End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 1039 Plane Destruction

1039 Plane Destruction

On the ground, the Wolf Riders brandished their scimitars, first cutting their own mounts’ necks before cutting their own necks while laughing.

Kodos, Warlocks, Shamans, Warriors.

The army of over a million Beastmen killed themselves on the prairie. A solemn aura fused with blood and dyed the sky red.

The blood of over a million Beastmen defied gravity and floated towards the sky, forming an even bigger array which ultimately wrapped the entire world. Souls, emitting a faint light, floated out of the corpses. Not a single one hesitated or cowardly chose to merge with the earth.

It was like countless fireflies were floating over the earth and flying towards the sky. Those souls softly cursed and roared.

The whispers of the souls merged together and formed a huge pressure suppressing the Greater Demon Overlord. Over a million Beastmen killed themselves, their faith bursting out at death’s door, fully targeting the Greater Demon Overlord.

The black flames burning on the Greater Raging Flame Overlord were suppressed and he was unable to release his power due to the pressure. He originally could tear through space easily, but now, he couldn’t even stir it.

“Filthy Demon, go to hell!”

“Damned reptile, stay here for all eternity!”

“Beastmen will never surrender!”

“Hey, brothers, wait for me”

The whispers of countless souls echoed. They sounded as if they had completed a small task, not like they were meeting death. They didn’t care that their souls could no longer rest.

Leksa chanted an ancient warsong, his eyes red as he looked at the Beastmen that fervently met their deaths while roaring and cursing at the Greater Demon Overlord.

Countless souls flew towards that array converged from blood. A layer of bloody light fell from the sky and illuminated the entire world, the bloody light was like a bloody sphere that kept shrinking and shrinking.

Slowly, the blood sphere shrank to be a few kilometers in size, with the Greater Demon Overlord trapped inside.

The ground started shaking as a huge crack split the earth open. The blood sphere kept shrinking as it slowly sank towards the ground.

At this time, Leksa turned his body towards the crystal sphere, as if facing the human group one more time.

“I don’t have much time left. We can only use our souls in order to pressure and stop the Greater Demon Overlord from escaping this rift in time.

“People from the future, if you manage to see this image, it means that you have already visited that fractured space-time. The temple is the space-time breakpoint I left in the Raging Flame Plane.

“Time severance isn’t something we can control. The only way to thoroughly banish the Greater Raging Flame Overlord to the river of time is to give up on the Raging Flame Plane. But that is absolutely impossible.

“And thus, the Raging Flame Plane needs to have an anchor to the space-time breakpoint.

“Moreover, the Greater Raging Flame Overlord is already powerful enough for time to be unable to restrict him. The passage of time has no meaning to him.

“There will inevitably be a day when his power will corrode time. Then, the Greater Raging Flame Overlord would be able to break through his seal. That fracture in space-time would reverse devour the entire Raging Flame Plane and fuse with the Raging Flame Plane once again.

“When the time comes, the entire Raging Flame Plane would fall under the Greater Demon Overlord’s rule once again. All I’m doing is to fight for time for the future, so that you could seek a real method to deal with that Greater Demon Overlord.

“A very long time ago, we were the only inhabitants of the Raging Flame Plane, there had been no demons, no disasters. All this changed with the arrival of the God of Wisdom, Constance.

“We couldn’t resist when the Wisdom God came to our plane, the radiance of the Beast God had already dissipated. We didn’t have a choice when faced with a powerful God like the Wisdom God, we couldn’t even fight back.

“The Wisdom God placed his own God Nation here and then constructed a passage. He wanted to use the power of the Abyss and even specially tamed a Demon as a servant to watch the passage.

“No one clearly knows of those secrets, but after the fall of the Wisdom God, his tamed Demon defected.

“The Demon ruled the Raging Flame Plane and killed countless Beastmen. He almost collapsed the entire plane, so we could only seal him.

“The Greater Raging Flame Overlord was only a servant following the Wisdom God’s order.

“People from the future, if you want to solve the threat of the Greater Raging Flame Overlord, you have to seek the answer in the God Nation of the Wisdom God.

“We can’t enter the Constance’s God Nation and we don’t know the answer. I hope you can use the time bought with our lives and souls to find a way to enter the Wisdom God’s God Nation and search for the answer.

“This is all I can do. Followers of the Beast God, the Beast God statue we left behind is our blessing. The Beast God will bestow you blessings to make you stronger.”

Jouyi sharply caught onto some keywords in Leksa’s speech.

“That old Beastman said ‘Followers of the Beast God’ He definitely thinks that only the Raging Flame Beastmen could enter this place, he never even considered the possibility that we, humans, would come to the Raging Flame Plane.

Harren instantly understood Jouyi’s meaning and his expression turned solemn.

“Sir Jouyi, are you saying that the Raging Flame Beastmen would become even stronger in here?”

Harren and Jouyi had very heavy expressions. They had had disastrous losses before, their True Spirit Magic Tools had been destroyed and they were among the weakest here. They naturally couldn’t relax after obtaining such bad news.

The others were also solemn. The Beastmen had a natural buff after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, they were more powerful than outside.

And now there was also the Beastman God’s blessing This blessing would definitely not be a slight buff, it might make the Beastmen that entered the Raging Flame Plane gain one rank.

As everyone was in a bad mood, Leksa continued speaking within the crystal ball.

“Followers of the Beast God, I left many tamed special magic beasts behind. Hunting those magic beasts is our test. I left our precious treasures here.

“The mana crystals you obtained from hunting can be exchanged here for the treasures I left, what you obtain depends on your strength.

“That’s all I can do. Everything else is up to you. Followers of the Beast God never surrender, the Greater Demon Overlord will be completely sealed. I hope that the time we bought won’t go to waste.

“My time is up, may the Beast God bless you.”

After Leksa finished talking, he turned and walked towards the sphere of blood.

That blood-colored sphere slowly sunk within the rift. From outside, the sphere of blood could be seen continuously deforming as the Greater Demon Overlord was frantically struggling, it looked like sealing the Greater Demon Overlord was very strenuous.

There was no fear, nor hesitation on Leksa’s face. His body was continuously withering as he walked and his flesh rapidly disappeared. No more blood was spurting out of his body, as if he had run dry.

Leksa already looked like an Undead by the time he was in front of the sphere of blood. Only a layer of scarred skin remained over his bones.

Leksa came to a stop. He calmly stood there, motionless, his aura of life thoroughly dissipating as a soul emitting a gentle light came out of his body before flying into that sphere of blood.

“Stupid Demon, go to hell!” Leksa roared as his soul merged with the sphere of blood.

At that moment, numerous runes appeared on that sphere of blood. One after another, every Beastman Soul formed a huge blood net.

That huge Greater Demon Overlord within the big net roared as he struggled, but he was stuck and could only be dragged towards the abyss.

After a long time, the enraged roars of the Greater Demon Overlord disappeared and a huge dark hole remained on the ground, seemingly leading to an endless dark abyss.

The rift slowly closed. All living creatures had disappeared and only a layer of corpses remained on the ground.

The silent image was full of an aura of desolation.

The image didn’t disappear, but the world slowly shrank, and it looked like time was rapidly moving forward.

Everyone watched as abyssal flames burned the broken space-time before some Abyssal Demons appeared, with Demon Overlords appearing from time to time.

As time passed, the black smoke corroding the broken space-time started eroding the Raging Flame Plane, and demonic lifeforms kept appearing in the Raging Flame Plane.

From Lesser Demons to some Lesser Demon Overlords. Some even crossed through space-time and reached the Raging Flame Plane from the broken space-time.

This showed that the Greater Demon Overlord’s power was already corroding the Raging Flame Plane, and hm struggling out of the broken space-time was only a matter of time.

The scene on the crystal ball kept flickering, before being replaced by a countdown.

“100 years 03 months before the destruction of the Raging Flame Plane.”

The group didn’t speak after the image disappeared, they were calmly pondering over Leksa’s words. The blood red countdown on the crystal ball was like a sharp sword above their heads, but now, everyone knew when that sword would fall.