End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1073

Chapter 1073 Pure Energy

Moreover, the Beast Gods Blood had a special importance in the Raging Flame Battlefield, it was even more precious.

Lin Yun even guessed that the Beast Gods Blood could be traded in the temple because of the existence of the Greater Raging Flame Overlord and his upcoming return. They must have left Beast Gods Blood behind in order to nurture even more Heaven Rank powerhouses.

That way, the Raging Flame Beastmen wouldnt be defenseless when the Greater Raging Flame Overlord finally struggled free of his seal.

Furthermore, the destruction of the Raging Flame Plane might be avoided if one of these Raging Flame Beastman could advance to the Greater Overlord realm before the Greater Raging Flame Overlord freed himself.

In the future, the coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane would disappear in the void following the resurrection of the Beast God, this might have a lot to do with this.

But it didnt have too much use in Noscent, aside from helping with the Extraordinary transformations, the blood wasnt too important to humans.

After all, using that kind of thing to advance to the Heaven Rank would always leave behind side effects, humans didnt have the Beast Gods bloodline after all.

These days, Lin Yun kept studying the spells of the Book of Mantras and inferred many special incantations from it, many fragments of incantations could be re-assembled to research the Beast Gods Blood.

Knowing that the Beast Gods Blood definitely wasnt simple, Lin Yun made a lot of preparations.

He was more or less done with the spell research and had some accomplishments in the new extraction process. At that time, Lin Yun opened the Demiplanes Planar Path and went into his Demiplane.

The entire Demiplane seemed to have completely changed, it was filled with a bloody mist.

The alchemy laboratory had to be devoid of it, that place needed the purest environment and any impurity might cause the experiment to fail.

That bloody mist was the remnant power of the Beast Gods Blood. When he compounded the Golden Temptation, he had used an alchemical solution to wash down the Beast Gods Blood and its useful components were refined to form the Golden Temptation.

The bloody mist filling the entire Demiplane was emitting formidable power, and that power was slowly merging with the Demiplane.

The power was so strong that it had already exceeded the limits of what the Demiplane could digest and thus transformed into a bloody mist covering it.

Lin Yun frowned as he looked at that bloody mist. As he thought about those days of research, he became increasingly certain that the Beast Gods Blood couldnt be so simple.

Standing at the center of the Demiplane, Lin Yun closed his eyes and sensed the entire Demiplane. He sensed the bloody mist, the way it was merging with the Demiplane, and the changes appearing within the Demiplane.

After a long time, Lin Yun opened his eyes, and in an instant, the entire Demiplane started shaking. A wisp of powerful mind power covered the entire Demiplane, it felt as if a God descended.

Gales suddenly rose within the Demiplanes, these gales were like pairs of hands driving out the bloody mist to converge towards the center of the Demiplane

Slowly, the bloody mist disappeared from the edge of the Demiplane, unveiling the original appearance of the Demiplane. It was like a circle continuously growing smaller as it kept converging the bloody mist towards the inside.

By the time the bloody mist reached the center, it had already turned into a bloody mist pillar with the gales revolving around it like a tornado cage, forcibly restricting the bloody mist in its eye.

Lin Yun extended his hand in a grabbing motion towards that bloody mist pillar and the air instantly stopped flowing. Everything here was under Lin Yuns control, and following that grabbing motion, the pillar of bloody mist started slowly shrinking.

After a few seconds, the bloody mist was compressed into a sphere and its terrifying power kept on fluctuating. It would compare to the burst of an Extraordinary Spell if it exploded.

Lin Yun frowned and had the power of the Demiplane keep compressing that four-meter-big sphere of blood.

That sphere of blood created by the convergence of the bloody mist kept stirring for no less than ten minutes until a thread of sticky thick blood condensed in the center. At that moment, the trouble in condensing the sphere suddenly disappeared.

That condensed sphere of blood kept on shrinking, and after three seconds, it thoroughly condensed into a sticky and thick drop of blood.

That thick and sticky drop of blood looked like metal and would only slightly deform when pinched.

Lin Yun calmly used his perception to feel that drop of blood and it looked no different from the previous drop of Beast Gods Blood.

After a few minutes, Lin Yun seemed to realize something.

Turns out to be the case! I truly didnt guess wrongly. Based on what I remember reading, the compounded Golden Temptation would cause almost no great side-effects apart from making the latter half of the Heaven realm harder to break through.

After breaking through, they wouldnt be affected by the things within the Beast Gods Blood, no matter the users race.

Sure enough, it was because it was refining the fragments of Laws and everything else wasnt used, expelled as impurities.

This was the reason why the Beast God with his formidable Bloodline Power couldnt alter his own bloodline.

The most fundamental process for mages to complete the Extraordinary transformation was to comprehend their Law and form their foundation. After their Law foundation was established, it would already be classified as having comprehended their own Law, and with it, they could mobilize the power of the worlds Laws.

They had to use that to complete the most difficult Extraordinary transformation. To humans, it could be said to be unrelated with talent, the comprehension of Laws was the most important part.

The pure Law fragments within the Beast Gods Blood, even though broken, came from a God-level existence. It would naturally easily help a mage complete the Extraordinary transformation.

But apart from the fragments of Laws, the most important part contained within the Beast Gods blood was power. That drop of blood was a drop of pure power.

Losing the fragments of Law made the drop of blood collapse during the alchemy process. The blood that may have contained fragments of the Beast Gods consciousness had dissipated before condensing again, only leaving pure power behind.

If there was nothing unexpected, that pure power would slowly merge into the Demiplane, and the Demiplane would once again mature.

But using it to nurture the Demiplane was too wasteful. Moreover, the effects werent very good.

Lin Yun looked at the drop of blood in his hand and faintly shook his head.

The Demiplane didnt need such a pure power to grow.

Nurturing the Demiplane was like growing farm crops, if pure water was used to irrigate the farm crops, even if they didnt die, the harvest wouldnt be too good.

Plants required a lot of water, but more important, they needed all kinds of other substances contained within the water. They were the reasons why the crops could grow well. Water, to a certain extent, only guaranteed that the farm crops wouldnt die.

Similarly, a growing Demiplane required a lot of mana, this was a key factor in the growth of a Natural Demiplane. But aside from mana, they also needed all kinds of "impurities" within the mana.

Mana Vines were the biggest shortcut to the growth of a Demiplane. Not only because it could tear apart a large amount of mana from the void, but also because, in addition to mana, Void Storms and Elemental Storms had a lot of impurities.

To humans, these traces were impurities, but they were the most crucial elements required for the growth of the Demiplane.

Just like how manure helped with plants growth.

The Mana Vines guaranteed that the Demiplanes growth was comprehensive and contained various other elements to guarantee its diversity. If it was only fed pure power, the Demiplane might end up like some Elemental Planes.

It would have extreme environments, extreme species, and apart from the size and capacity of energy, there would be no possibility of improvements.

This kind of absorption of various powers was the most crucial part, it was the foundation for the biodiversity born later in the Demiplane.

This was the foundation of the Laws.

Thus, although that pure power could let the Demiplane grow, it wasnt particularly useful and was a huge waste. Lin Yun intended to use that pure power somewhere else.

There were many ways of using that kind of pure energy, Lin Yun had many such methods in his mind, but this kind of thing was too rare. Pure energy without any impurity would rarely appear.

Even the energies crystalized within Heaven Magic Beasts mana crystals werent that pure. Mages mana also couldnt be so pure.

Whether it was magic beasts mana crystals or a mages mana, they would have a trace of themselves or some other things. It wouldnt affect them, but it would be impure power to others or when used for other things.

That pure power was universal, it could be used everywhere.

Put in an array, it could let the array exert its maximum power, and even exceed the limits of its power.

It was just like the difference between spells and Ultimate Spells. Ordinary mana crystals or other things couldnt display this kind of power.

Letting his subordinates absorb that pure power could also cut down the process of accumulating mana.

That pure power simply didnt need to be transformed, it was like a white canvas, any color could be added onto it.

There were too many available methods To make good use of that pure energy, Lin Yun had to study it carefully.