End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1065

Chapter 1065 A Bit Careless

Dylas smiled as he thought of this.

"Alright, lets go seek Mafa Merlin. Itll be worth it as long as I can finish the Extraordinary transformation and advance to the Heaven Rank, "

After making the decision, Dylas clenched his teeth and chased in the direction Morgan flew to.

After two days, Dylas used a spell of the Shadow Tower to search for traces of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts in order to follow the tracks of the Henry Family.

At the same time, Morgan was thinking of asking Lin Yun if he could use a hundred mana crystals to trade for the Beast Gods Blood first and give the 40% owed later.

He was flattering Lin Yun while negotiating, and just as he was about to make him yield, Dylas arrived.

Dylas was reading the Book of Mantras when Dylas arrived, hoping to find some special incantations using spatial power. The spatial power within these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts wasnt weak. A lot of things could be done if it could be used.

As Dylas approached Lin Yun, a fire cloud suddenly rose up and strands of golden flames blocked his surroundings.

The fifty mages were surrounded in golden flames and were all coldly looking at Dylas. They would show no mercy as long as Dylas moved.

Xiuban bared his fangs from behind the flames, holding Carnage as he walked over. He sinisterly looked at Dylas.

"Its that b*stard! You guys dont know, but that guy dared to be disrespectful to Sir Merlin when we entered the temple. He said many malicious words towards Sir Merlin and if not for Lord Xiuban, that guy might have sneak attacked Sir Merlin.

"For him to come here, he must have tracked us and wants to ambush us. No matter his plan, lets get rid of him first before figuring out his goal."

Xiuban raised Carnage and kept fanning the flames. He was just short of saying that Dylas was Lin Yuns nemesis.

Kurumus expression turned ice-cold, and the complexion of the fifty mage army also turned unsightly.

That group of mages, formerly abandoned by the Merlin Family, could achieve so much all thanks to Lin Yun. They were completely loyal and they wouldnt let anyone say anything unpleasant regarding Lin Yun.

Xiuban kept instigating them, and as the fifty mages were about to make a move, he added, "Get rid of him, everyone together. That guy has several True Spirit Magic Tools, and he is as cunning as a mudfish."

Xiuban sneered, his body emitting faint wisps of light as he was about to attack.

Dylas face was somewhat greenish, but as he recalled that he was here to ask for help, he forcibly pushed back his anger and smiled.

"Could I trouble you to inform Sir Merlin that Dylas is looking for him?"

Damn subordinates, especially that monstrous Beastman. Just wait, Ill get rid of you first when I advance to the Heaven Realm, you are really loathsome

Lin Yun naturally felt the soaring fluctuations. Disdain could be seen in Enderfas faces as he floated beside Lin Yun.

"Merlin, that gigolo from the Shadow Tower is looking for you."

Lin Yun had an impatient expression. Morgan shamelessly bothering him was already enough to make him feel annoyed. His research had reached a bottleneck, and he had recently thought of a new method: searching for an incantation in the Book of Mantras.

But the Book of Mantras had too many incantations, finding a suitable incantation whose parts could be used was like searching for a needle in a haystack, it consumed too much time.

Moreover, the process of extracting useful parts from those incantations took most of the time. How could he waste time on these people.

"Get him out of here, Im busy."

Lin Yun impatiently scolded. He then looked at the shameless Morgan and added, "Sir Morgan, you also hurry up and leave, Im very busy."

Morgan casually smiled, not taking offense at all. After such a long time, he had already mastered the essence of shamelessness.

"Its fine, take care of your matters, Sir Merlin. Ill just wait here, there is no need to take care of me or to pay attention to me"

Lin Yun rolled his eyes and kept browsing the Book of Mantras.

Enderfas three faces looked at Morgan with disdain, but Morgan appeared to be proud, he didnt think it was a disgrace, he felt it was an honor.

That impressed Enderfa.

Being shameless to that degree was a skill.

Enderfa floated to the mage armys location and unhappily said, "Sir Merlins words are: Get him out of here, Im very busy."

Dylas complexion turned black.

Xiuban proudly brandished Carnage and raised his head, fiercely glaring at Dylas.

"Haha, did you hear? Let me tell you, Sir Merlin has been very busy lately, how could he have time to take care of some messy person.

"Youd better get out and disappear from Lord Xiubans sight, my Carnage hasnt drank blood for a very long time. Ill shatter your head if you try something."

The mage army became restless after hearing Lin Yuns command. They would immediately make a move as long as Dylas dared to pull anything and refused to leave.

Dylas had a dark expression. His body kept shaking.

Damned Mafa Merlin. You actually dare to send me away?

I personally came to look for you, showing some respect, yet you refuse to see me? Do you really think that you can ignore our Shadow Tower because of a Heaven Rank powerhouse like Morgan?

F*cker, am I unimportant to that guy? Is the Shadow Tower unimportant?

Idiot, Ill make you pay the price. Dont give me an opportunity or Ill definitely make you pay a very heavy price!

Dylas shook from anger. Ultimately, he gritted his teeth with a dark expression and fiercely glared at Xiuban before leaving.

Xiuban chuckled and bragged to the mage army.

"Did you see that, Lord Xiuban only needs to show a bit of my aura to make that gigolo flee. But thats unfortunate, I wanted to snap that repulsive guys neck.

Dylas face had turned black as he left while gnashing his teeth.

His anger slightly subsided after walking for a bit. He turned around to take a look and his anger mostly disappeared as he recalled Morgans surge of aura.

Sh*t, this isnt good. I cant just walk away.

That b*stard Mafa Merlin now controls the secret that can let people accomplish the Extraordinary transformation, what if the others know about it.

If everyone comes looking for Mafa Merlin to break through the Heaven Rank, then wouldnt our Shadow Tower be the only force without a Heaven Rank powerhouse? Wouldnt we lose our influence in the Raging Flame Battlefield?

Once those Beastmen start a fight Wouldnt we be no different from cannon fodder?

I heard that the Beastmen have the blessings of the Beast God. Some of them might advance to the Heaven Rank What if we meet them? Wouldnt we be completely destroyed? That group of filthy Beastman can use Extraordinary Power in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

The more Dylas thought about it, the more panicked he was.

He could only continue with his request. He has already been shameless once, so what if it was a few more times? He was even ready to be fleeced.

Dylas turned around again and rushed to Lin Yuns camp.

He forced a smile as he once again faced Xiuban and the mage army.

"Can I trouble you to notify Sir Merlin that I want to speak with him concerning a possible cooperation. Im here for proper business, not to look for trouble."

Xiuban had an impatient expression, Carnage was already covered in a layer of yellow halo and the surrounding atmosphere had turned heavier.

"Idiot, is there an issue with your brain? Didnt Sir Merlin say that he was busy and that you had to get out?

"Why are you still here? Dont blame Lord Xiuban for shattering your bones if you dont disappear. For the sake of Sir Merlins reputation, Ill let you leave with your body intact, but dont challenge Lord Xiubans patience."

Dylas lowered his head. Although his expression darkened when faced with Xiuban sneers and constant chattering, he didnt say anything and calmly stood there, waiting without using a wisp of mana.

After scolding for a bit, Xiuban started growing bored. At such a distance, crushing a defenseless weak mage was no different from crushing a chick.

To a Beastman-shaped monster like Xiuban, only defensive True Spirit Magic Tools could resist Carnages power at such a short distance, instant spells wouldnt be able to withstand that power.

After a dozen minutes, Xiuban entered the temporary camp with an angry expression to report Dylas arrival to Lin Yun once again.

Lin Yun frowned.

"Get that guy out of here, Im very busy! How could I have time to pay attention to him!"

Suddenly, Lin Yun glanced at Morgan who stood on the side. Morgans expression was a bit strange.

Lin Yun immediately understood, Dylas arrived shortly after Morgan, he must have followed him. It was definitely that idiot Morgan. He just advanced to the Heaven Rank so he couldnt help boasting in front of Dylas and carelessly leaked the reason he advanced to the Heaven Rank.

Morgan saw Lin Yuns expression and promptly explained.

"Sir Merlin, I didnt speak about the Beast Gods Bloods matter. I was just a bit careless and said that you helped me advance

"This is the truth, Im too grateful so I couldnt help boasting about you. That damned Dylas definitely noticed something. But I guarantee that he doesnt know!"

Lin Yun shook his head.

"As a Heaven Mage, you didnt even notice that you were tracked by an Archmage, really

"Forget it, Im currently very busy, there are too many things I need to research and I dont have time to take care of a guy just as shameless as you.

"And since you are the cause behind this, you should go and take care of this matter.

"Do what you have to, just dont bother me."