End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 1043 Space Rending Blade

1043 Space Rending Blade

Lin Yun used Haste and kept rushing forward. The path in front of him was blocked by numerous “Lin Yuns” which kept exploding before turning back into incantations. The incantations then collapsed one more time and transformed into large numbers of runes floating in the air.

Lin Yun took a few minutes to cross through the 1st Tier Spell area and step foot the 2nd Tier Spell area.

The 1st Tier incantations transforming into human shapes were already disappearing behind him. And sure enough, after stepping into the 2nd Tier Spell area, 2nd Tier Spells’ incantations started coming out and taking on human shape before casting instant spells.

Lin Yun charged his way forward, the incantations of the 2nd Tier Spells area once again transforming into a huge pile of runes floating up.

An hour later, Lin Yun had killed his way into the 8th Tier Spell area. The human-shaped incantations there could bring some sort of threat to Lin Yun.

The human-shaped incantations were obviously less numerous than in the previous areas. The speed at which the incantations took on Lin Yun’s shape had also greatly slowed down.

A few dozen 8th Tier Spells’ incantations “Lin Yuns” were scattered in the path in front of Lin Yun.

Before “Lin Yuns” could start their attacks, Lin Yun decisively went all-out. Twelve fire vortexes lined up above him and rained down a large number of fire spells, drowning out the “Lin Yuns”.

Those “Lin Yuns” with puppet-like expressions stiffened and over thirty of them were killed in an instant.

And at that time, the remaining “Lin Yuns” started releasing 8th Tier Spells.

Meteor Shower, Blizzard, Lightning Storm, Hurricane, Gaia’s Landslide, Holy Smite, Hand of Darkness…

A large number of 8th Tier Spells from several elements converged towards Lin Yun.

All kinds of spells appeared, but the power of those spells had different kinds of impact. There were spells like Meteor Shower, an extremely efficient fire spell who was suited for large-scale battle.

Each falling fireball had the power of a 3rd or 4th Tier Spell and would just tickle an Archmage.

There were also some powerful single-target spells like Holy Smite and Hand of Darkness.

Holy Smite was a ten-meter-long light sword dropping from the sky. It ruthlessly fell towards Lin Yun at a terrifyingly fast speed, reaching Lin Yun’s head in an instant.

The light sword collided with Lin Yun’s shields and sparks were created at the point of impact between the two. The terrifying mana collision transformed into ripples visible with the naked eye.

As for the Hand of Darkness, it was an eight-meter-big hand made of darkness, it was silent and didn’t have great momentum, but it rapidly corroded Lin Yun’s Fire Shield on impact. The Fire Shield’s flames rapidly stopped burning.

After the fire shield stopped burning the Hand of Darkness silently swayed over and fiercely collided with Lin Yun’s Elemental Shield. Mana and Darkness power kept destroying each other until the Hand of Darkness completely disappeared leaving a dimmed Elemental Shield behind.

After barely resisting that first wave of spells, Lin Yun didn’t let the “Lin Yuns” keep casting, he condensed a Four-Element Bomb, which left a white trail behind as it exploded in the crowd. A mushroom cloud rose up as the terrifying explosive power created a shockwave that tore everything apart and shattered those fakes into pieces.

Only runes remained within that space, all the incantations had been forcibly defeated and no longer took the shape of incantations.

Lin Yun was indifferent, although these fakes were formed from incantations, and every fake represented one incantation and would only cast the spell from their incantation, all the spells cast were instant, even 8th Tier Spells.

But they were just incantations, they were inflexible just like Undeads, they could only cast their spells like machines. Aside from that spell, they had no defensive method. They were like children who were given a sharp weapon, they would collapse in one move. As for the fakes formed from defensive spells, they were even less of a threat as they couldn’t attack…

He kept on moving forward, from the 1st Tier Spells’ area, to the 8th Tier Spells’ area, all the fakes had been defeated and no more threat could be found.

Lin Yun walked through the 8th Tier Spells’ area and stepped into the dense fog with vigor.

After walking through the fog for no less than three seconds, another space appeared before him. There was only a huge open space spreading before his eyes. The fog he was stepping on was no different from solid ground.

The open space’s incantations were just dense fog, and in the center, a huge gray python was lying down, apparently reacting to Lin Yun’s appearance.

Doroman slowly raised his head, his cold pupils coldly looked at Lin Yun, apparently carrying a wisp of surprise.

“I truly hadn’t expected a puny Archmage to be able to reach this place. This great Lord changed his mind, I can give you another opportunity, pledge your loyalty now and the Great Doroman will disregard your previous faults.

“This is your last opportunity, the Great Doroman will have to be ruthless if you remain stubborn.”

Doroman’s head slowly rose and overlooked Lin Yun, just like a God looking down on an ant.

Lin Yun glanced at Doroman and softly shook his head.

“Doroman, if not for me, you wouldn’t have awakened by the time the Book of Mantras was destroyed. I didn’t expect you to be that stupid”

After saying that, Lin Yun floated up, the huge and mysterious wheel shadow appearing behind him. Runes circled together and revolved, forming countless spells each second.

The Draconic Staff let out a purple light as the Purple Dragon Incarnation instantly appeared behind Lin Yun. A hundred-meter-tall Purple Dragon with awe-inspiring aura embraced the wheel shadow and calmly looked down on Doroman.

Lin Yun’s aura instantly expanded like an explosion, the mana within his body burst out like a tide and combined with the torrent of runes flowing out of the wheel shadow.

A large number of fire spells seemed to form a chaotic wave of flames that ruthlessly fell onto Doroman’s head.

Doroman raised his head and sprayed out rays of incantations. These incantations congealed into spells in midair and also formed a flood of spells that collided with Lin Yun flood of fire spells.

Shockwaves started spreading towards the surroundings as fire spells and elemental spells clashed. A large number of spell fragments impacted the surroundings, and a layer of dense fog was dispersed by the attacks and widened the space.

“Silly Human, you once again fail to live up to the great Doroman’s kindness. You are dead, I’ll directly swallow you.

“Damn scoundrel, I’ll become even more powerful after swallowing you, and I will be able to escape the fate of being a Magic Tool Incarnation, I’ll become a true lifeform!

“I have the Book of Mantras with all of the world’s incantations, I’ll inevitably become the ruler of the world one day, no one will be able to stop me! The stupid Human Race is bound to become inferior slaves.

“Die, Stupid Human!”

Doroman kept spouting out incantations as he let out that angry shriek. A large number of spells appeared every time he opened his mouth to spurt out incantations. Each time, there would be over a hundred spells condensing, and not a single spell was below the 5th Rank!

Lin Yun sneered, gales and flames instantly rose over his body and combined, forming swaying burning flames dancing around him. His body also swelled up and reached eight meters as he used Windfire Elemental Incarnation.

At the same time, a book bound by shackles appeared on his left hand. Those shackles snapped and the book slowly opened, letting the light of the Element Chapter blossom, sharply increasing the power of the Windfire Spells Lin Yun released.

Twelve windfire vortexes appeared behind Lin Yun, they were like twelve ten-meter-big flaming tornadoes.

The twelve flaming tornadoes twisted together like a hemp rope and transformed into a sixty-meter-thick huge flame tornado.

The flame tornado swept everything clean on its way, and the spells released by Doroman were forcibly assimilated into the flame tornado, conversely forming an even more chaotic power suppressing Doroman.

Shock flashed in Doroman’s eyes. He opened his mouth and kept spurting out the incantations of all the defensive spells from the 5th Tier to the 7th Tier.

Frost Gate, Earth Shelter, Wings of Flames, Light Protection…

Over a hundred defensive spells formed a defensive wall in an instant.

Apart from Heaven Rank powerhouses, no one could release so many defensive spells. No, even Heaven Rank powerhouses couldn’t release so many defensive spells at once.

There was so many defensive spells, and they were all resonating with one another. They could even resist an Extraordinary Spell, but Doroman was still cautiously releasing even more defensive spells.

After spurting out a large number of incantations, Doroman spurted out runes, giving Lin Yun no chance to break his defenses.

Suddenly, just as the raging flame tornado was about to hit the wall of defenses, a hidden ray of light as dark as the void suddenly appeared.

An eight-meter-tall pitch-black Wind Blade came out of the center of the flame tornado, using its fastest speed to precede the flame tornado in hitting the defensive spells.

The Wind Blade had yet to hit the wall of defenses, that its black radiance tore through several dozen defensive spells as if they were sheets of paper.

At that time, Doroman shrieked, fearful and startled.

“Space Rending Blade! Ultimate Spell! This is impossible!”

As he screeched, Doroman also released a flood of incantations to continuously release all kinds of defensive spells.

But the Space Rending Blade’s pitch-black color wasn’t the color of the Space Rending Blade itself. In fact, it was the color of the spatial tear created as the Space Rending Blade tore through space. The front of the Space Rending Blade was a spatial tear.

The Space Rending Blade’s formidable power could make its surroundings remain in a torn state, how could those defensive shields resist?

They were already torn apart by the spatial tear before even coming in contact with the Space Rending Blade.