End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054 Blood Bone Beastman

But no matter how powerful that Beastman was, he couldnt crush Sky City and the Henry Familys forces that fast. The joint forces should be able to resist for a bit, they wouldnt be eliminated.

As this thought flashed in his mind, Lin Yun casually replied:

[I am quite busy.]

On the other side, Morgan was continuously using mana to send text messages when he suddenly received an answer. There were four words within the crystal ball.

[I am quite busy.]

Morgans expression turned green, before turning white. He foolishly looked back at the Blood Bone Beastman chasing them with murderous intent and felt cold sweat soaking his back.

Damn, what do you mean you are busy, please dont joke like that Sir Merlin, that enraged Blood Bone Beastman will skin me alive

I cursed at that Undead-like Blood Bone Beastman, hell definitely carve a few big holes in my body after catching up, he might even hang my head in his bedroom and show it off to his guests

"Morgan, how far is he? Our floating fortress mechanical system is about to explode, it has already exceeded its limits. We wont be able to escape once it explodes"

Raphael loudly roared from the other side of the floating fortress, his face was red and his neck muscles were bulging.

Morgan chuckled and answered, "There are still a few kilometers until we meet up with Sir Merlin, its on you if we die during those few kilometers!"

Hearing this, Raphael decisively gave an order to Sky Citys mages, "Push the floating fortress mechanical and weapon systems to their limits, use every possible speeding method! I wont hold you responsible if the floating fortress becomes a pile of scraps as long as it can last long enough. If it doesnt last, we will be killed by that Undead-like fool"

Sky Citys mages immediately supported it. They were using all their skills with red eyes, not only because they wouldnt be held responsible, but also because their lives were on the line.

The floating fortress internal frame was dismantled and some arrays were forcibly altered. Their modifications were all tailored to make the floating fortress fly over those last few kilometers at the fastest speed.

Only the weapon system and the mechanical system remained after a few seconds.

Apart from the components that could make the floating fortress move faster and endure those last few kilometers, everything else had been torn open and thrown away. Even the mechanical system had its circuits altered and was bursting with its last radiance.

Morgans complexion was turning increasingly paler as Sky Citys people began setting everything up for a last ditch effort.

Damnit, its over, its over. That foolish Raphael believed me, they are going all-out. Raphaels group will be screwed if Sir Merlin isnt there in a few kilometers.

They are all injured and will definitely be killed by that enraged Blood Bone Beastman when he catches up

The Henry Family definitely wouldnt be able to afford it if Sky Citys people learnt that I tricked their people.

Morgan felt like weeping as he threw another glance at the Blood Bone Beastman

He was thinking hard and suddenly got an idea when he felt an Aura Arrow flying above his head. He then rapidly used mana to write a sentence within the crystal ball:

[Sir Merlin, please help! Sky Citys last floating fortress is already about to be scrapped. Raphael has already been seriously injured, he wont last more than one minute after that Blood Bone Beastman catches up to him!]

[Eight Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals, thats all I have. This should be a good compensation for your losses. We will really die if you dont come]

Morgan hesitated after sending those message and added a line:

[There are still five intact Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts furs which could be made into magic scrolls, twelve bones that could be used as weapon materials, and twenty-eight bottles of blood from three different magic beasts. This should be enough to compensate for Sir Merlins current losses. Please just shake off the magic beast you are fighting or Raphael will really die!]

On the other side, Lin Yun was looking at the crystal balls messages with a puzzled expression.

Since when is Morgan so generous? So willing to help others?

Why is he so worried about Raphael dying? Even to the point of taking out all his Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals in order to get my help

It didnt look like the relationship between Morgan and Raphael was that good?

I didnt see them being that close before, did something happen?

Lin Yun thought about it but didnt understand. Last time, Morgan had been watching the battle from the side and hadnt jumped out until the battle was over, yet he was willing to spend so much to help Raphael.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldnt understand. Lin Yun no longer felt like scaring Morgan due those mana crystals.

That guy had been watching the battle from the side last time, not coming out to help. If he had watched the battle and left, Lin Yun would have understood, but he not only didnt help, he didnt leave, so how could Lin Yun not understand what Morgan had been thinking

He finished teaching the mage army and immediately used Flight to fly in the direction pointed out by the crystal ball.

His subordinates were chasing after him.

After flying for a few minutes, Lin Yun saw Sky Citys floating fortress and noticed the black smoke emitted from one side. Next to the floating fortress was a flying ship that was also rapidly flying over.

A berserk Beastman was stubbornly chasing them.

That clear Heaven Rank aura and that soul-pressuring Extraordinary Power clearly exceeded the limits of mortals. That power was on another realm. This showed that this was another Heaven Rank Beastman using Extraordinary Power.

Seeing Morgan as pale as a corpse on the floating fortress, Lin Yun knew that he had reached his goal of scaring him, and he had even won eight mana crystals and a pile of materials while doing so.

After brushing past the smoky floating fortress and the flying ship, Lin Yun took out the Book of Death and the Draconic Staff and a wave of mana instantly burst out.

The Purple Dragon Incarnation appeared, alongside the wheel shadow and its countless roaming runes. Lin Yun instantly used Windfire Elemental Incarnation.

Twelve ten-meter-big chaotic windfire vortexes revolved in a circle around Lin Yun and spurted out countless windfire spells. Those windfire spells transformed into twelve spellwaves that intertwined themselves as they flew towards the Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman.

That Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman originally didnt pay attention to Lin Yun since he clearly hadnt reached the Heaven Rank realm, but his expression suddenly changed when he saw those twelve intertwining spell waves forming a hundred-meter-thick spell storm.

He halted his rapid flight and swung his thin sword a dozen times. Aura condensed in the air and formed a net in front of him.

Then, taking advantage of the net made from Aura blocking the spell storm, his body swayed and his two shoulder bones extended out of his body. The magic patterns visible on the bones shone brightly.

In an instant, the Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastmans body was cut into five shadows. Each of the illusory shadows flew in a different direction to dodge.

One of the shadows suddenly condensed into a true body after flying two hundred meters away.

Lin Yun frowned. That Blood Beastmans strength was really strange, just like the Heaven Rank Bronze Beastman from before. It didnt look like a Beastman that had just advanced to the Heaven realm.

He had the strength of a powerhouse that had already stabilized his power. He just used the power of his innate magic patterns and added Extraordinary Power to instantly escape the suppression of the mana storm, and it made it look easy.

Blood Bone Beastmen and Bronze Beastmen represented two extremes among the Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane. The Bronze Beastmen represented extreme defense. For them, suffering no injury was an honor, while being injured meant that their strength was lacking.

Blood Bone Beastmen were different, their bodies were extremely thin and they looked just like Undeads wearing a layer of Beastman skin. Their weapons were also extremely thin swords.

Their speed was terrifyingly fast, and when their power was displayed to the extreme, even Gold Beastmen might not be their match in terms of pure destructive power.

But their weakness was also obvious, their bodies strength couldnt compare to other Beastmen, they would definitely be seriously injured in a direct confrontation.

However, just like Bronze Beastmen, their weakness was complemented when they advanced to the Heaven Rank.

Their innate magic patterns were on their bones, and before advancing to the Heaven Rank, their bones could only cover some vital parts of their bodies. But after advancing, their bones could even extend out of their bodies and form a Blood Bone Battle Armor. Not only could it reinforce their defense, it could also be used as a weapon in a melee battle.

The most important part was that their innate magic patterns would be able to display their strongest might at that time!

The Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman was relying on Phantom Flash to keep dodging Lin Yuns attacks in the sky. He wanted to counterattack, but was continuously pushed back by Lin Yuns spells and couldnt find an opportunity.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh"

Slashing sounds kept echoing as thin Aura Slashes kept flying towards Lin Yun from different directions.

Those condensed powerful Aura Slashes easily pierced through the spellwaves, but they were blocked by the layers of shields covering Lin Yun.

Even the occasionally treacherous Aura Slash filled with a large amount of Aura was blocked by Lin Yun.