End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Fall And Rise

Lin Yun sneered at Doromans screaming curse and released a Bursting Flames Spell to crush the rest of his body.

Countless seven-colored rays of light burst out of Doromans crushed body. The entire world distorted as the seven-colored flowing light rapidly moved back and forth. This stable world was starting to crumble and space started distorting.

The countless incantations collapsed in their most basic runes, and the runes covering the sky were like countless stars slowly moving about.

The Origin Power belonging to the Book of Mantras scattered after getting rid of Doromans body. Doromans wisdom and consciousness might have been eliminated, but the Origin Power was still taking shape within the Book of Mantras.

Lin Yun looked at the area where Doromans body dissipated and sneered.

In this era, Magic Tool Incarnations born from the Magic Tools were the most suitable for Magic Tools, they were also the most powerful ones. Most Magic Tool Incarnations appearing within a True Spirit Magic Tool were irreplaceable. If a Magic Tool Incarnation was destroyed, a substitute wouldnt be able to display the original power of the Magic Tool.

As for Extraordinary Magic Tool Incarnations, they were even more irreplaceable. The Incarnation of an Extraordinary Magic Tool being replaced after its destruction has never occurred before. And even if he managed to find a replacement, it might be unable to display the power of the Extraordinary Magic Tool, the Incarnation might even be unable to control the Extraordinary Magic Tool.

But that issue had been solved during the peak of Noscent.

Heaven Rank powerhouses were very active during the Planar Colonization era, and the frequency at which Extraordinary Magic Tools appeared wasnt low.

It wasnt impossible that some Extraordinary Magic Tool Incarnations would end up destroyed while conquering some powerful planes.

Every Extraordinary Magic Tool was valuable, especially their Incarnations. To display the Extraordinary Magic Tools power, apart from the owner having enough strength, they needed the Incarnation to control the Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Without Extraordinary Power, wanting to rely on ones own power to use an Extraordinary Magic Tool was impossible, they could only rely on the Extraordinary Magic Tools Incarnation.

And often, some of the abilities of an Extraordinary Magic Tool would require the Magic Tool Incarnation in order to be displayed.

Losing an Extraordinary Magic Tools Incarnation was worse than losing a few Heaven powerhouses. In the future, a group of battle lunatics researched a way to substitute a Magic Tools Incarnation after its demise. They wanted a way to replace the Incarnations of Extraordinary Magic Tools!

This was why Lin Yun was so confident. Since Doroman was unwilling to serve him and wanted to devour him instead, then he might as well destroy him. The Magic Tool Incarnation has just been born, even if it was the Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, even if it possessed complete wisdom, it didnt matter, he might as well replace it.

Lin Yuns expression didnt change as he watched this world slowly falling apart, the incantations shattering, and the space distorting.

He summoned Syudos.

After continuously devouring flames, Syudos body had turned dark red. He had all the characteristics of the flames he had previously fused with.

Upper Rank Flame Spirits that can devour different flames to advance were very rare.

To begin with, there was very few Upper Flame Spirits as most of them died during the growth process.

They would rush over every time they encountered a flame they had yet to devour, and most of the Upper Rank Flame Spirits died there.

Weaker flames wouldnt have much effect on them, only stronger flames could greatly strengthen them.

Most Upper Rank Flame Spirits died in the devouring process.

Having the opportunity to slowly devour new flames little by little, adapting to it and slowly increasing the devouring amount until they could fuse with it like Syudos wasnt something free Upper Rank Flame Spirits could have.

Syudos was floating in the air. Sensing Lin Yuns mind fluctuations, he couldnt help shivering.

Syudos shivering body, that swaying dark red flame, suddenly expanded.

Lin Yun smiled.

Sure enough, becoming the Magic Tool Incarnation of an Extraordinary Magic Tool was the best opportunity for Syudos. If he wanted to become even more powerful, that shortcut was the best opportunity for his Life Essence to take a huge leap.

Compared to Doroman, Lin Yun still felt that this kind of subordinate who had signed a contract from the start and whose loyalty he didnt have to worry about was the most suitable one to control the Book of Mantas.

Doroman innately controlled all the incantations of the Book of Mantras, he could always tear a hole through a contract or secretly mess up the contract when signing it.

But Syudos didnt have this ability. Even after Syudos truly became the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, he wouldnt have the opportunity to rebel and devour Lin Yun.

Lin Yun summoned the wheel shadow and countless runes rushed out of it. These runes rapidly assembled and transformed into a huge array in the air.

It was purely made out of runes, there was no patterns, it was an array without magic patterns!

After the array was formed, Syudos stood on top of it. The underside of the array formed a completely different array.

This was the key thing to replace a Magic Tool Incarnation, the masterpiece created during the peak of Noscent. An array purely made from runes which formed two completely different arrays when seen from above and below.

The arrays on both sides activated.

After being activated, the underside side started functioning first and a huge gravitational pull appeared. The Origin Power that leaked from Doromans body couldnt resist the attraction of that gravitational pull and spontaneously converged there.

Soon, a dim seven-colored whirlpool appeared. Those seven-colored rays of light converged into the arrays, before converging into wisps of seven-colored flames within the array.

After these wisps of seven-colored flames appeared, they were absorbed by the underside array and scattered one more time into tiny seven-colored flames that were released topside array.

Those wisps of flames were pulled into a long and thin spider thread and slowly entered Syudos body.

Syudos could innately devour all flames as long as he wasnt burnt to death, he could even devour Destruction Flames.

The Origin Power transformed into seven-colored flames had been greatly weakened by Lin Yun to make it easy for Syudos to absorb.

Syudos body turned seven-colored as he absorbed that spider thread-like flame.

That flame contained terrifying power and even a weak thread almost reached Syudoss limits.

The first contact,the first devoured flame was the most dangerous part. As long as this part went well, everything else would become extremely simple.

Under Lin Yuns careful control, that power was scattered to an extremely faint level. Ten seconds was enough for Syudos to thoroughly adapt to that power. At that time, Lin Yun slowly started increasing the amount of seven-colored flames.

Over an hour later, Syudos body had already transformed into a seven-colored sphere of flames. A seven-colored vortex was rushing into the underside of the array as the Origin Power was being transformed by the array into an eruption of seven-colored flames.

It was like a seven-colored Flame Dragon was erupting from the array and was being devoured by Syudos. Syudos aura also kept increasing. He hadnt finished devouring the flames, but his aura had already surpassed the Archmage realm.

By the time he finished devouring all the seven-colored flames, Syudos Aura was already comparable to a true Heaven Rank powerhouse.

At that time, the crumbling chaotic world of the Book of Mantras suddenly stabilized. The distorted chaotic space started smoothening and the crumbling areas seemed to be supported by some incorporeal power.

Syudos main body slowly turned gray. That color was the original color of the Book of Mantras Incarnation.

The convergence of too many power and boundless incantations was like a convergence of a countless colors. It wasnt black or white, the convergence of the seven-colored rays of light was white, while the convergence of seven-colored physical matter was black. And the flames were in between and were thus grey.

Syudos became the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras and supporting the world of the Book of Mantras was instinctive. Controlling the Book of Mantras was also instinctive. There had been a lot of information contained within the Origin Power, and by devouring it, Syudos understanding of the Book of Mantras was no different from Doroman.

After the success, Lin Yun asked Syudos to send him to the 1st Tier Spells area. This was where the space was the most chaotic, it was the first area to collapse after Doromans fall. It had the lowest tier spells, but the greatest number of spells, just like the foundation of a pyramid.

The fog had already disappeared there, the entire world was nothingness, no power existed there and there was no air. It was no different from the endless void.

There wasnt even the chaotic power from the void. There were only some runes floating about in this pitch-black world. These runes were parts of those shattered incantations, not just from Lin Yuns previous outburst, but also from Doromans fall.

Lin Yun floated there, a huge wheel shadow floated behind him and slowly revolved.

In an instant, a huge whirlpool seemed to have appeared within that void and attracted an unknown number of runes.

These runes slowly transformed into a flood of runes. It looked just like a spiralling galaxy as those runes kept being engulfed by the wheel shadow.

Lin Yun calmly floated there, runes continuously flashing within his eyes. Countless incantations kept pouring down within his mind like rain.