End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1049

Chapter 1049 1049 Hesitation

1049 Hesitation

Bronze Beastmen didn’t have a good reputation among the Raging Flame Beastmen due to their innate earth magic patterns. Their most basic ability was to fuse their aura with the surrounding earth to divert a part of the power into the ground.

Low Rank Bronze Beastmen could only divert a part of the attack within a very small range.

But at the Sword Saint Realm, they could completely divert the attack into the ground, and the range at which they could divert the attack kept increasing at that rank.

In the Bronze Beastman Tribe, the difference in talent showed in how much of an attack they could divert. At the Sword Saint realm, the size of the terrain they could divert an attack to directly determined who was powerful and who was weak.

Thus, their focus on defensive power made the other Beastmen define them as cowards. Beastmen should be fighting bloody battles, with the heroes donning scars and blood as their emblems. But those were disgraces to Bronze Beastmen, it showed that they weren’t powerful enough.

That difference in concept made the other Beastman Tribes look down on the Bronze Beastmen. Even the Grey Beastmen with their petite bodies didn’t go to the Bronze Beastman Tribe when exchanging puppets for food.

But no one expected that after reaching the Heaven Realm, Bronze Beastmen’s power would focus on gravity. And with the addition of Extraordinary Power, it was actually quite powerful. His defense couldn’t even be compared with other powerhouses of the same rank.

Lin Yun recalled that 8,000 years in the future, there would be an Earth Saint Beastman.

He let everyone experience how terrifying gravity was. Many people only experienced terrifying gravity in the depths of Earth Planes, the gravity there could even make space cave in. There, the long river of time had become extremely slow due to the gravity pressure.

At that time, as long as the Earth Saint stood on the ground, his defenses would be impenetrable. He could block an Extraordinary Spell without suffering any damage. As long as his aura fused with the earth, an absolute defense domain would form in his surroundings, and within that domain, the gravity increased the closer from his body.

No attack could penetrate that kind of gravity area.

It was rumored that the gravity was a few hundred times higher within a meter of his body.

At that time, everyone thought that he just had powerful defenses, so they didn’t really care. Two Heaven Mages wanted to snatch his loot during a Ruins’ exploration, but he made them experience first-hand how terrifying gravity was, and without using a Gravity Spell.

Not only did he use pure gravity to make the bodies of two Heaven Mages burst open, he even personally went to that mage force. Just taking a trip inside resulted in the destruction of all the buildings, and everyone was crushed to death by the pressure.

Later, the great saint entered the depths of an Earth Plane known for not having let a single soul escape.

After over a hundred years, the great saint became the first to leave that death area. But only a year had passed for everyone.

That huge gravity made the flow of time incomparably slow, it was about a hundred times higher than outside!

Once the great saint left, he was already a 9th Rank Heaven Sword Saint. But he only appeared once before disappearing.

Lin Yun thought about it for a bit and figured that if there was nothing unexpected, that Earth Saint, praised as the darling of the earth, should have been a Bronze Beastman!

The flood of spells had no effect on Shaq, they couldn’t even reach him, they were torn apart before reaching him. As for the power from the spreading shockwaves, it was no different from tickles to him.

Even 8th Rank Spells couldn’t hit Shaq. Since they couldn’t directly hit him, the power of the spells were reduced by more than half and they couldn’t break through Shaq’s defenses.

Lin Yun kept dodging and even shouted to his subordinates to not come. He had them deal with the other Bronze Beastmen.

As for this side, Lin Yun was still chased by Shaq. That simple sword raised a huge amount of earth aura before continuing to increase the gravity until it could crush others to death.

This pure power shouldn’t be overlooked, Xiuban was relying on pure power when fighting and very few mages of the same rank could resist a hit of his hammer with a shield.

Shaq’s Aura Slash was extremely heavy, it had the power of a few dozen tons behind it, and that rich earthen aura was increasing the gravity up to ten times, forcibly pulverizing any spell or shield.

Lin Yun was on the losing side as he kept being suppressed by Shaq and forced to dodge.

Shaq had formidable defenses and his power was terrifying, but for the gravity to develop to this degree, he had to continuously converge the power of the earth, he couldn’t increase his speed.

Lin Yun’s most efficient flood of spells had no effect since most of the spells couldn’t hit Shaq and break through his defenses.

This side was in a deadlock. But a kilometer away, the members of the Henry Family were hiding behind a small hill, concealing their auras as they peeped at the battle.

Arnaud looked at the battlefield with worry, “Morgan, do you think we should lend a hand?

“Those Bronze Beastman Sword Saints and Earth Warlocks can’t match Mafa Merlin’s subordinates, but Mafa Merlin seems to be suppressed by Shaq.

“I hadn’t expected Shak to have advanced to the Heaven Rank. Moreover, he seems to be using Extraordinary Power.

“Shaq’s too powerful, even after Mafa Merlin’s subordinates finish their fights, they might still not be enough to rival him. Shouldn’t we go help? Even if we can’t defeat Shaq, we should be able to make him retreat.”

Morgan was extravagantly using a Magic Tool to hide their aura. He peeked with a solemn expression from the hillside before hesitating.

‘Damn, aren’t the Bronze Beastmen known to be the disgrace of the Raging Flame Beastmen? How come that Shaq suddenly became so powerful? Wasn’t that guy a Peak 9th Rank Sword Saint before entering the Raging Flame Battlefield?

‘That stupid Beastman should have been one of the weak existences among the Beastmen before entering the Raging Flame Battlefield, how could it be like this now?

‘That terrifying Mafa Merlin might be stronger than Dedale, yet he is actually suppressed by Shaq, his spells can’t hit him…

‘Damnit, should I help? After all, the Beastmen are extremely powerful and everything in the Raging Flame Battlefield is supporting them.

‘No good, no good, there is no point even if we go help, we might even end up killed by Shaq if something bad happens.

‘Ah, right, I almost forgot. We actually have a contract with that crafty Mafa Merlin.

‘That damned Mafa Merlin definitely figured out early on that these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were very precious. That contract actually includes all Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

‘Hell, we are painstakingly hunting magic beasts yet we still have to give him a fifth of our mana crystals.

‘Right, why should we hurry up and help? Wouldn’t our contract be void if that Mafa Merlin is killed by that stupid Beastmen?

‘We wouldn’t have to give out a fifth of the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts’ mana crystals we obtain later on…

‘Right, no matter what, helping is dogsh*t’

Morgan chuckled as those thoughts instantly flashed in his head, he then cautiously peeked again and checked on Lin Yun before exposing a content smile.

“Morgan, I asked you a question, do you think we should help?”

Arnaud doubtfully looked at the daydreaming Morgan before asking once again.

Morgan promptly put on a righteous expression before frowning.

“Arnaud, I also want to help, but you see, that Mafa Merlin is extremely powerful yet he is still being suppressed by Shaq.

“Don’t you know how powerful Mafa Merlin is? He is a true powerhouse able to contend against a Heaven Rank powerhouse, and that’s not his limits. Who knows where his true strength lies.

“He might even be more powerful than Dedale, at worst, he is just as powerful as him.

“That kind of powerhouse is suppressed by a stupid Beastman like Shaq. It would be no use even if we go help.

“Look, his spells are unable to reach Shaq. What does that mean? Could it be that a powerhouse like Mafa Merlin can’t even hit a simple spell?

“There is no point if we go, we might even die alongside him. We need to use this opportunity to notify the others and look for Dedale.”

Morgan solemnly explained to Arnaud. After hearing his explanations, Arnaud looked at the situation on the battlefield and frowned before nodding.

He then sighed, “Alright, you are right. Who knew that this Shaq would actually advance to the Heaven Rank and be able to use Extraordinary Power. Even if we join the fight, we might still not be his match and we might die if we are careless”

Morgan hurriedly nodded. He then kept peeking, attentively watching the battlefield.

‘Shit, I can’t go now, I have to watch for the outcome of the battle just in case that terrifying Mafa Merlin doesn’t die from Shaq.

‘He took away our Spirit Snake so he might have already discovered our existence. If we run after seeing the battle and he survives, then he might not spare me next time we meet.

‘If he can escape from that Shaq, getting rid of me would be very easy.

‘I’ll keep watching and wait for him to truly be eliminated by that Shaq before moving.’

While the Henry Family hid in the distance, the fight was still in a deadlock.

Lin Yun’s subordinates had almost finished their fights, only a few Bronze Beastmen remained. These Beastmen hadn’t advanced to the Heaven Rank so their control over the earth hadn’t reached that boundary. Although they had powerful defenses, their fighting strength couldn’t compare to other Beastmen Races.