End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 1029 Truth

1029 Truth

Krom was sincere. Lar was looking at that totem, in shock. His eyes were red as he extended his hands to touch the totem. The mumbles of countless souls echoed in his ears. After no less than ten minutes, Lar put his hands down and respectfully bowed to the Inheritance Totem.

“Krom, I can’t continue fighting, but don’t think that I’ll surrender to you. The warriors of the Golden Top Tribe never surrender, so don’t think I’ll submit to you, that’ll never happen!”

Lar stuck out his neck, firmly showing that he had no plan to submit.

Krom indifferently waved his hand.

“Alright, Lar, I understand. We are cooperating, cooperating to rule this wasteland. We are all followers of the Beast Gods, that’s more than enough!”

Krom persuaded Lar and the battle thoroughly stopped. Lar had a poor expression, but he didn’t refuse to let Krom enter the Golden Top Tribe.

The injured were led back to the Golden Top Tribe to tend to their wounds. Lin Yun magnanimously took out many Health Potions, and the most injured Beastmen took out the Health Potions, healing most of their injuries.

Especially the burnt Lar and the Great Shaman, who had almost been sliced down. After taking the Health Potions, their injuries had thoroughly stabilized.

This made Lar have a much better attitude towards the human side. And once Krom told him everything that happened during this time, a forthright Beastman like Lar could only be very enthusiastic towards Lin Yun’s side.

He let the Beastmen’s ancestors rest in peace Even someone as disciplined as Lar had a hard time keeping his emotions in check.

And thus, he completely ignored the bound Kraff. Compared to Kraff’s conduct, Lin Yun and the others’ achievements made them great benefactors to all Beastmen. An outsider like Kraff could just drop dead.

Kraff thoroughly despaired as he saw those Golden Top Beastmen letting Lin Yun carry him to a room. He could no longer rely on those Golden Top Beastmen.

Lin Yun and the leaders of every major force were gathered in this room. Everyone was looking at Kraff bound by dark red shackles in the center of the room, grinning and sneering.

“We can spare your life if you tell us the way to leave this place.” Dedale threatened with a cold expression, orange flames appearing beside his body.

Kraff turned pale, but sneered as he looked at the group.

“Do you dare to kill me? Haha”

Lin Yun indifferently looked at Kraff and said, “Kraff, you have two choices.

“The first is to cooperate with us and tell the method and secret behind leaving this world. We can take you out with us, and we will have a cooperative relationship until we leave that world. No one will harm you, all the enmity and hostility will wait for us to return.

“Second option, you can remain silent and I’ll kill you. We are trapped together in this world after all.

“You can rest assured, I have twenty-eight methods to capture your soul and make you unable to return to the embrace of the earth or turn into an Ancestor Soul. I can keep your soul with us and keep you trapped in this world.

“Before we die, I’ll make your soul wither away, you won’t even have the chance to turn into an Undead!

“You have ten seconds to make your choice, in ten seconds, you’ll die.”

After saying those words, Lin Yun didn’t say anything else and kept watching from the side as Syudos’ wisps of flames forced themselves into his body.

Kraff instantly screamed as the bone-corroding black flames felt like countless knives slowly scraping off layers of his bones before burning those layers to ashes.

This process was happening everywhere at once. Most of his bones would be burnt before ten seconds ran out.

In less than a second, Kraff howled in anguish, “Cooperate! I’ll cooperate! Sh*t, I’ll work with you!”

Kraff roared a few times before the bone-corroding black flames slowly dissipated and were absorbed by Syudos.

Lin Yun waved his hand and took out a contract whose content was already written.

Kraff had to explain the method to leave this world without leaving anything out, and lead everyone out of this world.

As for the human side, before Kraff left this world, they couldn’t injure him.

Any party that violated the contract would suffer from a magical backlash and be spurned by mana, forever unable to use mana.

Kraff checked the contract and sneered, “Great, you don’t believe me and I don’t believe you! So a contract is for the best.”

After making sure that there was no problem, Kraff left his own imprint on the contract.

Lin Yun also left his own magic imprint in the contract, that was a circle within a circle, with countless runes forming a wheel.

This was his own magic imprint and there was no means to alter it. Everyone’s magic path was their own, everyone was different. Especially Archmages, they all had unique magic imprints.

With that imprint, those who violated a contract would actually suffer from a backlash and would be unable to use magic. After death, their souls would be rejected by the elements.

Kraff cautiously made everyone sign the contract with their personal magic imprint in order to feel more relaxed.

He started talking about the secret of this place after being reassured.

“There is a way to leave this world, you have to use the Blood Fang Tribe and Golden Top Tribe’s Inheritance Totems. The two tribes’ Inheritance Totems can form a portal, and the two tribes’ rulers and inheritors are the keys to open that portal.

“It is the blood of the Great Tribal Chiefs and the Great Prophets’ soul power.

“The opened portal leads to the Path of Heroes. Within, there are generations of Beastmen’s heroes. Those going in would meet Beastmen Heroes of their level.

“There is a total of eighteen Beastmen Heroes, and after defeating these eighteen Beastmen Heroes, we can return to that temple.”

After Kraff was done talking, everyone suddenly realized why Kraff joined the Golden Top Tribe and instigated them to attack the Blood Fang Tribe.

As long as they attacked the Blood Fang Tribe, they would get a hold of the Blood Fang Tribe’s Inheritance Totem, the Great Tribal Chief’s blood and the Great Prophet’s soul power.

When the time came, he would be able to open that Path of Heroes and leave that dilapidated world.

As for the human side, they didn’t know of the method to open the Path of Heroes and with the Blood Fang Tribe’s Great Prophet being already dead, they would have become unable to gather the needed keys and would have been trapped there for all eternity.

The humans made a request, and quickly, the Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe agreed to help their great benefactors. It was only borrowing their Inheritance Totems after all.

As for the bit of blood and soul power, that completely didn’t matter to them.

Everyone walked on the wasteland and looked as its vitality was recovering. They had mixed feelings as they recalled the Undeads besieging them.

Kraff looked at the human side with disdain.

“You think you can really seal the Greater Demon Overlord? You are truly ignorant.

“Our Gold Tribe has already entered this world over a hundred times, and over half the people left this world alive.

“Even if the Greater Demon Overlord wasn’t sealed, there are countless ways to accomplish those goals.

“You should know that this broken world is the past of the Raging Flame Plane.

“That broken world, sealing a Greater Demon Overlord? What a joke.

“The true seal is the world in itself. And it isn’t that so-called array!

“This part of the world was severed from time and formed a true seal. That Greater Demon Overlord is sealed in time. Or did you think that there was something in the plane that could suppress a Greater Demon overlord?

“The time in this world is the same every time we come in, and the next person coming in would appear at the same time as we did. This world’s time is forever cut off and will never continue going forward.

“They wouldn’t recognize you next time, you would only experience the same events, everything would be the same.”

After Kraff was done showing off, he looked at everyone as if they were country bumpkins.

The group looked shocked, Raphael’s mouth was wide open, until he bitterly smiled. He had no choice but to admit that Kraff made sense.

After thinking about it, although that huge array was a Heaven Grade Array, it seemed impossible for it to suppress a Greater Demon Overlord.

Raphael glanced at Lin Yun, but noticed that Lin Yun had a very calm expression, as if he already knew.

“Sir Merlin, you already knew?”

Lin Yun glanced at Kraff.

“It is very unlikely for any array to suppress a Greater Demon Overlord, only time could suppress one of them.

“Even a Greater Demon Overlord would be unable to escape if time itself was partitioned. As for that array, it’s the breakpoint of time. It’s the entrance to the prison suppressing the Great Demon Overlord.

“The prison is truly sealing the Greater Demon Overlord, but the entrance is also important, because it’s the only place from where the Greater Demon Overlord could escape from.

“The Greater Demon Overlord’s leaking power was at a minimum, but it was slowly corroding that entrance.

“Now that it’s sealed again, it would be very difficult for the Greater Demon Overlord’s power to leak out.

“Space can’t seal a Greater Demon Overlord, only time can.”

Lin Yun gave an explanation to Raphael before glancing at Kraff. That guy ran into this world by himself for some random reason, it is safe to assume that this world’s details had been recorded by the Golden Beastmen after over a hundred trips.

The Gold Beastmen’s important general hadn’t come in, showing that there wouldn’t be much treasure here, but Kraff had come in. This showed that there was something that interested Kraff.

Or he wouldn’t risk entering this dangerous place.

Lin Yun didn’t think that a guy like Kraff, who had already gave up on the ancient traditions, would enter this place for no reason..

Kraff didn’t say anything, which meant that this world had no benefits. What he just said should have been the last huge secret.