End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1072

Chapter 1072 Research

Oh no, that guy definitely hates me now. Not only did he not die, he even advanced to the Heaven Rank

No good, I have to cooperate with Dedale and have the Burning Tower quickly research the method to use Beast Gods Blood. Raphael will definitely take his revenge if I dont reach the Heaven Rank before coming across him

"Sir Dedale, I told you everything I know, I only hope that you can help me advance after you find the method to use the Beast Gods Blood. Naturally, I would provide the Beast Gods Blood for my potion."

Dylas sounded somewhat hurried.

Morgan advanced to the Heaven Rank and I can clearly see that he is trying everything he can to scam me. He doesnt have a very good impression of me and is so close to Mafa Merlin now. He is fiercely hugging Mafa Merlins thigh and would just keep troubling me.

I offended Raphael quite badly last time, almost causing his death. And he has already advanced to the Heaven Rank

There is also Mafa Merlin who can burst with the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Heavens, three Heaven Rank powerhouses Im screwed if they want to trouble me

Dylas felt somewhat worried, but Dedale wasnt. He said perfunctorily, "Rest assured, Sir Dylas, since you told me that secret, we definitely wont forget you when we finish researching the method to use Beast Gods Blood, we will definitely help you advance to the Heaven Rank."

Dylas just calmed down when Dedale suddenly said with an awkward expression, "But, Sir Dylas, there is no use even if we know the effects of the Beast Gods Blood. The mana crystals we got from hunting have been completely exchanged for things.

"We only have three or four mana crystals now, we simply dont have enough to trade for the Beast Gods Blood

"If we want to research it, we need at least a drop of blood. We cant research it without materials. You brought the information back a bit late. It would have been fine if you had come a few days earlier, we had enough to trade for one drop of blood.

"Now, we can only keep gathering enough mana crystals and hope we will soon gather 100 mana crystals to trade for a drop of Beast Gods Blood to start the research"

Dedale had a helpless expression. It seemed that he didnt care too much about this information. In any case, there was no point in being in a hurry since he already knew about the it.

But Dylas heart froze when he heard Dedales words.

Damn, only a few mana crystals left? You must be kidding me?

They would gather a hundred before exchanging for a drop of Beast Gods Blood?

Thats a hundred!

Those Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts arent ordinary magic beasts. Only in this place could so many strange Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts appear.

Even if a Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast is killed here, it will be replaced by a new one shortly after.

But they would have to hunt without rest for one to two months to save up 100 mana crystals, if they are lucky, they might be able to gather enough.

But who knows how many Beastmen would have advanced to the Heaven Rank by then?

There would be no point in worrying about Mafa Merlin then, everyone would die in the Raging Flame Battlefield

Dylas was lost in thought, he hadnt expected that. He couldnt tell whether it was true or not when looking at Dedales expression. But he was the one who couldnt wait.

"Sir Dylas, I want to start the research as soon as possible, but there is nothing I can do without the Beast Gods Blood

"Since you know this secret, you must have a drop of Beast Gods Blood, right? How about offering it for research?"

Dedale said that final conclusion with a regretful expression. This stunned Dylas, and after thinking for a bit, Dylas understood what Dedale was doing.

Damnit, that Dedale guy actually wants to rip me off at such a time!

Thats a drop of Beast Gods Blood! Dont tell me that guy wants me to provide the drop for the experiment?! Thats not an inferior material, its a drop of blood of the Beast God!

I only have one. That greedy leech Since he already knows the secret, he wants me to provide the drop of blood?!

Dylas held his breath. He wanted to vent, but he endured and didnt dare to vent.

Dylas remained silent for a few minutes until Dedale threw him a surprised look and started seeing him off.

"Sir Dylas, is there anything else? I still have a lot of things to do and Im afraid I dont have time to accompany you"

Dedale kept a calm expression, as if he didnt care whether Dylas provided the Beast Gods Blood. It was as if he didnt think he was tricking Dylas.

Dylas was burning in anger, but he suddenly calmed down as coldness emerged within his heart.

B*stard, I finally understand. That Dedale simply didnt want to cooperate with me. It wouldnt matter if I had the Beast Gods Blood or not.

That damned guy definitely possesses many mana crystals. The Burning Tower has so many powerhouses, as well as Dedale who could display the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. Their hunting speed had been the fastest at the start.

Moreover, the number of Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts in the Raging Flame Battlefield is far higher than what it originally was. They definitely gathered a lot of mana crystals. Now that they know that secret, even if they had traded their mana crystals for True Spirit Magic Tools, it wouldnt take long for them to gather a hundred if they started hunting again

At that time, he would start researching the Beast Gods Blood, and regardless of the results, it would have nothing to do with me. Dedale would be able to use it to keep producing Heaven Rank powerhouses.

The results of the research would keep on strengthening the Burning Tower after they left the Raging Flame Battlefield.

Damnit, that greedy leech never planned on cooperating with me.

I can only take out that drop of Beast Gods Blood now, regardless of the result of the research, Im bound to get a share.

As this became clear to Dylas, he felt somewhat helpless. This was an overt plot, a huge hole waiting for him to jump into it. But he had to jump, because the benefits were too great.

As Dedale stood up and started walking away, Dylas no longer hesitated and called out to Dedale.

"Sir Dedale, we cant delay our cooperation on the research of the Beast Gods Blood. If this continues, both the Raging Flame Beastmen and Mafa Merlins side would become far stronger than us.

"That traitorous Morgan Henry is already very close with Mafa Merlin, if another Heaven Rank powerhouse appears on their side, we wont have much of an influence left in this place. Even Sir Dedales leader position would be taken away.

"Who knows what those b*stards plan to do behind our backs. Moreover, Im unwilling to let those Andlusan surpass us.

"Since Mafa Merlin was able to figure it out, then we should definitely be able to figure it out too. Moreover, we cant be slow or it would tarnish the reputation of the Odin Kingdom.

"It just happens that I have a drop of Beast Gods Blood. I shall give this drop to you, Sir Dedale. Please let your people study it as quickly as possible.

"As a member of the Odin Kingdom, how could I let Andlusan insects surpass us!"

Dylas spoke righteously, saying that he was acting both for the sake of the Odin Kingdom and in order to contribute to everyone.

Dedale let out two chuckles and patted Dylas shoulder.

"Sir Dylas, since you are happily offering your drop of Beast Gods Blood, you can rest assured. Although our Burning Tower isnt specialized in potioneering, our Burning Tower actually has deeply researched God Blood.

"It shouldnt take long for us to study it, and once we are confident, we will share the result of the research with Sir Dylas. The first person to complete the Extraordinary transformation shall be Sir Dylas!"

Dylas chuckled twice as he painfully gave the Beast Gods Blood to Dedale. He couldnt not take it out now, if he wanted to enjoy the fruits of the research, he had to put forward the materials.

Forget it, in any case, once the results of the research come up, the first to enjoy it would definitely be me. Thats enough, that drop of Beast Gods Blood would definitely be used on me. Dylas comforted himself.

He then remained within the Burning Towers camp while the mages from the Shadow Tower kept hunting Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts.

The Burning Tower started organizing people to study the Beast Gods Blood.

On the other side, Lin Yun was also studying the Beast Gods Blood.

He had been able to use the Beast Gods Blood to compound the Golden Temptation Potion, but that hadnt been because he had researched Beast Gods Blood, it was because he possessed a ready-made complete method he had seen in the decaying library. Moreover, it was tailored for the blood of the Beast God.

The powerful Gods of the Era of Gods all had their own paths they specialized in. The source of their power was also different and only the blood of a few of them could be used to help people complete their Extraordinary transformation, the Beast God being one of them.

It was because the power came from his bloodline and his blood contained a huge amount of energy and Law Power.

The best part of the Beast Gods Blood was its source of power, whose use wasnt limited to the compounding of the Golden Temptation Potion.

It could be used in plenty of recipes, but the most famous one was to use it as a raw material for the Golden Temptation.

There were other uses, but these uses hadnt been documented or written down. At the peak of Noscent, the Beast Gods Blood was only considered a bit useful when used to compound the Golden Temptation, its other uses were considered obsolete.

Moreover, the Beast Gods Blood was even more effective in the Raging Flame Battlefield, those Beastmen could directly fuse with it and complete the Extraordinary transformation. As long as they were 9th Rank Sword Saint or Arch-warlocks and possessed a drop of Beast Gods Blood, they would be able to advance to the Heaven Rank whenever and wherever with no side-effects and only benefits.

If this continued, the Beastmen would have more and more Heaven Rank powerhouses and mankind would be finished.