End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 Old Beastman

Unfortunately, the limits to his talent could be felt there. He had broken through the previous limitations with his outstanding comprehension ability, but the process of advancing to the Heaven Rank was completely different.

Advancing to the Heaven Rank was the process of casting off ones old skin to be reborn, truly turning into an Extraordinary lifeform.

The bodies of Heaven Rank powerhouses were completely different from those below the Heaven Rank. It was a pure qualitative leap.

Unfortunately, Novicijs talent was far too inferior, his Magic Conducting Rune wasnt great, and his Core Meditation Law Set only had seven formulas. Under such circumstances, advancing to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm was already a miracle, even in that era.

But the miracle stopped there. Novicij slowly turned old, and his pool of knowledge slowly deepened. He was more knowledgeable than many Heaven Mages, and his understanding of magic far exceeded the Archmage realm.

Since he couldnt advance to the Heaven Rank, Novicij started studying alchemy. He was only one step away from the Saint Alchemist realm when his life was reaching its end. Potioneering, Magic Tool crafting, rune carving, puppeteering, and the field of arrays were all at very high levels.

But he still couldnt make up for his flaw and the flaws of his magic path. Ultimately, he gave up hope on reaching the Heaven Rank and decided to use the little time he had left to travel.

At that time, he found a seemingly simple stone tablet in a small, remote village. That thing seemed unrelated to magic.

At first, Novicij was attracted to the stone tablet because of the rune carved on it. Even Novicij, who was a step away from the Saint Alchemist realm, couldnt recognize that rune.

At this point, a completely unknown rune he couldnt understand was the final key Novicij needed to open that door. Novicij was running on fumes as he enthusiastically started researching this Fate Tablet.

Using his erudite knowledge and the experience he had accumulated over the years, as well as his knowledge of alchemy, Novicij spent the last three years of his life researching without pause.

In the end, he discovered that this seemingly simple rune was actually constructed with countless runes and mysterious Laws. The degree of complexity far exceeded the limits of his abilities.

After staking everything in this research, he finally understood the effect of the Fate Tablet, or perhaps it would be better to say, the method to use it.

The way to use it was fusion. Anything could merge with the Fate Tablet, but what would happen was up to fate. No one could be certain.

Novicijs life regret was his flawed body, and the flaws left at the start of his magic path that couldnt be undone.

Thus, he made the bold decision to merge his own body with the Fate Tablet!

His bet was successful. After the fusion, Novicij directly advanced to the Heaven Rank, and within a single day, he advanced to the 3rd Rank of the Heaven realm.

Then, the terrifying accumulation of mana and knowledge that he had gathered over the course of his life burst out, and in less than a hundred years, he advanced to the 9th Rank of the Heaven realm. It was said that he ultimately surpassed the Heaven Rank and disappeared within the endless void.

He had been the one to name the Fate Tablet, expressing the uncertainty of the tablet and also how it had changed his fate.

The Fate Tablets legend was passed on by Novicij, and at regular intervals, another Fate Tablet would be discovered.

Some people merged the Fate Tablet with Magic Tools, creating Magic Tools with formidable abilities, while other people merged it with their own bodies, their mind, or even their bones.

Merging it with ones head would increase ones magical talent to an unfathomable realm. They could even directly touch upon the power of Laws.

When Swordsmen merged their bones with a Fate Tablet, their bones would become comparable to the hardest Eternal Rock. Shattering Magic Tools with their bare hands would be very normal.

At Noscents peak, an unconventional mage actually obtained a piece of Fate Tablet and merged it with a shabby magic battleship.

From that point on, a terrifying and endlessly roaming battleship appeared. The battleship had a different appearance each time it appeared. It would completely transform, becoming more and more terrifying every time.

Someone ultimately discovered that it was continuously devouring materials to upgrade itself. At that time, the battleship had already advanced to a level comparable to a 9th Rank Heaven powerhouse.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a Greater Demon Overlord during the final expedition to the Abyss. If not for that, who knows what realm that battleship would have reached? There had been some conjectures written down and stored in the decaying library, estimating that if that magic battleship had kept on being upgraded, it would have even surpassed the Shelter Tower!

But the most surprising fusion was that of a mage fusing the Fate Tablet with his own spell.

From that point on, he became the only existence under the Heaven Rank able to use a Spatial Spell, and the most practical spell among Spatial Spells, Teleportation.

And whenever he used Teleportation, the spell would always be an Ultimate Spell!

He was able to cast a 10th Rank Teleportation when he became a 9th Rank Archmage and was able to instantly appear a few hundred kilometers away.

That spell wasnt like the Heaven Mages Spatial Doors. Spatial Doors had heavy restrictions upon their usage.

Apart from being unable to use it in battle and being unopenable in areas with fierce mana fluctuations, it also required detailed coordinates. Moreover, Spatial Doors couldnt be opened if there was interference on the way.

But Teleportation was different. It was a cheat-like ability. Only mages with the Spatial Law as a foundation could master it. A Teleportation spell couldnt teleport one very far, but it was a godlike skill in battle.

That mage originally had an innate spatial gift, but his overall talent was poor. Before taking a step into the Heaven Rank, his Teleportation would only teleport him two to three meters away and wouldnt be very effective.

A mages spell could cover a few dozen meters, so two to three meters was useless. But after fusing with the Fate Tablet, that spell underwent sky-shattering changes.

Once that mage advanced to the Heaven Rank, he became able to teleport to any plane he had the coordinates of. He didnt need a Planar Path and didnt need to face many dangers.

Every time a Fate Tablet appeared in the future, a legend would be born. There was even a guy that merged the Fate Tablet with a piece of alchemy material and thus obtained a kind of God Blood Bone material. The refined Magic Tool slowly advanced to the Extraordinary grade and became a legend.

The information regarding Fate Tablets rapidly flashed in Lin Yuns mind, and his heart fiercely raced.

There had been nine Fate Tablets recorded in the future, although there might have been some that werent recorded, they would only add up to a dozen.

There should have been only so many in existence, from when they appeared to the end of Noscent.

Now, thirteen had appeared at once Lin Yun couldnt help feeling that it was a bit unreal.

Thirteen Fate Tablets

After calming down, Lin Yun put away his thirteen Fate Tablets, as he couldnt yet decide how to use them.

Lin Yun calmly retreated from the wall.

Suddenly, the wall at the back of the temple shone once again, and that translucent pillar slowly disappeared before the decorative designs kept assembling.

The entire temple shook for no less than ten seconds before a rift suddenly appeared. It looked like two sliding doors were opening up as both sides of the wall slowly moved away from each other.

A loud rumble echoed for a dozen seconds as that wall slowly disappeared to give way for the large space behind it.

The ground was covered in layers of magic patterns, and it looked like it was made of glass. Countless runes could be seen roaming within.

In the center of that space, there was a huge crystal ball that was two meters in diameter. It was calmly floating a bit above the ground.

And in the depths of that space stood a hundred-meter-tall huge sculpture of a Beast God. That sculpture looked very similar to the Beastmen, just more dignified.

It was also far better looking than the Beastmen, but the sculptures face seemed to be shrouded in a layer of dense fog, and its appearance couldnt be seen. After entering, everyone could feel a wisp of heavy pressure bearing down upon the space, and the source of that pressure came from the statue of the Beast God.

The statues hands were placed on a greatsword, which was stabbed in the ground. Greatswords were widely spread through the Raging Flame Plane, and now, most of the Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane used greatswords because their Beast God used one.

This Endless Rage Greatsword was the Beast Gods weapon, and thus, everyone recognized it at a glance. That statue was of the most widely spread Beast God in the Raging Flame Plane.

Everyone carefully summoned two Rock Puppets to check the place out, and they only went inside after confirming that there was no danger.

Once everyone entered, the huge crystal sphere floating in the center let out a bright ray of light as an old Beastman appeared in the crystal ball.

The old Beastman had messy hair and wore dilapidated armor. The armor was covered with blood and rust. His chest seemed to have been sliced by some huge sharp weapon as the ten-centimeter-thick armor had been forcibly torn open.