End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1053

Chapter 1053 Comparing

But the Flame Giants flaming hands instantly grabbed the Frost Apes head. Flames spurted out of its hands like a volcanic eruption and covered the Frost Apes head.

Overbearing explosions loudly echoed and the struggling Frost Ape suddenly seemed to have lost its all strength. The Flame Giant let go, revealing the burnt black head of the Frost Ape.

The Flame Giants eyes coldly looked at the Frost Apes corpse before slowly standing straight.

While this side was fighting, there was also a battle a few dozen kilometers away.

Raphael was leading Sky Citys mages to flee like mad dogs while riding their floating fortress, not caring about drawing attention from Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

Raphael turned his head and saw black smoke coming out of a floating fortress as it fell towards the ground.

Sky Citys floating fortresses had a floating array carved into their magic metal main body. They would never touch the ground after they were manufactured. They would only hit the ground when they were destroyed.

Smoke coming out of the fortress and its downward trajectory meant that it was definitely destroyed.

The two mages flying the floating fortress didnt have time to escape as a dozen-meter-long Aura Slash was flying over from a distance.

The two Sky City mages didnt even have time to dodge before being sliced and burnt to ashes, leaving no traces of their bodies behind.

Raphaels eyes were red, he wanted to go over, but the two mages at his sides were forcibly holding him while the rest were pouring all their mana into the floating fortress. The floating fortress mechanical system was already red-hot from overheating, it looked as if it would explode at any time, but it didnt seem like they cared.

In the back, a tall undead-looking skinny and bony Beastman holding a 1.5-meter-long thin sword was rapidly flying towards Sky Citys people.

And a few kilometers behind, there was a group of tall and skinny Beastmen chasing, unwilling to let go. Their weapons were extremely different from the greatswords used by most Raging Flame Beastmen. In fact, it would be considered a barbecue skewer by most Beastmen.

Raphael clenched his teeth and looked at the pursuing Beastman with red eyes. He clearly had the aura of the Heaven Rank, as well as Extraordinary Powers fluctuations. This was the reason why Raphael had suffered a loss.

Even with the addition of the floating fortresses and the arrays formed by his floating fortress, he had been unable to resist. That was a true Heaven Rank powerhouse, one that could use Extraordinary Power!

A large river suddenly emerged, flowing towards the sky like a geyser. The dozen-meter-wide river turned into a wave that ruthlessly flowed towards the chasing Beastman.

That thin and tall Beastman sneered as he swung that thin sword in his hand. In an instant, a dozen 10-meter-long Aura Arrows flew and pierced that river. The river was torn apart in less than a second.

The large river exploded, revealing a pitch-black fog which enveloped the tall beastman.

The thin and tall Beastman sneered and his Extraordinary Power burst out, forming an invisible shockwave. The surrounding darkness was instantly torn apart.

In the distance, Morgan and Arnaud simultaneously groaned as they paled.

Their spells had been forcibly torn apart. The other side even injured them through their spells.

Morgan looked as if he had seen a ghost. He led the Henry Family to fly away alongside the floating fortresses and screamed at Raphael next to him, "Raphael! F*ck, how could you provoke that kind of guy! Since when does the Blood Bone Beastmen have a Heaven Rank powerhouse? Sh*t, its actually another Heaven Rank powerhouse able to use Extraordinary Power.

"We are dead, we are dead, sh*it, I shouldnt have jumped in to help you. That Undead-like b*stard is going to slaughter me"

Raphael had a dark expression, he didnt even dare to curse back at Morgan. After all, Morgan and Arnaud didnt hesitate to help, but they hadnt expected that Blood Bone Beastman to be that powerful. In one move, he managed to stop both of their spells.

Raphaels expression suddenly changed, "Another? Damn, did you meet another Beastman that could use Extraordinary Power? How did you survive?"

Morgan froze and immediately smiled before promptly roaring to the other members of the Henry Family.

"Fools, hurry up and fly to the floating fortress, Ill immediately contact a powerhouse for help. That stupid Beastman thinks he can casually chase us because he had advanced to the Heaven Rank?

"Sir Merlin will definitely burn these muscle-brained Beastmen to death"

While saying that, Morgan took out the crystal ball and comforted Raphael on the other side of the floating fortress.

"Sir Raphael, there is no need to worry, a Heaven Rank powerhouse is nothing. So what if he uses Extraordinary Power? Ive already come to an agreement with Sir Merlin. Hell definitely save us long as we encounter danger. A Heaven Rank is nothing Sir Merlin cant get rid of. Let me contact Sir Merlin first"

Morgan suddenly got confident and as he recalled Shaq being incinerated, Morgan no longer bothered to look at the chasing Blood Bone Beastman.

Thats just a fool, he actually dares to chase the great Morgan. Even Bronze Beastmen, the ones with the greatest defenses among Raging Flame beastmen, could only be burnt by Sir Merlin. A skinny Undead Beastman like you is actually chasing me?

Wait until Sir Merlin burns you to ashes

Morgan confidently activated the crystal ball and an arrow immediately appeared on the crystal ball, as well as a rough distance.

Seeing the crystal ball, Morgan proudly laughed.

Fortunately I was prepared, Sir Merlin definitely doesnt know that my crystal ball is the main body while the other is just a split body. The main body can show the direction and an approximate distance with a simple look.

Moreover, that crystal ball can display characters through mana. As long as Sir Merlin takes out the crystal ball, Ill be able to immediately convey what I want to say through mana.

Hmm, its only twenty kilometers. This is very good, itll take at most ten minutes to converge with Sir Merlin. That stupid Blood Bone Beastman will be screwed then.

A ray of light suddenly shone from the crystal ball. Morgan promptly transferred mana into it and a line of text formed on the crystal ball.

[Sir Merlin, Help! Im being chased by a stupid Blood Bone Beastman! And that guy is a Heaven Rank powerhouse that can use Extraordinary Power just like that foolish Bronze Beastman!]

Morgan sent the message and calmly waited for Lin Yuns answer.

Some time passed, but the crystal ball had yet to react. Cold sweat trickled down Morgans back as he glanced at the chasing Blood Bone Beastman.

How come Sir Merlin hadnt sensed it? No, Sir Merlin must have sensed the distress signal from the crystal ball, how come he hadnt answered?

Is he busy? Is he hunting Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts? Or did he meet another Beastman powerhouse?

No, Sir Merlin and his subordinates are too powerful, how could he not have seen this? The crystal ball had already connected

A faint mana fluctuation remained for ten seconds, and Morgans cold sweat started leaking out.

"Morgan, you idiot, what are you doing? Didnt you say you had a helper? Is your helper coming? That damned Blood Bone Beastman is catching up and our floating fortress mechanical system is about to explode"

Raphael stood on the other side of the floating fortress and loudly shouted through his clenched teeth.

Morgan wiped his cold sweat, he turned to glance at that sinister Blood Bone Beastman chasing them and lost all his confidence.

"Idiot, what are you yelling for? You think that powerhouse is like a subordinate of your Sky City? That you can summon him as you wish? How could it be that easy? I already contacted Sir Merlin, he is rushing over from that side. Fly east, Sir Merlin is over there!"

Morgan scolded Raphael, reluctant to admit his mistake. Cold sweat was dripping from his forehead. He kept pouring mana into the crystal ball, not letting the connection to the crystal ball disappear.

Raphael didnt feel like cursing at Morgan when he heard that help was on its way, he just kept pouring mana into the mechanical system of the floating fortress with a sullen expression.

Morgan was somewhat pale and his legs were somewhat shaking as he sensed the surging Extraordinary Power behind him.

But he kept pouring mana into the crystal ball to transmit his words.

[Sir Merlin, we are going to die, the Blood Bone Beastman is too powerful.]

[Sir Merlin, Help! That damned Blood Bone Beastman is disrespecting you! I said that you got rid of that Bronze Beastman Heaven Rank powerhouse named Shaq and he actually said that Shaq was a weakling and that he can take care of you in one hit.]

[Sir Merlin! If you dont rush over, Sky City and the Henry Family will be completely eradicated]

On the other side, Lin Yun was discussing with the mage army after their battle, he was pointing out the flaws in their casting and coordination before giving them a new array.

He couldnt help but chuckle when he saw the words continuously appearing within that crystal ball. He wasnt in a hurry to go help Morgan, he would rather continue explaining the new array, at least until he noticed the "Sky City" part of the message.

Lin Yun was moved and understood what happened. Morgan and the others should have merged with Raphaels group, but the big group was actually chased by a formidable Heaven Rank powerhouse.

The Blood Bone Beastman Tribe had no border with the Andlusa Kingdom, there was almost no Blood Bone Beastmen over there, and their understanding of Blood Bone Beastmen was quite lacking.

Although Blood Bone Beastmen were powerful, they werent as strong as Gold Beastmen. But this was considering their strength as a whole, it wasnt taking into account the difference in strength between individuals.