End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Black Flames

Half a minute of probing later, Raphael and the others had already escaped, but Lin Yun hadnt found a suitable opportunity to attack that Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastmans main body.

Lin Yun frowned and controlled the spellwaves into a huge circle surrounding the body of the Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman and restricting his movements.

After a few seconds, that Blood Bone Beastman disdainfully sneered.

"Stupid guy, you want to trap me? You must not know about that famous saying in the Raging Flame Plane? Never try to trap a Blood Bone Beastman"

After saying that, the Blood Bone Beastman, used his flexible body and flashed three times around Lin Yuns spellwaves in provocation. Lin Yuns spellwaves didnt have much use against that terrifying guy.

Lin Yun sneered and ignored the Blood Bone Beastmans taunts. By the time the Blood Bone Beastman flashed out of the encirclement for the third time, an explosion suddenly burst out of the endless fire spells and they transformed into a several-hundred-meter-wide sea of flames.

The Blood Bone Beastman was still sneering.

"Stupid Human"

After saying that, the Blood Bone Beastman burst out with Aura. He swung his thin blade eight times and the thin Aura Slashes instantly pierced through the sea of flames. The Blood Bone Beastman followed the Aura Slashed in order to rush out of the sea of flames;

Lin Yun sneered, but didnt stop him.

A mournful scream suddenly echoed as the Blood Bone Beastman was halfway through the sea of flames.

Glaring Aura and Extraordinary Power burst out in an instant as the other side rushed out of the sea of flames, his body burning from ashen black flames.

The layer of Bone Armor covering his body looked as if it had suffered the decay of countless years and bone fragments were rapidly falling down.

The bone-corroding black flames had been burning on his back, but it took less than a second for his entire body to be engulfed in flames.

Bone-corroding black flames that specialized in burning bornes could very easily be expelled by other races if they were infected. After all, unless it reached the bones, the spreading rate of the bone-corroding black flames was very slow. When the flames were in contact with the skin, they only needed mana or Aura to dispel them.

But it was different for Blood Bone Beastmen. They could innately control their bones, and their bones could spread out of their bodies to form Bone Armors. The stronger they were, the greater the range of the Bone Armor.

Bones were like fuel to the bone-corroding black flames, as long as bones were infected, the speed at which they expanded and strengthened would increase exponentially, especially when the bones were that powerful..

Lin Yuns encircling spellwaves were like berserk flames, but these berserk flaming spells were only there to hide the bone-corroding black flames. It would be enough as long as a wisp of bone-corroding black flames infected him.

The Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman flew a few hundred meters away with a blood-curdling screech. It looked like Aura couldnt dispel the bone-corroding black flames. The ashen black flames seemed to be taking root in his bones and removing the Bone Armor wouldnt scatter the black flames.

The Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman suddenly roared, the layer of Bone Armor exploded and bones fragments were sent flying everywhere.

All the bones infected by bone-corroding black flames were shattered into pieces and left his body. The surface of his body was suddenly dripping with blood.

Those bones had all been extending out of his body, and it now looked like half of his bones had been shattered. The fierce pain made the Blood Bone Beastman pale.

The bones infected by the bone-corroding black flames lost the protection of the Beastman Aura after flying out. They were instantly wrapped in bone-corroding black flames and burnt into nothingness in less than four seconds.

After this, the Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman ruthlessly glared at Lin Yun and his body turned into five shadows that flew in five different directions.

In less than three seconds, the five illusory shadows disappeared over a kilometer away.

Lin Yun frowned and slightly hesitated. That Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastman had already escaped far in the distance.

The ability of that Blood Bone Beastmans innate magic patterns was something only a very small number of Blood Bone Beastmen could obtain. It was scattering illusory shadows which all had the exact same aura and exact same power fluctuations.

And with the Blood Bone Beastmens natural speed, a moment of hesitation was enough for him to escape.

Lin Yun sighed. Unfortunately, he had let the other side run away.

That Blood Bone Beastman was pretty strong and very arrogant, but he was also very alert. He also had a lot of willpower, enough to actually shatter his own Bone Armor.

Those bone-corroding black flames had been stealthily inserted in the sea of flames by Syudos in order to restrain the Blood Bone Beastman.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun had let the other side run away.

It was rumored that the Blood Beastmen shadow technique could divide into nine shadows when at its peak, each of them being fake and real at the same time.

As long they were attacked, the fake escaping illusory shadow would condense into reality. The other side would definitely be able to escape unless all shadows were eliminated at once.

That Blood Bone Beastman had a very powerful bloodline, he could already split into five phantoms and should be able to freely switch between any two of them.

The other side escaped his encirclement and injured himself to get rid of the bone-corroding black flames. Lin Yun simply couldnt keep up with his speed and couldnt simultaneously kill the five shadows, stopping him was no use.

After putting away his Magic Tool, Lin Yun turned to catch up with Raphael and Morgan. Morgan had a bitter and painful expression as he looked at Raphael.

Damnit, forget it, isnt it just a few Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals? I cant let Raphael take them out. If I speak, he will definitely want to shoulder everything.

But if I explain, the one who would get Raphaels favor would be Sir Merlin

A few Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals are nothing in front of the favor of Sky City

No, I cant let Sir Raphael know now, I can always let it slip later on.

Haha, when the time comes, Sir Raphael will be moved to tears when he learns that I paid the fees for his rescue out of my own pocket.

As long he left the Raging Flame Battlefield alive, Raphael will definitely repay me. I would obtain great benefits as long as a small part of Sky Citys purchases went through me.

Right, a few Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals are nothing.

Morgan took out a Spatial Ring as if he was cutting his own finger and then pulled a mage of the Henry Family over. He then lowered his voice and instructed, "Go, quietly give that ring to Sir Merlin. No, give it to one of Sir Merlins subordinates, do you see that one? That expressionless army mage. Go and give it to him."

Morgan looked hurt, but he didnt want Raphael to know, so he quietly made his subordinate deliver the mana crystals to Kurumu.

Seeing that they were safe, Raphael took out some Health Potions and started recovering.

After regaining some strength, he immediately gratefully thanked Morgan, "Sir Morgan, we are fortunate to have met you or we would have definitely died from that stupid Undead-like Beastman"

Raphael saw Morgans complex expression and inwardly sighed.

I always thought that the Henry Family was putting benefits before everything and that all of them only possessed the shrewdness of merchants. I really hadnt expected that Morgan would take the initiative to help when we were facing a Heaven Rank powerhouse. It looks like I misjudged him. Even though he has no injuries, his mana consumption should have been extremely severe.

"Sir Morgan, this is our Sky Citys Mana Floating Dragon Potion. It has pretty good mana recovery effects. You should drink and rest first"

Morgan happily received the potion and kept shaking his head"

"Its fine, its fine, I didnt do much"

Sure enough, Sir Raphael remembers my good deed. Fortunately, I didnt tell him about the mana crystals. Im too smart. Sir Raphael just started thanking me and gave me this Mana Floating Dragon Potion, a potion they had always kept concealed and never gave away.

Raphael sighed, he felt even more certain now.

I truly misjudged Sir Morgan, what a magnanimous person. Just a potion and he is so humble. He must be a good person taking pleasure in helping others. There are really too few of them nowadays, especially in the Henry Family, they are as rare as the feathers of a phoenix.

Morgan was lost in thoughts, longing for a beautiful future.

Raphael sighed, "Sir Morgan is truly an upright person. In contrast, Dylas from the Shadow Tower is truly a disappointment"

Lin Yuns expression changed.

"Sir Raphael, please tell us what you have encountered. After all, encountering a true Heaven Rank powerhouse is too abnormal.

"I met the Heaven Rank powerhouse of the Bronze Beastmen before, and he was also able to use Extraordinary Power.

"I think the Beastmen definitely have some special methods, otherwise there wouldnt be two Heaven Rank powerhouses appearing at once. Furthermore, it didnt look like they had just advanced to the Heaven Rank."

Raphael gritted his teeth. His eyes reddened as this matter was brought up.

"Those damned Beastmen, those Undead-like Blood Bone Beastmen are bordering Sky Citys territory in the Raging Flame Plane, so we are frequently clashing against each other.

"But we have always been suppressing them with the support of the floating fortresses and our arrays. Our Sky City is continuously taking control of their territories.

"They cant display their advantages against our Sky City, we could still suppress them after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"They could only escape in front of our floating fortresses and arrays.

"However, something unexpected happened after coming out of that broken world. We encountered the Blood Bone Beastmen again, but that fool had already advanced to the Heaven Rank. Moreover, he could still use Extraordinary Power in this Raging Flame Battlefield.

"That damned guy He is a Heaven Rank powerhouse, yet he still sneak attacked us and instantly destroyed our two floating fortresses and killed a mage in charge of the arrays.

"Then, a large group of Blood Bone Beastmen appeared. And under the pressure of that Heaven Rank Blood Bone Beastmen, we couldnt borrow the power of the arrays and could only escape.

"We encountered the Shadow Tower during our escape.

"I originally thought that we could at least resist a bit by joining hands with the Shadow Towers people and wouldnt be so powerless against those bony Beastmen.

"But I hadnt expected that just as we prepared to counterattack, that cowardly Dylas noticed the presence of a Heaven Rank powerhouse and immediately escaped.

"That damned guy threw away the honor of Mankind, abandoned the honor of the Odin Kingdom, he is a disgrace.

"No human in the Raging Flame Plane flees before a fight starts. That stupid b*stard, I must make him pay the price before he leaves this place!

"We had even greater losses because the Shadow Tower fled before the start of the battle. We lost six floating fortresses, and ultimately, even our spares were used until only one remained.

"I might have already fallen if not for Sir Morgan and Sir Arnaud from the Henry Family.

"Our Sky Citys losses were already disastrous, we had used too much mana. Moreover, the people Sir Morgan brought werent a match for that Beastman.

"Fortunately, Sir Merlin appeared. If not for your help, that hateful Blood Bone Beastman would have definitely used his speed to kill us little by little.

"Sir Merlin, I really dont know how to express my gratitude"

Raphael was choking with emotions as he said those words. As the one leading Sky Citys forces below the Heaven Rank, his position wasnt lower than a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Forces put emphasis on nurturing powerhouses, but only the most outstanding powerhouses could hold a position before advancing to the Heaven Rank.

In the Raging Flame Plane, Raphael has been having a smooth sailing while leading Sky City. The other forces of the Odin Kingdom were also very polite towards Sky City, including the Burning Tower. Even if they were a bit more powerful than Sky City, the Burning Tower was still respecting Sky City.

This train of thought almost killed everyone this time. They hadnt expected that the Shadow would unhesitantly ditch them.

They hadnt expected that the Shadow Tower, a force of the Odin Kingdom, would run away from an ally and lead them into a trap while someone from the opposing Andlusa Kingdom would save them.

Raphaels emotions were complicated. He couldnt really accept this contrast. He was actually very disappointed in the members of the Odin Kingdom. If not for Morgan and Arnaud timely appearances, he would have already broken ties with the Odin Kingdom.

Hearing Raphaels words, Lin Yun thoughtfully nodded.