End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 Trade

The few of them were looking at Lin Yun with red eyes, they wanted Lin Yun to trade for the True Spirit Magic Tool they fancied.

Lin Yun hadnt paid attention to these Magic Tools, he was looking at something on the list of materials.

[Beast Gods Blood.]

The introduction was very simple, it was a drop of blood of Beast God Norabis, there was nothing else written there.

A strange light flickered in Lin Yuns eyes.

There were twelve Beast Gods worshipped by the Beastmen, but at Noscents end, Lin Yun had read a detailed report in the decaying library.

Only one Beast God was called Beast God by mankinds mages, Beast God Norabis.

Only Norabis was ranked about the seventy two Gods, while the Beast Gods worshipped by the Beastmen were in fact Norabis entourage, the subordinates that followed Beast God Norabis.

It wasnt as if Lin Yun hadnt obtained God Blood before, but that God Blood was different from Norabis.

Beastmen had Norabis bloodline. His bloodline had actually been spread far and wide and no other God could compare to him in terms of inheritance.

Constances bloodline inheritors were pitifully few in numbers, and most of them didnt have any special talent.

But the Beastmen with Norabis bloodline focused on the power of their bloodline. They almost all had some special talent, and each of them had innate magic patterns from which they could inherit some abilities from their bloodline.

After recalling some records of the decaying library, Lin Yun looked at the Beast Gods Blood with a strange expression.

In the records it was written that Beastmen had been frantically gathering Norabis blood and wanted to use it in order to revive him!

Constances skull was the source of his power, and the greatest power up Lin Yun obtained from fusing with it wasnt a sudden boost in strength, but an increase in potential.

Norabis source of power was his bloodline. Each and every drop of blood contained Norabis control over Laws, disseminated within his blood.

Especially Norabis hearts blood, it even contained a fragment of Norabis soul and mind power.

After a few millennia, the Beastmen gathered a large amount of Norabis blood, and even managed to gather a drop of the precious hearts blood.

Using that drop of hearts blood as a catalyst and relying on the fragment of soul power, the Beastmen used a sinister ritual and offered a large number of lives as sacrifices in order to revive Norabis through the blood and the drop of hearts blood.

Unfortunately, the resurrection could be considered both a success and a failure.

The revived Norabis didnt have a complete soul. Using a fragment of soul and mind, Norabis was only able to converge some fragments of his soul.

Moreover, the Beast Gods blood was incomplete, it accounted for 10% of Norabis blood at best.

But even so, Norabis power greatly surpassed the Heaven Rank.

Unfortunately, his soul and mind power were too damaged and Norabis didnt recover his wisdom. It was only a powerful half ancestral Beastman, he was just like a magic beast devoid of intelligence.

The Beastmen clearly hadnt expected that situation back then, they thought that they only needed a drop of hearts blood containing a fragment of soul power and mind power in order to summon the fragments of Norabis soul fragments.

Unfortunately, it was a huge failure and they lost most of their forces to Norabis. Its power had surpassed the Heaven Rank, but it had lost its wisdom. The Beastmen were the first to suffer from that disaster.

After being revived, Norabis went on a rampage, and no less than three large planes controlled by the Beastmen were thoroughly destroyed. It was instinctively seeking its other soul fragments and its blood as it killed its way into Noscent.

Then, a bitter war happened. Norabis resurrection could be considered failed, but he had still been a God. This attracted all those powerhouses that researched the true essence of mana.

Even with the large number of powerhouses acting together, it took no less than half a year. Over a hundred Heaven Rank powerhouses fell, and even one existence surpassing the Heaven Rank fell.

After all, Noscent had developed very fast in the next few millennia, the amount of Heaven Rank powerhouses then far surpassed the current era, even if it hadnt reached the stage where Heaven Rank powerhouses were everywhere.

Every forces Heaven Rank powerhouses were the same as now, their greatest effect was intimidation and they would rarely appear personally.

Over a hundred Heaven Rank powerhouses fell in order to stop the wisdom-less Norabis in the northernmost desolate ice field.

Space was shattered at the end of the desolate ice field, and the ice that had accumulated for a countless amount of time had disappeared, replaced by a big hole that led to the endless void.

This continuous war affected the entire Noscent world. All kinds of disasters kept happening, causing huge losses.

Ultimately, an old powerhouse surpassing the Heaven Rank stood out. He had already reached the Heaven Rank during the Nesser Dynasty and his legend was still known to this day.

No one had expected him to still be alive. Unfortunately, he had received a wound he couldnt recover from and his life was reaching its end after ten millennia.

Thus, he sacrificed his life and power, he used his soul to make a cage and dragged Norabis from Noscents northernmost ice field into the cage, before disappearing into the void alongside Norabis.

The battle then stopped, but the aftermath of the battle still affected Noscent for over a hundred years.

The losses were just that big, and Noscents mages targeted the Beastmen in bloody reprisal. Countless mages roused their laboratory magic battleships with red eyes and rushed out of Noscent.

In bloody reprisal, they annihilated a large number of Beastmen and fought over their various planes.

Some even said that Noscents Planar Colonization Era truly started at that time.

The resurrection of Norabis was the starting point of a series of future developments and the boom of Noscents Magic Era.

As the God with the strongest bloodline, Norabis blood contained things that far exceeded other Gods. Most importantly, those Beastmen possessed Norabis bloodline, and after fusing with a drop of Norabis blood, their bloodlines innate gift would greatly strengthen and the fusion wouldnt be an issue.

The reason why these Beastmen were advancing to the Heaven Rank should be due to the Beast Gods Blood.

The Beast Gods Blood helped them accomplish their final transformation and even increased the power of their bloodline. The power contained within the blood even made them rapidly grasp the power of the Heaven Rank.

Most importantly, the Beast Gods Blood contained a fragment of Law, this was the reason why they could directly control Extraordinary Power.

For a very long time, there was no clear concept regarding Extraordinary Power; but in the end, it was grasping the power of Laws.

Lin Yun threw a strange look at that Beast Gods Blood while the people next to him were about to start fighting.

Everyones Pseudo Heaven Ranks mana crystals had been pooled together to reach a total of 110 mana crystals. If they were traded for any of the True Spirit Magic Tool that they fancied, then there wouldnt be enough for someone elses True Spirit Magic Tool.

"Why should you be the first to trade for the Magic Tool you want? After I get a new True Spirit Magic Tool, not only will I be able to fight a Heaven Rank powerhouse, I would even survive the siege of two Heaven Rank powerhouses and escape. Let go, okay?

"Fool, as long as I trade for that set of True Spirit Magic Tools, Ill be able to set up an array that can pressure a Heaven Rank powerhouse to death!"

"Dogsh*t, you think Heaven Rank powerhouses are pets? That theyll obediently walk into your array?"

Lin Yun raised his head and suddenly said, "You dont need to quarrel, I already found how those Raging Flame Beastmen advanced to the Heaven Rank."

Lin Yuns words instantly silenced the arguing men and they all started watching Lin Yun attentively, their eyes shining.

True Spirit Magic Tools might be good and might allow them to instantly power-up, but a True Spirit Magic Tool is only a True Spirit Magic Tool, it couldnt compare to them directly advancing to the Heaven Rank.

They wouldnt have to flee in defeat even if they were unable to obtain the Beast Gods blessings and were unable to use Extraordinary Power in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

They could even use their own True Spirit Magic Tool to defeat a Heaven Rank Beastman.

Apart from a few Beastmen with extremely powerful bloodlines, most Beastmen werent their opponents when at the same rank.

The mages that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield were powerful existences, especially the leaders of the forces, they could be said to be the strongest under the Heaven Rank in every force.

As long as they advanced to the Heaven Rank, they would definitely be the Beastmens match.

Increasing their strength was better than trading for True Spirit Magic Tools.

More importantly, that was advancing to the Heaven Rank!

As long as they didnt die in the Raging Flame Battlefield, they would still be Heaven Rank powerhouses once they were out. Whether it was position or future prospects, or even for benefits, it wasnt something a True Spirit Magic Tool could compare to.

Morgans eyes were green, as if they were about to release light. He kept searching through the list.

"Sir Merlin, which one? What thing can make those Beastmen advance to the Heaven Rank?"

Lin Yun pointed at the Beast Gods Blood on the list.

"Those Beastmen should have advanced to the Heaven Rank due to that Beast Gods Blood. They fused with a drop of Beast Gods Blood and that allowed them to complete the transformation, even greatly increasing their fighting strength.

Morgan was somewhat worried, "Then what are we thinking about? Trade for that Beast Gods Blood. We can all advance to the Heaven Rank as long as we fuse with it!

"How could those brainless idiots be our opponents then?"

Lin Yun shook his head.

"It is indeed possible for these Beastmen to advance to the Heaven Rank by fusing with the Beast Gods Blood, but those Beastmen can easily fuse with it because they have the bloodline of the Beast God. We are humans, directly merging with the Beast Gods Blood would most likely result in the bloodline invading our bodies and killing us in a gruesome way.

"Even if we luckily survive, the bloodline would still invade our bodies and we would become monsters that are neither humans nor Beastmen"

Morgans expression suddenly sank.

"Its the same as not saying anything! I would rather die here than become a monster"

Raphael thoughtfully looked at the Beast Gods Blood before asking a question, "I heard that Sir Merlin is an Artisan expert in potioneering, since Sir Merlin pointed out that Beast Gods Blood, I presume that Sir Merlin can find a way to use this Beast Gods Blood?"

Lin Yun didnt deny and nodded.

"With the power of alchemy, I could process the Beast Gods Blood to make it mergeable with humans in order to complete the final transformation to become a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"I have some clues, but I wont be able to guarantee it before obtaining the Beast Gods Blood. I would also need a lot of other things as supplements and the energy spent would be huge.

"Most importantly, I need a special area and special tools"

Morgans wisdom instantly peaked as he unhesitantly said, "Sir Merlin, as long as you can process that Beast Gods Blood, Ill give you a fifth of the Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals we obtain. Youll get one for every set of five, even incomplete sets.

"Trade for a drop of blood, as long as I can fuse with it, this fifth will be added to our previous contract and Ill give you 40% of the mana crystals we get.

"What do you think?"

Lin Yun was a bit stunned as he glanced at Morgan, How come that guy is suddenly so straightforward?

Morgan had a resolute expression, but he was laughing inwardly.

Damn, I previously always regretted giving a fifth to Mafa Merlin, but after obtaining the method to hunt those magic beasts, not only has the danger been reduced, the hunting speed had greatly increased.

Even if I have to hand over a fifth, Ill get more mana crystals than before.

More importantly, Sir Merlin didnt say that the contract would still be valid in the future.

The profits of our Henry Family would greatly increase next time we come to the Raging Flame Battlefield.

This is a profitable transaction with no downside. So what if we have to give one more fifth?

With my current power, I might still be unable to advance to the Heaven Rank within a few dozen years. I might even die of old age before reaching the Heaven Rank.

There have been many innately powerful powerhouses who ended up stuck at the last step.

My status within the Henry Family will greatly increase as long as I advance to the Heaven Rank, and there would be too many benefits to count.

Personal strength is the most reliable strength. Heaven Mages and Archmages are two different concepts

In any case, even if it looks like Im making losses by following Sir Merlin, I would ultimately profit. How could there be such a good transaction, haha, the others definitely wont understand.

Raphael must be reluctant

Morgan proudly glanced at Raphael, before looking at the doubtful Arnaud with a feeling of superiority.