End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Sleepless Hunting

These b*stards would only gather together in the Raging Flame Battlefield if the human side was powerful enough to force them to.

If they didnt group up, then even if all of them advanced to the Heaven Rank, it would still give the humans a chance to attack them.

After encountering the Blood Bone Beastman last time, Lin Yun knew that these Beastmens innate talent and bloodline had been greatly increased after fusing with the Beast Gods Blood, they would possess many special abilities.

Even if he was facing a Heaven Rank Beastman, he might not necessarily be able to make the Raging Flame Battlefield his grave. A helper was needed.

So what if he had to use Beast Gods Blood

In any case, the mana crystals needed for the Beast Gods Blood was their own, Lin Yun only needed to compound the Golden Temptation in exchange for 20% of their mana crystals.

The most important part was that the value of the Beast Gods Blood lied in those fragments of Laws that helped the user with the Extraordinary transformation, the rest had to be slowly researched.

Thus, Lin Yun was sincere when he told them that it didnt matter, but the others didnt buy it when he said that he didnt need Beast Gods Blood.

Raphaels eyes turned red, and Morgan and Arnaud were looking at him with admiration, as if they were looking at a noble sage.

Only Enderfa, who was floating nearby, was grinning. He looked around and strangely smiled when he discovered that everyone was full of admiration.

Merlin is definitely tricking these idiots, I dont believe Merlin would selflessly help these people because of some uncertain danger.

Isnt Xiuban a Beastman too? And he is already a 9th Rank Sword Saint, he would instantly advance to the Heaven Rank. One blow would be all thats needed to deal with that weeping Heaven Rank powerhouse if that Beastman-shaped monster advances to the Heaven Rank.

The group discussed for a bit before deciding to hunt on their own. Although Raphael had advanced to the Heaven Rank, more than half of the mana crystals required for that drop of Beast Gods Blood had been provided by Lin Yun and Morgan.

He would hunt to return the mana crystals he owed to Lin Yun and Morgan, and he still needed to pay 20% interest towards Lin Yun. This wasnt Lin Yuns request, but something that Raphael insisted on including. And he wasnt unhappy at all.

Morgan and Arnaud saw Raphaels breakthrough with their own two eyes and they were so excited that they hurried up and left to go hunt on their own, as if their buttocks were on fire.

The three of them were all connected with Morgans crystal balls, they could contact each other as long as they were within this plane. If they met any danger, they could immediately notify the others to be saved.

In passing, Lin Yun asked Morgan and Raphael to contact him if they saw Jouyi and Harren.

Of mankinds ten forces, there were at least ten powerhouses with a step in the Heaven Rank. Of those ten, he had to gather a few trustworthy ones and let them advance to the Heaven Rank so that they could at least withstand the Beastmen.

After the Henry Family and the Sky Citys forces left, Lin Yun turned to look at the list of things on the screen to check if there was anything special.

Unfortunately, even though there were many things on the list, most of them were worthless.

Most of the materials could be collected in the Raging Flame Battlefield or could be found in Noscent. There were many True Spirit Magic Tools, but they werent too effective. Whether it was Lin Yun, Xiuban, Reina, or the mage army, everyone had their own suitable Magic Tools, they didnt need other True Spirit Magic Tools.

They might end up displaying less power if they swapped for another True Spirit Magic Tool.

Moreover, Lin Yun kept having this feeling that the effect of these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts might not be limited to opening the temple and trading for items.

These mana crystals contained huge spatial power. The magic beasts couldnt use it, but if researched, he might be able to find the way to use that spatial power.

After all, the usual owners of these kinds of mana crystals were at the very least Heaven Rank magic beasts, only magic beasts with Extraordinary Power could possess spatial mana crystals. Moreover, spatial magic beasts were pitifully few in numbers and extremely troublesome to kill. This was something impossible with their current strength.

The hunt continued. Lin Yun led his subordinates to wander the Raging Flame Battlefields prairie. All the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts they encountered were killed and their hunting speed could only be described as terrifying.

Most of the time was spent searching for the magic beasts. The fight wouldnt last more than five minutes if they met a lone Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast.

Half an hour was enough to settle a small group of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts

The amount of mana crystals in Lin Yuns hands rapidly rose, and Lin Yun soon discovered that the number of magic beasts had clearly increased compared to when they first entered the Raging Flame Battlefield.

The frequency at which they appeared had greatly increased, and the territory of every Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast has shrunk a few times. There would even be times were two different kinds of magic beasts would be less than ten kilometers apart.

The appearance of so many Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts felt abnormal to Lin Yun.

These Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were inferior magic beasts with the power of the Heaven Rank.

Even if they just had the power of the Pseudo Heaven Rank, the number of Heaven Rank Magic Beasts killed by Lin Yuns group exceeded a hundred. Even after so many were killed, the amount of magic beasts kept increasing.

This was too abnormal, especially since the other human forces and the Beastmen were hunting them.

During these days, over a thousand Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts had been killed

A thousand Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts Not to mention the Raging Flame Plane, they could even sink one of Noscents continents.

There must be some undiscovered secret. The Raging Flame Beastmen might even know that secret. Especially the Gold Beastmen, they definitely knew some things that others didnt with their deep knowledge of the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Lin Yun started searching the surroundings after killing a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast, and sure enough, less than a day later, a different Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast appeared in the surroundings.

But Lin Yun didnt find out how this Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast appeared, it was as if it suddenly came into existence.

At first, Lin Yun still thought that there was some sort of special area, he wondered if there was an array or an entrance to a small plane hidden there.

But he didnt find anything after searching. After confirming three times, Lin Yun knew that the secret definitely wasnt there.

Sure enough, the situation was the same in another area. Less than a day after killing the Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast, another one suddenly appeared.

Unable to find a clue, Lin Yun started researching these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts mana crystals in order to find some clues. Unfortunately, the mana crystals had no peculiarity apart from the spatial power contained within their depths. He hadnt figured out anything after two days.

Time passed.

Lin Yun had already stopped hunting the magic beasts personally. He spent his days either studying the mana crystals or the spells of the Book of Mantras.

Even so, the amount of mana crystals he owned kept on growing.

And that was without mentioning the 40% that Sky City and the Henry Family were providing, as well as the dozens of mana crystals Raphaels paid back. Soon, the amount of mana crystals in Lin Yuns hands exceeded 200.

But trading these mana crystals didnt have much attraction to Lin Yun, there wouldnt be much use in trading them. There were only a few valuable materials, which ended up costing him a few mana crystals so that he could start growing them.

A month passed before the silent crystal ball shone once again and characters could be seen within the crystal ball.

[Sir Merlin, where are you? I gathered a hundred mana crystals!]

Seeing those words, Lin Yun laughed and stood up. He had met Morgan once during that time, that guy had been drinking potions like crazy and was hunting the magic beasts like a starving wolf.

The Henry Family had been constantly hunting during this month, they split up in two groups and finally collected a hundred mana crystals, twenty of which had been paid back by Raphael.

Naturally, they had also paid Lin Yuns share. During this month, they had hunted about a hundred and thirty Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts. Their hunting speed was so fast that it could compare to Lin Yuns subordinates. That clearly showed how crazy Morgan was.

Lin Yun didnt have to do anything and easily got almost fifty mana crystals. Morgan was so anxious that he rapidly stuffed the mana crystals in Lin Yuns hands, not wanting anything to happen.

Lin Yuns eyelids twitched as he met Morgan once again. The mages of the Henry Family all looked like Undeads, they were extremely pale and their cheeks were sunken. Morgan and Arnaud had the same look.

Moreover, their bodies were emitting a thick smell of potions. Lin Yun instantly knew that these guys had drunk an unknown number of Vitality Potions and Awake Potions, there was even the smell of Berserk Mana Potions.

In other words, Morgan, Arnaud, and the mages of the Henry Family, hadnt closed their eyes during this month and kept on fighting without stopping for an entire month.

"Morgan, are you playing with your life?"

Morgan was extremely pale, his cheeks sunken, but his eyes were shining with a terrifying radiance. He was excited as if he had just drunk a Berserk Mana Potion.

"Sir Merlin, I gathered a hundred mana crystals, this is the Beast Gods Blood I traded for, sorry for bothering you"

Morgan held a stone bottle containing a drop of Beast Gods Blood and unhesitantly stuffed it in Lin Yuns hands.