End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 Hero Souls

Chapter 1030 Hero Souls

According to the contract, he had to tell everything regarding the method to leave this world and the secrets this world contained.

Kraff not saying anything before immediately going to the center of the wasteland to open the Path of Heroes only meant one thing: the benefits he would obtain from entering this world werent in this world.

To be more exact, it had nothing to do with this broken world, the reason he came to this world was for what was after leaving it.

Lin Yun sneered. He glanced at Kraff but didnt say anything.

He could only guess for now, he couldnt confirm anything. After all, this was something that hadnt been recorded in the decaying library.

After walking to the center of the wasteland, everyone was shocked to find that this was where they had been teleported in, before an army of Undeads appeared.

Lin Yun thoughtfully looked at Kraff. They hadnt been besieged by a huge group of Undeads after coming, rather, it took some time before Undeads appeared in succession.

It may be assumed that it was their auras that drew the Undeads in, while Kraff immediately used some methods to hide his life aura and mana fluctuations.

He should even be aware that these Undeads knew of the appearance of outsiders and had some tricks to avoid their chase.

In the center of the wasteland, Krom, Lar, and the two tribes Great Prophets appeared together. They followed Kraff methods and inserted the two tribes Inheritance Totems in the center of the wasteland.

Afterwards, blood dripped on the Inheritance totems and the two Great Prophets had a strand of soul power enter the Inheritance Totems.

The two Inheritance Totems immediately blossomed with intense lights. The lights transformed into a bloody pressure and a golden dome, before flowing together, scattering, and once again merging to form a ten-meter-tall light entrance.

The two lit Inheritance Totem transformed into two doors, forming both sides of an entrance with the Blood Fang magic patterns and the Golden Top magic patterns.

A squeaky sound echoed as the doors of light slowly opened. Within the entrance was an illusory path leading to the unknown. An ancient aura was gushing out of the light doors.

Looking at these light doors, no one stepped in, they all tacitly surrounded Kraff and didnt let Kraff go forward.

Since no one went in, Harren took a step forward with a grin, "Let me go first."

After those words, Harren stepped towards the light with large strides. After taking two steps, his body disappeared and the light doors loudly closed

Everyone patiently waited, and after 3 hours and 30 minutes, the light doors once again opened. This time, Morgan of the Henry Family went in first.

After going in, the light doors closed once more and only opened after 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Only one person could go through the light doors every time. Less and less people could be seen on the wasteland as time passed, until only Lin Yun, his subordinates, and Kraff remained.

On the other side, everyone was once again gathered in that mysterious temple. Some people would walk out of an array each time the light flashed.

Magic imprints could be seen on the wall at the end of the temple, and a new magic imprint would appear shortly after someone came out.

Everyone was paying attention. Every time someone challenged the Path of Heroes, there would be a new unique magic imprint appearing on the wall. By calculating the time it took after the appearance of the magic imprint, they would know how long that person took to go through the Path of Heroes.

"Look, the center of the array is shining, that Dylas guy is really not weak, he took 2 hours and 30 minutes to go through the Path of Heroes." Harren sighed while looking at the center of the array.

Jouyi bitterly smiled and shook his head, "Although the inheritances we obtained arent weak, our True Spirit Magic Tools have been destroyed and our strength is far from equal to theirs. You took 3 hours and 30 minutes, this shouldnt be considered weak. If you had your True Spirit Magic Tool, your strength would have been comparable to Dylas."

Harren sighed, "Didnt you also take 3 hours and 30 minutes? We are the same, if your True Spirit Magic Tool hadnt been destroyed, you might have been much faster than me. As for that Dylas, he is the fastest one so far.

"The souls of those Beastmen Heroes were really powerful"

Suddenly, the lit array flashed with a glaring light as Dylas walked out of the array. His mana was somewhat chaotic, but he had received no injury.

After asking someone on the side, Dylas suddenly burst in laughter.

"Hahaha, I hadnt expected to be the fastest person to go through the Path of Heroes, 2 hours and 30 minutes!"

He then looked at the Andlusa Kingdoms side and immediately ridiculed them.

"Only Mafa Merlin remains on the Andlusa Kingdoms side, you are really disappointing. To take 3 hours and 30 minutes to go through it Well, I guess you are lucky to not have died there"

Harren, Jouyi and the Azurewave Sword Saint had very unsightly expressions, but they ignored Dylas. Those were facts, and nothing they could say would be useful.

"Hmpf, 2 hours and 30 minutes is very good? Wait until Sir Merlin comes out!" Harren couldnt help answering.

Dylas sneered, but didnt say anything.

As he was thinking about it, a new magic imprint appeared on the wall. That imprint was that of a burning flame. Everyone recognized it, it was Dedales.

After an hour, the array shone once again and Dedale casually walked out from within. It looked like he had just stepped through the path, it didnt look like he had undergone a battle.

Dylas looked at Dedale and didnt dare to say anything. He only shut his mouth and it looked as if he was watching a monster.

He thought of what happened when he went in, he had used his full strength from the start and used his fastest speed to rush through the Path of Heroes. Even so, he still took 2 hours and 30 minutes. But Dedale only used one hour, and it looked like he hadnt used all his strength.

Most of the people slowly came out, including Lin Yuns subordinates. Ultimately, only Kraff and Lin Yun remained.

The fastest was Dedale, he was the strongest and took an hour to come out. Unexpectedly, the second one was the leader of the Quicksand Tower. That silent powerhouse took 2 hours and 5 minutes to come out.

The third person was Raphael, taking 2 hours and 15 minutes, while the fourth was the royal family member of the Odin Kingdom. Dylas was 5th.

No one from the Andlusa side was in the top, the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower had suffered huge losses, the four individuals of the two forces were monopolizing the last spots, followed by the Azurewave Sword Saint and the other member of the Andlusa Kingdoms royal family.

A new magic imprint appeared on the wall, which looked like countless runes forming concentric circles before finally transforming into a wheel imprint.

"Its Mafa Merlin!"

Dylas silently watched the center of the array, counting time in silence. The others were also counting. They had seen Lin Yun burst with the power of the Heaven Rank in that broken world.

Dedale, who can also burst with the power of the Heaven Rank, took an hour to pass through the Path of Heroes, and he seemed very relaxed as he came out. Clearly, it looked like Dedale hadnt needed to use all his strength.

Now, everyone was curious, how long would Lin Yun take in the end?

"I think that Sir Merlin would take an hour to go through the Path of Heroes." Harren softly told Jouyi his guess.

Jouyi glanced at Dedale who was attentively watching the array and lightly shook his head.

"I think that it would definitely be within an hour, maybe fifty to fifty-five minutes.

On another side, Morgan chatted with Arnaud and inquired in a low voice, "Arnaud, I think Mafa Merlin might be the 2nd fastest, second only to Sir Dedale. He should spend less than an hour and ten minutes. What do you think?"

Arnaud contemplated and showed one finger.

Morgan was alarmed, "What? You think hell spend an hour passing through the Path of Heroes? Dont tell me he is as strong as Sir Dedale?"

Arnaud shook his head and lowered his voice before answering in Morgans ear.

"I meant less than an hour. He might be even faster than Sir Dedale. Sir Merlin is a dark horse. The longer Im in contact with him, the more I feel that he has never gone all-out."

On the other side, Dedale remained silent as he was making conjectures within his mind.

One hour and ten minutes? Mafa Merlin is very powerful and his burst power is even more terrifying. Those Beastman Heroes might be powerful, but a duel on the Path of Heroes would definitely not take him that long.

More importantly, those Beastmen Souls are at the same rank as the challengers. When I entered, all the Beastmen heroes were one step into the Heaven Rank.

Mafa Merlin is only an 8th Rank Archmage, but he can display the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, while all the Beastmen Heroes hell encounter after entering would be at the 8th Rank.

Using the power of the Heaven Rank to handle those Beastmen Heroes would take at most thirty six minutes for Mafa Merlin!

He wouldnt need more than two minutes to deal with every Beastman Hero Soul, and counting the time between each fight, he should average two minutes per Beastman Hero Soul.

The others had overlooked that Lin Yuns true rank was an 8th Rank Archamge, they didnt even pay attention to his true rank, but Dedale clearly paid attention.

Thirty six minutes was the most probable time that Dedale had calculated.

On the other side, Dylas remained silent, his chest beating madly as he recalled Lin Yuns burst power.