End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1074

Chapter 1074 A Glance

It would be a waste if he didnt make the most out of that pure power

Lin Yun went into his laboratory and started researching that condensation of pure power to maximize its use.

After researching, the effects would be a lot better than whichever method he could use right now. Lin Yun already had some rough outline. Combining God Blood and some of the Beast Gods characteristics, he roughly knew in which direction to go.

It would inevitably be very astonishing after the research

Lin Yun was in high spirits as he started researching that drop of pure energy. On the other side, the Burning Tower also started researching the Beast Gods Blood.

As the most powerful force of the Odin Kingdom currently in the Raging Flame Plane, they had dispatched more forces in the Raging Flame Plane than the Odin Kingdoms royal family.

Moreover, the Burning Towers inheritance was over ten millennia old, it was already standing on the land of the Odin Kingdom during the Nesser Dynasty.

It was said that at the very start, the master of the Burning Tower had been a Pureblood Elf. By the 3rd Dynasty, many formidable powerhouses had emerged, a few of which left behind some legends.

They had detailed records of many ancient things. They had detailed usage methods for a precious material like God Blood. They even had completely different methods for the various kinds of God Blood. They had the widest range of methods to use God Blood.

Even if the Burning Tower wasnt a force specialized in potioneering, it wasnt weak in this regard, they were just well known for their fire magic. They werent like Sky City which was famous for their mastery on the field of array and were the strongest force of the Odin Kingdom in this field.

Because of that deep background, Dylas was confident enough to tell Dedale and even give him the drop of Beast Gods Blood for research purposes.

Dylas remained in the Burning Towers temporary camp as they started the research. He would take a trip to the alchemy laboratory every day to check on the pace of the research.

As he once again took a trip to the laboratory, Dylas couldnt help letting out a pained smile.

A drop of Beast Gods Blood, thats 100 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals. I only had twenty left after trading for it. Adding the ones from the past few days of hunting, I now only have 23

If those greedy leeches and arrogant b*stards of the Burning Tower waste my drop of Beast Gods Blood, wouldnt I get nothing?

I naturally have to take a look every day to check whether these b*stard are destroying the drop of blood or not.

Damnit, that b*stard Dedale, I did feel that he was too arrogant before. He thinks that he, and his Burning Tower, are above everyone else. But I can now see that he is also a greedy leech

Every day, Dylas couldnt help feeling distressed when walking to the laboratory, he was afraid of waking up one day and being told by those arrogant scoundrels that the Beast Gods Blood had been wasted.

As he walked to the temporary laboratorys location, an arrogant mage suddenly blocked Dylas path.

It was labelled as an alchemy laboratory, but it was in fact a huge tent with a few smaller tents next to it. Those were the resting areas for the alchemists.

There was a magic fence used for warning around the place. It was a decoration for mages, it couldnt even block a Great Mage.

But few mages could sneak in without setting off the magic fences alarm. Moreover, this was the center of the temporary camp, only one mage was needed to guard the entrance.

The one who just stopped Dylas was the mage guarding the entrance

"Sir Dylas, how come you are still here? Didnt I tell you yesterday to stop disturbing my research every single day!?"

The mage had a cold expression and didnt hide his loathing and disdain. He looked as if he had been walking on the road and discovered a fresh pile of feces.

The mage standing at the entrance was clearly showing that he didnt want to let Dylas go through.

An awkward and angry expression flashed on Dylas face.

Damn b*stard, is that arrogant guy waiting here especially for me? How come Ive been meeting him for a few days?

Sh*t, has this arrogant b*stard even discovered anything? You have been waiting for me everyday, are you even researching the Beast Gods Blood?

Dylas was extremely angry, but he didnt dare to offend a mage of the Burning Tower, especially a proficient alchemist.

"Sir Siji, Im only taking a look, its just one glance, I wont disturb your research of the Beast Gods Blood"

Dylas forced himself to smile as he explained.

Siji sneered with disdain as he held his arm to bar Dylas path.

"Sir Dylas, dont try to be clever in front of me. How could we not know what you are thinking?

"Arent you afraid that the Beast Gods Blood has been wasted during our research? You think we dont know? We just dont bother to pay attention to you.

"Do you know the few core formulas of the Cypre Formula? Do you know how many variations it has?

"Do you know how the Corrosive Flower can display the best effect? Do you know the several types of extraction method corresponding to each kind of potion?

"Do you know?"

Siji sneered as he looked at Dylas, fiercely questioning him.

Dylas face darkened as he forcibly squeezed out a smile and awkwardly shook his head.

"I dont know."

Dylas didnt get to say anything else as Sijis voice suddenly became sharper.

"Sir Dylas! Since you dont know anything, why are you bothering our research team every day?

"Damn b*stard, dont you know that the most important part for an alchemist is the thought process? Especially for this kind of new thing, we need sudden enlightenment.

"What if we were all ready, and you just came over to disturb us as one of us was about to get enlightened, interrupting that persons train of thought. Do you know what the losses would be?

"Forget it, Im wasting my breath on a clueless guy like you.

"F*ck, do you even know why Im waiting for you here?

"Because a clueless idiot like you suddenly came in to disturb us the day before yesterday and interrupted my thought process. I still cant find that flash of light!

"What are you still doing here?

"If you dont believe in us, then take your drop of Beast Gods Blood and get out of here, f*ck off!

"Or dont come bothering us and dont use your shallow knowledge to make conjectures regarding alchemy, thats not something a clueless guy like you can understand!

"Do you understand now?"

Dylas expression turned green as he was being scolded and ridiculed. His throat kept shaking as he was forcibly restraining himself to the point where he couldnt breath.

After taking a deep breath, Dylas gritted his teeth and said, stifled, "Sir Siji, Ill go now, but can you tell me the pace of the research? Its not that I dont trust you, Im just concerned"

Siji sneered, "Sir Dylas, the research is stepping on the right track, but that matter isnt something that can be figured out in a day or two. Our pace would greatly accelerate as long as no one bothers us.

"Especially someone like you. You had best not come disturbing us or the blame would fall onto you if the research has no result.

"Either you dont appear here, or you directly go to Sir Dedale and ask Sir Dedale to switch us back so that you can look for people to do the research!"

Hearing what he wanted to hear, Dylas didnt dare to speak in anger. He had been scolded and ridiculed, but he didnt dare to retort. He could offend anyone, but he didnt dare to offend a mage of the Burning Tower, especially these alchemists.

Dylas dejectedly walked away while Siji sneered as he looked at Dylas back with disdain.

Truly a fool, those mages from the Shadow Tower are like rats, greedy and gutless. Especially that idiot Dylas.

I heard that guy always bullied the weaker forces and weaker mages, he even eliminated three weaker mage forces

He once inadvertently offended the disciple of a powerful leader, and on the same day brought a large gift to apologize. He is really a coward.

That rat is completely ruining mages reputation

Damn, if not for that drop of Beast Gods Blood, I would have killed that nauseating rat if he got within thirty meters!

Damn guy, you coming here every single day is very annoying. If not for Sir Dedales instructions, I would have made that damn b*stard suffer.

Today is the 3rd day, those scoundrels in the lab must be laughing at me. I must win my gamble during the replacement tonight, if I lose again Ill have to come and stop Dylas for three more days

I want to smash a bottle of corrosive poison on his face whenever I see him

Siji hatefully stared at Dylas back before closing the magic fence. He then sneered and arranged a magic trap at the entrance filled with three bottles of corrosive poisons. These were potions that could corrode magic shields and destroy someones appearance.

The next day, Dylas appeared in front of the temporary laboratory at the usual time.

Seeing no one at the entrance, Dylas couldnt help sighing in relief.

Finally, there is no one guarding the place. Those arrogant alchemists are really loathsome, they didnt even want to let me through the gate.

I took out that drop of Beast Gods Blood, why cant I even give it a glance?