End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1076

Chapter 1076 Somethings Wrong

Morgan had been so lucky, would he still get so close to Mafa Merlin if he knew that Mafa Merlin had used him as a test subject? Not dying is all due to his luck.

Forget it, Mafa Merlin didnt come and Morgan is acting like that, might as well let that idiot regret it!

Regret flashed on Dylas face as he indifferently told Morgan, "Sir Morgan, I think you misunderstood something. I didnt come today for your so-called transformation potion. Isnt it just Beast Gods Blood? As if no one knew about it"

Dylas acted as if he already knew and shock immediately appeared on Morgans face.

F*ck, how did that fool learn about the Beast Gods Blood?

Sh*t, who told him? Damnit, that despicable guy must have been stealthily spying on us, or maybe he was listening in when one of my foolish subordinates let it slip!

But did that stupid Dylas come to threaten us after figuring out that the Beast Gods Blood is the raw material?

He is really naive, If anyone knew that the Beast Gods Blood was the raw material of the transformation potion, wouldnt everyone advance to the Heaven Rank?

Without Sir Merlin, even a hundred drops of Beast Gods Blood would be no different from a pile of garbage.

"What do you know, Sir Dylas? There are plenty of people that know how effective the Beast Gods Blood is, but in the end, only Sir Merlin can turn it into the transformation potion!

"Dont tell me that you thought you could blackmail us because you know the secret? Too naive"

Morgan looked at Dylas with disdain and ridiculed him, but Dylas proudly laughed, "Sir Morgan, you are the foolish one. Mafa Merlin is merely an Artisan of the Andlusa Kingdom. The Andlusa Kingdom is a backwater place, you should be clear as to how far they could go in the field of alchemy.


"Moreover, this is God Blood, only the most ancient mage forces know the ways to refine it. Only they have ancient records and know how to refine it.

"Mafa Merlin is only a young mage. An Artisan? Who knows how overrated he is.

"Only an ancient force like the Burning Tower is worth trusting.

"Im already cooperating with Sir Dedale of the Burning Tower and I only needed to take out one drop of Beast Gods Blood for research. I would ultimately have the results of the research and wont need to pay any other cost.

"Moreover, the Burning Towers alchemists already reached a critical point and most of their research has already been completed. It wouldnt take more than a few days before they can use the formidable power within the Beast Gods Blood.

"Once its successful, our side would have one more Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"Moreover, the method we would get wouldnt be like that potion which could only be used by one person with a very low success rate. We wouldnt have to worry about the Beast Gods Blood being wasted.

"As long as the alchemy equipment is completed, we would only need to obtain Beast Gods Blood to keep having mages achieve the Extraordinary transformation.

"Soon, our Shadow Tower and the Burning Towers cooperation would make our two forces rapidly gain Heaven Rank powerhouses.

"Even later, our two forces would be able to continue using that alchemy equipment to let our 9th Rank Archmages complete their Extraordinary transformation and reach the Heaven Rank.

"Haha, Sir Morgan, you ought to know that every ancient mage force has many 9th Rank Archmages unable to complete the transformation.

"As long as these 9th Rank Archmages complete the Extraordinary transformation, our mage forces would possess a few, even a dozen Heaven Rank Powerhouses. By then, let alone those muscle-brained Beastmen, who could even be our opponents in Noscent? Who could be our rival!"

Dylas raised his chin and looked at Morgan and the mages in the surroundings with pride and disdain. He looked like he was dirtying himself just standing in this camp.

Hardly concealed shock could be seen on Morgans face. He opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out.

Damn, the Burning Tower also knows? And they are about to get results as well as create some alchemy equipment and not a potion?

Damn, that foolish Dylas, how How could this be possible

Morgan was shaken by this news and couldnt say a word, which made Dylas proudly laugh.

That fool Morgan is truly too naive, he actually became Mafa Merlins lackey for a potion with uncertain effects. No, thats not a potion with uncertain effects, but a potion with very low odds of being crafted successfully.

Who knows what kind of dumb luck they had, but it was successful the first time. However, could they compare to the Burning Tower?

The Burning Tower is crafting an alchemy piece of equipment that could always be used. I secretly heard the Burning Towers alchemists talk and they said that crafting a potion is the most simple method, but it wasnt the most reliable method. Alchemy equipments werre the only correct path.

After all, thats Beast Gods Blood, each drop is worth 100 Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals, and even I was only able to trade for one drop. The weaker ones might not even have enough for half a drop

Morgans heart was in a mess, he hadnt expected the situation to develop to this stage.

Dylas rolled his eyes and smiled as he lowered his voice.

"Sir Morgan, Im not here to laugh at you, we are best friends after all, we fought side by side.

"I have a better way, so how could I forget about you?

"You dont need to be envious or regret anything, ..

"Sir Dedale isnt a greedy leech like Mafa Merlin. At Mafa Merlins side you had to pay a huge price for the sake of a bottle of transformation potion.

"Look at yourself, you not only need to use the Beast Gods blood as material, you also have to prepare many other materials. You even have to give close to half of the mana crystals you are gaining.

"Are you really willing?

"After all, we are members of the Odin Kingdom, and we are also very close friends. As long as you come with us, we will welcome you with open arms.

"Sir Dedale will not make my close friend pay a disastrous price. As long as you have the Beast Gods Blood, you could go to the alchemy equipment developed by the Burning Tower.

"There would be no need to pay anything extra. Look, those are the most sincere conditions, this is something a best friend ought to do."

Dylas patiently tried to entice Morgan, an unconcealable pride could be seen on his face.

He directly told Morgan that if he didnt rely on their help, he could only be envious. But as long as he relied on them, the conditions and benefits would be a lot better than Mafa Merlins.

The confused Morgan once again looked at Dylas proud smile and his anger instantly soared.

Damnit, that idiot is insulting me!

As a member of the Henry Family, our ancestors taught us that there was never a free lunch in this world. There was a price to anything, and the price we cant see is far heavier than the price we can see.

That fool doesnt want to give me benefits, he wants to make me rely on him. Damn b*stard, if I go over I might end up meeting some danger and treated as cannon fodder by that fool.

Going over there? That is an insult to the intelligence of the Henry Family.

That lowly trash wanted to use a trick like that to handle this great Lord Morgan, he is simply following the path to his own doom.

The proud rat is always the first to die. He is so stupid that he just stand there smiling!

Youd best die from arrogance with a smile on your face as long, just dont start a fight!!

Morgans expression was very unsightly as he forced these words out, "Sir Dylas, thanks for your good intentions. I still have something to take care of so I wont see you off!"

After saying those words, Morgan hurriedly departed and left Dylas behind.

Dylas had a glittering smile as he thought aloud, "Sir Morgan, you can come looking for me at any time if you ever feel like it. My promise is always effective."

The nearby mages started surrounding Dylas. Whether it was Lin Yuns subordinates or the Henry Familys mages, they all had terrible expressions as they looked at Dylas.

Dylas sneered as he looked at them and said with disdain, "These people would never have the opportunity to advance to the Heaven realm in their lives, they are just a group of pathetic weaklings"

Dylas turned and left. He was followed by his two subordinates who looked at the mages within the temporary camp as if they were a group of hopeless creatures.

"Sir Dylas, there is no need to pay attention to these people, they have no hope and might not even have the qualifications to use the Beast Gods Blood. There might not even be a single one that can advance to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm.

"A group of trash, nothing more"

"Sir Dylas, we dont need to care about these pathetic guys, what could they get by following Mafa Merlin or Morgan Henry? If they followed Sir Dylas, they would have a chance of completing the transformation and advance to the Heaven realm.

"In my opinion, Mafa Merlin specifically tricked these trashes. Once Sir Dylas advances to the Heaven Rank, he would be able to get rid of all of those that resist"

Dylas swaggered out of the temporary camp, happily returning to the Burning Towers camp. Seeing that the alchemists were already making a prototype equipment, Dylas suddenly laughed happily.

On the other side, Morgan hurriedly looked for Lin Yun after getting that news..

Morgan was anxious as he saw Lin Yun busy with his experimentations.

"Sir Merlin, there is no time to play, somethings wrong!"