End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Elemental Spheres

"Sure enough, I guessed right. That Blood Bone Beastman wasnt Sir Raphaels opponent before, but it suddenly got strong enough to suppress Sir Raphael and even mount a sneak attack. This is inconceivable.

"A powerhouse that advanced to the Heaven Rank cant suddenly become that strong, even if the gap between the Heaven realm and the Archmage realm was huge.

"Sir Raphael is already one step into the Heaven Rank, you are only missing the final transformation and the ability to control Extraordinary Power. That Blood Bone Beastman just transformed before you and obtained Extraordinary Power.

"This is wrong, a powerhouse that just advanced to the Heaven Rank shouldnt grasp Extraordinary so smoothly.

"If one wanted to use Extraordinary Power in a fight, they would need to adapt for some time. The comprehension of laws isnt something that could be gained in a day or two.

"The Bronze Beastman I recently encountered was also like that, he didnt have the aura of someone that just advanced to the Heaven Rank and he clearly understood enough of the Laws when he used Extraordinary Power.

"I dont believe that the Beastmen are all geniuses like that. It might be possible if it was just one, but two in a row definitely meant that these Beastmen have some sort of a special method!

"Furthermore, that Blood Bone Beastman already mastered the innate Shadow Split technique of his race, and its at a very high level. Its not something pure bloodline and effort can accomplish!"

Raphael was disappointed and resentful, he looked at Lin Yun in shock and said, "Morgan previously said that Sir Merlin encountered a Heaven Rank Beastman, a Bronze Beastman that could use the full power of the Heaven Rank? Do you know his name?"


Raphael was in disbelief.

"Shaq?! That stupid guy? He actually advanced to the Heaven Rank? And he could actually use his innate ability? I met that guy before and he couldnt even attack back. If not for his formidable defenses, he would have already died under my floating fortress

"Just what is behind those Raging Flame Beastmen sudden progress to the Heaven Rank

"We will be screwed if we cant figure out the reason"

Lin Yun frowned and suddenly recalled something. He then asked Raphael with a solemn expression, "Sir Raphael, you have a better understanding of the Raging Flame Beastmen, do you know which tribes entered the Raging Flame Battlefield this time? And their leaders?"

Raphael nodded, Sky Citys intelligence definitely had that information.

"The strongest are the Gold Beastmen and their leader is the tribes famous General. He is just a step away from the Heaven realm. The leader of the Bronze Beastmen was Shaq, but you already killed him.

"The leader of the Blood Bone Beastmen is Baolo, and he was also a step away from the Heaven Rank. But he has already advanced.

"The Black Iron Beastman Tribes leading powerhouse is also a powerhouse half a step into the Heaven Rank

"The Barbarian Beastman Tribes

"Hold on, Sir Merlin, you arent saying"

Raphaels expression suddenly froze, cold sweat trickled down his forehead

Lin Yun frowned, a terrible expression on his face.

"Thats right, Sir Raphael, the Raging Flame Beastmens tribes that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield are all led by powerhouses half a step into the Heaven realm, and they only miss that last step to finish their transformation and control Extraordinary Power.

"How many of such powerhouses are there?"

Morgan was confused.

"What the hell are you talking about? How come I dont understand?"

Raphael had a bitter expression as he shook his head at Morgan and wryly smiled.

"There are a total of nine Raging Flame Beastmen half a step into the Heaven Rank that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"At first we thought that they dispatched the strongest people they could dispatch because Heaven Rank powerhouses couldnt enter the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"But now, it looks like this isnt the case, their goal isnt the same as ours

"Nine powerhouses half a step in the Heaven Rank Sir Morgan, both Shaq of the Bronze Beastmen and Baolo of the Blood Bone Beastmen were among those nine.

"And both of them advanced to the Heaven Rank, even breaking through the limitations of the Raging Flame Battlefield and using Extraordinary Power.

"Do you understand what that means?"

No matter how stupid Morgan was, how could he not understand? His face turned pale and he started stammering, "You You mean The Raging Flame Beastmen might have nine Heaven Rank powerhouses here? And Heaven Rank powerhouses that can use Extraordinary Power?"

Raphael bitterly smiled and nodded.

"We are screwed, completely screwed. Even if Sir Merlin is powerful and already got rid of Shaq, Sir Merlin hasnt advanced to the Heaven Rank. We would only die if we get attacked by eight Heaven Rank powerhouses

"Sir Dedale is very powerful and can compare to a Heaven Rank powerhouse, but defeating a Heaven Rank powerhouse using Extraordinary Power would be very difficult for him.

"And thus, we are screwed. Eight Heaven Rank powerhouses using Extraordinary Power, they are unparalleled existences in the Raging Flame Battlefield"

The group looked defeated, they seemed to have lost all hope.

Lin Yun shook his head.

"Impossible, all nine powerhouses wont rise at the same time. No matter what method they use, its absolutely impossible.

"The Raging Flame Beastmens understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield might surpass ours by far and they dispatched a group of powerhouses half a step in the Heaven Rank because they knew some of its secrets.

"There must be something here, a method that allowed them to finish the last transformation, but it definitely wont be that easy.

"Otherwise there would be multiple Heaven Rank powerhouses coming out everytime the Raging Flame Battlefield was opened.

"If they had that many Heaven Rank powerhouses, how could we suppress the Raging Flame Beastmen?

"I remember Shaqs words, the reason why he was able to use Extraordinary Power in the Raging Flame Battlefield was due to the Beastmens blessings.

"So he must have been to the temple. Do remember what that old Beastman said? We can use those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystal to trade for things.

"I think they completed the last step of their transformation there.

"Even if we cant find the secret, the fastest way to increase our strength is to use those Pseudo Heaven Magic Beasts mana crystals and trade for items.

"Maybe we can find a way to resist the Raging Flame Beastmen there."

Lin Yuns words gave hope to Morgan and Raphael.

Raphael almost jumped up, his eyes shining.

"Yes, if several Heaven Rank powerhouses could appear every time the Raging Flame Battlefield was opened, then the numbers of powerhouses the Raging Flame Beastmen possessed must be terrifying.

"How could we suppress them like that if they had that many Heaven Rank powerhouses, how could we conquer the Raging Flame Plane

"They definitely used some special method, they know that their defeat was a foregone conclusion, so they used some method to make those powerhouses with one foot into the Heaven Rank, but unable to complete that last transformation, advance to the Heaven realm.

"This is their last counterattack, this is their goal!

"Not only would they gain a lot of Heaven Rank powerhouses, they would also be able to kill us there!

"The leaders of every tribe that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield are the strongest Beastmen under the Heaven Rank of their tribes, the most talented ones with the prospect of advancing to the Heaven Rank.

"It would be a huge blow to our side if powerhouses able to display the power of the Heaven Rank at the Archmage realm like Sir Dedale and Sir Merlin fell in the Raging Flame Battlefield. Those stupid Beastmen would seize the opportunity to counterattack and might make a few of our Heaven Rank powerhouses fall"

Lin Yun inwardly nodded

The Raging Flame Beastmen had been living in the Raging Flame Plane for such a long time, they definitely knew a lot of secrets and possessed a lot of tricks mankind was unaware of.

Mankinds side would be completely eliminated if these nine Beastmen all advanced to the Heaven Rank, they would have no chance.

And with nine more Heaven Rank powerhouses, the Raging Flame Beastmen would inevitably counterattack and quite a few of Mankinds Heaven Rank powerhouses would fall.

They might have to give up on the territories they were currently occupying, and after disastrous losses, it might not be impossible for the humans to be driven away after a final battle.

After thinking about it for a bit, Lin Yun felt that this was a huge plan thought by the sages of the Beastman Tribes.

The special nature of the Raging Flame Battlefield isolated this place, if there really were nine Heaven Rank powerhouses capable of using Extraordinary Power killing the humans within this plane, then no information would leak out.

The humans wouldnt know of the current situation while the Raging Flame Beastmen would take advantage of this to counterattack.

Lin Yuns expression wasnt good. Even if the Book of Mantras had reached the Extraordinary Grade, facing eight Heaven Rank powerhouse was still a dead end.

Moreover, Syudos could only display the power of the 1st Rank of the Heaven realm when using the Book of Mantras. After all, he was only controlling a portion of the book.

Even if Lin Yun went all-out and faced those eight Heaven Rank powerhouses, he would, at best, bury two or three along with him.

The only way to break through this scenario was the temple.

Soon, Lin Yuns group pooled all their mana crystals together in order to see what they could exchange in the temple.

They didnt come across any Beastman after rushing to the temple, there was no Beastman lying in ambush there.

After reaching the door of the temple, Lin Yun put 1 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystal on the platform and a halo instantly covered the platform.

The rays of light converged into a screen listing all kinds of things. There was a short introduction next to the items, and further on the side, the number of mana crystals needed to trade for the items could be seen.

1 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystal could only be traded for some materials, and these materials could be found within the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Lin Yun put his, Raphael, and Morgans mana crystals on the platform and the screen suddenly expanded.

A long list of items suddenly appeared below those materials. The list kept expanding, clearly marking the number of mana crystals required for every item.

[Eternal Gold Essence (1 piece) 2 Mana Crystals]

[Magic Flame Flower 5 Mana Crystals]

[Spatial Quartz 10 Mana Crystals]

[Magellans Hatchet 38 Mana Crystals]

[Flame Dragon Scales Shield 45 Mana Crystals]

The long list of items made everyones eyes shine.

Morgan suddenly pointed at one Magic Tools name and shouted, "Bible of Darkness! F*ck its actually the Bible of Darkness! Thats a True Spirit Magic Tool that disappeared over ten millennia ago! I heard legends about it, I really didnt expect that the Bible of Darkness would actually be here!

"And its Incarnation is intact! With that True Spirit Magic Tool, I can contend with Heaven Rank powerhouses! Even if I cant defeat one of those Raging Flame Beastmen, I wont fall.

"Moreover, it is said that the Bible of Darkness contains many powerful lost darkness spells. If I can master those darkness spells, I might be able to defeat one of the Heaven Rank Beastmen!

"Sir Merlin, exchange for that thing please, its only 43 mana crystals!"

On the side, Arnold was staring at a drop-like Magic Tool and his eyes rapidly turned red.

"Sea Gods Tear, heavens, wasnt that True Spirit Magic Tool destroyed during the Nesser Dynastys reign? How could it appear here?

"It is said that this was created when the Sea God condensed a Water Elemental Plane. It would form a pure water world when roused by mana and could even transform into an ocean when at its peak.

"With that thing, I would be able to display my peak power at any time and I wouldnt have to slowly gather power over the course of a battle.

"No, with that Sea Gods Tear, I would be able to display ten times my peak power!

"88 mana crystals! This isnt expensive at all!"

Raphaels eyes also shone, his fingers were shivering as he pointed at a True Spirit Magic Tool. It consisted of six spheres of various colors flickering with a different kind of power.

"Sir Merlin, this, it has to be this. This is the core of the famous Hexagram Array, those are the purest elemental spheres.

"These six things would form the Hexagram Array when combined, and from the descriptions, these six elemental spheres all have Magic Tool Incarnations.

"With the Hexagram Array, that Baolo definitely will be pressured to his death, his speed would be useless in front of it.

"It only needs 110 mana crystals, we have just enough for those six elemental spheres!"