End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 Secre

Delaney softly shook his head.

"You are too polite Sir Dylas, just say what you want to say. I believe you are a person of noble character misunderstood by many."

Dylas slightly hesitated before speaking with a hint of nostalgia, "When I saw you back then, you were already a 9th Rank Archmage and an elder of the Henry Family.

"Over the years, you have earned a lot for the Henry Family.

"Naturally, Im not saying that there is something wrong with that, this is something you should do as an elder of the Henry Family.

"But I feel that it is a bit unfair for you"

Delaney shook his head again.

"Sir Dylas, this isnt something that can be talked about, the familys rules have already been fair."

Dylas indignantly interrupted Delaney, "Sir Delaney, I cant see any fairness. If you compare yourself to Sir Morgan, you have contributed at least ten times more to your family.

"But this time, the Henry Familys commander is actually Sir Morgan, and he is the first commander.

"Sir Morgan even obtained the transformation potion and took it for himself instead of giving it to the one who contributed the most.

"Based on fairness, Sir Delaney should have been the one advancing to the Heaven Rank.

"If Sir Delaney advanced, would you have been in so much danger this time?

"If not because the goddess of fortune smiled upon you, I would have been unable to see you again. I would have been regretting all my life if I hadnt been close enough to save you.

"I feel pained just thinking about it"

After saying that, Dylas massaged his eyes as if he was trying to stop himself from crying.

Delaney frowned, his expression somewhat unsightly as he shook his head with difficulty.

"Ah, Sir Dylas, this is actually the decision of the Family. Sir Morgan has actually contributed a lot, he has done a lot for our Family.

"Furthermore, Sir Morgan is our first commander, it is natural that he drinks the potion after Sir Merlin compounded it.

"After all, the Beast Gods Blood is very expensive. Sir Morgan also promised us that as long as we obtain enough mana crystals, he would definitely let us advance, its just a matter of who advances first

"Sir Dylas must be misunderstanding"

Delaney explained, but his expression wasnt great. He appeared somewhat absent-minded and his thoughts were unfocused.

Dylas eyes suddenly shone as he instantly caught onto a keyword: Beast Gods Blood!

Beast Gods Blood? Hahaha, damned Mafa Merlin, Ive finally seen through your secret!

I knew that you didnt have that kind of ability outside the Raging Flame Battlefield. How could you suddenly refine a potion that can let a fool like Morgan advance to the Heaven Rank after coming here.

I knew this was simply impossible and that the secret lied in the Raging Flame Battlefield, in the temple to be more precise.

I hadnt expected it to be the Beast Gods Blood

It is in the material side of the list of items in the temple, and a hundred mana crystals can be traded for a drop.

Without knowing this, without knowing that the Beast Gods Blood had such power and based on our insight, we would have considered many materials more precious than the Beast Gods Blood. Who would have thought that the Beast Gods Blood wasnt ordinary God Blood.

Hahaha, Mafa Merlin, you dont need to tell me, I can get the secret myself.

That foolish Delaney really didnt waste my time. After all, which 9th Rank Archmage didnt hope to advance to the Heaven Rank, especially an idiot like him that has no hope of ever advancing.

I had to spend a bit of energy on it, I first had to use whatever method necessary to lure Delaney here and then draw in a second Thunderwings Bird over. After using a potion, those Thunderwings Birds would crazily chase after Delaney. This was deadly to a 9th Rank Archmage like Delaney, especially under the attack of two Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

I finally got it

Dylas let out a long sigh, his eyes filled with pride. He was even looking somewhat disdainfully at Delaney and hypocritically comforted him, "Sir Delaney, there is no need to be too anxious, you can trade for a drop of blood as long as you gather a hundred Pseudo HeavenRank mana crystals.

"Mafa Merlin can refine a potion when the time comes. 100 mana crystals isnt too difficult to gather, and it wouldnt take long if Sir Morgan helps you"

Hearing the name Beast Gods Blood from Dylas mouth, Delaneys expression suddenly changed. He seemed to recall something and flew away in panic after saying, "Sir Dylas, many thanks for saving my life, there is still something I need to do so Ill go on ahead"

Delaney vigilantly checked his surroundings as he flew away. After making sure that there was no danger, he let out a relieved sigh and flew back, somewhat worried.

Dylas had a bright smile on his face as he waved goodbye to Delaney.

"Sir Delaney, if there is anything bothering you, just tell me and Ill definitely help you, we are best friends after all"

Dylas expression turned cold and disdainful as Delaney disappeared.

"Idiot, no wonder you have been a 9th Rank Archmage for a century without showing any sign of completing the transformation. No wonder you can only be an ordinary elder after so many years.

"You should be unable to advance and would die of old age, it would be worth it if you died here"

After cursing him, Dylas expression turned completely sinister and cold light flickered in his eyes.

Morgan Henry, you stupid guy. You actually tried to scam me

Turns out what I really need is a drop of Beast Gods Blood, which can be traded for 100 mana crystals. You f*cker actually teamed up with Mafa Merlin to extort 300 mana crystals out of me?!

It was 250 at first, but it became 300 the second time because materials are becoming more and more scarce?! B*stard, you are a traitor to the Odin Kingdom!

Apart from 300 mana crystals, you also asked for the materials of 400 Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts and half of the mana crystals I would gain in the future?!

That damned b*stard, the Henry Family are leeches. I dont know what Mafa Merlin promised him for him to actually work with Mafa Merlin to scam me.

300 mana crystals? What a joke

New Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts might appear after one is killed, but there are limitations. The newly appearing Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts cant keep up with the hunting speed.


Even the strongest force, the Burning Tower, cant take out half of that, how could he dare try to trick me.

Ah, right, the Burning Tower! Sir Dedale!

I believe Sir Dedale definitely learnt about Morgan having advanced to the Heaven Rank and believed the rumors I spread.

It was impossible for a dark mage like Morgan to advance so rapidly to the Heaven Rank unless he had gotten external help.

Ill just go and find Sir Dedale and let him know about the Beast Gods Blood.

The Burning Tower is the strongest force of the Odin Kingdom in the Raging Flame Plane. Moreover, The Burning Tower has a deep foundation and its heritage can be traced back to the Nesser Dynasty.

They would definitely know something about the Beast Gods Blood or something similar. They should definitely have records regarding that thing.

Right, those Beastmen advancing to the Heaven Rank and directly controlling Extraordinary Power must have been due to that Beast Gods Blood.

The Blood of the Beast God flows within their veins, so they should be able to directly fuse with the Beast Gods Blood, while we cant directly fuse with it.

After all, the Beast Gods blessings didnt have any effect on us before.

Forget it, in any case, even if I cant use it, I can trade the secret as long as I know.

The Burning Tower can think of a way to use that Beast Gods Blood and Ill be able to advance once they researched the Beast Gods Blood and found the way to use it to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

Hmpf, that stupid Mafa Merlin, wait until I advance to the Heaven Rank and Ill settle the debt. Who told you to treat me as a stupid fat sheep.

Im so smart.

Dylas had a proud smile on his face. He hadnt spent much energy on it and it didnt take long for him to get a hold of the secret, this made him very pleased.

Holding over 120 mana crystals, he rushed to the temple for fear that others already traded all the Beast Gods Blood.

After getting a drop of Beast Gods Blood, Dylas rapidly looked for the members of the Burning Tower.

"You say you know the secret behind Sir Morgans advancement to the Heaven Rank?"

Dedale was surprised as he looked at the confident Dylas.

Dylas proudly laughed.

"Indeed, I know Mafa Merlins secret, but that secret isnt much, its actually easy to guess. I only confirmed it.

"If Mafa Merlin had that secret method before, why would he only take it out after entering the Raging Flame Battlefield? It must have been obtained recently.

"And the most probable location is the trading temple.

"Furthermore, the Raging Flame Beastmen have Heaven Rank powerhouses that can use Extraordinary Power.

"Its very unlikely to be due to the Beast Gods blessings, they have many 9th Rank Sword Saints and Arch-warlocks, but there are only three confirmed Heaven Rank Beastmen at the moment

"And arent they always saying that they are the people of the Beast God and that they have the bloodline of the Beast God flowing through their veins? So I guessed that they fused with the Beast Gods Blood to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

"That Beast Gods blessings should only allow them to use Extraordinary Power in the Raging Flame Battlefield.

"In fact, I had already guessed everything, I only needed a confirmation. And after confirming, I came looking for you, Sir Dedale."

Dylas had a proud expression, he was smiling as if everything was within his expectations. Seeing the shock on Dedales face, Dylas smile suddenly blossomed.

The shocked expression on Dedales face rapidly disappeared and he immediately added, "Sir Raphael also advanced to the Heaven Rank. I kept thinking that he had gotten a sudden enlightenment and found the path to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

"But it now appears that he might have advanced thanks to the Beast Gods Blood"

Surprise flashed in Dylas eyes and his heart started thumping loudly.

Sh*t, Raphael also advanced to the Heaven Rank?!