End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 Beastman Army

The old Beastmans left hand was pressed against his bloody chest while his right hand was holding a two-meter-long silver battle-axe. The axes blade had a handful of nicks, but it was unknown what caused the damage. There was also drops of purple blood dripping down from it.

There was a large battlefield behind the old Beastman in which rained several meteors, dragging long smoky trails. Deafening rumbles and warcries could be heard coming from the crystal ball.

The old Beastman looked tired, his voice was filled with exhaustion.

"People from the future, I am Leksa. If you can see the image I left behind, please remember what Im about to say.

"The Greater Demon Overlord is too powerful, we went all-out but we werent able to resist. We sacrificed countless heroes without being able to kill it. We cant even suppress it.

"Now, we are at the critical juncture, the Greater Demon Overlord is enraged and is burning the inhabitants of the Raging Flame Plane to ashes.

"We have no other choice For the sake of the tribes inheritance, for the Beastmen who would never give up

"Now, I can only cut off a part of the Raging Flame Planes space-time and use the broken time to supress the Greater Demon Overlord.

"But the Greater Demon Overlord would definitely be able to free himself from the long river of time. Thus, we have no other choice. For the sake our tribes inheritance and for the Raging Flame Plane, in order to never surrender and never become a slave

"We can only give up on the Beast Gods beliefs, give up on the generations of inheritances. We can only use our souls in order to seal the Greater Raging Flame Overlord and stop him from escaping.

"Followers of the Beast God, I hope you can forgive these heroic warriors. They are the most valiant heroes, fearlessly sacrificing their own lives. I am the one responsible for this plan.

"As a Shaman, I gave up on Shamanisms teachings. My soul is bound to never return to the embrace of the earth. May my soul and the souls of these heroes drag down the Greater Raging Flame Overlord down to the purgatory."

Leksa sounded weaker and weaker. That huge wound on his chest kept gushing out blood. His face was also becoming increasingly paler.

Leksa turned his body and flew up.

At this time, the entire battlefield could be seen within the crystal ball.

A huge Demon shrouded in black flames stood at the center of the battlefield, the black smoke and black flames were burning and distorting the surrounding space. The space was shattering from the huge burnt holes.

Even if they focused, the only part of that huge Demon they could see was the pair of crimson eyes.

The Greater Demon Overlord turned his body and faced Leksa, his gaze apparently piercing through the crystal ball. Just an image was enough to make their souls feel pressured.

"Such a frightening gaze! Thats the Greater Raging Flame Overlord?" Morgan shouted in alarm, pale.

Lin Yuns mana was slightly chaotic. The power of the Greater Raging Flame Overlord had exceeded his imagination, the gaze of a recorded image was enough to make his Magic Conducting Rune unable to operate.

Then, the point of view of the image within the crystal ball changed one more time, and numerous Beastmen covered the surroundings of the Greater Raging Flame Overlord.

There was an army of at least a million Beastmen. There was also a few dozen thousand Beastman powerhouses floating in the air, but they were all injured.

The powerhouses floating in midair had suffered very heavy injuries. Some were missing an arm, some missing two legs, there were even some who had half of their bodies burnt into coal.

But all of the Beastmens eyes seemed to be burning. Not a wisp of fear could be seen as they looked at that huge Greater Raging Flame Overlord, only hatred and hostile could be seen

Leksa floated in the air, he let go of the wound he was covering up with his hand and slowly used both hands to raise the dilapidated battle-axe. He looked at the Greater Demon Overlord and his complexion suddenly reddened before he let out a powerful bellow.

"Beastman Warriors, from today on, our soul will no longer be able to merge with the earth, we will abandon our beliefs and forever become unable to face the followers of the Beast God, we wont be able to face the Beast God.

"We might not even have the opportunity to go to the purgatory, we may be spurned by all followers of the Beast God and we might never be able to face our offsprings again.

"From today onward, we will appear as burnt to ashes by the Greater Demon Overlord in the eyes of our clansmens. No one will know of our sacrifice and contribution, no one can record it.

"Even after many years, we will still be the sinners and traitors among Beastmen.

"But, do any of you regret it?"

At that instant, all the Beastmen raised their weapons. Raging flames burnt with great momentum, fearlessly charging in the horizon and tearing the clouds to shreds.

All the Beastmen roared in unisson:

"No regret! Never regret!"

"Beastmen never surrender!"

"Lets get rid of that stupid Demon b*stard!"

Leksa laughed heartily, not paying attention to the blood spurting out of his chest.

"Thats our Beastmen! We arent letting our bloodline down!

"Our souls will never be able to rest, and even our bodies may turn into filthy Undeads.

"But that doesnt matter as long as we can drag down that filthy Demon with us and have him accompany us. As long as we can suppress him, nothing else matter.

"We arent afraid of how the Beastmen will see us in the future. Its fine if they curse us, spurn us or treat us as disgraces, traitors that abandoned the teachings of Shamanism.

"Im not worried about this, Im only worried about having no descendants, no inheritance, no one left behind

"Im not afraid of giving up on my beliefs, Im also not afraid of becoming a filthy Undead.

"Im only afraid that there would be no Beastmen in the future.

"Thus, for the sake of inheritance, for the sake of the Beastman Race, Greater Raging Flame Overlord! You are going to purgatory with us!"

After his roar, Leksa suddenly went Berserk. After going Berserk, he activated his Berserk Transformation again.

Double Berserk Transformation, that was an ability very few legendary Beastmen grasped.

But Leksa didnt care. His armor was already shattering and his body doubled in size. This increased the size of his wound.

Leksa clenched his teeth and roared. A bloody light flashed on his body as he turned Berserk once more.

In an instant, cobweb-like cracks appeared on his body and blood flowed out from these cracks.


A roar echoed as the power of Leksas body was released at once. A rune shone with a glaring light on that broken battle-axe.

The battle-axe sliced through the air, and distorted the entire world in an instant. A mirage appeared on the ground as the mountain seemed to shake. The mirage of that exact same mountain seemed to move.

Apparently, the entire world was sliced in two by that axe. Iin fact, it wasnt like it had been split in halves, it was more like it created a mirage of the exact same world.

The two places slowly separated, and faintly, it looked like the Beastman Army and the Greater Raging Flame Overlords place stopped in the void. The other half didnt have a Beastman Army nor a Greater Demon Overlord.

Time on the Beastmen Army and Greater Raging Flame Overlords place had already stopped. The wind no longer whistled, the rivers no longer flowed, the plants had already stopped growing. Everything had stopped.

Time had been cut. A fork had appeared on the Raging Flame Planes river of time. The main part of the Raging Flame Plane continued drifting along the river of time. Leksas axe had not only cut a small space out of the Raging Flame Plane, he even cut out the time of that part of the Raging Flame Plane.

Time had completely stopped flowing there. But the Raging Flame Planes time had kept on going, and slowly, the Raging Flame Plane went further and further away.

After one blow, Leksas expanded body shrunk and returned to normal. His bodys flesh seemed to have disappeared and he was only skin and bones now. His eye sockets were empty and his body was radiating Death Aura. That blow not only exhausted all his strength, but also his vitality.

"Beastmen never surrender!"

Leksa fell to the ground as he roared with that weak voice.

At that moment, all Beastman raised their weapons and roared with red eyes.

The originally uncaring Greater Raging Flame Overlord immediately roared as he noticed that his locations time had been cut off and the Raging Flame Plane was getting further and further away in the river of time.

Pitch-black flames suddenly rose and he looked like a huge fireball spanning over a kilometer in size. The surrounding space was distorted by the burns and a large spatial hole was burnt open.

The Greater Raging Flame Overlord spread out his claws, trying to tear open that space to chase the Raging Flame Plane which was getting further and further away.

But at that time, the dozens of thousand powerhouses floating in the sky grasped their weapons and unhesitantly stabbed their own hearts.

The sky instantly became bloody. A boundless bloodlight rained down and rapidly covered the entire world. The blood of these powerhouses automatically flew to the sky, and formed an extremely huge array.

Their corpses fell down, turning into dried corpses before even hitting the ground. After their blood was drained, their translucent souls flew out of their bodies with firm beliefs and started flying towards the sky.

All their powerhouses killing themselves made the eyes of the million Beastmen reddened. And they all did the same actions.

In the sky, the Flying Riders ruthlessly stabbed their own hearts with their poisoned javelins. Their blood and souls also flew out towards the sky.

Their Wyverns kept letting out mournful sounds. Seeing as their masters killed themselves, several thousand Wyverns wailed together before charging head first towards the ground. A rain of Wyverns fell as they knocked against the ground one after another.