End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 Fire Vortex

The Book of Mantras had never been upgraded to an Extraordinary Magic Tool in the future. The greatest value of the Book of Mantras then came from its endless incantations. As long as one was patient, it was possible to find some very powerful spells.

But the true value didnt lie in those powerful incantations, but in the fact that there was an endless number of incantations. As long as they were meticulously studied, the understanding of each rune would reach an inconceivable realm.

This was like a poet They had to master words to create a poem, and they had to learn how to arrange them in a graceful manner.

Words were known to everyone, but few people could use these words to create poems.

The incantations were the poems, and the runes were the words. Every mage knew them, but very few could use the runes to create their own incantations.

The created spells could be very powerful or have special value, but there were extremely few of them.

It could be said that the spells from the Book of Mantras were teaching the owner how to create spells. What spell couldnt be created after studying thousands, millions of spells? They would also combine with the owners own strength and understanding to create some spells that suited them.

This was the greatest value of the Book of Mantras and why it was a waste to use the Book of Mantras purely as a True Spirit Magic Tool.

That was when the Book of Mantras was only a True Spirit Magic Tool. The Book of Mantras hadnt advanced to the Extraordinary grade in the future.

At that time, it wasnt possible to collect the thirteen Fate Tablets to merge them with the Book of Mantras. Now, the Book of Mantras had advanced to the Extraordinary grade and even birthed a powerful Magic Tool Incarnation. The value of the Book of Mantras was no longer limited to those incantations, and its power in battle wouldnt be inferior to the Book of Deaths.

But Lin Yun felt that this newly born Magic Tool Incarnation wasnt that simple.

Sure enough, by the time his aura had thoroughly stabilized, the gray python lowered his head and coldly looked down at Lin Yun with his vertical pupils.

"Eh, an Archmage What a surprise, an Archmage seems to be in control of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. This must be a joke. But, it seems that if not for you, I, Lord Doroman, might have still been in my eternal slumber. Since you found the thirteen Augments, the Book of Mantras perfectly became an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

"This also allowed me, Lord Doroman, to awaken from my eternal sealed slumber. Good! I, the great Lord Doroman, will give you a chance to serve me.

"From now on, Lord Doroman will personally appear for any problem you cant solve.

"You are really too weak How could a puny Archmage obtain the Book of Mantras and find the thirteen Augments? You must have been extremely lucky.

"Alright, human. Now, pledge your loyalty. The great Lord Doroman will bless you and strengthen your inferior power.

"Remember, dont awaken me for troubles below the Heaven Rank. If you cant handle anything below the Heaven Rank, then rubbish like you wouldnt have the qualifications to serve Lord Doroman"

Doroman was looking down on Lin Yun. He was acting as if he was taking pity on Lin Yun and giving the weak mage the opportunity to follow him.

Lin Yun couldnt hold back a chuckle. He had felt that something was wrong That idiotic Incarnation had just been born, yet it already wanted to defy its master.

"Doroman, right? Are you dreaming?"

Doroman froze, not understanding what Lin Yun said.

"The great Lord Doroman has already awakened from the eternal slumber, human"

After saying that, Doroman noticed Lin Yuns sneer and suddenly understood that he was being made fun of.

"Stupid human, you failed to live up to the good intentions of the great Lord Doroman! You wasted your greatest opportunity in life. Since you are unwilling to follow the great Lord Doroman, you can just die!"

After saying that, Doroman opened his huge maw. The surrounding elemental powers seemed to suddenly rebel as if all their power was being drawn away.

Doromans maw was wide open, and the surrounding magic elements, as well as space itself, seemed to wrap around Lin Yun and move towards Doromans mouth.

That rapid and terrifying power moved rapidly, but Lin Yun only used a Mana Shield and stood still, letting Doroman devour him.

The world before his eyes suddenly flashed with a multitude of colors, and in a second, a huge void came to replace his surroundings.

He was stepping onto some incorporeal ground, and everything around him was made of dense fog that he couldnt see through.

Lin Yun was still calm as he looked at his surroundings, and he just waited.

After a few seconds, the surrounding dense fog suddenly started fluctuating as if it was dispersing. Within the dense fog, rays of light converged and turned into incantations in front of him.

Those incantations fell onto the ground and then transformed into spheres of light for a short moment before turning into lifeforms. Once the light scattered, an exact copy of Lin Yun stood before his eyes.

And within the dense fog, many more incantations were flying out, and they transformed into spheres of light before rapidly turning into expressionless "Lin Yuns".

The dense fog in the back started dispersing, and more and more incantations fell out from it, turning into more Lin Yuns.

As more and more incantations appeared, the number of Lin Yuns appearing also increased. It was as if the dense fog was leading to an abyssal passage from which boundless Lin Yuns came out.

Suddenly, the "Lin Yun" at the forefront raised his hand and cast an ordinary Wind Blade at Lin Yun, before casting it again, and again It was continuously casting instant Wind Blades like a machine.

That "Lin Yun" was the transformation of Lin Yuns fastest spell. It was the simplest Wind Blade. Apart from this spell, that "Lin Yun" hadnt cast anything else, and it was unlikely that it would cast anything else.

Lin Yun looked at the depths of the dense fog and sneered, Foolish Doroman The Book of Mantras already had Lin Yuns imprint when it was still a True Spirit Magic Tool, so Lin Yun was already its master.

As a Magic Tool Incarnation, it absolutely couldnt injure him in the outside world. The best method to defy him and devour was to swallow Lin Yun into the world of the Book of Mantras. That was the world controlled by the Magic Tool Incarnation. He could get rid of Lin Yun in there, and that would be the same as erasing Lin Yuns unique magic imprint and making the Book of Mantras ownerless.

That place could even be used to reverse-shackle the master of the Magic Tool, turning him into a puppet. Devouring the former master would make the Magic Tool even stronger.

Doroman was now thinking of devouring the original master of the Magic Tool. Once the Magic Tool lost its master, the Incarnation would no longer be restricted. As the Magic Tool Incarnation, Doroman would become even stronger. He would become free like a magic beast and ultimately turn into a powerful lifeform.

It wasnt as if this hadnt happened in the future. At the time, there was a lunatic Artisan that wanted to craft an Extraordinary Magic Tool but always failed. He was never successful, and there wasnt even a hint of success.

Later, he suddenly thought of something. Since the gap between True Spirit Magic Tools and Extraordinary Magic Tools was too great and couldnt be breached in one go, then he should cross over it bit by bit.

Since the Magic Tool itself couldnt cross through that gap, he would make the Incarnation cross through that gap. He created a Magic Tool with almost no fighting power, but using his own knowledge, he gave a very special prepared Incarnation to the Magic Tool.

That Incarnation could keep devouring all materials and all sources of energies to evolve itself, allowing the Magic Tool Incarnation to grow without limit until it was one step away from the Extraordinary realm.

At that time, the Magic Tool Incarnation betrayed him and devoured him instead, swallowing its master whole. This allowed it to complete the last step in the process and become the Magic Tool Incarnation of an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

And that advancement made it break away from the restrictions of a True Spirit Magic Tool, allowing it to evolve into a genuine lifeform. The deserting Magic Tool Incarnation fled to the Abyss. In the future, it became comparable to a Peak Demon Overlord and controlled a very large territory in the Abyss.

Doroman was clearly planning to do the same. If he successfully devoured Lin Yun, everything Lin Yun possessed would be his. He would even be able to take control of the Book of Mantras and lower the restrictions of the Book of Mantras towards him. Ultimately, he would break away from the binding of the Book of Mantras and become a true lifeform.

With a formidable Magic Tool like the Book of Mantras as a foundation, as long as he gained his freedom and wasnt restrained by someone within a short time, no one would be able to control him again.

Lin Yun sneered as he looked at the expressionless puppet-like "Lin Yun" before his eyes. He softly waved his hand, and a fire vortex appeared behind him.

Countless Fire Spells flew out and transformed into a spellwave. The "Lin Yuns" casting 1st Tier Spells at the forefront couldnt resist at all, and they were eliminated in an instant.

Every single "Lin Yun" burst open before turning back into incantations. But not waiting for them to transform back into "Lin Yuns", the flood of spells smashed onto the incantations.

The smashed incantations turned into runes floating in the air, no longer able to gather together. A large number of the "Lin Yuns" were scattered into runes by the attack, but more incantations kept rushing out of the dense fog, forming more and more "Lin Yuns".

Lin Yun frowned. Although these were the incantations of 1st Tier Spells, they were coming endlessly. Killing them all wasnt an option. Lin Yun himself didnt know how many 1st Tier Spells there were in the Book of Mantras. If there werent ten thousand, there were at least eight thousand. And as the runes gathered, the 1st Tier Spells there could be considered endless.

A casually compounded spell would at least be a trash 1st Tier Spell.