End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1064

Chapter 1064 The One In Charge

Being looked at lifelessly by Dylas made Morgan feel proud. He couldnt help exposing a slight smile as he spoke insincerely, "Sir Dylas, I didnt expect that the beast I was chasing would rush at you. Im really embarrassed. Fortunately I arrived on time, it wouldnt have been good if you were injured.

"Unfortunately, I was afraid that this beast would injure you so I strengthened my attack and crushed that guys head, crushing the mana crystal in the process. This is very unfortunate.

"At least you havent been injured"

Dylas raised his head to look at Morgan, still shocked and in disbelief. Even if he knew that Morgan had taken away that mana crystal, Dylas simply didnt know what to say.

This was a Heaven Mage, a genuine Heaven Mage

He was even more suspicious, this was far more important than a mana crystal.

Dylas shook his head with doubtful eyes.

"Many thanks for saving our lives, Sir Morgan. A mana crystal is nothing, if its destroyed, then its destroyed.

"Congratulations on your breakthrough to the Heaven Rank and the formation of Extraordinary Power"

A wisp of disappointment flashed in Morgans eyes.

Damn, I snatched your mana crystals yet you actually let it go? Where is the pride of the Shadow Tower? How could you not point at me and curse?

Criticize me, come on, scold me. Just do it and I wont let you go.

Really That coward doesnt dare to question me? Boring

Being a Heaven Rank powerhouse is truly lonely Even guys like Dylas dont dare to question me after their mana crystal was snatched in front of their faces

I wanted to beat him up

Morgan especially brought up the topic, but Dylas was terrified by Morgan. Morgans interest waned and he was no longer in the mood to boast.

Dispirited, he waved his hand and said, "Alright, I still have some matters to take care of so Im going first"

Morgan turned to fly away when Dylas urgently yelled, "Sir Morgan, wait a bit"

Morgan impatiently turned his body and looked at Dylas, his lack of patience clearly visible on his face.

"What else is there? Sir Dylas, Heaven Rank powerhouses are very busy."

His eyes were shining as he said those words.

B*stard, hurry up and question me. I snatched your mana crystal in front of your subordinates, yet you didnt even confront me.

Sir Raphael would definitely be extremely grateful if I beat up that foolish Dylas, and so would Sir Merlin.

That foolish Dylas has previously targeted Sir Merlin. Thankfully for him, Sir Merlin was magnanimous and didnt feel like taking care of him or he would have already died ten times.

Would the Shadow Tower dare to offend me, a Heaven Mage, for Dylas sake if I got rid of him for a valid reason?

When the time comes, Sir Merlin would definitely be very happy and it might even be possible to renegotiate the 40% mana crystals agreement.

Its very easy to kill those stupid Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts as a Heaven Mage. We will definitely be able to gather a hundred mana crystals within a month as long as the Beastmen dont come to disturb us.

At that time, we will be able to exchange for a drop of Beast Gods Blood once again and ask Sir Merlin to help us refine that golden potion so that Arnaud can advance to the Heaven Rank. At that time, we will have two Heaven Rank powerhouses. Apart from Sir Merlin and Dedale, who would be able to look down on our Henry Family?

Haha, when the time comes, the Shadow Tower definitely wouldnt dare to offend us. They would only blame Dylas for his stupidity. He would already be dead after all, and offending two Heaven Rank powerhouses for a corpse wasnt worth it.

Eh, wait, no Dylas offended Sir Merlin before, maybe Sir Merlin wants to get rid of him personally? What if Sir Merlin is unhappy if I get rid of Dylas?

Forget it, as long as Dylas questions my actions, Ill ruthlessly beat him and break his legs. That should vent enough anger for Sir Merlin and Raphael.

Morgan anxiously waited for Dylas to raise the matter, but after thinking for a while, Dylas couldnt help directly asking, "Sir Morgan, regarding advancement to the Heaven Rank I hadnt expected you to have already advanced. That news is too shocking

"Advancing to the Heaven Rank is a dream all mages are looking forward to"

Dylas thought for a long time, but he didnt understand how Morgan advanced.

That guy had definitely obtained some secret. He was the weakest, yet he actually advanced to the Heaven Rank. He must have found some benefits within the Raging Flame Battlefield.

It hasnt been that long, yet he not only advanced to the Heaven Rank, he has already stabilized his power. How could this be possible with Morgans talent and strength?

How could Dylas resist the temptation of advancing to the Heaven Rank? After a while, he decided to directly ask Morgan about that method.

Morgan had been waiting for Dylas to raise a fuss, but hadnt expected that Dyals would ask about that.

Morgan felt as if Dylas was scratching an itchy place and he couldnt help proudly smiling.

"Hehe, its all luck, I was super lucky, and very smart too. I discovered Sir Merlins radiance ahead of time and established a good relationship with Sir Merlin, how else could it be my turn?

"Im not talking nonsense, I discovered that Sir Merlin wasnt simple when I first met him, I vaguely felt a divine radiance.

"Then I knew that it was the goddess of fortune reminding me to use wisdom at that critical juncture, and Im a smart person.

"Thus, I obtained Sir Merlins help in advancing to the Heaven Rank. And I already established my Demiplane"

Morgan was so pleased that he lost his sense of measure and just kept boasting, instinctively flattering Lin Yun, before flaunting how great of a discerning eye he had, how he first discovered Lin Yuns greatness and hugged his legs.

After a while, Morgan suddenly reacted.

Sh*t, I let it slip. Damnit, how could I reveal the secret? If someone learns about it, then when would it be Arnauds turn?

That kind of potion is very taxing on ones mind, Sir Merlin hasnt fought for days after refining it. It cant be seen on the surface, but he must have consumed a lot of mind power.

Damnit, if someone else seeks for Sir Merlin, then by the time we gather enough mana crystals again, we would have to wait in line for several months.

Fortunately, its that idiot Dylas.

He specially targeted Sir Merlin a few times and wanted me to ridicule Sir Merlin alongside him. Thankfully I was smart enough and didnt follow that fool or I would have entered a path of suffering.

It doesnt matter if he knows

Morgan rolled his eyes and hurriedly flew away as he said, "I still have some stuff to take care of, Im going ahead"

Dylas foolishly looked at Morgan flying into the horizon, his expression continuously changing.

Sir Merlin, Mafa Merlin

Turns out that wretched guy was actually able to make a fool like Morgan advance to the Heaven Rank.

How could this be?

If he had that kind of method, why didnt he bring it up earlier? Morgan was an idiot that hadnt been able to purify his darkness mana off negative emotions for several dozen years, how could he advance so quickly

Then If Sir Merlin helps me, wouldnt I also advance to the Heaven Rank? This definitely wouldnt fail, and I would be stronger than Morgan after the breakthrough

But why is it Mafa Merlin, why is it that damned Andlusan insect? Damnit, why is it him?

How could he possess such a method?! This is impossible, how did he do it?

Dylas expression alternated between dark and pale as he was struggling.

If it was anyone else, Dylas would have definitely gone over to ask for help. That was the Heaven Rank after all.

He would thoroughly cast off his mortal identity as long as he completed the Extraordinary transformation and became another kind of lifeform.

Unfortunately, that person was Lin Yun, and thus, Dylas mind was confused.

As Dylas was lost in thought, one of his subordinates, a thin mage, walked out of the group and craftily instigated Dylas.

"Sir Dylas, thats the Heaven Rank. A fool like Morgan Henry successfully advanced to the Heaven Rank. With Sir Dylas strength and talent, how could you not advance?

"As long as Sir Merlin agrees to help, Sir Dylas will definitely be able to become a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"No price is too expensive as long as Sir Dylas successfully advances to the Heaven Rank.

"After all, that Mafa Merlin definitely holds some secret that allows others to complete the Extraordinary transformation. Once Sir Dylas advances, your strength would increase a few dozen times.

"Finding Sir Merlins secret wouldnt be easy, but as long as we find it and control it, then Sir Dylas would be the Raging Flame Battlefields, no The Raging Flame Planes strongest person.

"Our Shadow Tower would also become the strongest force in the Raging Flame Plane. We can get rid of that Mafa Merlin then so that the secret remains in our hands.

"That Mafa Merlin is an 8th Rank Archmage. Even if he has some secrets, he cant complete the Extraordinary transformation, and thus, Sir Dylas will definitely be stronger than that Mafa Merlin as long as you advance to the Heaven Rank.

"Giving up some reputation now would reap huge benefits later.

"Moreover, some of the Beastmen apparently advanced to the Heaven Rank. Sir Dylas should quickly finish the transformation to increase our strength. We cant wait."

Dylas felt that his words were reasonable.

It was only seeking Mafa Merlin after all, and being shameless now would pay off in the future. It was worth it.

We will then catch Mafa Merlin, use our shadow spells to extract Mafa Merlins secrets and the shortcut to complete the transformation. We will earn a lot.

As for Mafa Merlin, he cant advance to the Heaven Rank in the near future anyway. As for what happens next, I would be the one in charge