End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Combustion

Kraff immediately flew up and burst with mana. A black cloud condensed in the sky and numerous Meteors rained towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun used his Windfire Elemental Incarnation and couldnt help laughing as he looked at Kraff.

"Kraff, you should start using your brain and stop being so stupid"

After saying that, Lin Yun released another Four-Element Bomb.

Kraffs expression changed as he was facing another Four-Element Bomb, he promptly dodged to the side while cursing.

That damned guy That spell might be extremely fast and powerful, but it has a weakness: I can dodge it as long as I figure out its path.

That spell cant injure me as long as I put a bit of distance between us, even if its just enough for the spell to graze me. That spell wont blow up unless it hits a target.

That stupid b*stard, he isnt much of a threat as long as Im wary of a sneak attack

Kraff sneered and dodged three meters to the side. Sure enough, the Four-Element Bombs speed didnt weaken in the slightest and it flew away.

"Idiot, you think the same sneak attack can succeed twice in a row?" Kraff sneered.

But he didnt have time to finish his words before that dodged Four-Element Bomb exploded behind his body.

The terrifying explosive force was similar to a giants palm cruelly slapping Kraff to the ground.


A windy sound could be heard as Kraff crashed into the ground like one of the meteors, once again exploding several dozen meters of ground and forming a hole in the center. Kraff came out spitting out blood, puzzled at being sent flying, he couldnt understand how that dodged Four-Elemental Bomb exploded even though it didnt hit.

Ater a dozen seconds, Kraff was once again sent flying by a powerful explosion, somewhat at a loss.

Lin Yun chased Kraff and kept pressuring him, but he didnt kill him. He just remained silent as he looked at the roaring Kraff.

That idiot merged with the Golden Top Ancestor Soul and temporarily has the power of the Heaven Rank. Although he doesnt possess Extraordinary Power, his fighting strength should still more or less be at the Heaven rank.

But that guy simply doesnt know how to make use of that huge power. There is a large amount of untapped power, but he can only create a thick tortoise shell to put over his body. He simply cant display the fighting strength of a real Heaven Rank powerhouse.

If not because he needed him alive to learn his secrets, he would have sent that guy back to the embrace of the earth.

Lin Yun didnt go all-out as he suppressed Kraff, he only injured him, not letting him escape or die.

On the other side, Krom and the Heaven Shaman had already shifted their battle a few kilometers away. Meteors, flames and Aura kept colliding as the battle was extremely fierce.

And not far from the Golden Top Tribe, the battlefield between Dedale and the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief has already transformed into a sea of orange flames. From a distance, it looked as if an orange firecloud was floating in the air. The orange flames spreading over a kilometer made the space look somewhat illusory.

Dedale had a cold expression as he kept releasing fire spells within the sea of flames. His opponent was recklessly roaring, his Battle Aura Armor was somewhat broken but he had yet to receive any big injury. The power supplied by the Golden Top Magic Patterns made the Great Tribal Chiefs body as hard as the hardest ore.

"B*stard, come out! I want to tear you to shreds!"

As the battle continued, Dedales body had already merged with that sea of flames, and as he kept casting, he summoned more and more orange flames. Discreetly, the power of the flames was slowly increasing.

But the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief didnt realize it. The surrounding elemental flames couldnt burn him and that high heat also couldnt injure him. Its just that the flames temperature was too high, and the closer he was to the center of the sea of flames, the higher the temperature. The space there was already somewhat distorted and the air was also distorted from the extreme heat.

He could only see mages attacking from all directions, buut Dedale couldnt be seen. The Golden Top Great Tribal Chief roared and his golden aura surged, mixing with the sea of flames. He wanted to rush out of the sea of flames, but he was unable to.

Apparently, this sea of flames was moving alongside him and regardless how much he charged, the surroundings wouldnt change.

But to the people outside the sea of flames, it hadnt move and had remained still. The amount of elemental flames summoned was so great that even Dedale couldnt completely control them.

Some light golden flames were hidden within that sea of orange flames, these flames were like the commanders among flames, continuously leading the orange elemental flames to move and converge.

That orange sea of flames was like an onion, with layer upon layer, every layer of the sea of flames was constructed out of fire runes and patterns. By relying on the extreme heat distorting space and sight, he forcibly arranged a huge fire maze.

Dedale stood above the Great Tribal Chief and coldly looked at him going crazy under him.

If the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief hadnt been so proud of his defense, he wouldnt have fallen to this point, and wouldnt have been caught in Dedales slowly arranged layers of flame maze.

The bursting Aura would explode in the mazes first few layers and would move along the mazes distorted space, like drawing a circle, it would scatter to every layer of the maze before following the mazes layers to spread out.

But now, this flame maze already had seventeen layers, even with Extraordinary Power, it would be impossible to rush out of so many layers like this.

There was at least ten kilometers within every layer, even if many areas were forcibly breached by the Golden Top Great Tribal Chiefs aura, his aura could only rush through four layers at best. Past that distance, the power of Aura would sharply decline.

His only chance of escaping was to discover this maze and crack it, before using formidable power to forcibly break through it.

The other option would be to have power far exceeding Dedale to forcibly cut out a path of out there. But that kind of power was only possible for 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouses.

1st Rank Heaven powerhouses falling into that trap would have to spend a large amount of time and energy Only to end up dying within the trap.

Slowly, the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief sensed something wrong. He wanted to use his power to forcibly break out, but he discovered that no matter how powerful the Aura he burst out with, he was unable to escape that sea of flames. Even some light golden flames appeared in his surroundings.

Those light golden flames were carrying a faint draconic aura. This was the flames saved up by a Flame Dragon for its Flame Breath. It was one of the highest hot flames and was the opposite extreme of the Frost Breath.

The most important characteristic of those flames was the combustion. Fires most basic combustion property was displayed to its pinnacle, even flames themselves could be treated as fuels by the Flame Breath.

"Despicable b*stard, come fight if you have the skill! Stop hiding, show that you have some balls and arent a coward! Come out!"

Dedale sneered and ignored the Great Tribal Chiefs roar.

"Stupid idiot, do you think mages are muscle-brained idiots like you? Why should we fight a melee battle and use crude physical strength to decide the outcome of a battle?

"When facing different enemies, mages would use different fighting styles most beneficial to themselves.

"A fool like you, will never understand the art of war.

"Art is an explosion, similarly, combustion is the art of flames!"

On the other side, Lin Yun was moved. He kept casting spells to suppress Kraff while looking at that firecloud.

Countless runes flashed in Lin Yuns eyes, these runes kept converging and constructed layers of array like an onion.

Lin Yun glanced at the trap Dedale had arranged and also looked at the struggling Golden Top Great Tribal Chief frantically struggling amidst the flames.

Idiot, how could you fall in such a simple trap and let Dedale set up a dozen layers Entering a fire area controlled by a fire mage is just courting death.

After a glance, Lin Yun no longer paid attention to it, the fight was almost done. That Great Tribal Chief was like a frog thrown in warm water, it hadnt taken the opportunity to jump out while the temperature was low enough, and now the water was already boiling. He was done for.

Within those orange flames, the Flame Breath was condensing, and from that huge fireballs exterior, it slowly started burning the center.

By the time the Flame Breath appeared, Dedale immediately controlled it. He started making the Flame Breath pour in towards the center.

Dedale had a solemn expression. He raised his metal staff and opened his mouth to say one word.


In an instant, the light golden flames instantly started squeezing in the central ten-meter-big area, submerging the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief in this Flame Breath.

It took less than a second for the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief to let out a scream. The Flame Breaths combustion ability had been developed to its peak.

Although the temperature of the Flame Breath was high, a flame without fuel would slowly stop burning.

But now, Dedale kept summoning the orange elemental flames and used these elemental flames as fuel for the Flame Breath, to keep the Flame Breath converging.

The amount had already reached a point where the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief could no longer extinguish them.

He was currently bursting out with Aura to resist, but his Aura was set on fire by the surrounding Flame Breath. The quality of his Aura was extremely high and conformed to the requirements of the Flame Breaths fuel.

The light golden flames spread to the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief body by following his Aura. The fusion between the leather armor and the Battle Aura Armor slowly melted.

That faint layer of halo on the surface of his body kept dimming, and the golden radiance also rapidly dimmed.

One after another, small runes merged with the Flame Breath, these light golden flames spread like the plague.

They burnt the Aura, burnt the Battle Aura Armor, burnt the leather armor, they burnt everything.