End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 1044 Curse

1044 Curse

The Space Rending Blade was like a knife cutting through butter as it easily tore a huge hole through Doroman’s powerful defenses in less than a second.

Doroman’s rhombus pupils shrank to their limit as he looked at that pitch-black huge Wind Blade. The endless incantations coming from his huge mouth erupted like a volcanic eruption.

In an instant, the chaotic spellwave flowed out, spells kept clashing and collapsing three to four meters away from Doroman’s mouth, creating a destruction storm formed from eight kinds of powers.

That pure Elemental Destruction Storm clashed with the Space Rending Blade and forcibly slowed the speed of the Space Rending Blade.

Spatial Storms, Elemental Storms, Void Storms, those were the most threatening things in the void. The Space Rending Blade was tearing through space and colliding with the Elemental Storm, it was unavoidable for both of them to destroy each other.

The Space Rending Blade’s deep blue core was exposed ten meters away from Doroman, that Space Rending Blade was destroyed under the onslaught of several hundred spells.

Doroman’s eyes were filled with alarm, he was completely unaware how that Ultimate Space Rending Blade had come to be.

The Space Rending Blade itself was only a Wind Blade with a spatial tear in front of it, its greatest power was the spatial tear, but the Space Rending Blade in itself was nothing more than a Wind Blade. With a good opportunity, destroying the Space Rending Blade was very easy.

But Ultimate Spells weren’t just limited to upgrading a spell by two tiers, that was only the most basic function.

The Ultimate part was actually raising the characteristics of a spell to its limits. And thus, an Ultimate Space Rending Blade had its spatial tearing characteristic developed to the pinnacle.

The Space Rending Blade would have an extreme cutting power which made spatial tears cover the Space Rending Blade itself. With that protection, the Space Rending Blade’s main body was untouchable.

That spell had to either be dodged, or forcibly resisted. Although that spell could be said to be comparable to an 8th Rank Spell, there was a lot of differences between strong and weak spells.

Lin Yun’s Four-Element Bomb already had reached the limits of 8th Tier Spells. Between single-target and aoe spells, the Space Rending Blade was definitely a single-target spell whose power was comparable to the Heaven Rank Spatial Spell, Dimensional Edge!

Spatial power could only be slowly mastered after reaching the Heaven realm. At that stage, mages that used the Spatial Law as a foundation and were proficient in Spatial Spells were hoodlums among mages.

Heaven Rank spatial mages were a group of unreasonable cheaters. Their biggest characteristic was the speed at which they ran. A mage of the same rank could only dream to catch up with a spatial mage.

Their second characteristic was their attacking power. Rank wasn’t the key part of spatial power, power was key. A Heaven Rank spatial mage’s basic attacking method was Dimensional Edge, and it could pierce through most shield spells.

Doroman could only sweat as he was faced with that Ultimate Space Rending Blade comparable to a Dimensional Edge.

Doroman had barely blocked the Space Rending Blade when he suddenly noticed that his remaining shields were being destroyed. They weren’t pierced by a hole, they were directly being destroyed by a formidable pressure!

He raised his head and saw the flame tornado, he had forgotten about, shredding his defenses.

The flame tornado only used a part of its power to tear through the defenses, the rest of its power firmly impacted Doroman.

The frantically revolving flames were supported by the power of the tornado. After the tornado tearing power was added to the flames, not only was the flames’ burning power strengthened, the tearing power was also increased.

Doroman instantly shrieked, his huge body frantically twisted while the dense fog in the surroundings started fluctuating.

Numerous tiny wounds appeared on Doroman’s body, as if countless burning knives had pierced his skin and only left black burnt marks on his body.

Strands of seven-colored radiance kept spilling out of these wounds, that was Doroman’s blood, the blood of the Magic Tool Incarnation. It was also Doroman’s Origin Power. After losing that power, Doroman’s strength steeply fell, even his intelligence was rapidly lowering.

As his power fell, coupled with the sharp pain, Doroman kept shrieking and struggling.

Lin Yun calmly floated over and looked at Doroman who was rolling about within the flames.

“Surrender or die, you can choose.”

Doroman shrieked, “Surrender, I surrender.”

Lin Yun sneered and spat out a rune. The flame storm revolving around Doroman slowly dissipated and only the limp and dying Dorman remained on the ground.

Lin Yun was holding the Book of Death, and the Element Chapter wasn’t the only glowing page, the Sage Chapter was also glowing, and there was one less Ultimate Spell on it.

“Idiot, how could you have a turn if whoever obtained the Book of Mantras became an unparalleled existence. Who knows how many unparalleled powerhouses would have appeared already.

“Spells are just a means to an end, nothing more. Powerhouses are the ones powerful, not the spells.

“If you sign a contract, I can spare your life and let you continue being the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras.”

After saying that, Lin Yun took out a contract. This was a semi-finished contract that Shawn had left him, and with Shawn’s nature, the contract had harsh conditions and was nothing more than a master-servant contract.

Only two blank spaces were left on the contract for the two parties’ imprints. Everything else had been filled, and no one could alter the contract before signing, apart from Lord Shawn.

Lin Yun put his own magical imprint on it and then threw the contract in front of Doroman.

Doroman twitched from pain. As a Magic Tool Incarnation, Doroman originally had a very powerful magic resistance, but this was the world of the Book of Mantras, there was no difference between him and a true lifeform in there, he could be wounded, and could even be killed.

Looking at Lin Yun expressionlessly hovering in the air, then at the contract with the harsh master-servant clause, Doroman clenched his teeth and spat out a rune to stamp the contract.

The contract was established in an instant and rays of light shone from it, before linking to Doroman and Lin Yun.

After the contract was signed, Lin Yun floated down and cancelled his fighting mode.

Doroman was lying motionless on the ground, playing dead. His eyes were half-closed as he watched Lin Yun slowly walking over. A cold light flashed in his eyes, but afraid that Lin Yun would notice, he promptly closed his eyes.

‘Damn b*stard, he actually thinks that this kind of inferior contract can restrict the great Doroman? What a joke.

‘Stupid Human, how could that contract restrict me, the Incarnation of the Book of Mantras containing all of the world’s incantations?

‘That stupid human is too complacent, he thinks that I’m seriously hurt and that I have completely surrendered to him?

‘Haha, a puny Archmage that has yet to reach the Heaven Rank wants to use tricks against the great Lord Doroman? Does he think he is that powerful?

‘This great Lord Doroman also knows how to use tricks. When that silly human approach, I’ll swallow him whole, his body, his soul, his mana, his Magic Tools I’ll devour everything he owns.

‘Stupid and arrogant Human, come just a little bit closer, just a bit more and the great Lord Doroman will swallow you. Unforgivable guy, you actually dared to injure Lord Doroman, I want to digest your soul!’

He paid attention as Lin Yun was slowly walking closer and closer. Doroman couldn’t help himself when he was ten meters away and his closed eyes suddenly opened, his mouth also opened wide and ruthlessly bit towards Lin Yun.

But he suddenly noticed a light flashing from the book in Lin Yun’s left hand. A spell slot of the Sage Chapter became empty as a deep blue fireball instantly flew out. Ten meters was the same as being next to each other.

The fireball instantly entered Doroman’s big mouth.

Doroman let out a blood-curdling screech as he swallowed that fireball, then, the terrifying impact of the fireball coursed through his body.

The terrifying heat burnt him from the inside, and just as he shrieked, an explosion suddenly occurred in his belly.

The deep blue flames exploded with chaotic aura and instantly burst Doroman’s body in two. The latter part of his body was ignited by those deep blue flames and turned to ashes in an instant.

Only a third of Doroman’s body remained, struggling on the ground.

Lin Yun indifferently looked at this scene and sneered.

“Idiot, the Book of Mantras contain all the existing incantations, so there are naturally incantations to sign contracts. As the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, using a contract to bind you is following the path to my own doom.

“Had you sincerely chose to acknowledge me as your master, no If you had sincerely surrendered just now, I wouldn’t have cared about your actions. But since you want to follow the path to your own doom, then just die.”

Shock could be seen in Doroman’s eyes. He saw that two thirds of his body had been destroyed and his Origin Power was continuously dissipating where his body had been severed. His body was also slowly disappearing, making Doroman go crazy.

“Stupid Human, you actually dared to destroy me! You dared to destroy an Extraordinary Magic Tool!

“Without me, the Book of Mantras would at most display the power of a True Spirit Magic Tool! You’ll suffer retribution for destroying an Extraordinary Magic Tool!

“You won’t find a Magic Tool Incarnation as powerful as me, the inside world of the Book of Mantras is going to be destroyed.

“I curse you, I curse you to be unable to find a Magic Tool Incarnation as powerful as me, I curse you to be unable to find an Incarnation suitable for the Book of Mantras, I curse you to never be able to restore the Book of Mantras!

“I curse you, Stupid Human”