End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1035

Chapter 1035 Shadow Scepter

The light grew into a sphere with a 1.5-meter diameter before slowly falling towards Raphael. The light scattered, and a book seemingly made of metal floated in front of Raphael.

The book was forty centimeters long and almost twenty centimeters thick. On top of it was a name written in ancient Nesser Language.

"Its actually a magic book! Its a book called Multiple Array Structure Formula written by Bill George."

Raphael opened the book, and the first page didnt have a single letter. There were only countless runes and array structures. The runes and array patterns kept changing irregularly, seeming very complex.

But Raphael only took one glance before being shocked. He then unhesitantly put the magic book away.

Lin Yuns pupils shrank when he heard Bill Georges name.

Bill Georges magic book is in here? And its Multiple Array Structure Formula which should only appear after three more millennia?

Even the simplest core technology of the future magic battleships that campaigned through countless places had been developed using this Multiple Array Structure Formula.

The appearance of that magic book a few millennia later even caused a dozen forces to wage wars that ended up involving most of Noscents countries.

It ultimately developed into a desperate struggle among first-rate Heaven Rank powerhouses, and nineteen planes were destroyed because of the fighting.

If not for those last peace talks and the sharing of the contents of the magic book with everyone, those angry mages would have even destroyed Noscent ahead of its time.

The value of that magic book was not inferior to an Extraordinary Magic Tool, and for an alchemy-specialized force, it was worth more than an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

But that magic book didnt seem to be intact. Even during the peak of Noscent, the Multiple Arrays Structure Formula was a meter tall and fifty centimeters thick.

Although it wasnt complete, the techniques would certainly exceed the Sky Citys technology. It would also be very difficult for them to comprehend, and to Raphael, that magic book was more valuable than a first-rate True Spirit Magic Tool.

With Raphael as an example, the other immediately understood.

"This is a reward?" someone asked with uncertainty.

Morgan unhesitantly moved over and put his hand on this magic imprint.

In an instant, the golden liquid surged once more within the translucent liquid and rapidly reached three meters before stabilizing. Light blossomed from that wall again, and wisps converged into a sphere of light that floated in front of Morgan.

The rays of light emitted by the light sphere dissipated, and a palm-sized scale appeared. The scale looked like a dragon scale at first, but it actually had a rhombus shape. There were layers of decorative patterns that formed an alchemy pattern. Then, the patterns on both sides of the scale converged into a whole, creating a complete circuit.

Morgan looked disappointed as he only saw a scale appearing. He casually took the scale and checked it, unable to see how precious it was.

"This is the scale of a Void Behemoth. After growing to adulthood, a Void Behemoth would be a Peak Heaven Rank lifeform at the very least, and the strongest among them surpass the Heaven Rank. They could compare to a Greater Demon Overlord.

"Their scales are innate True Spirit Magic Tools, and even while lacking a Magic Tool Incarnation, their defensive power is still superior to some weaker defensive Magic Tools. Moreover, they are extremely hard, to the point where even a Void Storm would be unable to damage it. Just look for an alchemist that is an expert at forging Magic Tools to process it, and it would be like possessing a second life.

"From the quality of that scale, the owner of the scale should have been a very powerful Void Behemoth."

Lin Yuns eyes shone with surprise as he saw that scale. He originally thought that Noscent didnt possess this kind of thing, so he hadnt expected to see something like this in here.

In Noscents Planar Colonization Era, countless magic battleships were able to travel through the void, and the Void Behemoths were the biggest threats. They were even more dangerous than a deadly environment.

Some of the main structure of the Shelter Tower had been made out of the corpse of a Void Behemoth that had surpassed the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun casually talked about the origin of the scale, but even if he had said nothing, Morgan would have discovered that as long as he poured mana within, the scale would independently form a defense around him like it was an innate Magic Tool.

Morgan beamed in delight as he put away the scale. As someone very much afraid of death, a defensive power was something he was fond of.

After Morgan was done, the others walked over in succession, and everyone went to the imprint that belonged to them. Every time someone put their hands against their imprint, golden liquid would fill the transparent pillar.

As the height of the golden liquid differed, the things everyone obtained were different. From that point on, the first to go over were the subordinates of every major force.

Aside from valuable materials, they also obtained some magic books, Spiritual Magic Tools, and all kinds of other things. They also obtained some strange things that no one recognized.

After a dozen people in a row, Raphael thoughtfully nodded.

"Have you noticed, every time someone goes over, the height to which that golden liquid rises is different. The higher it rises, the more precious the reward.

"Moreover, the height of the golden liquid is proportional to the speed at which we passed the Path of Heroes. The faster we went through it, the greater the reward."

After Raphael said those words, the group of people busy looking at their newly acquired treasures immediately came to a realization. After thinking carefully, it truly seemed like this was the case.

After the subordinates went to collect their rewards first, a few leaders went to receive their own rewards.

After Jouyi pressed his hand against his unique magic imprint, the golden liquid within the pillar rose a bit over two meters and he obtained a magic book called Starry Sky Mirage .

He looked pleasantly surprised as he held the book. Although it was a seemingly ordinary magic book, it was actually worth more than a True Spirit Magic Tool to Jouyi.

His Core Meditation Law Set was the Starry Sky Reflection, but that Meditation Law was incomplete.

The complete Starry Sky Reflection was a fusion of mind magic and starlight magic, and the fusion would result in a very powerful illusory spell with extremely destructive power. Those with low mental power or with very weak souls and weak willpower could only wait to be massacred under the complete Starry Sky Reflection.

Jouyis Starry Sky Reflection lacked the mind magic part and had always been incomplete, while the Starry Sky Mirage was the other part of the Starry Sky Reflection. After filling the holes, his Core Meditation Law Set had two more formulas!

And Jouyi had gotten this chance to fix his Core Meditation Law Set before advancing to the Heaven Rank. This meant that his strength after advancing to the Heaven Rank would be a few times more powerful than before. More importantly, his future prospects would be a bit greater.

Harren obtained a dark black magic stone used to purify darkness mana. Darkness mana was always full of all kinds of negative thoughts, which would keep growing stronger.

Many mages that used it had their minds distort due to rapid advancements and became incomparably wicked. Some dark mages were unconsciously corroded by negative thoughts, ultimately having their futures ruined.

Harren had always had half a step in the Heaven Rank, and even when he fought, he didnt dare to relax his control over his mana. This was because his mana hadnt been purified, so he always had to take the extra step and purify it.

Now, he had this Darkness Magic Stone and no longer needed to worry about purifying his mana, so he didnt need to be vigilant against his manas backlash. His fighting strength was raised, and advancing to the Heaven Rank would only be a matter of time.

Xiuban obtained a drop of heart blood carrying a dense draconic pressure. Within it was the shadow of an Abyssal Blood Dragon. Xiubans bloodline evolved once again after fusing with the drop of blood from an Abyssal Blood Dragons heart. Every one of his attacks would devour his victims blood and energy to heal his own wounds.

To a monster like Xiuban, it was simply a treasure arming his bloodline. With this ability, Xiubans powerful body would be immortal in battle. He wouldnt die from exhaustion or from damage.

Reina obtained a piece of Frost Soul, a material that reinforced the power of ice spells. Reina could use it as a Magic Tool.

The group obtained very good rewards that seemed to fit their needs. Nothing was useless.

Everyone understood the effect of the unique magic imprints: It was in order to know what they needed.

Soon, only four people still needed to collect their rewards.

The Quicksand Towers leader silently walked over and pressed his hand against the magic imprint before the golden liquid immediately rose to 3.5 meters. By the time the golden liquid stopped fluctuating, a mass of condensed sand appeared in the air.

Looking at this floating mass of sand, the mana fluctuations of the Quicksand Towers leader became somewhat chaotic. He silently put away that mass of sand and then retreated.

Lin Yun squinted. He had thought that the leader of the Quicksand Tower would obtain a True Spirit Magic Tool, but he hadnt expected his reward to be Endless Sand.

Some special Earth Planes could turn into endless deserts for various kinds of reasons. Their quicksand would behave like seas and oceans, with tossing waves and sometimes a kilometer-tall tidal wave of sand. Apart from some elemental lifeforms, any living beings would be devoured by the fierce grains of sand.

And in this kind of special plane, there was a kind of material called Endless Sand. It looked like ordinary sand, but it was countless times heavier. Each grain of such sand weighed over five hundred kilograms.

Moreover, after these grains of sand devoured earth spells, they could frantically split into endless deserts.

Just now, that handful of sand weighed a hundred thousand kilograms!

This thing was more important than a True Spirit Magic Tool to the Quicksand Tower. As long as they had it with them, they could guarantee that their complete fighting strength could be displayed. Even at a crucial moment, they could still use the Endless Sand as a Magic Tool.

Lin Yun recognized it, but no one else did, and they didnt inquire. People obtained some crazy things before, but no one inquired about such things.

Only Dylas, Dedale, and Lin Yun remained. Of them, Dylas went first.

His golden liquid reached three meters, which was very good, ranking him in the top five. This granted him a semi-translucent black scepter. The scepter was half a meter long and seemed somewhat illusory. It looked as if it kept changing appearances.

After holding the scepter, Dylas suddenly exclaimed with a surprised and pleasant expression, "Shadow Scepter! Heavens! Hasnt that thing been destroyed? How could it be here?"

The Shadow Scepter was only mentioned in ancient records of the Shadow Tower. In a very ancient era, the Shadow Scepter had been destroyed, but its characteristics and appearance had been recorded.

By holding the Shadow Scepter, as long as one remained motionless and didnt fire any spells, the user could automatically enter a hidden state. That state had no mana fluctuations, and spells couldnt detect the user. Only a spell similar to True Sight could see through it.

Moreover, the Shadow Scepters biggest characteristic was its buff to shadow spells. It strengthened Shadow Spells by half a tier!

Dylas couldnt help smiling as he held the Shadow Scepter. He walked next to Lin Yun before sneering.

"Mafa Merlin, do you see what this is? Its the Shadow Scepter! The legendary unique staff of shadow spells! Its effects are comparable to Extraordinary Magic Tools!

"Having this thing is the same as my strength being doubled. This is something even more suitable than the Shadow Cloak to me, a genuine true Spirit Magic Tool! And its a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool!

"How about you go over and enlighten us. See what you can get there, dont be afraid. You dont have to worry about getting nothing, you might get a spirit mana crystal. At least it would be something."

Dylas burst into laughter as he mocked Lin Yun while pushing him to get his reward.

Lin Yun glanced at Dylas and sneered.

Fool, it might be the Shadow Scepter, a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool, but its Incarnation had already been crippled. Its no different from an ordinary staff.

With the special nature of shadow magic, it is impossible to find an Incarnation that would agree to become that items Magic Tool Incarnation. And that scepter has already suffered a devastating blow, so it cant nurture a new Incarnation.