End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Golden Liquid

The eighteen lights on the stone doors at the end of the passage were all lit. Lin Yun gently pushed the stone doors and they slowly opened. A vortex containing an indescribable aura could be seen behind the doors.

Lin Yun stepped out and disappeared into this passage.

Rays of light flickered as everything in the surroundings seemed to distort. Time and space had lost all meaning here. Lin Yun calmly looked at the surrounding distorted void, the runes within his eyes rapidly flickering.

His computing power was consumed in less than a second, as the information contained within a glance exceeded the peak of what he could calculate.

Lin Yuns complexion instantly became pale, and he promptly closed his eyes. The bit of information he had just obtained was cryptic and very mysterious.

The array finally shone with light in the temple, and Lin Yun came out of it in a very poor state.

"5 hours and 30 minutes! Heavens! Mafa Merlin, you really convinced me, Im in awe, I cant hold back my admiration. 5 hours and 30 minutes! You broke through all our estimates. You were even thirty minutes slower than I guessed!

"Heavens I thought you had already died inside. Ha, I would have given you a hand if I had known you would have such a difficult time going through that Path of Heroes. If I could have helped, getting through the Path of Heroes would have been really easy.

"Just look at yourself, 5 hours and 30 minutes and you are in such an awkward state, it looks like you are on the verge of death"

Dylas kept jabbering on and on as he saw Lin Yun, mocking him. He finally got an opportunity, so he was running his mouth until it sprained.

Lin Yun was indeed cutting a sorry figure. His robe had already lost its power, turning into an ordinary dilapidated magic robe that was hanging like strips of cloth. His hair was a mess, and there were injuries all over his body still in the process of recovering.

Especially in the back, there was still a fifty-centimeter-long scar. The wound hadnt completely recovered. Lin Yuns wounds were still being healed by the Health Potions and the Regeneration Potion when he came out.

Moreover, the information Lin Yun tried to catch during the teleportation process almost collapsed the Magic Array. He was also extremely pale It was like looking at a corpse, as if he already had one foot in a coffin. He looked extremely miserable.

Xiuban, Jouyi, Harren, and the others promptly walked over, inquiring about Lin Yuns injuries.

Lin Yun waved his hand, saying that he was fine.

On the other side, the Odin Kingdoms citizens were looking at this with disdain. Dylas was openly mocking him.

Dedale also seemed to have lost interest in Lin Yun. He only glanced at him before turning to look at the array.

Doubt could be seen on Raphaels eyes, while Morgan gave a hollow laugh. He was forcing a smile at Dylas words.

Suddenly, a magic imprint appeared on the wall at the end of the temple. That was a long Beastman skull with four thick fangs. The skull was wrapped in some illusory flames.

"That Golden Beastman entered the Path of Heroes!"

This attracted everyones attention, and even Dylas stopped mocking Lin Yun. The group encircled the array with a tacit understanding.

According to their contract, their cooperation would only last in the broken world, so it would no longer be in effect now that theyd left.

Moreover, according to the clause Kraff added, the contract would be in effect until everyone left the broken world, not just when some had gone.

They thought this was Kraffs trick, that he planned to escape before everyone could return to the temple, and that since the contract was in effect, no one would be able to bar his way.

Thus, the group intentionally made Kraff enter the Path of Heroes last. The contract would conclude as soon as he appeared, and everyone would be able to deal with him as they wished.

With the enmity between humans and Raging Flame Beastmen, especially the Golden Beastmen, they would never let go of such an opportunity.

Even Dedale didnt think that there was something wrong with them surrounding the array.

Time rapidly passed, and soon, after 2 hours and 30 minutes, the array shone brightly once again and Kraff appeared on the array.

In a split second, Dylas, Morgan, Arnaud At least ten of them simultaneously cast at Kraff, who was standing on the array.

Two to three hundred spells flew to the center of the array, blocking all the directions Krav could dodge to. Those several dozen meters were completely bombarded by spells.

Even a true Heaven Rank Powerhouse would have no other choice but to block.

But the shocking part was that even though the spells kept colliding and forcing the air out of the area with the outstanding destructive properties, it looked like they were going through a mirage when they went through Kraffs body. So many spells, but none hit Kraffs body

After more than ten seconds, Kraff was still standing there in good condition. The spells that had gone through him couldnt injure him.

Kraff looked at everyone and sneered.

"A bunch of idiots You thought I didnt know what you were planning? You made me go last and waited for me to fall into your trap.

"You must be wondering why you cant hit me? I shall be merciful and let you know.

"I didnt really come out. I used a Magic Tool to transfer a bit of power. I am now within a space-time crack. My body isnt in that space and time, and you want to use spells to attack me?

"You are like ants trying to trip a giant, a group of fools!"

Facing these circumstances, the group flew into a rage, but they couldnt attack Kraff at all. Dedale frowned and cast another spell at Kraff, but his spell also went through Kraffs body and couldnt injure him.

Kraff burst into a fit of laughter and pointed around in a circle.

"You are a group of fools. Just wait, next time I see you Ill cut your heads off and hang them in my treasure room.

"As for you, Mafa Merlin, you are a scoundrel that kept ambushing me, but you wont have the chance next time! I definitely wont give you the opportunity.

"Treasure your time carefully, because the next time I see you, youll all die by my hands, and it will be a miserable death!"

Everyone gave up on attacking half a minute later as everything they tried was completely ineffective.

After sneering, Kraffs body transformed into a flowing light and completely disappeared.

"This damned b*stard, I want to get rid of him, peel his skin off, and make a carpet out of it!"

Morgan was enraged as he swore while pointing at thin air. The others were also pissed. They had been played by the Golden Beastman, how could they not want to kill him?

Lin Yun still looked unbothered, since he already knew that wanting to get rid of Kraff wouldnt be easy. He had a very deep understanding of that small world, and he even understood many details as well as he knew his own body.

Even though he knew the circumstances surrounding the contract, he still chose to sign. That showed that Kraff was 100% certain that he could escape.

Two hours later, Lin Yun had already changed into a new robe, and his complexion had returned to normal. His injuries had also recovered thanks to the potions.

While everyone was still resentful, Raphael walked to the huge wall in doubt. He extended his hand and felt those magic imprints on the wall, the doubt within his face deepening.

He then touched his own unique magic imprint, and his magic imprint shone brightly. A huge translucent pillar swelled out of the right side of the wall.

It was like that pillar itself was in the wall and half of it was suddenly sent out. The bottom of that translucent pillar had some golden liquid swaying within.

This sudden occurrence greatly alarmed Raphael. He promptly withdrew his hand, and the golden liquid went back.

This event immediately attracted everyones attention, and they no longer bothered about Kraffs escape.

"Raphael, what are you doing? What is going on?"

Doubt could be seen on Raphaels face as he pointed at his own imprint on the wall.

"Just now, Kraff glanced at that wall. I thought there might be some secret, so I touched my magic imprint and this happened"

Lin Yun squinted. He had naturally noticed Kraffs action, but he didnt say anything because he had already seen Raphael heading over.

According to Kraff, the Golden Beastmen had already entered this broken world over a hundred times. Kraff, as the son of the Golden Beastmans Great Tribal Chief, was definitely privy to those secrets.

He couldnt help glancing at that wall as he escaped, which suggested that this place definitely hid a big secret that could even tempt him.

"Sir Raphael, put your hand on your magic imprint again, there should be no danger," Lin Yun suggested.

Raphael hesitated, but there truly had been no danger earlier, so it should still be the same.

He put his hand on his magic imprint again, and immediately, that translucent pillar appeared on the right side of the wall. The golden liquid at the bottom of the pillar suddenly started swaying and rapidly gushed upward.

After three seconds, the golden liquid rose up to 3.2 meters in height before it returned to its original level.

Then, the huge wall at the end of the temple glowed with light. The dense patterns all lit up and formed strands of light.