End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Pilgrimage

Necromancers liked areas controlled by Beastmen the most. In those areas, they could secretly dig up a large amount of skeletons in the Beastmen cemeteries, these skeletons were good Undead materials.

But unfortunately, these skeletons souls had already returned to the embrace of the earth. Even the most powerful Necromancers could only turn the dead Beastmens corpses into the most ordinary Skeleton Warriors.

Even the skeletons of Beastmen powerhouses could only turn into Skeleton Warriors, they were just a bit more powerful.

And these most common Skeleton Warriors were the most common cannon fodder used for the sea of Undeads tactics.

Moreover, Necromancers wouldnt dare to tamper with the corpses of the Beastmen who turned into Ancestral Souls, turning one into an Undead would be the same as creating a tracking device giving out their location, they could only wait for the Beastmen to chase them then.

And thus, even if a big military campaign happened, the Beastmen never had to worry about being turned into Undeads and cause some disasters, no matter how many of them died.

Seeing these Undead Beastmen for the first time startled all the Beastmen and they didnt react when they saw the Undeads charging.

The Great Tribal Chief had a very complicated expression. He felt sorrowful, but was also gratified. Seeing those Undeads surrounding them, the Great Tribal Chief took out the newborn Inheritance Totem of the Blood Fang Tribe.

The totem, covered with the names of the ancestors, seemed attracted by something as it appeared, it then blossomed with a gentle light and the mumbles of countless souls echoed.

The totems runes seemed to come alive as they kept squirming. It looked as if there was a large amount of runes moving towards the surface.

"Brave Beastmen, I, Krom Bloodfang, welcome your souls. May your contributions be engraved in the memories of all Beastmen. May your souls rest in peace."

The Great Tribal Chief held the Inheritance Totem and loudly shouted.

Then, the Great Tribal Chief started chanting ancient ballads with a rough and wild tone. This was a song used to commemorate the tribes heroes after a war.

Unyielding, determined to fight, determined to protect.

The group of Beastman Wolf Riders took out their own scimitars and cut open their cheek. They let the blood flow and followed the Great Tribal Chief in chanting ancient ballads.

Many of the people on the human side were ready to fight. Dylas was holding the cracked Dark Night Cloak, on guard against everything.

Lin Yun silently looked at everything, and sighed as he saw the Beastmens red eyes.

Hot-blooded and with a will as firm and steady as the earth. They would never withdraw, blood and scars are their medals. Only the most powerful warriors could obtain the respect and reverence of their clansmen. Cowards were spurned by all Beastmen.

In the most ancient times, there was a legendary Beastman who swung a dilapidated totem and his roar had been engraved in all Beastmens souls.

Beastmen never surrender!

Unfortunately, only these most ancient Beastmen could remain so pure and wouldnt hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their tribe or beliefs.

Now, there were even some Beastmen known for being crafty in Noscent.

Lin Yun shook his head and looked at the Undeads. The fastest Undeads were already four to five hundred meters away.

Suddenly, the Skeleton Warriors at the forefront fell to the ground while letting out silent roars. Their Soul Fires came out of their eye sockets and flew towards the Inheritance Totem in the Great Tribal Chiefs hands like fireflies.

The soulless Undead Beastmen seemed to have suffered countless years of erosion and turned into piles of ashes. Those ashes fell to the ground and rapidly disappeared inside the earth.

The Soul Fires of any Undead within a kilometer of the Great Tribal Chief flew out of their bodies and entered the Inheritance Totem.

A name would lit up on the Inheritance Totem every time a soul flew into it. After shining, the name would roll along the totems light and enter the inside of the totem, while more and more names came out from the inside to the surface.

It seemed as if these names were welcoming their owner. A faint mumble could be heard every time a name shone.

More and more Undeads appeared as the group started slowly moving forward, their levels were also higher and higher.

No one on the human side said anything, that scene was too shocking. At this time, even those who looked down upon Beastmen the most couldnt muster the courage to vilify them.

"Merlin, arent those Undead Beastmen not supposed to appear before Beastmen? Whats happening now?" Enderfa asked Lin Yun.

Lin Yun shook his head and said, "They are heroes, not Undeads."

After saying that, Lin Yun continued to watch the Undeads pouncing towards them.

These Beastmens souls had been suppressing the Greater Raging Flame Overlord while their corpses had turned Undead. But it was impossible to thoroughly cut the connection between soul and body.

These Undeads would never disappear as long as the souls suppressing the Greater Raging Flame Overlord hadnt died out. Even if they were killed and their corpses burnt to ashes, they would still come back from the grave and crawl on the earth once again.

Even if they had the determination to never succumb, these Undeads were supported by endless Death Aura as well as the Beastmens souls.

While their souls were still suppressing the Greater Raging Flame Overlord, these Undeads remembered some of their memories, the higher level ones especially so. They wouldnt approach the tribe and were unwilling to let a Beastman see them.

These Undead Beastmen were definitely unwilling to let the living Beastmen know about them. But the convergence of their souls formed a new Inheritance Totem and made them lose control over their undead bodies, only leaving pure instincts behind.

They would attack all living creatures, just like normal Undeads.

Within the legends, the emergence of Undeads was due to their hatred towards the living, thats why they instinctively attacked any living creature, this was an instinct, just like how a person instinctively needed to breathe.

Lin Yun already knew that the Undeads would appear, and this was an opportunity to make the souls of those ancient heroes rest in peace.

The team was advancing very slowly. It was unknown how many Undead Beastmen withered away, their bodies returned to the earth, while their souls merged with the Inheritance Totem.

Slowly, fewer and fewer level 20 Beastmen appeared, those that were rushing over were at least level 25.

After two hours, all Undeads under level 30 had disappeared

Lin Yun also saw several "acquaintances". A few of the highest level Undeads had been revived. In the back, the Dark Ancestor Soul, Ghost Behemoth, and Death Shaman had appeared.

The dark aura of the Dark Ancestor Soul slowly dissipated, and so did the death aura. Ultimately, its body turned light blue and transformed into a blue river that rushed into the Inheritance Totem.

As for that Ghost Behemoth, it roared towards the sky. It seemed to be somewhat cheering, its huge body jumped just like a big dog pouncing towards its master.

Its translucent body slowly dissipated and also transformed into a long light river merging with the Inheritance Totem.

Ultimately, all Undead Beastmen dissipated, only leaving the Heaven Rank Shaman behind.

The Soul Fire in the eyes of the Death Shaman was slowly flickering. His Soul Fire wasnt chaotic like the other Undead Beastmen, it was like an ordinary Undead.

His Soul Fire was very calm and it looked like it was still possessing wisdom. He looked at the Inheritance Totem in the hands of the Great Tribal Chief and landed on the ground before slowly walking over.

The closer he was, the thicker the light of wisdom could be seen in its eyes. His soul still didnt float out when it was three hundred meters away from the Inheritance Totem.

On the side, Dedale frowned, took out his metal staff and summoned some orange flames. The others also took out their own weapons and got ready to fight.

Lin Yun suddenly appeared beside Dedale and reached out to stop him before shaking his head.

"Its alright, he is in the middle of a pilgrimage."

A hundred meters away, the light of wisdom within the eyes of the Death Shaman was already similar to an old sages.

He slowly knelt and worshipped the Inheritance Totem like an ordinary Beastman on a pilgrimage.

The Great Tribal Chief silently walked over and put the Inheritance Totem in front of the Death Shaman. And then, the Beastman army stood on both sides, as if welcoming a hero back.

The Death Shaman slowly moved towards the Inheritance Totem. At ten meters from the totem, he raised both hands and took off his head before silently placing it in front of the Inheritance Totem.

In an instant, his Soul Fire entered the Inheritance Totem and disappeared within. His body also dissipated into ashes, but his skull didnt. Rather, as if attracted by the Inheritance Totem, it flew to the peak of the totem and seemed to merge with it.

A big name flashed on top of the Inheritance Totem, Leksa!

The other names hovered around that name as the Inheritance Totem suddenly blossomed with boundless light and a halo spread to the surroundings.

The deathly ashen black earth recovered and grass and vegetation started growing out. All the Death Aura dissipated as if everything had been a hallucination.

The Great Tribal Chief led the Wolf Riders to the front of the Inheritance Totem to respectfully kowtow, before collecting the Inheritance Totem.

Lin Yun looked at the skull atop the Inheritance Totem with a respectful gaze.

This was a true hero, everything he had done had been for the sake of the tribe. Even non-Beastmen would respect him, and it had nothing to do with strength, it was due to his actions.