End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051 Qualitative Changes

The Book of Mantras could make Syudos become even more powerful, and Syudos could reciprocally make the Book of Mantras even more powerful, this was the effect of that complementary relationship.

The Book of Mantras would be able to display even more power once Lin Yun advanced to the Heaven Rank, he would be able to display the true power of an Extraordinary Magic Tool!

Syudos returned to the Book of Mantras to keep studying it and devour flames. This was the simplest way for him to increase his control over the Book of Mantras.

Lin Yun put away the Book of Mantras while his subordinates went to process the corpses of the three Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

Then, Lin Yun turned his head to look at a distant location.

Lin Yun barely swept a glance that Morgan felt a wisp of cold air brushing over his body.

Morgan found out that he was already sweating when Lin Yun turned his body.

Damn, damn, damn

Damn, how How could this be? This is over, Mafa Merlin is already that powerful! That was a Heaven Rank powerhouse!

F*ck, what did I just witness?! A Heaven Rank powerhouse was burnt alive!

And it was that b*stard Shaq. He was like an extremely powerful tortoise before advancing to the Heaven Rank. He even blocked an 8th Tier Spell without suffering any injury in a previous battlefield.

His defenses became even more powerful after he advanced to the Heaven Rank, that b*stard was using all his Extraordinary Power in his defenses.

Mafa Merlins flood of spells is arguably the most terrifying magic attack. There are over a hundred High Tier Spells cast every second. Even a true Heaven Rank powerhouse would have a headache when faced with it.

He can release over a hundred spells in a second, this is something only Heaven Rank powerhouse could do, but that was completely useless against Shaq!

How could he be incinerated? What are those golden black flames?

Damnit, I knew it, I knew that Mafa Merlin had never displayed his full strength and never used his strongest cards.

Just look at this, that guy No, that terrifying guy has always been hiding his strongest abilities!

Thankfully I stopped setting myself against him before. So what if we have to hand him a fifth of the mana crystals? After all, we arent suffering a loss, he gave us the method to deal with the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, we will still obtain more mana crystals than before even if we give him 20%.

More importantly, it made hunting a lot safer. There is almost no danger when handling those magic beasts now.

"Morgan, Morgan? What should we do now?"

Morgan was looking at the few-hundred-meter-big burnt black hole in the distance and almost soiled his pants. Arnaud was deathly pale on the side, he was at a loss as he asked for Morgans opinion.

After Arnaud asked, Morgan jumped down the hillside as if a magic beast had bit his bottom

"What else can we do? That Mafa Merlin is that powerful, so he must have discovered us. This is no good, we cant keep hiding, we have to quickly rush over. That guy is a lot stronger than Dedale.

"No, it should be very easy for him to get rid of Dedale. Can we afford to offend such a person? Lets hurry up!"

After saying that, Morgan rushed down the hill as if his pants were on fire, before quickly approaching Lin Yun.

Lin Yun sensed the figures coming from behind but didnt care. He had already noticed the Henry Family during the battle.

Back when he was unable to track Shaq down, he had sent out the Spirit Snake search, but he hadnt expected that it would find the Henry Family before Shaq.

Lin Yun was very clear about their plans, but he hadnt cared. It also came as no surprise when Morgan rushed over.

Morgan was rapidly approaching, burning with anxiety as he stealthily glanced at the few-hundred-meter-wide burnt black hole. His heart remained stuck in his throat as he sensed the remnants of the fires destruction aura.

Before Lin Yun could say anything, Morgan hurriedly explained.

"Sir Merlin, Im really sorry, we sensed the battles fluctuations and hastily rushed over, but we werent able to help before you finished the battle.

"I didnt think Sir Merlin was that powerful. That stupid Beastman actually dared to set himself against Sir Merlin, he must have been wanting to return to the embrace of the earth.

"No, these idiots wouldnt even have the opportunity to return to the earths embrace when facing Sir Merlin.

"Others said that Sir Dedale was the strongest human in the Raging Flame Battlefield, but they are just a bunch of idiots, Sir Merlin is the strongest. Getting rid of these Beastmen is really too easy, they followed the path to their own doom"

Morgan was scared witless. He was boot-licking, afraid that Lin Yun would remember that they had been watching from the sidelines without helping.

Arnaud awkwardly explained from the side, "Err, Sir Merlin, the speed at which you got rid of that foolish Beastman was too fast. We were actually thinking of repelling that muscle-brained idiot, but you actually killed him"

Hearing their explanations, Lin Yun casually waved his hand

"Its fine, that guy already died. Did you meet other Beastmen?"

Morgan inwardly relaxed when he heard that Lin Yun didnt really care.

Damn, that scared me to death. Fortunately, Sir Merlin isnt narrow-minded and doesnt bear a grudge against me. Who would have thought that he was that powerful.

Heaven Rank That was a true Heaven Rank powerhouse. And it was a Heaven Rank powerhouse using Extraordinary Power! A Bronze Beastman expert in defense, yet he actually killed him.

Morgan wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and didnt dare to think much as he promptly answered Lin Yuns question.

"Sir Merlin, we havent met other Beastmen, nor have we encountered other forces"

Lin Yun thoughtfully nodded.

"Then, have you gone to the temple again? Isnt it possible to exchange the mana crystals there? Have you not exchanged them for some things?"

Morgan shook his head.

"We havent, we have hunted too little magic beasts. We needed over a hundred mana crystals to open the door to the temple last time. Although we dont need the mana crystal to open the door and we can just exchange them at the entrance, the number of mana crystals we need wouldnt be any less.

"The things we would obtain would be no good if we trade in few mana crystals. We are planning on hunting Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts until their numbers dwindle before converting the mana crystals.

"Oh, right, this is your share of the mana crystals we have hunted these past few days. Based on the contract, those two are yours."

Morgan gave him two Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals. He didnt dare to show regret as he looked at those two mana crystals. In fact, the Henry Family had hunted seven Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts so far.

They had originally planned on hunting ten before coming to give Lin Yun his share. After all, according to the contract, they had to give him a fifth, with the 1st mana crystal of every set of five being given to Lin Yun, even if they had an incomplete set.

Whether they had seven or ten, they had to hand over two mana crystals, but they would clearly suffer a loss if they only hunted seven.

But Morgan didnt care at this time and hurriedly handed over the mana crystals while trying to gloss over what happened.

Lin Yun remained silent as he took the two mana crystals.

Morgan watched Lin Yun take the mana crystals and felt like he truly didnt care about what just happened. Thus, he boldly said, "Sir Merlin, a true Heaven Rank powerhouse had appeared amongst the Beastmen Lets agree on a contact method, just in case we encounter another group of Beastmen, we would be able to call for help that way.

"Next time you meet any Beastman, you can activate this crystal ball and we will be able to figure out the direction and a rough distance. We will absolutely rush over to help."

As he said that, Morgan took out a crystal ball and handed it to Lin Yun.

Morgan poured a wisp of mana within the crystal ball and an arrow immediately appeared, showing the way. There was also a number pulsating, displaying a rough distance.

Lin Yun looked at it and then put away the crystal ball.

Morgan sighed in relief.

Sir Merlin is too powerful, he can even kill true Heaven Rank powerhouses. Taking the crystal ball means that if we encounter any powerful Beastmen, hell definitely come to help.

True Heaven Rank powerhouses actually appeared among those damn Beastmen. Damn, we cant handle those Heaven Rank powerhouses, and they can actually use Extraordinary Power in the Raging Flame Battlefield Wasnt it said that this place had a natural pressure against the Heaven Rank? Really wretched information

After this matter was over, Morgan couldnt keep staying there. He followed Lin Yun and flattered him for over an hour, before discovering that the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were instantly eliminated, and, naturally, the loot had nothing to do with them.

Morgan and Arnaud led the Henry Family to leave while Lin Yuns group kept hunting.

Lin Yun had upgraded his Book of Mantras to the Extraordinary Grade after coming out of that shattered world, Xiuban, Reina, and everyone else had gotten stronger. Even the mage army got stronger, the few stragglers that had yet to advance to the Archmage realm finally advanced while hunting magic beasts.

Kurumu, the strongest mage and leader of the mage army had even advanced to the 3rd Rank. There were nine mages at the 2nd Rank, and everyone else was a 1st Rank Archmage.

Alone, any of these mages was comparable to an Archmage one or two ranks above their own. But it would lead to a qualitative change when they gathered together.