End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Shaq

Then, a red light and a blue light formed a fireball and an ice sphere that revolved around Carnage, while a cyan ray of light curled around Xiubans body. That was wind power.

The earth power made Carnage even heavier, the ice and fire spheres kept revolving, making Carnage continuously release ice and fire power on impact while the wind power made him even more flexible.

After the series of buffs, a blood-colored radiance covered Xiubans body and the aura of an Abyssal Blood Dragon spread out as Bloodthirst was applied onto his body.

Xiubans body instantly swelled up, and the blood-colored halo lingered as power surged from Xiubans body, continuously supplementing the Bloodthirsts power.

Those were instinctive buffs, Xiuban would be able to keep them on as long as his power wasnt exhausted. He had no time limit on those spells!

Seeing Xiuban rushing over on his own, the group of Bronze Beastmen all swung their wolf-tooth clubs and dark yellow earthen aura spurted out. In an instant, over thirty 10-meter-long huge wolf-tooth clubs smashed down towards Xiuban.

The air within several dozen meters had become extremely heavy and the gravity had increased a few times.

Xiuban bared his teeth and roared, swinging Carnage as he dashed forward. The buffed Carnage weighed at least a hundred thousand kilograms, but it looked as light as a sheet of paper in Xiubans hands.

Carnage collided with those wolf-tooth clubs and a series of oppressive and loud sounds echoed. The air was forcibly smashed open and white gusts of wind spread towards the surroundings.

Those heavy earthen slashes were like huge mountains crashing down, but they were all smashed to pieces by Xiubans Carnage.

Xiuban evilly chuckled as he appeared before a Bronze Beastman Sword Saint and swiped with terrifying power, ruthlessly clashing against that Sword Saints wolf-tooth club.

Flaming power suddenly appeared on Carnage and burst open on impact. That Sword Saints wolf-tooth club was instantly sent flying.

The remaining power ruthlessly smashed on the Sword Saints body and the ground within twenty meters shattered into fragments no bigger than a thumb.

As for that Sword Saints Battle Armor, it was also shattered and the berserk power sent him flying. He died, shaken to death in the air. Blood seeped out of his eyes, air, eyes, and nostrils, his face was filled with disbelief.

The Bronze Beastmen could use earth power to link their own aura to the earth. Among the eight tribes of the Raging Flame Plane, they were the strongest Beastmen in terms of defense.

When faced with an attack, they could divert some of the attacks power to the earth. Their defense would never be breached as long as it didnt exceed their limits.

The range at which a 6th Rank Sword Saint could drain power was twenty meters.

But even then, that guy couldnt withstand Xiubans monstrous power.

Xiuban was like a fierce tiger rushing head first into a flock of sheep. The earth burst open every time Carnage was swung, it didnt take more than a few seconds for the ground within hundred meters to be shattered into pebbles.

Whether they were 6th Rank Sword Saints, or 8th Rank Sword Saints, they were all unable to handle one of Xiubans attacks. Only the 9th Rank Sword Saints could barely resist by diverting a part of the monstrous power into the ground, but the earth was completely shattered beyond recognition.

The dozen Earth Warlocks chasing after the Sword Saints immediately started casting as they saw the situation. Their magic patterns shone as they used an Earth Shelter, summoning a layer of yellow earth to cover them.

They then cast a large number of Earth Spells and ten-meter-big rocks fell towards Lin Yuns group.

The Rockfall Spells cast by the Earth Warlocks weighed over ten tons, and the surface of the rocks were covered in a Gravity Spell. The faster the falling speed, the more destructive it was.

The large number of Rockfall fell down like small mountains.

Kurumu had a cold expression as he raised his Dragonscale Staff. The fifty mages instantly gathered together and fifty Flame Elemental appeared. A sea of flames covered everything within a hundred meters.

A large number of Bursting Flames instantly flew towards the falling rocks and loud explosions echoed as the rocks exploded.

At this time, Reina was floating in the sky while holding her Frost Soul. She opened her mouth and spat out a rune, which transformed into fragments of ice that floated down towards the Earth Warlocks Earth Shelter.

A layer of frost covered their defenses in an instant, and the mana flowing within their protective cover was forcibly frozen.

Reina extended one finger again and a frost rune emitting wisps of cold air flew out and formed a 1.5-meter-big ice vortex in the air. Frost Lances kept flying out of the vortex and landed on the frozen Earth Shelter.

Over twenty Frost Lances flew out in a second, hitting the exact same spot on the Earth Shelter.


With a crisp sound, the frozen Earth Shelter exploded into pieces. The dozen Earth Warlocks it hid had terrified expressions as they summoned Earth Shields.

But the mage army had already finished casting. Numerous Bursting Flames formed a flood of flames that oppressively fell towards the group of Earth Warlocks.

"Boom, boom, boom"

A series of fierce explosions echoed as boundless blue flames covered that location. Only the miserable shrieks of those Earth Warlocks could be heard within the explosions.

On the other side, that group of Bronze Beastman Sword Saints also didnt have a good time. Not only were they facing a monster like Xiuban, they were also facing the patched puppet and Enderfas double magic bombardment.

Those Sword Saints were just like a group of sheeps continuously dodging tigers, they couldnt block, and they couldnt counterattack.

That group of bronze Beastmen were instantly suppressed by Lin Yuns subordinates. It took less than two minutes for the losses to be disastrous.

Lin Yuns mind wasnt on the battlefield, his Magic Array was fully operating, continuously capturing the surrounding auras and fluctuations, but without catching anything.

The strongest among this group of Bronze Beastman were only 9th Rank Sword Saints and 9th Rank Archwarlocks. None of them was at the peak of the 9th Rank, let alone a step in the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun faintly remembered Raphael mentioning that the Bronze Beastmens leader personally came this time, and that he was an existence half a step in the Heaven Rank.

But he couldnt find him

Seeing how disastrous the Bronze Beastmens losses were, Lin Yun took advantage of the effects of the spells to let out the Spirit Snake.

He controlled the Spirit Snake to probe his surroundings, and shortly after, Lin Yun discovered a Bronze Beastman a hundred meters behind him, slowly approaching.

That Bronze Beastmans aura was completely fused with the earth, he was even walking merged with the earth.

As for the Spirit Snake, it could be seen but couldnt be discovered by probing spells. Its perspective was also different from a human, it was able to discover that cautious Beastman preparing an ambush with a simple glance.

Lin Yun sneered and opened the Book of Death before flipping it to the Sage Chapter. He then hastily roused a Space Rending Blade from it to slice at the sneaky Bronze Beastman.

The Ultimate Space Rending Blade easily tore through the earth and appeared before that Bronze Beastman almost instantly .

Astonishment could be seen on the face of that Bronze Beastman when that attack suddenly reached him and a brass-like Battle Armor suddenly appeared on his body.

The Space Rending Blade impacted his Battle Armor and suddenly, a sharp metallic friction sound echoed, as if a sharp metal weapon was slowly cutting into another piece of metal.

That Bronze Beastman instantly jumped out and avoided the Space Rending Blade.

Standing on the ground, the Bronze Beastman glanced at the fifty-centimeter-long cut on his chest. His Battle Armor had been cut in half and lingering fear could still be seen on his face. Then, the Bronze Beastmans Aura shone and the hole in the Battle Armor rapidly mended.

His Aura blossomed after he took his greatsword, and the aura of a Heaven Rank powerhouse spread through the battlefield. The gravity within several hundred meters increased out of nowhere.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at the Beastman before his eyes. It was actually a Heaven Rank powerhouse, a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse

Shouldnt Heaven Rank powerhouses be unable to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield? How could that guy come in?

Did he break through after entering? No, his aura wouldnt have been so stable if he had just advanced, he is clearly a powerhouse who had thoroughly stabilized his realm

Lin Yun was puzzled, he couldnt understand. The Odin Kingdoms information was very detailed, the strength of the Raging Flames Beastmen that entered was very detailed.

But none of them was a Heaven Rank powerhouse, the strongest was only half a step in the Heaven Rank, just like the important Gold Beastman General who was just one step away from advancing and could use some shortcuts to display the power of the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun could display the power of a 1st Rank Heaven Rank powerhouse because of the effect of a few True Spirit Magic Tools as well as the most powerful Meditation Law Sets and most powerful Magic Conducting Rune in Noscent history. They were all the greatest of their field and could display power exceeding his Rank.

The Heaven Rank Bronze Beastman stood in the ground, his aura closely merging with the earth. He stood in the ground, but it gave others a feeling of wanting to look up to him.

"Silly Human, I didnt expect you to be able to discover me. But so what, you like to sneak attack you repulsive b*stard, you borrowed the power of a Magic Tool to sneak attack me!

"I was going to give you a straightforward death and let you join the embrace of the earth. Unfortunately, destiny made that impossible for you. Today I, Shaq, will end your life!"