End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 Experimen

Raphael suddenly laughed.

"Sir Merlin, we gathered the needed Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals for the first drop of Beast Gods Blood, and most of the mana crystals belong to Sir Merlin.

"It is safe to say that this drop of Beast Gods Blood should be merged with Sir Merlin. Moreover, we need Sir Merlin to personally refine the Beast Gods Blood to make it safe

"That drop of Beast Gods Blood could be considered Sir Merlins experiment, if there are some results, Sir Merlin can decide how to use that drop of Beast Gods Blood.

"If its successful, I hope that Sir Merlin would help us process Beast Gods Blood once we have gathered enough mana crystals. Then, Ill be giving Sir Merlin a fifth of the mana crystals I earn as a reward.

"Ill also send all the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts materials as a reward for Sir Merlin.

"Of course, 40% just like Morgan would do"

Morgans expression changed after hearing Raphaels words.

Lin Yun smiled and casually said, "I previously had a deal with the Henry Family, I unexpectedly discovered the weak points of those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, and hunting them has become a lot easier with it.

"I told the Henry Family this method in exchange for a fifth of their mana crystals.

"If Sir Raphael is interested, we can have the same deal.

"As for the Beast Gods Blood, Im still not certain whether it can be processed by alchemy to the point where it could fuse with humans, I need to experiment first."

Raphaels expression remained resolute.

"Sir Merlin, whether its a success or a failure, I wont change my decision. I cant make you exert yourself in vain, the Beast Gods Blood is the blood of the Beast God after all. Im also an alchemist, albeit proficient in the field of array, I do understand the difficulty.

"If Sir Merlin can process the Beast Gods Blood, Ill give you a fifth of the mana crystals we hunt as a reward, along with the magic beasts materials."

Morgan looked worried.

Damn, that b*stard bloodsucking Raphael, he is good at doing business. Isnt he an alchemist of Sky City? Shouldnt his brain be only filled with arrays? How could he be so shrewd

Sh*t, he definitely tricked me, that profiteer actually jumped onto my business.

Morgan, unwilling to be outdone, immediately offered a higher bid.

Raphael and Morgan simply couldnt compromise on this matter. Whoever was the first to advance to the Heaven Rank would obtain more benefits and their self-defense abilities would greatly increase.

After all, one of them could always be killed by the Beastmen before advancing to the Heaven Rank

The two rapidly piled benefits upon benefits for Lin Yun, and their attitude made it impossible for others to look down on them.

Lin Yun was embarrassed.

"I see, lets trade for the Beast Gods Blood first. We can discuss the rest after it has been successfully refined."

Raphael and Morgan immediately stopped their quarrelling.

Lin Yun pointed at the icon of the Beast Gods Blood and a hundred mana crystals disappeared from the table.

Rays of light rapidly flickered on the platform, interweaving until they formed a golden light sphere. The golden light sphere then slowly dispersed, revealing a stone bottle floating in midair containing a drop of golden blood.

After collecting the stone bottle, Lin Yun opened the door to the Demiplane and left after saying a few sentences.

He needed a lot of alchemy equipment to study the Beast Gods Blood, and he also couldnt be disturbed. It couldnt be done in the Raging Flame Battlefield, the only suitable location was the Demiplane.

A smile appeared on Lin Yuns face after entering the Demiplane.

There had been a complete record of the method to handle Beast Gods Blood in the future. Some alchemists had already been researching the blood of the Beast God before the Beastmen started crazily plundering the scattered Beast Gods Blood.

Beastmen could use Beast Gods Blood to complete the last step of the transformation into the Heaven realm, but other races couldnt.

How could those crazy alchemists not research this matter in the future.

The complete method had been recorded.

There was a complete record on the method to refine Beast Gods Blood to make it safe for humans to use the power behind the Beast Gods Blood to complete their transformation.

But the content that could enter the desolate library was only the final conclusion, there was no other details recorded. There was only the recipe, nothing regarding the thought process.

But now, he just needed to follow the complete method and complete the refinement so that humans could fuse with it.

But Lin Yun himself couldnt use this method, only a powerhouse half a step in the Heaven Rank could use this method.

Moreover, that method did have some side-effects.

Using the Beast Gods Blood to advance, would cause one to have a flaw in their comprehension. It wouldnt be a big influence at the lower ranks of the Heaven realm, but the stronger one was, the greater the impact.

After all, if that final steps transformation didnt rely on the foundation one established, it would transform into huge trouble.

Archmages were crowding the streets when Noscents development was at its peak. At that time, a large number of planes had been colonized and the Mana Baptism Potion had already been invented. With such a large number of Archmages, the amount of Heaven Mages also increased exponentially.

At that time, only some old Archmages dying of old age would use the Beast Gods Blood to complete the transformation.

Slightly younger Archmages would never use this method as long as their lives hadnt reached their end.

After all, there was no problem with their constitution in that era, everyone was a mage and had hope of becoming an outstanding powerhouse. Who would use a method like this that ruined their future?

But in this era, the effect of the Beast Gods Blood could be considered negligible. The Planar Colonization Era could be said to have just started, it could barely be considered the Planar Colonization Era.

Archmages were considered powerhouses and there was a pitiful number of Heaven Rank powerhouses. Those Heaven Rank powerhouses might not even have the confidence to advance to the higher ranks in this life.

In any case, Lin Yun definitely wouldnt use this method. He possessed Constances skull, making his potential immeasurable. He would be an idiot if he used a method that would ruin his future.

Lin Yun wasnt planning on letting Xiuban and Reina use the Beast Gods Blood either.

Xiuban kept fusing with the blood of different Dragon Races, such as the Three-Headed Gold Dragon, the Ancient Poison Dragon, and the Abyssal Blood Dragon.

Any of these existences could casually surpass the Heaven Rank and could even compare to Gods at their peak. How could their potential not be higher than this strange Beast Gods Blood.

As for Reina, she had fused with the Ancient Poison Dragons empty mana crystal. Her Life Essence had undergone changes and she might even surpass the very first Frost Dragon.

After all, the strongest Ancient Poison Dragons were existences that even Gods avoided during the ancient God Era.

The most important reason was that the Beast Gods Blood was very strange to begin with. It was needed for the Beast God to revive, who knew how many secrets it hid.

These secrets hadnt been completely solved before Noscents destruction. With the revival of the Beast God and its exile into the void, these secrets had been bound to never be solved.

Lin Yun wasnt looking at the drop of Beast Gods Blood as if it was a treasure, he was actually on guard against it.

After all, the Beast God had yet to revive in this era, who knew if that drop of blood hid something that had yet to be discovered.

No one could say that they fully understood God Blood, especially the Beast Gods Blood which was the source of the Beast Gods power.

After entering his laboratory, Lin Yun started refining the Beast Gods Blood according to the recipe.

The various materials and supplementary tools were naturally available in the Demiplane. Many of the valuable materials could be found on the Raging Flame Battlefield and had been previously stored here.

He released five Flaming Hands and put them below five laboratory flasks. He then condensed pure water and poured it into the five flasks.

He prepared nineteen kinds of materials which he then divided into five portions before starting to refine them and extract the liquid according to a specific sequence.

Refining the materials was the easiest part, Lin Yun only spent a few minutes to complete the extraction of all materials.

What came next was the most difficult part. There couldnt be any difference in weight between the five portions of materials.

The first portion only had two kinds of materials, and the fusing process would remain smooth as long as the proportions and speed remained stable.

But the fifth portion contained seven kinds of materials. The amount of materials poured every second and the mixing process required extreme precision.

A tiny mistake would make the mixing fail and that kind of failure couldnt be used.

Or it would be better to say that using that solution to process the Beast Gods Blood would result in a potion with huge flaws. The mixing process would also be dangerous and could result in death.

That extraction method had taken countless powerhouses lives in the future before being perfected.

Lin Yun solemnly looked at the five flasks before him. Five tubing covered in runes were inserted into the five flasks.

The solutions had nothing to do with each other. Slowly, the solutions went through the five tubing and flowed into a flask covered in runes at different speeds.

Five colored solutions converged together and emitted a multi-colored radiance before transforming into a water-like transparent liquid.

After it was complete, Lin Yun slowly sighed in relief.

The final solution turned into a colorless liquid, this could be considered a success.