End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1050

Chapter 1050 1050 Incineration

1050 Incineration

But Shaq instantly became a powerful Heaven Rank powerhouse after advancing to the Heaven Rank and grasping Extraordinary Power. He was a bit more powerful than the Gold Beastman General, in terms of fighting strength.

His formidable defenses made others feel despair.

Lin Yun frowned as he dodged another slash of Shaq’s sword.

Gravity was really troublesome, especially when it came from earth aura and not from a spell. There was no other method apart from enduring it.

Levitation could barely counter 2x gravity, but it had no impact in battle.

Most of the spells couldn’t hit Shaq’s body.

A book burning with a grey flame suddenly appeared beside Lin Yun and the aura belonging to an Extraordinary Magic Tool instantly spread.

The rich earth aura spreading in the surroundings was forcibly dispersed, and the extreme gravity bearing down on Lin Yun instantly disappeared.

The Book of Mantras slowly opened up and its grey flames converged into two eyes on its cover.

A wisp of light flashed in Lin Yun’s eyes.

“Perfect timing to awaken Syudos, get ready to burn that guy to ashes.”

Syudos had become the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras a few days ago, but after the incantations had been fixed by Lin Yun and the world within the Book of Mantras had transformed into a world of flames, Syudos had sunk into a slumber. It was in order to complete the final adjustment and adapt to the newly born flaming world within the Book of Mantras.

Now that he had awakened, that Extraordinary Magic Tool’s terrifying aura instantly dispersed Shaq’s Extraordinary Power!

The Book of Mantras floated beside Lin Yun and its pages automatically flipped. The incantations on each page appeared with a layer of flames before completely disappearing, replaced by different burning flames.

It was as if every page was a small world containing endless flames.

Lin Yun scattered his Lava Incarnation to replace it by a pure Fire Elemental Incarnation. He then spat out three runes, and these three runes swayed like flames. Just as they appeared, three forty-meter-big fire vortexes appeared in the air.

Endless red flames spurted out of the three fire vortexes.

One fire vortex was spouting pure red elemental flames, one was spouting blazing white flowing flames that looked like a river of flames, and the last one was spouting balls of silent dark red flames.

These flames barely appeared that they were pushed towards the ground by the increased gravity.

It looked as if a lake of flames was formed within several hundred meters, as the gravity compressed the flames and formed a liquid sea of flames.

Shaq was submerged in the sea of flames, he looked at the surrounding flames and laughed, “Stupid Human, you think you can use flames to burn me to death? Laughable! These flames can’t even burn the average Bronze Beastman!

“It looks like this is your last trick. Damn guy, I don’t have time to play with you, just come and accept your death!”

Lin Yun sneered and ignored Shaq’s shouts.

Shaq didn’t bother to dodge, he was conceited and overly reliant on his unparalleled defenses. In fact, he couldn’t dodge this sea of flames, his strength was at its peak when his feet were in contact with the ground. If he lost the support of the earth, his strength would be reduced by at least 60% to 70%

As the sea of flames appeared, Syudos immediately opened up the Book of Mantras and three kinds of flaming runes flew out of three of its pages. These flaming runes formed three long incantations that fell into the sea of flames.

One of the incantations formed golden red flames, one formed dark grey flames, and one of them formed ashen grey flames.

The three incantations fell into the sea of flames and the fire elements compressed by the gravity rapidly shrunk. The fire elements within several hundred meters soon dissipated.

Those three flaming incantations were like three monsters that kept devouring the fire elements in the surroundings, and the fire elements were like common fuel engulfed by the three incantations.

It took less than three seconds for those three incantations to devour the fire elements that Lin Yun had summoned with all his strength.

After three seconds, the sea of flames was a mix of pure gold flames, dark grey flames, and ash grey flames.

The temperature of the flames kept rising and became a hundred times higher within three seconds. The final runes dissipated as those three kinds of flames incantations clashed and merged.

When the three kinds of flames started fusing, the flames’ temperature sharply doubled once again, and the properties of the flames were displayed to their peak.

Pure-gold Hellfire, ashen black bone-corroding flames, ash grey corrosive fire. After being fused together by Syudos, the three hundred meters of flames turned into a black golden sea of flames.

From the center of the sea of flames, Shaq felt that the situation was far from good. The flames originally couldn’t get close to him, but he could feel the earth aura rapidly weakening within a few seconds, as if the earth was forcibly incinerated.

Lin Yun was floating up and looking at the scene with indifference. Syudos transformed into two flaming eyes and floated onto the cover of the Book of Mantras while continuously controlling the fusion of the flowing flames.

By using boundless fire elements as fuel, a large amount of Hellfire, bone-corroding flames, and corrosive fire had been birthed.

Any of those three kinds of flames could bring a large threat to a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Hellfire was known as the fire with the highest temperature that could burn anything, including flames.

Bone-corroding flames would target any lifeform’s bones, even Undeads. If a creature came in contact with it, they would keep burning until all their bones were turned to ashes.

As for Corrosive Fire, if there was a large enough amount, it could even corrode a hole in space, let alone earth aura.

These three kinds of flames were forcibly fused by Syudos through the Book of Mantras and formed a kind of fire that was at least ten times more potent than any of the three fires! It even reinforced the properties of the three fires to their peak.

Pure flames, pure incineration!

Shaq started panicking after five seconds, he could feel the earth aura around his body being rapidly breached.

The earth aura was like a wall, and now, corrosion was creating big holes into the wall. The entire wall was collapsing.

Even his yellow crystal-like Battle Aura Armor was becoming turbid. From its translucent citrine color, it slowly turned to brass, its power also weakening.

Shaq hesitated, but he decided to leave the sea of flames first.

But Syudos and Lin Yun, who had been attentively watching the sea of flames, suddenly reacted.

Five runes flew out of Lin Yun’s mouth and entered the sea of flames while Syudos made the fusion of the three kinds of flames burst under Shaq’s feet!

Black golden flames instantly burst out under Shaq’s feet, and the earth within three hundred meters was forcibly burnt away.

In one second, a three-hundred-meter-big hole appeared, with Shaq as the center. The hole was thirty-meter-deep, and the earth had been burnt into nothingness by the golden black flames.

Shaq lost the earth aura and his strength sharply declined, he lost over half of his power and was then surrounded by the golden black flames. His earthen Battle Armor was burning and rapidly decayed as if it was experiencing the passage of eons. Big holes were rapidly appearing on his earthen battle armor.

The decaying battle armor then turned burnt black before being ultimately burnt into nothingness.

The boundless flames started surging in as if they had found a draining hole.

Mournful sounds echoed as the flames started entering through Shaq’s eyes, mouth and ears. His bones were burnt into nothingness in less than three seconds, this was followed by his body being burnt to ashes. Before the ashes could even dissipate, they ended up wrapped into golden black flames to be burnt into nothingness.

Everything that wasn’t part of the golden black flames was burnt into nothingness.

As Shaq was burning alive, the golden black flames kept spreading towards the surroundings, burning everything it came in contact with, dissipating the fragments of grounds and slowly making the earth cave in.

After sensing that Shaq had been completely incinerated and couldn’t be more dead, Syudos controlled the Book of Mantras and absorbed back the spreading golden black flames into the Book of Mantras.

The golden black flames transformed into a long line of flames that rapidly entered the Book of Mantras, only leaving behind that huge hole. The huge hole was covered in black burn traces, and remnants of fire aura full of tyrannical destruction power.

Shaq had been burnt to death, and his subordinates had been eliminated by Lin Yun’s. The forces of the Bronze Beastmen in the Raging Flame Battlefield had been thoroughly destroyed.

Lin Yun’s eyes seemed to sigh as he looked at the Book of Mantras floating next to him.

‘Haaa, this is the power of an Extraordinary Magic Tool, an Extraordinary Magic Tool with an Incarnation The power it can display under the control of the Incarnation is comparable to a true Heaven Rank powerhouse!

‘And that’s with Syudos having just become the Incarnation of the Book of Mantras. The world within the Book of Mantras had just been re-assembled and built, and Syudos has just reached the Heaven Rank.

‘Syudos isn’t just an Incarnation, he is an Upper Rank Flame Spirit, his power will keep on increasing and the Book of Mantras will also keep on getting stronger.

‘And with the Book of Mantras, Syudos doesn’t need to search for all kinds of flames to devour. The boundless incantations within the flaming world will let him summon all kinds of fire incantations. In there, Syudos can slowly use the incantations to summon flames to devour.’