End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 1033 Chaotic Sword Slashes

1033 Chaotic Sword Slashes

There were still three Beastman Shamans supplying everyone with a layer of demonic-looking shields, they were Fire Shields that looked like Demons’ heads. Moreover, black smoke that looked like living Demons independently revolved around these Beastman Hero Souls.

The large-scale buff spells buffed all of them at once. In less than two seconds, the seventeen Beastman Hero Souls all got a pile of buffing spells on top of the Vengeance Warsong, and every one of them had at least three defensive shields.

The most frightening part had yet to come As twelve Beastman Warriors turned Berserk together.

Furthermore, those were advanced Clear-Headed Berserk Transformations. The twelve Beastman Warriors had already been buffed by the Mass Bloodthirst and their body had already increased in size, but now, their body became 30% bigger due to the Berserk Transformations and their auras all rose to the 9th Rank of the Sword Saint Realm.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun couldn’t help sweating a bit.

‘This might be a bit too much

‘Thankfully I got rid of the Prophet first, otherwise these monsters’ strength might have kept increasing and reached the Heaven Rank and I would have ended up sliced to death.’

That all happened in two seconds and Lin Yun couldn’t stop it.

The twelve Beastman Warriors attacked in a scattered echelon formation, rushing at Lin Yun from a few directions and throwing Aura Slashes at him, sealing all of his movements.

The fighting strength the twelve warriors displayed under this kind of coordination could definitely kill a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Lin Yun kept a calm expression, countless runes frantically flickering within his eyes. The Magic Array was working in overload, its computing power surpassing its limits.

Large gales and flames appeared in Lin Yun’s surroundings and converged together, combining in a berserk Windfire. Lin Yun continuously flashed within the flames to avoid these crisscrossing Aura Slash.

Then, the wheel shadow spurted out countless runes, which converged into a dozen Windfire Shields in an instant. Following that, the Book of Death flickered with light as it buffed elemental spells’ power.

A light flashed as Lin Yun used the Element Chapter to summon a Peak Level 39 Flame Elemental Dragon.

A dozen five-meter-big Windfire Shields completely covered Lin Yun, each of them facing an incoming Aura Slash.

As the Flame Elemental Dragon’s huge body appeared, it was like a huge shield resisting the spells falling down from the sky.

“Ding, ding, ding”

The unending clashing sounds echoed as the Windfire Shields kept being hit by the Aura Slashes, the collision felt like two pieces of steel hitting each other.

As for the airborne Flame Elemental Dragon, it was just summoned and barely spurted out a mouthful of Elemental Flames, that its body was hit by several dozen spells and over thirty Aura Slashes.

That huge serpentine body exploded, transforming into flames sprinkling down.

Lin Yun’s eyelids twitched as he saw that scene. These Beastman-shaped monsters were coordinated to an unbelievable point. A Peak Level 39 Flame Elemental Dragon didn’t even last more than two seconds before being sliced apart.

During that two seconds window, Lin Yun took advantage of the Flame Elemental Dragon acting as a meatshield and grasped the Book of Death in his left hand while raising the Draconic Staff in his right hand. The Book of Death kept scattering light as the Sage Chapter was roused while the Draconic Staff frantically gathered mana.

The Book of Mantras was floating on the left side of Lin Yun’s body, and its page suddenly flipped open. Incantations rushed out from inside, as if chanted out, frantically devouring Lin Yun’s erupting mana.

The Spell Wheel on Lin Yun’s right side was frantically revolving. After fusing with these incantations, the Spell Wheel blossomed with a glaring light.

Lin Yun raised his head just as the Flame Elemental Dragon was torn apart, his eyes were already covered by an infinite number of runes.

An oppressive and berserk aura instantly surged from Lin Yun’s body, and in an instant, several dozen ten-meter-big fireballs appeared. These fireballs were frantically rotating, they were just like a devastating storm being compressed into a fireball.

The dozen Storm Fireballs, comparable to 8th Tier Spells, flew out and seemed to distort the space within several hundred meters.

Those Aura Slashes were torn apart in an instant as the dozen Storm Fireballs formed a huge wall of fire pushing towards those Beastman Hero Souls.

In an instant, these Beastman-shaped monsters’ frantic attacks were interrupted and their coordination was broken.

Then, an explosion occurred around Lin Yun’s body and a large amount of flames burst out towards the surroundings, Lin Yun also disappeared.

The flames transformed into a shockwave which rapidly spread over a kilometer just like a circle of flames. As for Lin Yun, he took advantage of the Book of Mantras and the Spell Wheel casting combination, supplied by the Draconic Staff and Book of Death, to forcibly extend the process of the Flame Flash.

This technique was equivalent to making Lin Yun merge with the flames and forcibly travel within the ranks of the Beastman Souls.

After two seconds, Lin Yun’s body suddenly appeared with the flames, right in front of the Shaman in the back. He was ten meters away from him, a very dangerous distance.

This was very dangerous to both of them, because they could only use a shield to block at such a distance!

An Archmage would never draw so close to an enemy when fighting, at such a distance, spells could directly be condensed in the enemy’s face!

And at such a close distance, just a bit of mana disturbance could forcibly cancel a cast!

But now, Lin Yun’s Spell Wheel bloomed with light similar to a small sun. The dozen 8th Tier Spells that had been forcibly suppressed were simultaneously released!

In an instant, a dozen Storm Fireballs, compressed to three meters in size, instantly appeared around that Shaman and completely surrounded him, before loudly exploding.

In such a close distance, no one under the Heaven Rank would be able to survive a dozen 8th Tier Spells.

After getting rid of the Shaman, a dozen Aura Slashes flew over, and the Windfire Shields covering Lin Yun were instantly torn apart.

After the Windfire Shields fell, thirty more Aura Slashes fell towards Lin Yun. Lin Yun used Haste and kept retreating towards the entrance of the Path of Heroes while releasing defensive shields to block.

A dozen Aura Slashes instantly impacted his triple defenses, and the Mana Shield was the first to be shattered.

Although the Mana Shield was known not to break as long as it was supplied with mana, it was on the prerequisite that the incoming attack didn’t exceed the limits of the Mana Shield.

Against Low Tier Spells, Lin Yun’s Mana Shield would never be breached. But against these Beastman-shaped monsters who had once been heroes among Beastmen, a Mana Shield could simply not resist.

It just blocked for a while, and once the incoming attacks exceeded its limits, it burst open with a bang.

As for the Elemental Shield, it had become a lot stronger after fusing with the Earth, Wind, and Fire Laws, but it was only able to resist for half a second before being shattered.

The last line of defense was the Runic Shield, and countless runes were surging forth. The scattered runes were immediately replaced by the surging runes, and by relying on that kind of power, they managed to resist the attack.

But Lin Yun was sent flying out with the Runic Shield. After flying over four hundred meters, Lin Yun stabilized his body and spat out a mouthful of blood, looking extremely pale.

The joint attack of those Beastmen was even more frightening than a Heaven Rank powerhouse’s attack, it roused over 500,000 runes on the Runic Shield.

After all, the more runes, the stronger the Runic Shield was. Lin Yun currently had close to 800,000 runes, and as long as the attack didn’t surpass this amount, he could endure it and the Runic Shield wouldn’t break.

Although it hadn’t broken, it wasn’t that much better. The vibration shook Lin Yun and injured him.

Seeing these Beastman Hero Souls attack once again, Lin Yun smiled.

He had gone all-out to get rid of the Beastman prophet, before wounding himself to get rid of the Shaman. Losing those two made the 40% buff to their fighting strength disappear.

And this made their fighting strength three to four times weaker than if Lin Yun had to fight all eighteen Beastmen at once, maybe even more.

With the two Beastmen having the greatest influence on the battlefield dead, he had a chance to deal with the Beastmen Hero Souls.

Then, it was a tough battle, a pure battle of power! Physical strength and spells clashed together.

Half an hour later, Lin Yun’s magic robe was dilapidated, he was pale and his body was faintly shaking, but the hand holding the Draconic Staff was as stable as a mountain.

Of the sixteen Beastman Souls facing him, only six remained.

Lin Yun vigilantly retreated while drinking a Health Potion.

The six remaining Beastmen Souls were really strong, especially when they coordinated, it was like fighting one pers No, it was even more troublesome than fighting one powerful person.

The Vengeance Warsong was still in effect. They wouldn’t fall unless they died, unless they were killed in one move. With the characteristics of these Hero Souls, the Vengeance Warsong would heal any non-fatal injury in an instant.

Five Sword Saints and one Shaman. He had to work harder and get rid of them.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Yun stood at the end of the Path of Heroes, a fifty-centimeter-long gash on his back displaying his vertebrae, he was so pale that not even a hint of blood could be seen on his face.

After drinking two Health Potions, as well as a specially compounded Regeneration Potion, Lin Yun managed to not lose consciousness.

After waiting three minutes, the wound on his back was already healing, only leaving a shallow scar behind. His corpse-pale complexion also regained some redness.