End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Vengeance Warsong

"Its really a waste of time. If you ask me, Mafa Merlin might already be dead, and wed just be wasting time waiting here. What are we doing? There is no need to keep wasting time waiting here"

Dylas disdainfully grinned at the Andlusa Kingdom.

"Hmpf, I really thought that your Andlusa kingdom wasnt that weak, but it looks like you are as weak as a low-level magic beast. Look at you, you just keep beating the slowest time. Your strongest is the slowest, is that your strongest Andlusan powerhouse?

"This is a joke, just go back. Dont waste our time in the Raging Flame Plane. As for Mafa Merlin, he definitely already died inside"

Harren had a dark expression, but before he could say anything, Xiuban raised Carnage and bared his fangs. "You little gigolo, Ill break your teeth if you continue saying bullsh*t like that!"

Reina also looked ready to kill, with her body coated in a raging cold aura.

Dylas sneered, but he was also somewhat afraid of Reina and Xiuban. These two had only been a little bit slower than him in crossing the Path of Heroes, and that was with them not taking advantage of a powerful True Spirit Magic Tool.

Dylas no longer pushed the matter, and instead looked as if he had come to a sudden realization.

"Oh, I understand, Mafa Merlin might have not died, but suffered some serious injuries, forcing him to slowly fight and hide to progress. He would be slowly recovering before the next battle.

"4 hours, now I understand"

After he was done talking, Dylas turned his head, not giving the opportunity for Lin Yuns subordinates to answer.

This obviously made the Andlusans angry. If not for Reina blocking him, Xiuban would have already rushed over and kicked Dylas.

The Azurewave Sword Saint on the side was worried and softly asked Jouyi.

"Sir Jouyi, is what he said about Sir Merlin true?"

Jouyi hesitated and shook his head.

"Dont think too much about it, something must have happened. With Sir Merlins strength, he should be able to deal with it. We just have to wait patiently. That Golden Beastman has yet to enter the path, after all.

"This means that Sir Merlin should still be in the Path of Heroes. If the Path of Heroes had opened up again after someone died, then that Golden Beastman should have entered. We should keep waiting, okay?"

The people of the Odin Kingdoms royal family sneered in disdain. Morgans gaze was in chaos, and it was impossible to figure out what he was thinking. The Quicksand Towers people always wore masks to cover their faces, as well as wide and spacious robes. No expressions could be seen on their hidden faces.

Raphael looked at the dim array with doubt. He completely couldnt understand why Lin Yun had yet to pass through the Path of Heroes after four hours.

And Dedale was mostly indifferent. He only frowned, somewhat doubtful. But his frown then relaxed and he silently shook his head.

It looks like I overestimated that Mafa Merlin. He might be able to display the power of the Heaven Rank due to that burst technique that substantially increased his mana and allowed his strength to exceed his own limits for a short time.

The Beastman Souls of the Path of Heroes were very powerful. They had been heroes in the past and had rich fighting experience. A single one wouldnt be Mafa Merlins opponent.

But to defeat eighteen of them in a row, his extreme burst power might need a very long resting time. With four hours gone, he should be dealing with the last few Beastman Souls.

The people within the temple were either guessing at what was happening, or, just like Dylas, were just looking down upon Lin Yun.

As for Lin Yun, he had already crossed the Path of Heroes and was now preparing for the final fight.

He once again entered the Planar Path. Lin Yun had a very solemn expression. He first took out the Book of Death before taking out the Book of Mantras, the Draconic Staff, and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. He took out all his Magic Tools, even the three Mana Rings on his fingers.

After using Flight and Haste, he flew up with enthusiasm. The most ordinary Wind Blades kept rousing the sleeping Beastman Souls.

It took a short moment for the eighteen Beastman Souls to be completely awakened. Lin Yun then looked at the Beastmen chasing behind him and instantly burst out with all of his fighting strength.

The Book of Death automatically flipped itself open, and the Element Chapter, Sage Chapter, and All-Encompassing Chapter were activated. The Magic Tool Incarnation of the Draconic staff also flew out and transformed into a huge Purple Dragons shadow.

Behind Lin Yun, a wheel shadow as vast as the starry sky appeared. Countless runes were roaming within, and at the very center were a ball of flames and a hurricane. As the runes fused, they started merging together.

Lin Yuns body swelled up in an instant. Fire and Wind, those two kinds of elements were like black holes that frantically converged towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun instantly used the Windfire Elemental Incarnation. This wasnt using two Elemental Incarnations at once, but a fusion of the Wind and Fire Elements to form an extremely berserk Windfire. With the wind element as a support, the power of the fire element rose to an unimaginable degree.

Lin Yun flew in the air, his mana liquefying. It was like a fountain was erupting from Lin Yuns body. Lin Yun instantly attacked the nearby Prophet.

With a wave of his Draconic Staff, a burning berserk flame transformed into a huge flame sickle that ruthlessly sliced towards that Beastman Prophet.

Although that Beastman Prophet was the weakest, if left alive, the seventeen other Beastman Hero Souls would become 30% to 40% stronger.

With each Beastman Hero Souls fighting strength increasing by so much, when the seventeen Beastmen were added together, the effect would be enormous.

Facing such circumstances, Lin Yun wondered if he could defeat these eighteen Beastman Hero Souls. There was a 90% chance he would die in that case.

These Beastman Hero Souls were very powerful. To be treated as a heroic soul meant that they had been heroes during their lives, among the strongest three of their tribe. Moreover, people on the same rank simply wouldnt be their opponents.

The Prophet remained calm as the flaming sickle flew over. He summoned his Ghost Wolf and then started rapidly retreating, opening the distance between him and the Beastmen in the rear. He also started chanting warsongs while withdrawing.

Lin Yun remained calm and didnt panic. He ignored the few incoming Beastmen Souls and opened his mouth to let out some runes.

The flame sickle sliced down the Ghost Wolf, and then a meteorite hurriedly fell down from the sky. It wasnt falling down towards the Beastman Prophet, but towards the Beastman Souls chasing from behind.

Summon Meteorite was only cast to buy two seconds!

After the cast was complete, twelve Windfire vortexes appeared above Lin Yun. Endless hybrid spells with flames and gales were mixed together as they gushed out, charging into the Beastman Prophet.

The berserk spells falling down were Lin Yuns most powerful performance. The twelve Windfire vortexes spurted out one hundred and fifty spells at the same time. The wind spells and the fire spells fused together to increase the power of each spell by half a Tier.

Under such circumstances, a Level 39 powerhouse with formidable defenses might not necessarily be able to resist. Furthermore, the target was a Beastman Prophet who wasnt good at direct confrontation.

He would die as long as he was hit.

A Wolf Rider angrily shouted in the back, and his mount suddenly crossed several hundred meters at a terrifyingly fast speed. It looked like he would arrive in front of the spells targeting the Prophet.

But a pattern on the Sage Chapter suddenly shone, and in an instant, an enormous Askrim Gate rose from the ground.

The huge, five-meter-thick gate instantly blocked that Wolf Rider, and the two spell floods thoroughly submerged that Beastman Prophet.

The Beastman Prophet instantly transformed into rays of light and dissipated. But he completed his warsong at the last second before his death.

The eyes of the seventeen Beastman Souls instantly turned red, and a thick, bloody smell seemed to spread from their bodies. All of their auras went berserk.

Lin Yun solemnly looked at the seventeen Beastman Souls. These had once been heroes among Beastmen, and they were experts at fighting.

That Beastman Prophet knew that the others couldnt save him, so the warsong he had been chanting was the Vengeance Warsong.

The Vengeance Warsong was a warsong that Prophets used when they knew they would die. They would fall dead the moment the warsong was completed, but that warsong could display the greatest power. It would buff the Beastmen and render them immune to all mind magic. As long as they didnt die, they would forever remain berserk and would never have to worry about mana consumption.

This warsong was equivalent to a semi-permanent Berserk Transformation, and it was very useful for Sword Saints. It also had the same use for Shamans. The Beastmen would never stop fighting until the target of the Vengeance Warsong died.

Enderfa quietly reached a head out of the Spell Wheel and looked at that scene, completely stunned.

"Merlin, you are in huge trouble. Damnit, the Vengeance Warsong These Beastmen are really entertaining."

After saying that, Enderfa withdrew his body back and let Lin Yun handle the fight.

Lin Yun had a grave expression, as he also knew that he was in huge trouble.

In the back, the seventeen Beastmen Souls took two seconds to deal with the falling meteorite, as well as two more seconds to tear the Askrim Gate to pieces.

But then, these seventeen Beastman Souls didnt attack at once. Instead, they surrounded Lin Yun, trapping him in the deepest part of the Pah of Heroes.

The seventeen Beastman Souls buffed by the Vengeance Warsong had crimson red eyes. Ultimately, a Shaman angrily roared and brandished his staff. A blood-colored halo flashed and covered the seventeen Beastmen. Mass Bloodthirst had been released.

Then, another Lightning Shaman brandished his lightning staff and kept releasing dozens of lightning bolts. Each bolt transformed into large lightning shields protecting them.