End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 Allegiance

The effects, that disappeared as fast as they appeared, attracted the attention of all the mages in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

No mage was clueless as to what that meant.

Dedale suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance with a surprised expression.

"Someone advanced to the Heaven Rank? Who is it? How could this be?! They just advanced to the Heaven Rank and already established their Demiplane?!"

It wasnt just Dedale, several other mages also noticed that.

A few of the leaders of the human forces had seen someone advance to the Heaven Rank and could recognize the fluctuations and the effects.

Those few fluctuations barely lasted an instant, but the few people noticing them let out surprised exclamations.

It was possible to advance to the Heaven Rank in the Raging Flame Plane, but it was extremely rare. There had only been one case in so many years. It was a lot harder to advance in a place like the Raging Flame Battlefield that suppressed the Heaven Rank and Extraordinary Power.

"To be able to advance here Who could it be? Dedale? Damn, that guy is actually that talented? He advanced to the Heaven realm in a place that suppresses Extraordinary Power?!

"How strong will he be after leaving this place? Im afraid 1st Rank Heaven powerhouses wont be his match.

"F*cking damn luck, cant that sl*tty goddess of fate watch over me for once? How come I never get that lucky"

Dylas eyes rapidly turned red as he looked envious and hateful.

And on another side, Jouyi and Harren converged together, hunting those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts together.

The Cloud Tower and the Black Towers strength had been greatly damaged after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield. Not only did a large number of their mages die, their inherited True Spirit Magic Tools were destroyed, reducing their hunting efficiency while increasing the dangers.

They had complicated expressions as they suddenly felt those Heaven Rank fluctuations.

"Heaven Rank, eh? Someone was actually able to advance to the Heaven Rank in the Raging Flame Battlefield? This place is unfortunately suppressing mages quite heavily and Heaven Rank Mages Extraordinary Power cant be used, we also cant sense who advanced" Harren sighed.

He had been half a step in the Heaven Rank for a long time, his foundation was good enough and he only missed the last step to finish his transformation. But its been a few years and he had yet to feel any sign of advancing.

As for Jouyi, he had waited for at least twenty years. He had previously been focused on something else and hadnt focused on advancing. His research had been completed only because of Lin Yun and he was finally able to focus on magic in the recent years. But he hadnt completed that final transformation.

It would be wrong to say that he didnt feel envious as he felt those fluctuations.

For those half a step into the Heaven Rank and lacking the final step, the increase in strength from completing that transformation wasnt too excessive, it would double or triple their strength at best.

The most important part was casting off their mortal body and becoming a lifeform that transcended mortals. Their Life Essence would transform and their lifespan would be ten times longer. They would appreciate even more things and would have even more time to accomplish their desires and seek the truth of magic.

The meaning of these things, to a true mage, far exceeded a measly increase in power.

The powerhouses half a step in the Heaven Rank within the Raging Flame Battlefield all had complicated feelings. They could only envy that persons fortune.

After all, who could guarantee if and when they would advance to the Heaven Rank and complete that last transformation, luck played an important role after all.

There were many cases of mages reaching the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm before 30, only to die of old age before accomplishing the last transformation.

There were some old Archmages that suddenly accomplished that transformation at deaths door and became Heaven Rank powerhouses, regaining their youth. This kind of matter wasnt impossible.

Whether they did everything they could or not, in the end, that last step was something that only fate decided.

And thus, they all felt envy, jealousy or hate. No one thought that this breakthrough had been accomplished through external help.

Near the temple, Raphael floated down with closed eyes. The wind elements in the surroundings supported his body of their own volition. He wasnt casting, but he didnt have to worry about falling down.

His Extraordinary Power fluctuations disappeared, but his aura had already gone through huge changes. His skin was shining and his mana fluctuations had become vast and cryptic. It gave others the feeling that he was overwhelmingly tall, and it felt as if the surrounding environment was helping him.

Elements were following him while the Law was putting pressure.

Those were instinctive abilities of Heaven Rank powerhouses, just like mana and spells. The power released by a Heaven Rank powerhouse was several times higher than a 9th Rank Archmage.

This wasnt like Ultimate Spells qualitative change in the essence of the spells. It was a kind of change interweaving quality and quantity. A spell of the same tier was more powerful in the hands of a Heaven Mage, even without Extraordinary Power.

More importantly, because of the comprehension of a Law, the speed at which a Heaven Rank powerhouse cast the same spell would far exceed that of an ordinary Archmage. Some 7th Tier and 8th Tier spells they were proficient in could even be compressed and released within one or two seconds.

Some stronger powerhouses could even instant cast one or two 8th Tier Spells due to their comprehension towards Laws! And the spells power wouldnt weaken.

This kind of strength surpassed Archmages on every single field.

Raphaels mana hadnt grown much, but the strength he emitted was a few times stronger than before.

Morgan walked over with envy and congratulated Raphael.

"Congratulations Sir Raphael, you already became a true Heaven Rank powerhouse. I didnt expect Sir Raphaels talent and foundation to be so powerful that you actually established your Demiplane"

Raphael opened his eyes, his face carrying an unconcealed happiness. Advancing to the Heaven Rank was the dream of all mages. And he has just accomplished it and even established his Demiplane. He had thoroughly stabilized at the 1st Rank of the Heaven realm and no longer had to worry about being unable to reach the Heaven Rank. This was a pleasant surprise.

"Sir Morgan is praising me too much, this isnt due to my abilities. Rather, Sir Merlins potion had very good effects and contained pure fragments of Laws. I didnt have to worry and only needed to fuse them within my Magic Conducting Rune to smoothly complete the transformation and easily establish my Demiplane."

After saying that, Raphael gratefully looked at Lin Yun and directly bowed.

"Sir Merlin, I no longer know how to express my gratitude. I can only say that from now on, Ill stand together with Sir Merlin at any time, for any matter, as long as Sir Merlin doesnt destroy Sky City.

"No matter what it is, you only need to send me a magic signal if you require my help and Ill help you with all my strength. You are truly a mage worthy of respect.

"Ive been trapped at the Peak of the Archmage realm for twenty years, I already had a foot in the Heaven realm back then, but I had yet to complete that last transformation. I thought that I would spend all my life praying for fate to look upon me, but I didnt expect to receive Sir Merlins help.


Raphaels eyes turned red as he spoke, these were matters that outsiders didnt know. Others only saw Raphael as the leader of Sky City, a powerful alchemist with a huge level of mastery of the field of array.

But they didnt know that based on Sky Citys tradition, the truly gifted alchemists that could reach the Artisan realm or had a faint hope of becoming Saint Alchemists, absolutely wouldnt be in a dangerous place like the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Those with the prospect of reaching the Heaven realm wouldnt take the risk to die in this place either.

Sky City was hidden within a thick layer of mist, very few people ever got to the actual Sky City, there were many things that outsiders didnt know.

The spokesperson that appeared on the surface didnt have a very high position within Sky City, he would only get rewards from managing the force and could get more support and assistance. This was also an opportunity to increase their chances of advancing to the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yun waved his hand.

"Sir Raphael, you dont have to be so polite at such a time. We have to stand united against the danger we are facing. We wont be able to defend ourselves if we dont gather enough power"

Lin Yun didnt fancy the Beast Gods Blood from the start since he definitely wouldnt use it. That thing could only be used for the Golden Temptation, so he might as well give it to others to build relationships.

Lin Yuns actions reinforced his relationship with Raphael, which could now be said to be very good. At least now, if the Odin Kingdom wanted to deal with Lin Yun, Raphael would definitely be the first person to stand up and stop them. If they fought, Raphael would definitely stand on Lin Yuns side.

Morgan was completely shameless, he was of the same vein as Xiuban. He didnt think too much about him, as long as he gathered enough mana crystals, Lin Yun would help him with the Golden Temptation.

There was also Arnaud, a pure water mage. He definitely wouldnt be weak after advancing to the Heaven Rank, not only would he master some healing spells, he would also learn some buffing spells, his power would truly shine.

Then he would look for Jouyi and Harren. With five Heaven Mages and Lin Yun, they would be able to deal with the Raging Flame Beastmen if they went all-out.

The Raging Flame Beastmen werent truly united, the relationship between each tribe, and even within their own tribe, wasnt very good.