End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028 Inheritance Totem

The Burning Towers core principle was that flames had to burn and all enemies had to be used as fuel until only their ashes were left.

After half a minute, the gold crown on the Golden Top Great Tribal Chiefs forehead completely dimmed, and the magic patterns on his forehead lost their luster. That defensive halo disappeared, and his body was used as fuel by the steadily flowing Flame Breath.

Burning, never-ending combustion.

On the other side, the Heaven Shaman that was in a fight with Krom suddenly had a change in his expression. His magic patterns all burst out, and he instantly sent out an enormous fireball to block Kroms path. He then flew towards Dedale without looking back.

Meteors fell from the sky and rained on the firecloud like a Meteor Shower. The loud sounds of explosions rose as the orange flames started fluctuating. With the frantic attacks of the Great Shaman, over a thousand Meteors fell and forcibly blew the firecloud open.

As the firecloud burst open, a shadow burning with light golden flames fell to the ground. The extremely high temperature distorted the air, and it looked like a huge hole was burned into space.

The Golden Top Great Tribal Chief fell to the ground, and the earth within a hundred meters instantly went up in flames.

After the Flame Breath scattered due to a lack of fuel, it slowly stopped burning, and the Golden Top Great Tribal Chiefs black burnt body could be seen lying down, continuously twitching.

Krom also chased behind the Heaven Shaman, his large fang greatsword ruthlessly hacking at the Heaven Shamans protective shield.

With a loud sound, the Heaven Shamans body also transformed into a shadow that fell to the ground.

A huge hole appeared in the ground, and the Heaven Shaman was lying at the center of the hole, his magic patterns roused and his body covered in blood. Had he not roused his magic patterns in time to block Kroms attack, he would have already died.

The battle on this side was completely over, and on the other side, Lin Yun grew tired of playing with Kraff and cast two Four-Element Bombs in a row, making Kraff crash into the ground once again. Before he could jump out of the hole this time, a sphere of dark red flames suddenly appeared from the surrounding flames.

The flames transformed into shackles and bound Kraff, who suddenly let out a blood-curdling screech. The golden light on his forehead sharply intensified, and the Golden Top Ancestor Soul transformed into a stream of light and dissipated.

Kraffs complexion became ashen. He felt his bones burning as he tried to use mana.

Lin Yun slowly floated down and glanced at Kraff.

"I wouldnt have any ideas if I were you. This is an Upper Rank Flame Spirit, and he has just devoured his fill of bone-corroding flames from an Evil Bone Demon. You have to be a bit honest if you dont want your bones to be burnt to ashes.

Being bound by Syudos, Kraff was angry and unresigned. He glared at Lin Yun and loudly said, "Damned guy, yet another sneak attack! Youd better"

But he didnt have time to finish his words before letting out a blood-curdling screech. His body convulsed and twitched, and a dark red wisp of fire pierced through his body and softly caressed his bones.

After three seconds, Kraff breathed heavily, drenched in sweat. His body went limp as if he had been paralyzed. He clenched his teeth as he glared at Lin Yun but no longer dared to say anything.

On the other side, the Heaven Shaman and the Golden Top Great Tribal Chief had already been captured. But the two Golden Top Breastmen would rather die than submit. They were burnt black but were still gritting their teeth.

"Krom, you can give up on making me surrender. I would rather die fighting to the end. My blood is my honor, and only by dying can I return to the embrace of the earth.

"Krom, I definitely wont admit defeat. Kill me, I wont surrender!

"Followers of the Beast Gods never surrender!"

Dedale glared and was about to burn that fool who would rather die than submit. But Krom blocked Dedale and personally tried to convince Lar.

The battle of Heaven powerhouses had stopped, but there were still many people fighting. The Golden Tops defeat was already a foregone conclusion. Their three Heaven powerhouses had already been defeated, and their morale was at an all-time low. The Blood Fang Tribe and the humans were suppressing them and would soon enter the Golden Top Tribe.

"Lar, dont you understand the current circumstances? Do you not get it? If this goes on, your Golden Top Tribe will be destroyed!"

Krom tried to kindly persuade Lar, a trace of sadness flashing in his eyes.

Before dealing with the Undead, Kroms lifelong wish was to defeat the Golden Top Tribe and behead his old opponent, Lar, before bringing his skull back to hang at the entrance of the Blood Fang Tribe.

But he no longer thought the same after seeing Lar now.

Veins could be seen twitching on his neck and forehead, his red eyes were glaring at Krom, and his bodys Aura was once again roused. However, a big chunk of his burnt skin collapsed as he roused his Aura, exposing the bloody flesh below.

The fierce pain coming from the internal and external injuries immediately made Lar unable to control his bursting Aura. He could only calm down his Aura glared at Krom.

"Krom, you are a traitor to Beastmen. A scoundrel trampling on the Beast Gods honor. I wont give in! I can die, but I wont surrender. I wouldnt be a follower of the Beast Gods if I were to lower my head to you.

"You are a despicable wretch, lured in outsiders to handle us. I can die, but I wont surrender. The Golden Top Tribes Beastmen also wouldnt surrender. There is no point even if you beat the Golden Top Tribe.

"I can transform into an Ancestor Soul, and after hiding, Ill tell the countless future generations how you, Krom Bloodfang, used such a despicable method to achieve this victory!"

Seeing Lars appearance, Krom had an unhappy expression as he pointed at Syudos and the paralyzed Kraff in the distance.

"Lar, you borrowed the power of outsiders to attack our tribe last time, so I cant see why you are acting so righteous. You are a fool and you still made that guy disguise as a member of your Golden Top Tribe so that others wouldnt notice.

"You saw it last time. My noble guests didnt get involved when you attacked last time. They only attacked because they discovered the outsider that you had brought in.

"You broke the customs first and went against the Beastmens honor. Since you broke customs by bringing outside power to destroy our Blood Fang Tribe, Ill use the same method to deal with you and let you suffer the consequences of your own actions!"

Lar was unafraid of death, but he didnt want to become the one that broke the customs, and the one who did it first, at that.

"How could this be the same, Krom? This is completely different! My guest is a Beastman, but your guests dont look like Beastmen at all.

"My guest is also a follower of the Beast Gods, so there is no problem if he helps out. You looked for a foreign race, that is very different. You are the one who broke the customs."

Krom didnt get angry, and he only chuckled. "Lar, you are still reluctant to admit it even now. Do you dare to swear on the Beast Gods? I dont need you to teach me what kind of ancestral teachings we have inherited until today.

"Do you dare to swear on the Beast Gods that you are completely sure that you did nothing wrong, with the honor of the Golden Top Tribe on the line?

"Since you made no mistakes, why didnt you simply let your guest appear as he was? Why did you need him to pretend to be a Golden Top Beastman?"

Lar opened his mouth to speak, but he was very red and didnt dare to say anything. No Beastman would dare to swear an oath that involved both the Beast Gods and their tribe unless they had a clear conscience. At least this was true of their two tribes.

Seeing that Lar couldnt say anything, Krom promptly continued his persuasion.

"Lar, you have nothing to say now, right? You broke the rules of our ancestors first, so if I used the same method, it shouldnt be considered excessive. Do you still not accept it?

"Regardless of who was first, do you think that if you dont surrender, youll be my match?

"After your death, the Golden Top Tribe will be exterminated. Of your Tribes three Heaven rank, your Shaman has already suffered heavy injuries and cant keep fighting. If you dont surrender and keep on fighting, hell die.

"And do you think that your tribes Great Prophet and clansmen would surrender after the Great Shamans death?

"Unlikely! They are great followers of the Beast Gods, they would definitely avenge you!

"Then what should we do? We can only defeat your Golden Top Tribe, and after the losses, one side would definitely be eradicated, and it surely wouldnt be our Blood Fang Tribe.

"After that fight, your Golden Top Tribe would be extinct. Your tribes inheritance would be severed by your own hand. Are you worthy of your Golden Top ancestors?"

After saying that, Krom suddenly stopped and waited for Lar to slowly think about it.

Lars expression kept changing. Helplessness and stubbornness could be seen continuously flickering in his eyes, along with pain and shame.

"Our Golden Top Beastmen will never surrender!"

Krom looked at Lar and suddenly sighed.

"Lar, take a look at this."

As he said those words, Krome took out the Blood Fang Tribes new Inheritance Totem.

The totem was covered with the names of Beastman ancestors, and at its peak was a seemingly ancient Beastmans skull.

Lar was somewhat shocked as he looked at the familiar names on the surface of the totem. The most conspicuous name was the name that all children who knew how to speak had to learn, Leksa.

"This is the Inheritance Totem? Your tribes?"

Krom pointed at the totem and slowly said with a lamenting and forlorn tone, "This skull is Ancestor Leksas skull. These ancestors used their souls to seal the Greater Overlord away, and their souls couldnt rest. Their corpses turned into the Undead and roamed the wasteland.

"This is why the wasteland is so desolate with no living creatures to be seen. This time, with the help of our noble guests, we used our tribes Inheritance Totem to replace the souls of our ancestors and properly seal the Greater Overlord.

Freed, the souls of our ancestors converged together, and through a rebirth, they turned into our tribes new Inheritance Totem.

"Look at these names There are many ancestors from your tribe among them.

"We have always been arguing about which tribe ancestor Leksa originated from, but seeing these names is enough to solve the problem.

"Lar, we are followers of the Beast Gods, and the blood of the Beast Gods flows in our bodies. Look at these names! We have the same ancestor, we dont necessarily need to keep fighting.

"All these years, the number of people left in the tribes kept on decreasing. Do you think that there would be a clear winner if we keep on fighting? What point is there in ruling this wasteland? The inheritance of the tribe is what we care the most about.

"Lets stop fighting."