End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 Prey

Dylas face was blue and his lips kept shivering. The robe he was wearing kept drenching and drying over the course of the night, but Dylas didnt dare to use any mana for fear of being discovered by probing spells.

Finally, after having waited until daytime, Lin Yun finally left his tent. Dylas took advantage of that opportunity to infiltrate the tent after Lin Yun left. But he only saw some ordinary materials and simple alchemy tools.

How could these crude things be enough to develop such a formidable potion? Most of those prototype potions within the alchemy tools were made out of low level materials with no known use.

Dylas was stunned as he saw that scene.

Damn, whats up with that guy?!

This must be a joke! How could the potion that can let 9th Rank Archmages advance to the Heaven Rank and complete their Extraordinary transformation be researched here? With these inferior materials.

Damnit, that Mafa Merlin must have guessed that I would come spying and prepared everything to play with me. No wonder those tents had so many probing spells enchanted onto them.

Dylas controlled the Shadow Devil to leave and quietly sneak out of the temporary camp When his expression suddenly changed. His connection to the Shadow Devil had been abruptly cut.

The Shadow Devil couldnt even be sensed through the power of the contract, it had been eliminated.

In the temporary camp.

Xiuban held Carnage and looked at the shadows on the ground doubtfully.

Xiuban had stomped on the ground twice, but after seeing that there was nothing abnormal, he mumbled in doubt, "There was definitely something weird about that shadow, was I wrong? Right, I just woke up, I probably made a mistake

"The great Lord Xiuban definitely hasnt woken up yet, Im still asleep and it was a dream"

Xiuban stomped on a Level 31 Shadow Devil and shook his head before returning to his tent to keep on sleeping.

Outside the temporary camp, Dylas was grinding his teeth. He looked like a zombie with his bluish pale complexion. He felt like he was bleeding

My Shadow Devil, f*ck, Mafa Merlin, that b*stard definitely discovered my Shadow Devil and was just pretending not to know to let me freeze under the rain the entire night.

He took out a pile of trash prototype potions to lure me in, and he immediately got rid of my Shadow Devil once it left.

The Shadow Devil I had been nurturing for ten years died just like that

Mafa Merlin, just you wait

Dylas eyes were red as he fiercely glared at the camp before stealthily retreating.

Lin Yun made a trip around the temporary camp before returning to his tent. He looked at the alchemy facilities Dylas labelled as crude, as well as those inferior materials and frowned.

Its still not working, the new extraction method really isnt easy. The normal extraction method is too basic and many of the materials ingredients mix together to form impurities

I could continue my research if I could separately extract every ingredient of every material

Lin Yun was researching a new extraction method. That method appeared during the end of the Magic Era.

At that time, the worlds mana had declined, various magic plants and magic materials were slowly disappearing. They kept disappearing, from high grade magic materials to low grade. A piece of ordinary Magic Iron that no one would bother to pick up in the current era could trigger a fight between two powerhouses at the end of the Magic Era.

The usage of materials has been developed to the limits during that era.

One of the complete theories that hadnt been put into practice was to decompose every kind of material and extract every substance.

It would allow another kind of material to be extracted from the originally useless impurities

According to this point of view, when the usage of each magic material reached the extreme, he might be able to find things that had yet to be found in this era.

The current method was far from enough to study the Beast Gods Blood or the secrets of the Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. He needed some special new substances and methods.

Now, Lin Yun was using low grade materials to do some experiments. These experiments were purely burning money so it was best to use low grade materials for them.

Unfortunately, Dylas had no knowledge of alchemy and couldnt see that.

Lin Yun didnt care about Dylas, he also didnt care whether he would use some method to spy on him or plot something against him. Lin Yun didnt have time to care about that.

His research had reached a bottleneck and was advancing very slowly.

On the other side, Dylas gritted his teeth as he pondered how he should go about digging up the secret, as well as what he would do after grasping it and how he would ruthlessly retaliate after becoming a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

After two days, he once again returned to Lin Yuns temporary camp, but no matter how much he thought about it, he couldnt infiltrate it without being discovered.

B*stard, Mafa Merlin is definitely the only one who knows that secret, and he is too powerful to sneak in. I need to find a proper target if I want to infiltrate the camp. This kind of large-scale search would definitely be discovered

Dylas thought about it for a bit. Having lost his Shadow Devil, he was nearly discovered each time he approached the temporary camp.

Ultimately, Dylas gritted his teeth and decided to go talk head-on again, he would pay some price at worst.

Less than half an hour later, Dylas came out of the camp in fury. His anger was bursting within his chest and his body was shaking as he glanced back at the smiling Morgan.

Dylas clenched his fists, to the point where a cracking sound echoed from his magic staff, as if it was letting out a painful moan.

Sh*t, that idiot Morgan, that profiteer, that scum among mages.

He is a mage of the Odin Kingdom, yet he actually acts like a shameless dog. Mafa Merlin throws a bone and he runs after it.

300 mana crystals as well as the materials and hearts blood of 400 Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts, that guy actually dare to ask so much?!

Would that guy ask so much if not for Mafa Merlin asking for it? That idiot Morgan actually dares to ask me for so much?

Good, you forced me. Since you dont want to help me and try to rip me off like an idiot, dont blame me for being rude.

Since I cant get it, Ill let everyone know that you hold that secret and everyone will come to trouble you.

I dont believe that the others wouldnt be moved when they hear about it.

I dont believe that you can resist everyone.

Dylas sneered and left.

After a few days, many ordinary sheets of paper appeared within the Raging Flame Battlefield. They were spread everywhere and it was written on them that Lin Yun possessed a method to make 9th Rank Archmages advance to the Extraordinary realm, it even said that the foolish Morgan was now a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Unfortunately, there has been no sign of activity in the Raging Flame Battlefield for the next few days, but all the forces had seen the sheets of paper.

Whether they believed in it or not, everyone acted as if they didnt know. No one went to ask Lin Yun. But subconsciously, the mages of the Henry Family suddenly became popular.

The mages of the Henry Family that entered the Raging Flame Battlefield would always meet mages from the other forces when going hunting, whether they were Elders, Deacons, or ordinary mages.

They would all be cautious not to inquire about the Extraordinary transformation potion and would at best ask whether Morgan Henry really advanced to the Heaven Rank.

Lin Yuns temporary camp was strangely calm, but outside, the mages of the Henry Family were becoming more and more popular. In the end, they would even help them when they encountered dangers, without asking for benefits.

In a burnt black canyon, an elder of the Henry Family was frantically running away. He was being chased by two Thunderwings Birds whilte dazzling lightning bolts fell towards is body.

This was the reason why that canyon was burnt black and the earth would emit flickers of lightning from time to time. It was because this was the domain of the Thunderwings Birds

The elder had originally received the information that there was a Thunderwings Bird there, but he hadnt expected that halfway through the fight, another would appear and force the three 9th Rank Archmages to flee in different directions.

But these two Thunderwings Birds seemed to have gone mad and ignored the other two to focus on him.

The situation had now turned into a crisis.

Delaneys eyes were filled with despair. His magic robe and defensive Magic Tools had already shattered, and most of his mana had been consumed. He watched as two ten-meter-long lightning bolts shattered his last defensive shield and closed his eyes in despair.

Suddenly, a wisp of powerful mana fluctuation appeared beside his body and a soft and sinister power wrapped around him to shield him.

Delaneys eyes were wide open. An ashen gray cloak was floating in front of him, wrapped in a faint halo. The lightning bolts were forcibly blocked by the halo.

Delaney was shocked as he looked in front of him while Dylas led the members of the Shadow Tower over. They attacked as if they had encountered the foe that killed their fathers.

Shadows flew out of the ground and transformed into large hands that grounded the two Thunderwings Birds. Then, the group of shadow mages kept attacking.

Dylas yelled with a cold face, "Get rid of those two beasts for me. They actually dared to offend our closest friend. As a member of the Odin Kingdom, Sir Delaney is our best friend"

Dylas loudly shouted and didnt pay attention to Delaney. Less than thirty minutes later, the two Thunderwings Birds necks had been snapped by the Shadow Towers mages.

At that time, Dylas flew over and recalled the Dark Night Cloak. He didnt wait for the dazed Delaney to recover and sighed while holding Delaneys hand.

"Sir Delaney, Im very sorry, I almost lost my dearest friend"

Delaney was still in a daze, but he squeezed out a smile as he had just been saved at a critical time.

"Thank you very much Sir Dylas, I might have died here if not for you. My body would have never been buried in Noscent and my soul would have been unable to return to my homeland"

Dylas gave the mana crystals of both Thunderwings Birds to Delaney and didnt give him time to refuse as he started lamenting, "Sir Delaney, this is your prey, the mana crystals belong to you. Please dont refuse, that would be looking down on your dearest friend.

"Maybe you already forgot, but you once saved my life. No, not just mine, you actually saved the lives of many mages of the Shadow Tower.

"We were exploring a ruin back then, but we unfortunately encountered some unprecedented setback and our supplies were about to run out at a critical time.

"I was somewhat impatient and wanted to dig the ruins, so I led my people to buy some supplies so we could continue with the excavation.

"Back then, we bought supplies from the Henry Family and Sir Delaney was in charge. Sir Delaney had been the only person willing to offer a credit.

"You only received a small part of the price, and even the materials used as a down payment were pitifully few in numbers. I know that you took a lot of risks back then and did something you shouldnt have done based on the rules of the Henry Family.

"And it was these supplies that allowed us to barely finish the excavation, saving any possible loss on the Shadow Towers side.

"Sir Delaney might have already forgotten, but I clearly remember it. You became my dearest friend that day.

"How could I let my dearest friend be in danger"

Delaney had a shocked expression. His eyes were also becoming wet.

"Sir Dylas, to tell the truth, I forgot, but I hadnt expected you to remember. You are such a great person. I really want to thank you this time. I cant accept these mana crystals, this is your reward"

Dylas waved his hands and sternly put back the mana crystals in Delaneys hands.

"Sir Delaney, this is your prey, I only helped you with a very small favor. If you must insist, the materials other than the mana crystals would be good enough."

Delaney opened his mouth, emotionally moved but unable to say anything.

Everyone knew that the mana crystals were the most valuable thing in the Raging Flame Battlefield. Although these Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts were huge and a large number of mana crystals can be gathered from their bodies.

But a magic beasts corpse was far less valuable than a mana crystal.

Dylas patted Delaneys shoulder and sighed.

"Sir Delaney, there is something But I dont know if I should bring it up But you are my dearest friend. Even if you are unhappy, I have to bring it up."