End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026 Sneak Attack

All races had some legendary existences that made people admire and revere them, while also making outsiders respect them, but there were extremely few in numbers.

Leksa, that legendary Beastman Shaman, was one such existence.

That skull didnt look sinister at all, it instead had a kind of massive and steady willpower. It was vast and pure and was the Beastmens most ancient inheritance will.

No longer blocked by the Undeads, they moved faster through the rest of the way and arrived outside the Golden Top Tribe in a day.

The Blood Fang Tribes attack was something the Golden Top Tribe hadnt expected. The Golden Top Beastmen only reacted when the army was outside of their Tribe.

The Golden Top Great Tribal Chief wore a full-leather armor made of the scales of a Heaven Rank creature. It was even stronger than metal and perfectly merged with Battle Aura Armor, increasing the defensive power to a very high degree. It was far more powerful than a pure battle armor, or a Battle Aura Armor.

"Krom, you daring guy, your injury unexpectedly recovered so you rushed to attack our Golden Top Tribe? Since you came, dont think of leaving alive today. I want to send a scoundrel like you back to the embrace of the Beast Gods!"

The Golden Top Great Tribal Chief flew into a rage and instantly turned into a faint golden light that flew towards the Blood Fang Tribes side.

Krom had yet to speak before Dedale coldly snorted and engulfed himself in orange flames, transforming himself into a Dragons head flaming lifeform that flew up to meet the Golden Top Tribes Great Tribal Chief head-on.

"Bang, bang, bang"

A series of blazing explosions echoed as Dedale floated in the air. The entire space within several hundred meters was shrouded in flames, and behind Dedale, the shadow of a sinister Flame Dragons head appeared while an invisible flame ignited the surroundings.

The surrounding space seemed to distort from the heat. Dedale brandished his metal staff and over a hundred eight-meter-big orange fireballs were condensed.

The group of orange fireballs dragged long radiant tails as they flew towards the Great Tribal Chief in a semicircle.

They crossed three hundred meters in an instant. Those fireballs already exceeded the speed of sound, and explosions echoed in their path as they burst on the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief.


It felt like thunder was continuously booming beside everyones ears. The terrifying explosions were completely distorting that space.

But Dedale only had a cold expression and didnt stop. He waved his metal staff and an over thirty-meter-big fire vortex appeared in front of him. A flaming serpentine Dragon flew out of the fire vortex and rushed towards the exploded area.


A powerful force suddenly resisted against the field of explosions as a ten-meter-big golden crown appeared. The light-based golden crown slowly shrunk before transforming to a metallic golden crown that fell on the head of the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief.

A faint golden halo enveloped that Great Tribal Chief and a light golden Battle Aura Armor was condensed, emitting a kind of oppressive pressure.

The Golden Top Great Tribal Chief punched the incoming explosion with a cold expression. His berserk aura surged and formed a fifty-meter-big golden fist shadow which clashed against Dedales flaming dragon.

The golden fist shadow exploded and the Flame Dragon also exploded. The flames mixed within turned into a long river of flames that instantly submerged the Great Tribal Chief. But even if those flames could make steel evaporate, they werent enough to cause an injury.

The golden crown kept forming a faint halo, and that halo merged with the leather armor and Battle Aura Armor to keep resisting the flame power.

That was the ability of the Golden Top Tribes magic patterns!

The Blood Fang Tribes magic patterns could strengthen their power until they exceeded their limits, and also transform their weapons into blood-colored fangs that carried a faint wisp of Divine Aura. It was enough for them to break through most defenses.

As for the Golden Top Tribes magic patterns, when successfully forming a golden crown, they would also get a faint wisp of Divine Power, but it would make their defenses exceed their limits. And just like the Demons they had previous encountered, Low Tier Spells would have almost no effect on them and couldnt hardly injure them.

The Golden Top Tribes Great Tribal Chief waved his hand and burst with aura, tearing open the sea of flames surrounding him while coldly looking at Dedale.

"Krom! You are a traitor who gave up on Beastmens honor! You actually dared to team up with outsiders. Stupid guy, you have to pay the price for your impulses. You are facing a follower of the Beast Gods, the Golden Top Tribes Great Tribal Chief, Lar Goldentop.

"The Beast Gods granted us our Golden Top magic patterns. I know that my body is more resistant than any ore in the wasteland, your magic is useless against me, your flames cant even burn a strand of my hair.

"Come, your life is at its end. To show respect for a powerhouse, Ill smash my fist in your head first."

Lar loudly shouted and floated in the air, glistening with golden light like a true War God, his momentum was very impressive.

Dedale only sneered, "Moron"

In an instant, a large amount of flames flew out and ten fire vortexes formed a circle and hovered behind Dedale. Then, an infinite number of fire spells flew out of the vortexes

The sky transformed into a sea of flames in an instant, with golden light continuously flickering within the sea of flames.

As Dedales fight with Lar was in full swing, the Golden Top Heaven Rank Shaman also flew out. The Heaven Rank Shaman sneered before gazing at Krom.

"Krom, you stupid guy, you dared to attack our Golden Top Tribe by yourself? It looks like you didnt learn your lesson!

"The outsider you found as a helper is so stupid, dont you know how formidable Lars defenses are?

"That arrogant guys skull will be crushed by Lar. As for you, youll die under my spells. This time, your lesson will be death.

"After you die, we will eradicate your Blood Fang Tribe. We didnt eliminate you last time, but since you came to throw away your life, let me send you back to the embrace of the earth!"

The Golden Top Heaven Shaman burst into a loud laughter as he felt that Krom was throwing away his life. As long as Krom died, the Blood Fang Tribes Great Shaman and Great Prophet definitely wouldnt be able to contend against the Golden Top Tribe.

Kroms answer to the Heaven Shaman was a thick Aura Slash, immediately starting the battle.

And on the ground, the Blood Fang Tribes Wolf Riders were fighting with the Golden Top Wolf Riders. Both sides were the most elite troops of their tribes.

The Blood Fang Wolf Riders were holding fang warblades and were throwing Aura Slashes to the Golden Top Tribes Wolf Riders, while the Golden Top Wolf Riders were rousing their magic patterns to form golden halos defending them.

The two elite armies started clashing, while the remaining Golden Top powerhouses were all blocked by the human side.

Lin Yun glanced at the Golden Top army and noticed Kraff hiding within the Golden Top Beastmen.

Kraf was still thinking of using the same move as last time, pretending to be a Golden Top Beastman before summoning the Golden Tops Ancestor Soul to launch a sneak attack.

Lin Yun let out three runes and the earth in front of Kraff instantly swelled up. A vivid and lifelike large hand rose from the ground and ruthlessly swatted at Kraff.

Kraff was alarmed and promptly summoned the Golden Top Ancestor Soul to block that Gaias Hand in front of him.

The dozen-meter-big hand swatted at the Golden Top Ancestor Souls body. The huge power almost made the Ancestor Soul tumble.

Kraff had an unsightly complexion when he saw Lin Yun in the distance.

Kraff unhesitantly chanted an incantation and fused with the Ancestor Soul with no hesitation.

That huge Ancestor Soul took a step forward and stepped on Kraffs body, instantly fusing with Kraff in the process. A crown of golden light then appeared above Kraffs head.

Kraffs aura instantly rose to the Heaven Rank and his mana fluctuations were spreading like a tide. Just in terms of mana pool, no one apart from Lin Yun could compare to him.

He borrowed the Ancestor Souls mana and that almost boundless mana was so huge that even ordinary Heaven Rank powerhouses didnt possess such a huge amount.

Kraff floated in the air and raged at Lin Yun, "Damn b*stard, you ambushed me the first time, you ambushed me the second time, and you are still sneak attacking today. Despicable guy, Ill make you pay the price with your life today! I want to use your blood to wash off this humiliation!"

Kraff flew up and immediately poured his mana into his magic patterns. In an instant, a golden halo covered his body.

The rays of light formed a very ancient battle armor, and the translucent battle armor tightly wrapped around Kraff. Runes surged and formed magic patterns that attached themselves to that translucent light armor.

Kraff was full of confidence as he properly prepared his defenses, but he then saw a five-meter-long artillery shell rushing towards him. It had a white trail behind from the sonic boom formed by cutting through the air. He simply couldnt hear any sound coming from the attack.

Lin Yuns Four-Element Bomb hit Kraffs body and a rumble echoed. The chaotic power instantly expanded from five meters to several dozen meters and Kraff was wrapped in the center of that chaotic explosive power.

A second later, a silhouette flew out of that chaotic power and crashed in the ground, several hundred meters away.

The earth was shattered, several dozen meters of ground exploded open, and a four-meter-deep hole was formed.

Kraff was lying in the hole with blood across his face. The chest part of his light armor was dented and cracks were spreading from it, covering half of the armor.

But those cracks were rapidly recovering and the dent in the armor was being restored. It didnt take long for it to return to normal.

"Despicable b*stard, you sneak attacked again!"