End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1075

Chapter 1075 Business

F*ck, did he think I wanted to come here to be ridiculed every day? I really want to kill him I would have already gotten rid of him if he wasnt a member of the Burning Tower.

If I dont come, how could I know how far these b*stards have progressed. Who knows if they are putting on a show. What can I do if they made some progress and used it on themselves?

Dylas couldnt help fiercely cursing as he cautiously checked his surroundings. Sure enough, there was no one guarding the place so he started walking towards the entrance.

But suddenly, a magic pattern appeared under his foot and three glass bottles filled with dark green liquid appeared in front of him.

The three runic bottles instantly exploded and the rotten-smelling dark liquid shot towards Dylas like three Water Arrows.

Dylas expression changed and he rapidly retreated while using a Mana Shield to protect himself.

Those three dark liquid projectiles hit the shield and instantly created three big holes in the mana shield as it was unable to offer any resistance.

The liquid projectiles fell onto his robe and immediately emitted thick white smoke. A pungent smell filled the air as sizzling sounds kept echoing.

Small holes appeared on the robe due to the corrosion, and the places hit by the venom were completely corroded. The defensive spells and runes enchanted onto the magic robes were all corroded and lost their effects.

Dylas was startled and promptly threw his robe to the side.

But two fireballs instantly exploded in front of him, and the burst sent his body flying and shrapnel hit his body. Dylas couldnt help screaming out loud.

Especially when a piece of rock hit his eyes and made his eyes redden. Tears kept flowing down alongside the sore pain.

"Dont attack! Its me! Its Dylas!"

Dylas set up a Runic Shield as he dodged backward in alarm while loudly shouting.

After three more Bursting Flames, three silhouettes appeared from behind the magic fence.

Siji frowned as he looked at Dylas.

"Eh, it turns out to be Sir Dylas. Didnt I tell you to not come and disturb our research? We reacted to our magic fences warning and thought some lowlife thief came to steal our things, we didnt expect it to be you.

"Sir Dylas, dont tell me you forgot what I told you yesterday?

"Damn b*stard, our research is at a key point, we even already found the crucial thought process. If not for a b*stard like you interrupting, we would have come up with the method within three days.

"Now, because of your senseless interruption, we might spend ten days without even completing the research.

"Sir Dylas, is your brain rotten? How could your memory be so lacking!

"Fortunately for you, you arent a member of our Burning Tower or you would have ended up in a mine to dig with Beastmen!"

Siji fiercely cursed a few times and another mage next to him retorted with a sneer, "Sir Siji, something like that would never happen in our Burning Tower. Even a stupid slave knows not to disturb an alchemists research."

The three mages of the Burning Tower kept echoing each other as they ridiculed Dylas. On the other side, Dylas had turned beet red but didnt dare to say a word in retort.

He clearly knew that these people were doing it on purpose, but he couldnt say anything.

Almost disfigured by the poison, almost seriously hurt by these three scoundrels attack, after barely dodging the trap, he was forced to face ridicule.

Unfortunately, no one could confirm or deny what they were saying about their alchemy research. They said that they had been at a critical point, who could refute them?

Dylas could only look down in acknowledgement.

He couldnt even point at them or scold after being attacked. Dylas didnt say a word, his mind was focused on the words Siji just uttered, the research was almost complete.

Dylas didnt dare to say anything and only lowered his head like a turtle. The three mages of the Burning Tower were no longer in the mood to ridicule him and laid out a pile of traps around the magic fence in front of Dylas before returning to the laboratory to further their research.

Dylas smiled when there was no one in the surroundings.

The research is already at the key part. I hadnt expected them to be so fast, haha, I knew the Burning Tower was an ancient force with a deep foundation.

Although these arrogant b*stards are loathsome, they managed to complete most of the research already! As long as that final research has been completed, we can use the power of the Beast Gods Blood to complete the Extraordinary transformation and become true Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Heaven Rank powerhouses I wouldnt have to worry about encountering Raphael as long as I become a true Heaven Rank powerhouse. If I have an opportunity, Ill make that Mafa Merlin suffer, or better, get rid of him.

Ill make him know how big the gap between his shallow burst comparable to the Heaven Rank and the power of a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse is.

As for that greedy leech Morgan I found the secret without him, I also found a method to use the Beast Gods Blood. I want to see if he still dares to try and scam me.

After returning to the temporary camp, Dylas happily thought of what would happen after he advanced to the Heaven Rank. The mana meditation couldnt calm his mind so he just fell down on the couch and rested.

Soon, snoring sounds started echoing. Dylas still had a smile on his face as he snored.

After sleeping a few hours, Dyas started laughing and ultimately woke up in a laugh.

His smile had yet to disappear after waking up. He recalled his dream and couldnt help smiling.

Such a good dream, and that beautiful dream will soon become true. I advanced to the Heaven Rank and Sir Raphael held my thighs, crying and begging me for the method I found to advance to the Heaven Rank, forgetting everything that had happened before.

Moreover, he gave me a lot of benefits, and Sky City would also gifted me their auxiliary city for the sake of the method to advance to the Heaven Rank.

Mafa Merlin, that stupid guy. His research failed and he ended up becoming a cripple as there was a big problem with the Beast Gods Blood he used.

Morgan had a fall out with Mafa Merlin and became a stupid trash that kept weeping tearfully and knelt outside my door, crying and begging to become my slave

Dylas happily basked in the memories of his dream before becoming even more proud of himself. The more he thought, the more he felt that his choice was right.

He couldnt help running to the laboratory again and stretched his neck a bit to look.

Although he couldnt see anything, Dylas felt extremely confident and left the Burning Towers temporary camp with two people to go to Lin Yuns temporary camp.

As he arrogantly landed outside the camp, Dylas raised his head and looked at the people within the camp with a condescending attitude.

After walking into the camp, one of Dylas subordinates walked up to two mages and scolded, "What about Mafa Merlin? What about Morgan Henry? Whats it all about? How come they didnt come to welcome Sir Morgan? Where are their manners? Mafa Merlin is truly a country bumpkin, he has no education.

"Sir Morgan too He is actually mingling with country bumpkins, his cultivation has clearly fell down quite a bit. Sir Morgan at least understood etiquette before"

Dylas sneered as he watched it happen, not stopping his subordinate from raising a fuss.

Morgan was soon notified and walked out with a dark expression.

Morgan gnashed his teeth as he saw the condescending Dylas and his two mad dogs baring their fangs.

F*ck, that b*stard is really here again. He came looking for me yet he actually dares to have such a condescending attitude. What, does he want me to look for him, kneel, and give him a bottle of Golden Temptation?

That fool is truly a worthless insect. Dont think of ever doing this business with Sir Merlin even if I were to squeeze you out of your last copper coin.

Morgan aggressively walked over and looked at Dylas with a cold expression.

"Sir Dylas, could it be that you have already forgotten the most basic etiquette when paying a visit? Who told you to directly enter the camp? According to conventions, we should be getting rid of intruders like you immediately.

"Get the f*ck off and learn some manners before coming back here, this place isnt suitable for you, this place doesnt have what you want."

Morgan waved his hand aggressively and then turned around to leave, not intending to give Dylas an opportunity to explain himself.

Morgan was sneering as he turned around and walked away, silently counting.

That idiot will definitely rush over within three seconds and beg for forgiveness. One, two

Sure enough, Dylas looked around with a smile, after looking at his surroundings with disappointment, he looked at Morgan as if he really wanted to go and stop him.

Unfortunately, that repulsive Mafa Merlin has yet to come out. I would have humiliated him if he came out and made him regret his past misconduct. He lost the best opportunity to earn my friendship.

Its a pity, Mafa Merlin might still be researching the Beast Gods Blood. His earlier success might have been due to dumb luck. I havent seen anyone else advance to the Heaven Rank after such a long time. There are still a few 9th Rank Archmages among his subordinates.

That foolish Morgan still thinks the Beast Gods Blood is easy to use. The mages of the Burning Tower have books and records accumulated through countless years, yet they are spending so much time to find a main outline and have yet to reach the final stage.

Mafa Merlin is just a country bumpkin of the Andlusa Kingdom, how could he be better than the alchemists of the Burning Tower. An Artisan? He can only call himself an Artisan in a place like the Andlusa Kingdom with close to no alchemists