End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Scream

They once again encountered a Pseudo Heaven Rank Frost Ape, but Lin Yun only sent the mage army to fight it this time.

The hundred-meter-tall Frost Ape was leaking cold air, which created a layer of frost over the ground. The mages of the mage army all used Fire Elemental Incarnations and Flame Wings. Moreover, a fierce fire cloud seemed to form in the sky.

Arm-thick golden flames kept moving within the fire cloud. Every mage of the mage army had a different flaming rune appearing on the chest of their Fire Elemental Incarnation.

Kurumu coldly looked at the roaring Frost Ape in front of them and gently waved the Dragonscale Staff in his hand.

The elemental flames covering over three hundred meters submerged the entire mage army, and the glaring runes shone brightly within the fire cloud.

The golden flames linked all runes together, assembling them into a huge flaming array.

The fire cloud instantly throbbed like a beating heart. This made the Frost Apes face contort in fear. As if it felt some terrifying aura, it roared hesitantly.

Suddenly, a terrifying fire aura emerged from the fire cloud as flames full of destruction aura condensed. The Frost Ape could no longer wait and opened its mouth to spat out an Energy Sphere.

The ten-meter-big Energy Sphere was full of icy destruction power and even froze the moisture in the air. Fragments of ice started floating within several hundred meters.

If it had been before, the mage army would have immediately dodged the Frost Apes Energy Sphere.

These Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts Energy Spheres were their most powerful attacks. An energy sphere with destruction power could definitely destroy a hundred-meter-tall mountain. The mage armys arrays wouldnt have been able to block one without casualties before.

But now, Kurumu waved his Dragonscale Staff and the other mages, seemingly receiving some kind of command, instinctively started casting.

In an instant, the Joint Chant Array started echoing as every one of them was chanting an entirely different incantation. In less than a second, the fifty mages were divided into five groups of ten, each group chanting a different incantation.

The fifty mages were chanting different spells separately and the five groups chanting incantations were forming a new Joint Chant Array!

This was the mage armys newly mastered Double Joint Chant Technique. After everyone had advanced to the Archmage realm, they could barely use this Joint Chant technique.

The spell released was the signature spell of the famous Blazing Army, Summon Flame Giant!

The mage army had previously released that spell and it could be said to be one of their strongest spells, but they had only been able to summon half of the Flame Giants body, they hadnt been able to display a tenth of its true strength!

The several-hundred-meter-big fire cloud shrunk.

The Chaos Energy Sphere was about to hit the fire cloud when suddenly, a big flaming hand came out of it and ruthlessly swatted at that Energy Sphere.


Thunder kept echoing from the impact between the flaming hand and the Energy Sphere while shockwave-like huge smoke rings kept spreading out.

The air around the flaming hand and the Energy Sphere kept exploding and numerous silver white lightning bolts came into existence.

The Energy Sphere was like a colossus that had been provoked, its energies kept rebelling after being blocked and it seemed ready to explode at any time.

The formidable power kept pressuring the giant hand back, until another hand suddenly emerged from the fire cloud. The two hands firmly held onto that Energy Sphere and forcibly suppressed the Energy Sphere as it was expanding, apparently ready to explode.

A deep roar echoed from the fire cloud and created wind ripples. A terrifying head emerged from the fire cloud, that head had no mouth, only two eyes could be seen.

Then, the Flame Giants lava-like eyes glanced at the Energy Sphere in front of it and its flames sharply increased. The berserk flames followed the Flame Giants hands and covered the Energy Sphere, forcibly suppressing and containing the explosion.

Everyone watching the fight from a distance was shocked, a wisp of surprise could even be seen in Lin Yuns eyes.

Everything taught to the mage army was based on the future famous Blazing Army, those were the methods the Blazing Army would use to train new mages.

The methods were slow and progressive, but those with inferior power and inferior comprehension would have no way to understand them. Moreover, if there wasnt a tacit understanding during cooperation, the mages of the mage army wouldnt be able to be part of a whole and wouldnt be able to display such power.

Surprisingly, the mage army was already able to summon a complete Flame Giant, so he could teach them some other things.

That Flame Giant wasnt an elemental lifeform, it was in fact extremely condensed flames formed by the fusion of a few dozen fire spells.

Every part of the Flame Giant was controlled by an army mage. In other words, each of the parts had to be flawlessly controlled for that Flame Giant to exert the power of a true lifeform.

If their coordination hadnt reached a tacit understanding, then the Flame Giant would just become a live target as mages controlling adjoining parts might move in opposite directions.

But it seemed that they currently had perfect coordination and such a situation wouldnt occur.

Enderfa looked at the egg-like fire cloud transforming into a Flame Giant as if he was looking at a ghost.

"Damn, how did you teach them? The strongest among them is only a 3rd Rank Archmage while most of them are at the 1st Rank, yet they can actually block an Energy Sphere?!

"Although that Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast is flawed, its not completely trash Damn, the Energy Sphere has been suppressed before it could even explode

"Truly a bunch of lunatics. No, monsters With a monster like Merlin, those he taught would definitely be monsters too!

"Right, its like that"

Enderfa cursed and was no longer in the mood to watch. Before, Syudos had won the jackpot and became the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Book of Mantras, becoming a lot stronger than Enderfa

He got into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels inner world and sorted the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels runes, continuously increasing the power of the Spell Wheel to increase his abilities.

Lin Yun nodded with satisfaction. Although he already knew that this Frost Ape couldnt match the mage army, he hadnt expected the gap to be that big

The power the mage army could display was definitely comparable to a 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Just the Joint Chant Array ability could make them cast 8th Tier Spells faster than 1st Rank Heaven Mages!

Lin Yun now needed one to three seconds to cast an 8th Tier Spell, while the mage army could already cast an 8th Tier Spell in two seconds at their fastest!

But Lin Yun possessed three Core Meditation Law Sets, and two of them were Meditation Law Sets with the most formulas in Noscents history!

With the support of the strongest Magic Conducting Rune, the Magic Array, his casting speed was faster than the Magic Conducting Rune known to have the fastest casting speed, the Swift Star Mark!

And the mage armys casting speed was only a bit slower than Lin Yuns. And that was after all of them had finished advancing to the Archmage realm.

Since the Joint Chant Array had yet to appear in Noscent, this was an opportunity for the mage army to suddenly rise.

As Lin Yun thought of these matters, huge changes were already happening on the battlefield.

That Flame Giants body had fully exited the fire cloud, and the arms of the hundred-meter-tall Flame Giant were forcibly holding the Energy Sphere.

The Flame Giant suddenly roared, and its arms instantly doubled in size. It then roared once again and twisted its body before throwing the Energy Sphere suppressed by its flames.

A series of explosions echoed as that twenty-meter-big fireball instantly appeared several hundred meters away, flying at a terrifying speed.

After flying over several hundred meters, the flames split open and the Energy Sphere exploded, instantly halving a four-hundred-meter-tall mountain by shattering the upper part into fragments.

The Frost Ape was already terrified. It looked at the Flame Giant with fear, before turning in order to flee.

The Flame Giant hadnt even landed on the ground that several blue fireballs suddenly appeared under its feet. The fireballs exploded and propulsed the Flame Giant towards the Frost Ape.

The Frost Ape was already scared stiff and it just kept charging forward without looking back.

The Flame Giant only spent three seconds to cross over the two hundred meters separating it from the Frost Ape. After overtaking it, its huge flaming palms ruthlessly slapped the back of the Frost Ape, and a series of explosions instantly echoed from the Flame Giants palms.

The Frost Ape collapsed on the ground like a huge mountain. The Flame Giant took a step and ruthlessly whipped the Frost Apes body. Those flames were like a plague for the Frost Ape as they rapidly infected more than half of its body.

The white steam formed a thick white smoke, it was as if the Frost Apes body was evaporating.

The Frost Ape painfully screamed. It swung its arms, trying to counter attack, but it only saw two twenty-meter-big Flame Spears condensing in the hands of the Flame Giant.

The huge Flame Spears impaled the arms of the Frost Ape, viciously nailing them to the ground. The Flame Giant then condensed two extra Flame Spears and nailed the Frost Apes legs to the ground.

The Frost Ape screamed in panic. It tried to struggle but couldnt move its limbs, and thus, it could only open its mouth to cast another Energy Sphere.