on both sides, but even if the mountain range shook, it wasnt able to hit a single rock.

Runes spurted out of the totem as it fell in the abyss before slowly turning translucent. The power of the array kept increasing while the demonic claw seemed to be torn apart by an incorporeal power and pushed back into the abyss.

The demonic claw soon disappeared within the boundless black smoke. Only enraged roars could be heard.

The endless runes spouting out of the totem merged with the abyss until only an illusory image of the totem was left.

A flame ignited the totem and allowed the totem to completely diffuse into this huge array.

As the flame was about to extinguish, an endless swarm of souls suddenly appeared from the abyss. They were all Beastmens souls.

These souls were cheering as they flew to enter that sphere of flames. The originally dissipating flames sharply rose and transformed into a dozen-meter-tall burning flame. The translucent flame was like a Soul Fire, and countless Beastmens souls merged with it.

Slowly, a totem shadow was condensed, and with more and more souls throwing themselves at it, that totem became more and more tangible.

It wasnt until all the souls that had been forming the cage in the abyss had entered the totem that the flames dissipated and a new reborn Inheritance Totem appeared.

The new Inheritance Totem felt even more ancient. Its aura was more piercing, and it had a huge fang carved on it. It was also emitting the aura of souls.

The runes covering it werent powerful runes, but they represented the names of every ancestor, each name represented an inheritance.

The newly born Inheritance Totem was even more powerful than before.

As the array started operating, the black hole became smaller and smaller. The new Inheritance Totem slowly flew up, and the black hole closed completely by the time it came out of the abyss.

The earth stopped shaking and the halo covering the mountain range slowly dissipated. The entire mountain range regained its original appearance and once again looked like an ordinary mountain range with no peculiarities.

The newly born Inheritance Totem floated in midair, and all the Blood Fang Beastmen kowtowed. The Great Shaman sensed the new Inheritance Totems soul aura, and his eyes started turning red.

The Great Shaman respectfully walked to the Inheritance Totem and extended both arms. The Inheritance Totem fell into his hands, and in an instant, a soul mumbled in everyones ears.

This time, everyone could sense their ancestors hot-bloodedness and feel how their ancestors didnt hesitate to go against Shamanism for the sake of their tribe. They sacrificed their lives, making their souls unable to return to the heart.

Their staunch and indomitable willpower felt like an ancient mountain towering above all Beastmen. It was old, but it would never change.

The Beastmen knelt on the ground while the Great Shaman started chanting some very ancient ballads to welcome back these ancestors who had once sacrificed their own souls for the tribe.

Lin Yun quietly left, Dedale silently left, everyone silently left, and they left the Beastmen alone.

Dylas was resentfully walking behind everyone else, hatefully glaring at Lin Yuns back and gnashing his teeth in silence.

Apart from a mage of the Shadow Tower, everyone ignored Dylas. They had even acted as if they hadnt seen Dylas being hit by Xiuban for a while.

Obstructing everyone at such a crucial time was worthy of death.

The Greater Demon Overlord was suppressed and the Beastmens souls were also freed, and thus, the group returned to the Blood Fang Tribe to heal.

Dedale, as the leader, magnanimously took out a lot of healing medicine. He then took out various medicinal ingredients he had gathered on the way and gave them to Lin Yun, hoping that he could refine some healing potions.

The large stock of valuable medicinal ingredients was rapidly compounded into Health Potions. With Lin Yun refining them himself, there would naturally be no wasted materials. After distributing potions to everyone, more than half remained.

After three days, the injuries everyone received had recovered, and the matter of attacking the Golden Top Tribe was put on the agenda.

The Blood Fang Tribes Great Tribal Chief led over a thousand elite Wolf Riders, and even led five Kodos, who were usually considered to be very valuable.

The Great Prophet had almost no fighting power, so he remained behind at the Blood Fang Tribe. This rare expedition to the Golden Top Tribe would take at least two days, so they couldnt leave the tribe completely unguarded. Thus, the Great Shaman remained to defend the tribe.

Of the three Heaven Ranks of the Blood Fang Tribe, only the Great Tribal Chief went to battle, while the humans had twenty-nine people leaving for the Golden Top Tribe.

The Blood Fang Beastmen didnt feel anything as the large army rushed through the desolate prairie, but most of the humans were pale and had their mana roused, guarding against any of the Undead that might suddenly appear.

Even Raphael felt a bit nervous, apparently not completely sure that the Undead threat had been dealt with. Lin Yun was the only calm one.

After walking for a dozen minutes, the earth suddenly started shaking and the grass quickly withered. In five seconds, no grass could be seen, the earth had turned ashen black, and endless Death Aura was being emitted by the earth.

Undead Beastmen crawled out of the ground and covered the entire field. They couldnt figure out how many of them there were at first glance, but they filled the entire area.

Most of them were Undead Beastman Warriors, and those were also the first to appear. They were followed by a large group of Undead Wolf Riders, Skeletal Kodos, Skeletal Wyverns, and Undead Warlocks.

These Soul Fires of these Undead became violent and very unstable. Seeing other lifeforms appearing, they immediately swarmed them like bees.

The Blood Fang Tribes Beastmen were all startled as they saw the numerous Undead Beastmen. They watched foolishly as the Undead Beastmen charged, and none of them remembered to defend or counterattack.

The Great Tribal Chief was sitting atop a huge, Level 39 huge Kodo and suddenly stood up as he saw the group of Undead Beastmen. His eyes reddened as he could see the Undead Beastmen spreading to the horizon. His aura became chaotic, and shock and sorrow could be seen in his eyes.

This was the first time Blood Fang Tribes Beastmen had seen the Undead. Moreover, it was a huge scene for their first time.

Beastmen believed in Shamanism. They believed in the Beast Gods, and that their souls only had two options after death: Merge with the earth, or become an Ancestor Soul and continue guarding this tribe. Aside from the Beastmen abandoning Shamanism, no Beastmen should turn into the Undead.