End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1062

Chapter 1062 Rest Assured

Lin Yun nodded.

"Okay, Ill go and compound the potion for you. But I advise you to rest first. Your mental state and physical state arent suitable to take the medicine. Youd better adjust yourself to make the most out of the potion."

After Lin Yun finished his words, Morgan immediately closed his eyes and fell to the ground. Snoring instantly echoed.

Lin Yun shook his head and opened the Demiplanes entrance before going in.

The second compounding of the Golden Temptation was a lot smoother and was completed in less than half a day. The potions quality was even superior.

Morgan was already awake when Lin Yun left the Demiplane. His face had regained its rosiness and he expectantly looked at the stone bottle in Lin Yuns hands like a pet waiting for its reward.

"Sir Sir Merlin Was Was the compounding successful?"

Morgan was nervous. The compounding of these kinds of potions wasnt something guaranteed. The more troublesome the potion, the lower the chances of success. This Golden Temptation should have a 30% to 40% chance of success, and that was with a skillful alchemist.

If the compounding failed, it could only be considered as Morgan having bad luck.

This was the established standards of alchemists. Those requesting a potion crafted had to bring in their own materials, but even then, the alchemists didnt guarantee that the potion or potions would be successfully compounded. He would be helpless in case of failure, all he could do would be blaming his poor luck if the materials were destroyed. He definitely couldnt blame the alchemist

Lin Yun handed the bottle to Morgan.

"The potion was successfully compounded"

Morgan had an ecstatic expression. After holding the stone bottle, he was preparing to drink it on the spot, when he suddenly stopped and reluctantly handed it over to Arnaud.

"Arnaud, you breakthrough first. Youll have a huge boost in power after breaking through. Water mages are extremely powerful after advancing to the Heaven Rank. You can fight if we encounter some danger, and you can help treat people if we have injuries. Its more worthwhile for you to take the potion"

Arnaud smiled and pushed back the stone bottle.

"Morgan, we need strength at the moment, true fighting power. Its better for you to take the potion since you specialize in darkness magic. You would definitely be stronger than I would after advancing to the Heaven Rank."

Lin Yun looked at Morgan with a surprised expression. Due to the traditions of the Henry Family, each team they dispatched had to have two leaders. Since they were a Family that started out as a merchant family, they all instinctively chased for benefits. To yield benefits at such a time wasnt like the members of the Henry Family.

At least Morgan didnt have a bad nature. Although he had many flaws, Lin Yun felt that he was worthy of having a relationship with him after seeing this scene. At least now he didnt have to worry about Morgan stabbing him in the back.

To Morgan, what could compare to the temptation and benefits of advancing to the Heaven Rank

After some concessions, Morgan ultimately ended up taking the bottle of Golden Temptation.

Similar to when Raphael advanced, countless Law Runes revolved around him after he drank the Golden Temptation. These Law Runes formed a golden sphere as they wrapped around Morgan, continuously merging with Morgan as his aura slowly rose up.

The aura of Extraordinary Power suddenly appeared, and the surrounding light seemed to have been thoroughly swallowed.

An area of pure darkness formed within several hundred meters and only the golden sphere remained in the center, continuously flickering.

After a few minutes, the several hundred meters around Morgan turned into complete darkness as the Law Runes were integrating with his body.

No light could shine in that area, whenever rays of light were about to illuminate that area, they would twist themselves into an arc and coil around the darkness.

The terrifying aura of darkness spread and corroded everything in its wake, plants, ground, nothing was spared. It was as if the flow of time accelerated at the edge of the area of darkness. The plants withered and became ashes while the earth decayed into sand. Everything withered.

Slowly, the dark area started shrinking, transforming into a shadow behind Morgans back. Morgans silhouette was blurry, as if he was completely covered in darkness.

A formidable dark aura spread out of Morgans body and frantically entered the dark shadow behind him. His darkness magic was rapidly purified until there was no impurities left.

The darkness behind him seemed to contain terrifying evil, it was as if negative emotions wanted to break through the darkness boundaries to spread out.

Soon, Morgans silhouette emerged from the darkness and the dark aura spreading out of his body became incomparably pure. All the negative influence from darkness magic seemed non-existent. All the negative thoughts formed a kind of power and established his Demiplane.

With those accumulated negative emotions, the speed at which his Elemental God was birthed would be a lot faster.

This was one of the characteristics of darkness magic. Advancing to the Heaven Rank was very complicated as the Darkness Law would influence them and birth negative emotions. They would lose themselves if they couldnt resist and their souls would be devoured.

But as long as they advanced to the Heaven Rank and established their Demiplane, these mana impurities and negative emotions, far stronger than other mages, would be extracted and thrown into their Demiplane.

Anything within a Demiplane was under the complete control of the owner. These accumulated powerful emotions and mana impurities blocking the path to advancement of a darkness mage would be the best fertilizer to grow the embryo of the Elemental God.

Not only would the growth speed greatly increase, the Elemental God would be far stronger and far crueler than others at the time of its birth, its fighting strength would be terrifying.

Last time, Raphael had directly established his Demiplane when he advanced to the Heaven realm, that was the reason why Arnaud asked Morgan to advance first.

As long as he established his Demiplane, his Darkness Elemental God would be born very quickly, it might be born within a month.

When the time came, Morgan, with his Darkness Elemental God, would be far more powerful than other mages that had just advanced.

Many Heaven Darkness Mages superior strength came from their Darkness Elemental God.

There was a disturbance in the Abyss 8,000 years later, a Darkness Greater Overlord rampaged all over the place and killed over a hundred Demon Overlords, as well as one Greater Demon Overlord.

That mysterious Demon was called the Greater Darkness Overlord. He rampaged for about a millennium until a few slumbering Great Demon Overlords awakened and joined hands to suppress him in the depths of the Abyss.

The circumstances behind the appearance of that Greater Darkness Overlord was only discovered over a millennium later.

At that time, Noscent was launching expeditions all over the place. Due to the planar colonies, many powerhouses werent in Noscent. The Demons of the Abyss wanted to use that opportunity to pry into Noscent, and as the war between Noscent and the Abyss progressed, more and more Demons appeared within Noscent.

Taking advantage of most of the powerhouses being away from Noscent, the Abyssal Demons eliminated a kingdom and occupied a territory in Noscent. They then started a large-scale invasion in which countless mages fell. The number of mages that sacrificed themselves was unknown, but it was a huge number.

A piece of land the size of the Andlusa Kingdom had turned into scorched earth, polluted by the Abyss sinister power.

At that time, many powerhouses were pinned in other planes and were unable to get away.

Then, an old Peak Heaven Mage, which would later be known as the Darkness Saint, stealthily entered the Abyss on his own. At deaths door, he released his own Darkness Elemental God.

He sacrificed his own Demiplane, his own power and the last remnants of his life to turn his Darkness Elemental God into a true lifeform, a living being that could live on its own within the world.

The Darkness Saints fighting strength mostly relied on the Darkness Elemental God. After the sacrifice, the Darkness Elemental God directly surpassed the Heaven Rank and became a Greater Overlord.

The Darkness Saint transmitted his last command to the Darkness Elemental God, it was to rampage within the Abyss and consume the power of the Abyss.

The Darkness Elemental Gods instinct to devour negative emotions hadnt disappeared after becoming a living being, it instead grew stronger.

In a place like the Abyss, there were endless negative emotions it could devour.

Soon, the Greater Darkness Overlord started his endless rampage. The chaos within the abyss involved Great Demon Overlords. These Demons suddenly no longer possessed the power to campaign within Noscent.

When those powerhouses returned to Noscent, one of them flew into a rage and fought his way into the Abyss. He fought a Greater Demon Overlord and opened a Hell Gate in the depths of the Abyss, letting a large number of Devils enter the Abyss.

This created even more chaos, the Abyssal Demons and Hellish Devils hated each other, it was branded in their souls. The two kept fighting each other for several millennia. The war between the two groups hadnt finished by the time Noscent headed towards its end.

Lin Yun couldnt help recalling Noscent heading towards its destruction as he glanced at Morgan. It was even said that Noscent started heading towards its destruction because of those Demons stinking of sulfur.

"Sir Merlin, whats going on?"

By the time Lin Yun recovered, Morgan had already successfully advanced to the Heaven Rank and was happily looking at Lin Yun.

"Nothing, I was thinking of some matters. Sir Morgan, since you have advanced to the Heaven Rank, you should be able to hunt even further away. If you see Sir Jouyi or Sir Harren, please have them contact me. Its been a month since they were seen, Im worried something happened to them"

Morgan patted his chest, guaranteeing that he would find Jouyi and Harren.

"Sir Merlin, rest assured, even if I didnt go hunting, I would help you find Sir Jouyi and Sir Harren.

"If not for you, I would never have advanced to the Heaven Rank so rapidly. No, if not for you, who knows if I would ever advance to the Heaven Rank

"Sir Merlin"