End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Surprise

Dylas thought, That Mafa Merlins burst power is terrifying, but such an eruption of power consumes a huge amount of mana. He has only fought for very short durations before, and his burst power has also only lasted for very short periods.

Moreover, he had only used 8th Tier Spells to deal with that Golden Beastman. Although those Beastman Hero Souls are pretty strong, they shouldnt be Mafa Merlins opponents.

But that guys advantage will disappear when fighting eighteen battles in a row! The later the fight, the less of an advantage hell possess. Walking out within two hours and thirty minutes would be considered pretty good.

If it doesnt go well, he could even die inside. Haha, I hope that guy dies inside so I can take over the Four Seasons Plain. Damned scoundrel, its a waste for such a good place to be occupied by that guy.

Moreover, those stupid Ash Beastmen actually chose to serve humans. This is truly inconceivable.

They were all making conjectures as to how long Lin Yun would take to go through the Path of Heroes.

Lin Yun walked through the doors of light.

After going through, he only saw a flight of steps going upward. From the outside, it looked like this flight of steps was endless, but after coming in, he discovered that there were only eighteen steps.

He climbed the stairs and arrived at a small platform, next to which was floating a very old Beastman Soul. The upper body of the old Beastman was real and seemed no different from a real persons. His face was covered in wrinkles left behind by the years. As for his lower body, it was formed by mist.

This was a pure soul body with extremely formidable soul power. He definitely had been an extremely powerful Great Prophet of a huge tribe when he was alive. Only that kind of existence could become such a powerful ghost.

"Brave Warrior, are you ready to challenge the Path of Heroes? You are an 8th Rank Archmage, so there will be eighteen heroic souls comparable to 8th Rank Archmages facing you. Defeat them and you will cross the Path of Heroes and obtain your glory!"

The old Beastman had been singing in an ancient language with a modulated tone. Lin Yun didnt know what language that was, but he understood that this old Beastman Soul was talking directly through his soul.

Lin Yun nodded.


The old soul waved at the platform in front of him, and a revolving door of light appeared.

Lin Yun walked into the door of light without hesitation. He then appeared on a huge square, his surroundings completely empty. He could see a Beastman Hero Soul waiting in front of him.

The first one he met was a three-meter-tall Beastman holding a greatsword with even longer than he was tall. The greatsword had numerous runes enchanted onto it.

In addition to the innate magic patterns on the skin of that Beastman, there were also some additional external magic patterns. It was like a mountain was standing there, emitting a deep pressure..

He was obviously emitting the aura of an 8th Rank Sword Saint, but his pressure far exceeded that of the 8th Rank.

Lin Yun immediately understood. How could this challenge be based simply on ranks? Although he was an 8th Rank Archmage, his mana was ten to twenty times denser than an 8th rank Archmages. That Beastman Hero Soul was also that kind of existence.

He was at the 8th Rank of the Sword Saint realm, but his aura was even more powerful. He should have the strength of a 9th Rank Sword Saint.

But 9th Rank Sword Saints were far from enough.

Lin Yun opened his mouth and spat out a rune. In an instant, a Four-Element Bomb condensed in front of him.

The explosion loudly echoed, and the Four-Element Bomb instantly disappeared. It was even faster than the speed of sound as it struck that Beastman Hero Soul in the blink of an eye.

The Four-Element Bomb collided with his greatsword and resulted in a fierce explosion releasing destructive power. It instantly submerged that Beastman Soul, sending him flying. Only a shadow could be seen before that Beastman Sword Saint dissipated into rays of light in the air.

Instant kill.

Lin Yun kept going forward and encountered the second Beastman Hero Soul. This was a Shaman who was also at the 8th Rank. But just like the previous opponent, he was stronger than an 8th Rank Shaman.

After a dozen seconds, that Beastman was submerged by numerous exploding flames and was killed.

It took three minutes for Lin Yun to defeat nine Beastman Hero Souls. The tenth Beastman Hero Soul was a Wolf Rider. Apart from the Beastman himself, there was also a large wolf mount.

After three or four explosions, that guy was sent flying by pure power, while the wolf was disintegrated by the explosion. But that Beastmans body actually flew over a kilometer away, just enough to wake up the Beastman Hero who had been standing there with his eyes closed.

Roused, that Beastman Shaman summoned two Lightning Shields and took out his lightning staff to join the battlefield.

Unfortunately, that Beastman Wolf Rider was already on the verge of death and dissipated after a few Bursting Flames, and Lin Yun also dealt with that Shaman in another twenty seconds.

But just as that Shaman dissipated, a voice echoed beside Lin Yuns ears.

"Double Kill!"

Lin Yun was stunned as he heard that voice.

Double Kill?

He hadnt heard such a voice when killing the previous nine Beastman Souls, but he suddenly got a notice now

Right, that Beastman Shaman had joined the battle while the Wolf Rider was still alive This can count as dealing with two enemies at once!

Looking at the Beastmen with closed eyes in the distance, Lin Yun thoughtfully moved back.

The light doors were still there where he started, and after going through them, he once again appeared on that small platform with the old Beastman.

"Sir, can I try to clear it again?"

The old Beastman looked at Lin Yun and a trace of light flashed in his eyes. He nodded and used that same modulated tone to say, "Brave warriors will always forge ahead when facing a challenge, theyll never cower."

After saying that, the old Beastman waved his hand once again.

Lin Yun once again entered the doors of light, and sure enough, the Beastman Souls he had eliminated before had reappeared. They were standing there, motionless and with their eyes closed.

Lin Yun threw a Flame Burst at the first Beastmen, waking him up, before immediately using Flight and Haste to rush forward and throw another Flame Burst at the second Beastman Soul.

He continued until he woke up the 4th Beastman Soul and then started fighting with them at the same time.

Three minutes later, the four Beastmen Souls all dissipated, and sure enough, a voice echoed beside his ears.

"Quadra Kill!"

Lin Yun pensively nodded.

Hearing that old Beastmans words, it seemed that this Path of Heroes was a test in itself.

He had previously felt that fighting opponents of the same level in consecutive duels, with no time limit and no restriction, was very easy even for ordinary mages. The probability of passing through that Path of Heroes seemed extremely high.

The people that came in were elites among elites, so they would easily clear the challenge, and it would only be a difference in time.

Now, it looked like the true test was how many Beastman Hero Souls could one beat at once. The highest difficulty should be defeating all eighteen at the same time!

Lin Yun defeated the four Beastmen and moved on, but this time, he ignored the Beastmen he had already encountered.

Sure enough, these sleeping Beastman Souls wouldnt react as long as they werent attacked. They wouldnt wake up if he only moved past them.

Lin Yun walked to the end of that path before shockingly finding out that the last Beastman Hero Soul was a Great Prophet.

A Great Prophet with relatively weak fighting power, and whose strongest attack was summoning a level 38 Ghost Wolf.

He then used all kinds of warsongs onto the Ghost Wolf.

Lin Yun didnt rush to kill that Beastman Prophet; instead, he let him release all his warsongs and use all his tricks before instantly killing him.

At the end of the road were huge, tightly shut stone doors. There were eighteen imprints on the stone doors, and five of them were shining brightly.

In other words, no matter who it was, those doors would only open when the eighteen Beastman Souls were defeated.

There was no restriction to the fighting process, and everything was within his own grasp.

Lin Yun fought his way back from the Great Prophet and fought these Beastmen in duels. He spent at least ten minutes on each of them to let them release all their abilities. After understanding them thoroughly, Lin Yun got rid of those Beastman Souls.

After the trip back, he had dealt with all thirteen Beastmen Souls that were left, and sure enough, the stone doors at the end of the path started shining. As long as Lin Yun opened the stone doors, he would be able to leave.

But Lin Yun didnt choose to leave. He instead returned to the old Beastmans small platform.

"I want to challenge it again!"

After challenging it, Lin Yun cautiously fought the first four Beastmen again, and after grasping the abilities of these four Beastmen, he returned to the old Beastman.

"I want to challenge it again!"

The old Beastman kept his smile, showing no signs of impatience. His words were the same every time.

Four hours had passed by the time Lin Yun was ready to enter the Path of Heroes once again.

Everyone in the temple had strange expressions.

Lin Yun had displayed incredible burst power in that broken small world. Although he hadnt fought with Dedale, they werent too far apart in terms of power, and they could both display the power of the Heaven Rank.

But now, he had yet to come out of the Path of Heroes after four hours.

Four hours was already the slowest time. Even Harren and Jouyis subordinates, the weakest members of the group, took 3 hours and 50 minutes to pass through the Path of Heroes.

Dylas raised his head and walked to Harren with a brilliant smile before loudly gasping, "Ehhh, four hours? Mafa Merlin really is the strongest powerhouse here, haha. So scary, four hours and he has yet to come out, Haha!

"Wasnt there someone saying that Mafa Merlin would be the fastest? Dont tell me Im wrong? Didnt some of you have such high confidence? So how come that guy is still inside after four hours?"