End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 Python

One Augment was the limit when merging with other Magic Tools, and the restriction was huge as they couldnt display their true power.

Could it be that the Fate Tablets are really Augments of the Book of Mantras?

Lin Yun recalled everything related to the Fate Tablet, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was a possibility.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was known to possess every incantation in the world. The Incantations Lin Yun could see each time the Book of Mantras was opened were completely different.

Since Lin Yun obtained the Book of Mantras, he couldnt remember how many spells he had seen, but he knew for sure that the incantations were different every time it was opened.

Lin Yun had always felt that the Book of Mantras was a True Spirit Magic Tool. But this was inconceivable when considering the rumors about the Book of Death and the Book of Mantras. With its abilities, the Book of Mantras should be an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

But the Book of Mantras was a True Spirit Magic Tool. And more importantly, the Book of Mantras had yet to have a Magic Tool Incarnation.

A powerful Magic Tool comparable to a first-rate True Spirit Magic Tool, but without a Magic Tool Incarnation, this was an abnormality in itself.

This proved that something was wrong, that the Book of Mantras was incomplete!

Just like the Book of Death When Bane got the Book of Death, he once said that the Book of Death was hiding a big secret and seemed incomplete.

Thus, when using the Book of Death, what Lin Yun was actually using was the power of the few Augments it merged with.

Lin Yun kept pondering over it, before clenching his teeth and taking out the Book of Mantras and a Fate Tablet.

As the Fate Tablet was firmly slammed onto the Book of Mantras, the Book of Mantras instantly floated up and a seven-colored radiance wrapped around it. The Fate Tablet transformed into a flowing light that merged with the Book of Mantras.

A few seconds later, the Fate Tablet had disappeared while the Book of Mantras seemed unchanged. After opening it, he saw more incantations within each page, and the spells were more powerful. It wasnt like before, where it only had both good and bad Low Tier Spells and finding a good one was up to luck.

Now, Lin Yun was certain after flipping two pages, the probability of having more powerful incantations had somewhat increased.

While holding the Book of Mantras, Lin Yun took out a second Fate Tablet and looked at it with uncertainty.

As long as the second Fate Tablet merged with it, it would prove that the Fate Tablets were the Augments of the Book of Mantras. If it couldnt merge, then it would prove that they werent. It wouldnt matter if a Fate Tablet was wasted, at least it would have strengthened the Book of Mantras.

When the second Fate Tablet was placed on top of the Book of Mantras, the same seven-colored radiance appeared once again and wrapped the Book of Mantras within. Three to four seconds later, the radiance scattered and the Fate Tablet had disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun couldnt help being pleasantly surprised.

He hadnt expected that a report considered insignificant was actually true. The Fate Tablets were actually Augments of the Book of Mantras!

After thinking about it, Lin Yun took out the remaining eleven Fate Tablets and merged them with the Book of Mantras, one after another.

Slowly, the Book of Mantras underwent sky-shattering changes. The cover took on a bronze color, and it looked as if it had been forged out of metal. It also became a few times bigger, and incantations were forming chains continuously roaming on the surface of the book.

It was like continuously transforming incantations were making their way out of the Book of Mantras, and shackling it. Only letting the master of the Book of Mantras open it.

But those incantations were continuously entering and exiting the Book of Mantras, and the incantation to open the Book of Mantra was continuously changing, never repeating.

Even Peak Heaven Rank powerhouses couldnt instantly find the incantation to open the Book of Mantras amidst the shackling incantations, the incantation would change every second, and only the master of the Book of Mantras could accomplish this feat.

The Book of Mantras had undergone drastic changes after merging with twelve Fate Tablets, it became impressively more powerful, but it had yet to have a Magic Tool incarnation or advance to become an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Looking at the last Fate Tablet, Lin Yun gritted his teeth and resolutely slammed it on the Book of Mantras.

If there were only thirteen Fate Tablets in total and they were all integrated into the Book of Mantras, then it would be equivalent to making the Book of Mantras complete, it would definitely become an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

If the Book of Mantras had more than thirteen Augments, then merging that last Fate Tablet would only make it slightly more powerful.

The seven-colored radiance blossomed once again as the last Fate Tablet came in contact with the Book of Mantras.

But this time, the seven-colored radiance rapidly expanded, instantly reaching a hundred meters.

The hundred-meter-tall seven-colored radiant light sphere floated in the air. The bright radiance kept spreading towards the surroundings as a terrifying power frantically rose.

After a few seconds, that power exceeded the limits of the True Spirit Magic Tool, it was as if some terrifying lifeform was being born within that seven-colored radiance.

Terrifying mana fluctuations akin to a tide spread towards the surroundings. The earth beneath the seven-color light sphere looked like a lake as ripples kept spreading out, spreading soil in the surroundings. In just a few seconds, a several-hundred-meter-big hole appeared.

As the light blossomed, it looked as if the clouds drifting in the sky were forcibly torn apart by a giant. The sky within a few kilometers instantly turned pure azure.

Several kilometers away, a few Pseudo Heaven Rank Forest Wolves seemed to have sensed something and howled in fright before fleeing in panic, their tails tucked between their legs.

And below the seven-colored light sphere, Lin Yun had a very red complexion. The huge pressure made it really hard to breathe. He had his three main shields on, as well as three Fire Shields, but cracking sounds could be heard coming from his bones due to the pressure.

Lin Yun had no other choice but to withdraw with difficulty as the aura emitted by the seven-colored radiance increased.

As for the mage army, they had already retreated two to three kilometers away. Xiuban and Reina were unable to bear the pressure and retreated a kilometer away.

Only Lin Yun was standing a hundred meters away from the seven-colored sphere of light.

Lin Yun had a pleasantly surprised expression, the Book of Mantras truly had thirteen Augments, and the thirteen Fate Tablets had been collected all at once.

Now, the Book of Mantras had started the process of evolving to become an Extraordinary Magic Tool, and the aura of a lifeform coming from that sphere of light meant that the Book of Mantras Incarnation was being born.

The Extraordinary Aura was spreading towards the surroundings like a tide, every fluctuation would smash the triple Fire Shields arranged by Lin Yun, the only shield that could really resist was the Runic Shield.

The process of a Magic Tool transforming into an Extraordinary Magic Tool was when that Magic Tool burst out with its strongest Aura. This could be said to be the only time an Extraordinary Magic Tool didnt need to be under someones control and didnt need a supply of power to burst with their strongest Aura.

As a powerful Magic Tool that embraced all of the incantations of the world, the aura the Book of Mantras let out when advancing to the Extraordinary grade exceeded all of Lin Yuns estimations. The power of that aura was somewhat hard to support even for its own master.

Sensing that Aura, Lin Yun knew that once the Book of Mantras had finished its transformation, he would be temporarily unable to display its full power. He would be able to truly grasp the power of the Book of Mantras when he advanced to the Heaven realm.

The terrifying energy fluctuations continued for no less than half an hour. At that time, a stifling roar echoed from that seven-colored light sphere. The seven-colored light sphere started twisting and fluctuating, before slowly shrinking towards its center.

Moreover, the speed at which it was shrinking was getting faster and faster, once it reached fifty meters, it instantly completed the final shrinking process in an instant.

Light converged towards the center and a fifty-centimeter-big seven-colored book calmly floated there. Countless incantations roamed the surface of the book like living animals. There were also countless incantations forming shackles around it, it was like a halo covering the Book of Mantras.

There was also a several-dozen-meter-long grey python opening its maw to bite its own tail, transforming into a circle around the Book of Mantras.

As the python revolved around the Book of Mantras, it slowly let its tail out of its mouth, and as it exited its mouth, its body became bigger and bigger, until it completely came out to be eight-meter-thick and a hundred-meter-long.

When the python opened its eyes, rhombus vertical pupils could be seen. It twisted its body and swallowed the Book of Mantra before that ten-meter-big large maw opened and started inhaling. In an instant, it seemed as if the seven-colored radiance in the surroundings was pulled in by some gravitational force, forcibly torn apart by the pythons large maw.

After swallowing the Book of Mantras, it started swallowing the terrifying energies dispelled in the surroundings and its aura rapidly rose. In a few seconds, it rose from the 5th Rank of the Archmage realm to the Peak of the Archmage realm.

That huge body also started rapidly expanding to reach four hundred meters in length, while the thickest part reached twenty meters!

When the python finished devouring the energy emitted by the Book of Mantras advancing to the Extraordinary realm, its aura seemed to reach a critical point. Suddenly, it burst into the Heaven realm.

The surrounding elemental powers seemed to suffer from invisible tearing and kept entering the pythons body. Its grey body slowly changed color, turning crimson one instant, icy blue the next, it even emitted white light at some point and a darkness aura afterward.

After continuously changing for a dozen seconds, the pythons body returned to his original grey color. At that time, the aura of the python slowly decreased, but no living animal could be found within ten kilometers. Those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts had been scared away by that terrifying aura.

Amazement could be seen in Lin Yuns eyes as he looked at that python.