End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1046

Chapter 1046 Bronze Beastmen

The benefits that usually appeared when he spent time on the Book of Mantras were now manifesting.

He had been looking at countless incantations, especially the 1st Tier Spells incantations. Ultimately, he opened the Book of Mantras and could see the incantations he had been looking at.

Not only were these incantations recorded in his mind, but Lin Yun was also fully aware of their structure and knew every rune that was part of those incantations.

Now, he could combine these runes into incantations.

The wheel shadow swallowed these boundless runes before spurting out rays of chain-like incantations.

The wheel shadow kept swallowing runes while continuously assembling incantations.

After three hours, all the runes within the void had disappeared, replaced by these chain-like incantations drifting around.

At this time, a huge change took place as flaming spheres started appearing within the void. Multi-colored flames started appearing out of nowhere.

After these flames appeared, the chain-like incantations kept pouring into them, until no trace of an incantation could be seen within the void. It was only a pure world of flames.

Lin Yun stepped on the sea of flames, and the smooth power below him supported his weight as if it was no different from soil.

The previous endless fog had turned into endless flames, but the essence was still the power of the Book of Mantras. It just had a different appearance now.

After restoring the 1st Tier Spells area, Lin Yun moved forward and slowly restored the areas up to the area of the 8th Tier Spells.

The collapsed runes were all reassembled.

By the time everything was restored, the entire inside world of the Book of Mantras had turned into a pure world of flames. Endless flames were flooding it.

At this time, Syudos had fully merged with the Book of Mantras and had become its Incarnation. Moreover, Syudos could utilize all its power!

A grey flame wrapped around Lin Yuns body, and he instantly left the Book of Mantras.

By the time the flames scattered, he appeared where he had originally been. A book burning with grey flames was floating in front of him. The book was fifty centimeters tall, and the pages, which seemed to have suffered from the passage of time, were made out of ancient metal. They had a tint of a very ancient yellow copper.

There were two continuously flickering runes on top of it, and the meaning of those runes popped in Lin Yuns mind with a single glance: Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

Syudos was still adapting to the power of the Book of Mantras, so Lin Yun didnt make him come out.

After putting away the Book of Mantras, Lin Yun couldnt help smiling and rejoicing.

The Book of Mantras had become an Extraordinary Magic Tool. This was something that never happened before Noscents destruction, yet he had accomplished it.

Moreover, he now had a Magic Tool Incarnation that was completely following him, allowing him to perfectly control the Book of Mantras. From today on, the Book of Mantras was his most powerful Magic Tool. It was even more powerful than the Book of Death.

Although the Book of Death was also innately an Extraordinary Magic Tool, there hasnt been a shadow of its incarnation so far, so it couldnt display Extraordinary Power.

But the Book of Mantras was different. With Syudos in control, the Book of Mantras could display a part of its true power, and that part instantly made it Lin Yuns strongest Magic Tool.

Fortunately, he had only been an 8th Tier Archmage and could at most see incantations up to the 8th Tier when reading the Book of Mantras. This also caused the highest space within the Book of Mantras to be the area of the 8th Tier Spells.

If incantations for 9th Tier Spells had appeared, Lin Yun wouldnt have lasted more than ten seconds before being torn apart by the Extraordinary Spells.

Seeing Lin Yun reappear, Xiuban, Reina, Enderfa and the mage army raced over like a swarm of bees, worry visible on their faces.

"Sir Merlin, what happened to that big snake? I wanted to get rid of it after it swallowed you, but it also disappeared," Xiuban claimed with a ferocious tone, carrying Carnage on his shoulder

Enderfa glanced at Lin Yun before looking at the transformed Book of Mantras, asking with an uncertain tone, "Merlin, you didnt get rid of that foolish Magic Tool Incarnation, did you?"

Lin Yun indifferently nodded.

"He wanted to devour me so I got rid of him. Changing the Incarnation is no big deal."

Enderfas three faces looked horrified and looked at Lin Yun in alarm. "You really got rid of it Damn, you destroyed the Incarnation of an Extraordinary Magic Tool?"

Although Enderfas three faces were horrified, the others clearly didnt understand what that meant. Xiuban fiercely cursed, "Getting rid of him is for the best! He dared to try to swallow Sir Merlin so he had to be eliminated!"

The mages of the mage army also had murderous expressions as they echoed Xiubans sentiments. These guys had been following Lin Yun for a while. They had also seen Lin Yun crafting True Spirit Magic Tools and nurturing a Magic Tool Incarnation. Even Enderfa wasnt the Magic Tool Incarnation born from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Getting rid of the Incarnation of an Extraordinary Magic Tool was no big deal to them.

Seeing their killing intent, Enderfa wisely chose to remain silent, he only thought of them as ignorant idiots. But he was looking at Lin Yun as if he was a monster.

Fools, thats the Incarnation of an Extraordinary Magic Tool, not some sh*tty True Spirit Magic Tool! The two cant even be compared!

Every Extraordinary Magic Tools Incarnation is unique, yet Merlin actually managed to replace one. What a monster Thats just illogical.

Moreover, just looking at the appearance of the Book of Mantras, it looks like it can display even more power than before. It doesnt look like it was weakened at all. Damn, how did Merlin accomplish it? Is there anything he cant do, or doesnt dare to do?

The matter of the advancement of the Book of Mantras rapidly passed, and the group started hunting. There were a lot of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts in the Raging Flame Battlefield. They could pick any direction to go in, and they would encounter one of them within a day.

Ever since everyone came out of the temple, the number of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts had increased. There would be one of them every several dozen kilometers. Sometimes they would even meet groups of them.

The mage army had stayed outside to keep on fighting and had already become fairly experienced at dealing with these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. Xiuban, Reina, and the patched puppet had obtained huge benefits within the temple, and they were even more powerful than before.

Xiuban had fused with a drop of blood from an Abyssal Blood Dragons heart and had already reached the 9th Rank of the Sword Saint realm. Reina almost broke through the peak of Level 39. She was using her Frost Soul as a magic staff, and it increased the power of her spells by 30%.

The group was tyrannically powerful and had already found the weak point of these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, making this hunt very easy. They would take three minutes at most to deal with a single magic beast. If they met three or four, they would take care of them within a dozen minutes or so.

Three days later, the group encountered a group of three Lava Lizards, and just as they killed them, a group of Beastmen with tanned skin suddenly rushed out.

Those Beastmen had apparently been lying low, waiting for them to kill the Lava Lizards before rushing out to take their loot.

At the forefront was a group of tall Beastmen wielding wolf-tooth clubs. Their skins were covered in a kind of cube-looking magic pattern, and their aura was calm as if they didnt possess the berserk aura of their fellow Beastmen.

The earth faintly shook as the Beastmen rushed over.

Lin Yun frowned, a bit of surprise flashing over his eyes. That group of Beastman had been hiding so close to them, yet he hadnt sensed them.

Even if this was a group of Bronze Beastmen, the tribe proficient in using the power of the earth to do things like hiding their aura, it was too abnormal for a group of Sword Saints and Earth Warlocks to escape the perception of the Magic Array.

Lin Yun was somewhat doubtful, and he roused his Magic Array to catch all the surrounding auras and analyze how these Beastmen had escaped his detection.

That kind of thing was very important. It was extremely frightening just thinking about it. What if there was a group of powerful opponents able to escape detection?

If it was an ambush, they would still be able to deal with their opponents if they were powerful enough.

But what if an enemy at their peak state suddenly jumped in during a close battle? That would be a disaster.

Lin Yun stood there and pondered while his subordinates rushed forward.

These Bronze Beastmen thought that they had consumed a lot of mana, but those three Lava Lizards had been nothing more than a warm-up.

The Bronze Beastmen shouted their battle warcry and all approached at once. Over thirty Sword Saints burst out with a tan aura radiance.

Their magic patterns all shone at once, and after combining with their auras, they instantly assembled into a bronze Battle Armor. Their Battle Armors were covered in earthen magic patterns and linked their aura with the ground.

In an instant, every Bronze Beastman suddenly became ten times heavier, and they were all emitting imposing pressure, just like a mountain. Each step they took left a clearly visible footprint in the ground.

Xiuban roared when faced with these Bronze Beastman Sword Saints. A yellow radiance covered Carnage, making it look as if it had been forged out of yellow metal.