End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1048

Chapter 1048 Gravity

Shaq stood on the ground and laughed, his brown aura kept fluctuating around his body and the huge power emitted a terrifying gravity which flattened the earth within ten meters. The earth slowly sank and the soil density kept on increasing.

Lin Yun frowned and raised his hand to release a Four-Element Bomb.

It took him less than a second to condense a Four-Element Bomb, which instantly tore through the air to fall onto Shaq. But that terribly fast Four-Element Bomb sharply sank towards the ground when it appeared within ten meters of Shaq. Its flying speed also sharply decreased.

The Four-Element Bomb fell to the ground within ten meters from Shaq, and the explosions shockwave and destruction power seemed to suffer from some invisible restrictions as they werent able to display their might.

The greatest power of the shockwave and destruction power was the impact caused by that terrifying bursting speed. Now that the speed had sharply declined, the destructive power had also sharply declined.

The power of that kind of shockwave merely made Shaqs Battle Aura Armor flicker with light, it didnt leave any damage behind, it was intact.

Shaq held his greatsword while laughing, he patted his own Battle Armor and laughed heartily, "Stupid Human, you think I dont know that your despicable race loves to mount sneak attacks? Im no longer the same as when I had yet to advance to the Heaven Rank.

"As Bronze Beastmen, our defensive power is the strongest out of all Raging Flames Beastmen thanks to the blessings of the earth. Those foolish Gold Beastmen cant compare to us.

"Ive advanced to the Heaven Rank now, and a puny mage like you is dreaming if you think you can injure me.

"I already obtained the blessings of the Beast God, the Raging Flame Battlefields restriction towards Extraordinary Power no longer shackles me. Now its your turn to pay the price.

"Stupid Human, tell me the whereabouts of Sky Citys despicable scoundrels and I can let you die straightforwardly. Ill let your soul rest.

"Otherwise, Ill slowly break your bones and make you slowly sink in the depths of the earth until you suffocate to death, making your soul unable to rest!"

After saying that, Shaq proudly laughed his head off, a clear wisp of Extraordinary Power appeared on his body. The pressure of that power raised Shaqs strength by one Rank.

In an instant, Shaqs Battle Aura Armor started fiercely changing, the magic patterns on the surface of his body leapt out and appeared on the surface of the armor.

Magic patterns similar to rocks were carved on top of the Battle Aura Armor, and the surrounding earth aura became denser and denser. The Battle Armor rapidly turned into a yellow crystal Battle Armor that covered every corner of Shaqs body, including his eyes.

The battle armor was covered in earth magic patterns that made the Battle Armors defense rose to a terrifyingly high level. Lin Yun couldnt catch Shaqs Aura once he put on that crystal armor, his Magic Array could only catch the aura of the Battle Armor.

The Battle Armors aura was closely linked to the earth, as if it had already thoroughly merged withit. Lin Yun even felt that he was facing the earth within a few hundred meters. That calm and impenetrable aura could innately make enemies feel despair.

Lin Yun had a solemn expression as he instantly took out the Book of Death.

The shackles of the Book of Death snapped in an instant and the book automatically flipped itself to the Element Chapters page. The elemental power buff not only made the elemental powers surrounding Lin Yun even more active, it also made the elemental powers keep on converging.

A huge wheel shadow appeared behind Lin Yun with endless runes roaming inside it. Those boundless runes were apparently bursting within that huge wheel.

The Purple Dragon Incarnation also appeared behind Lin Yun and held that wheel shadow. It was looking down on Shaq with his crystal armor.

Lin Yun slowly landed on the ground and the earth below his feet started melting. Scalding lava covered Lin Yun and his body grew up to reach ten meters in an instant as he transformed into a huge Lava Giant.

The scalding lava spread in the surroundings and covered over a hundred meters in less than a second, transforming that hundred meters into a world of lava.

Runes came out of his mouth as the lava under his feet formed huge waves that kept dragging Lin Yuns body forward. The surrounding Lava Pond also kept moving towards Shaq.

Floating lumps of lava floated out of the lava pond and formed five huge lava vortexes. Boundless lava spells flew out of these lava vortexes and pounced on Shaq like five raging serpentine Dragons made of lava.

The speed of those five streams of lava suddenly weakened fifteen meters away from Shaq, before they all fell towards the ground.

None of the five dragons of lava hit Shaq, they all exploded at his feet. The huge impact shattered the ground under Shaq, but the fragments all fell towards the ground the moment they were sent flying.

Even after those fragments fell back to the ground, it looked as if an invisible power was pushing them down until the earth was rapidly smoothened, it was as if nothing had happened.

Lin Yun slightly frowned as he looked at this scene. He instantly understood that Shaq was using his innate magic pattern and walked the path of an Earth Sword Saint.

He had developed the Bronze Beastmans innately powerful defensive power to the peak. Moreover, he had combined Extraordinary Power with Battle Aura Armor and went even further by linking his Battle Armor with the earth.

As long as he was standing on the earth, his defensive power would rise to a terrifying degree while also altering the gravity in the surrounding, increasing it a few times.

Furthermore, the closer to Shaq, the greater the gravity. Low Tier Spells wouldnt be able to reach Shaq due to being torn apart by the gravity.

The gravity was at least ten times heavier within a meter of Shaq!

It was even doubled ten meters away. This was why it looked like the trajectory of spells was suddenly altered when they reached Shaqs range.

The closer to Shaq, the sharper their trajectory would be altered. When reaching a meter from Shaq, the Low Tier Spells elemental power and structure would become unable to resist the 10x gravity and would be torn apart.

The spells were forced to crash on the ground, but their structures didnt forcibly collapse. This was due to the fact that Lin Yuns spells were very neatly cast and their structure was very stable.

"Stupid Human, Im not only a Heaven Rank powerhouse now, I can also use Extraordinary Power and fully display my power.

"You want to fight with me? Just drop dead!"

Shaq laughed. His magic patterns shone and the earth aura in his surroundings suddenly changed. The waves of lava under Lin Yuns feet instantly collapsed.

The gravity in the surroundings seemed to have suddenly been amplified, especially around Lin Yuns body. He felt as if the gravity had increased a few times.

Lin Yun frowned and used a few defensive spells, but with no effect. This wasnt a Gravity Spell, it was pure earthen aura.

It was as if the earths gravity had originally been like that. It couldnt be removed, he could only passively resist it.

Shaq sneered and rushed towards Lin Yun. Each step he took made the earth shake, as if a mountain-sized monster was taking those steps.

Once Shaq arrived within a hundred meters of Lin Yun, the lava pond created by the Lava Incarnation seemed to have met its nemesis. The large amount of lava condensed due to the earth aura and increased gravity, and not a single drop of lava could be seen within ten meters of Shaq.

Shaq swung his greatsword when he was thirty meters away from Lin Yun and the aura covering the greatsword sharply increased. The greatsword suddenly looked like a ten-meter-long brown greatsword.

And that giant brown greatsword slammed down towards Lin Yun like a weapon wielded by a giant.

It ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Yuns head and the gravity in the surroundings instantly increased a few times. Lin Yun only felt cracking sounds echo from his bones, while the Book of Death and the Draconic Staff felt like they were weighing a ton. He wouldnt be able to hold on for long.

Especially since that gravity didnt come from a Gravity Spell but from the pure condensation of earth aura. It was as if the earths own gravity was pulling Lin Yuns body down. Not just his bones, his organs and blood were also pulled towards the ground.

The blood coming out of his heart after a heartbeat seemed unable to flow due to the gravity and the blood of his entire body seemed to converge into his lower limbs due to the gravity. He also felt dizzy due to blood not properly irrigating his brain.

Lin Yun unhesitantly used Lava Flash, appearing several dozen meters away in an instant.

He felt his brain recovering after separating himself from that suppressing gravity. He could already adapt to two or three times the gravity.

As for Shaqs huge sword, it slashed heavily at Lin Yuns lava pond. The lava within several dozen meters stopped boiling because of that huge gravity and the flow stopped.

The earth within a hundred meters shook as the sword landed. This was followed by a burst of earth aura and the lava over a hundred meters being forcibly congealed. A hundred meters of ground seemed to have caved in because of the sword skill and the burst of increased gravity.

The earth within a hundred meters was flattened because of that huge gravity and became incomparably smooth, as if the earth itself was unable to support that increased gravity and transformed into a smooth platform that sunk in the ground.

A solemn expression flashed in Lin Yuns eyes.