End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Why Shouldnt We Go?

Lin Yun calmly completed the alchemy experiment he was working on, his expression not changing in the slightest. Morgan was quickly getting angry, but he didnt dare to disturb Lin Yuns experiment and could only keep pacing.

"Sir Morgan, whats the matter? Whats wrong?" After finishing a stage of the experiment, Lin Yun doubtfully asked Morgan.

Morgan was extremely anxious and was acting as if his pants were on fire.

Morgan rushed in front of Lin Yun with a bitter expression and started complaining.

"Hey, Sir Merlin, how could you still be in the mood to do experiments here? Something has gone wrong! Someone leaked the secret of the Beast Gods Blood, and now Dylas knows about it. Even the Burning Tower knows about it!"

Lin Yuns expression didnt change. The Beast Gods Blood wasnt considered a huge secret. Anyone could figure it out if they noticed what was happening with the Beastmen and then captured a few to interrogate them.

Eventually, the Beast Gods Blood would inevitably fall into the eyes of the other mage forces. But knowing about the Beast Gods Blood and being able to use it were two completely different things. There was no need to be worried.

If it was that easy to find a perfect method to use the Beast Gods Blood, it wouldnt have taken a few millennia for it to be perfected

Before this, there had been all kinds of imperfect and failed methods. There had been so many that it was uncountable. A few examples of those failed methods had been recorded in the decaying library.

Lin Yun wasnt worried, but Morgan was getting more and more anxious and his feet were twitching crazily.

"Sir Merlin, you are really not worried at all? Just now, that conceited idiot Dylas came to show off to me.

"He said that he was cooperating with the Burning Tower and that they had already reached a critical point in their research. They are making an alchemical device that will guide the power of the Beast Gods Blood to fuse with mages.

"Moreover, it will only need the Beast Gods Blood! The device will be reusable, with no need to worry about the success rate of compounding a potion.

"Over time, theyll be able to gather more and more Heaven Rank powerhouses, and after leaving the Raging Flame Battlefield, theyll be able to use that alchemical device to keep on gathering more Heaven Rank powerhouses. They might even be able to produce them using other types of God Blood.

"It would truly be over then! The Burning Tower and the Shadow Tower would have far more Heaven Ranks than the rest of the entire Odin Kingdom, and no one would be their match"

Lin Yun was shocked for a moment at first. The Burning Tower actually found a method that fast?

But after listening for a bit, Lin Yun chuckled.


Morgan spoke for so long, yet Lin Yun only let out a mysterious chuckle What did that mean?

"Sir Merlin, do you think Im lying to you? If that foolish Dylas wasnt so sure of himself, why would he rush over to show off?

"That fool also said a lot of bad things about you and even wanted me to beg for his help. Damn, that Dylas was trying to humiliate me. If I hadnt endured, I would have killed that fool!

"Sir Merlin, rest assured, I wont betray you regardless of what happens. We are the closest allies. So what if we are from different kingdoms?

"As a mage, how could I let kingdoms restrict us"

Morgan was anxious, and he kept on jabbering, starting to flatter Lin Yun to show that he had firmly declined Dylas.

As a member of the Henry Family, the concept of investment and profit was something he had been immersed with since he was a child. Although the Henry Family started as merchants, and although they valued profit the most, they also made one thing clear: Whether the investment was benefits or friendship, they would never give up halfway. Someone with a foot on both sides could only drown.

Morgan was just worried and angry, but seeing that Lin Yun wasnt bothered, he was getting more and more anxious.

"Sir Merlin, please say something! Arent you worried? That despicable Dylas will definitely do something if he obtains that power."

Lin Yun indifferently shook his head and proceeded with picking up his alchemy experiments flask.

"Say what? There is nothing pertinent to say. They will run out of luck sooner or later and itll be extremely bad for them. There is no need to worry at all," Lin Yun casually answered with a sneer.

He was so confident because he knew that using an alchemical device to process Beast Gods Blood would never work, no matter what the device was!

In the future, as the Beastmen were frantically collecting Beast Gods Blood, the human mages that could no longer progress were searching every single day for a way to advance, and alchemy was naturally the best method.

Naturally, some people decided to research the Beast Gods Blood and compound it into potions. Unfortunately, that kind of method was too wasteful. Although they would gain some valuable experience each time they failed, they would also use up a drop of Beast Gods Blood.

Beast Gods Blood was so precious that it couldnt be used in large quantities, and the potioneering research was rapidly abandoned.

It was soon replaced by arrays, alchemical devices, and several other methods.

Of these new paths of research, the method of using an alchemical device was researched the fastest, and alchemists rapidly made devices that could be used.

At the very start, they were able to fuse the entire drop of Beast Gods Blood with a mages body, using the huge power to complete the Extraordinary transformation.

Unfortunately, it failed. The devices that those crazy alchemists came up with at the peak of Noscent could even separate the fragments of Laws from the Beast Gods Blood to fuse them with mages bodies.

Yet even that method failed, as the success rate was far too low. It was recorded that only one mage was successful within a few centuries, and it was because that mage wasnt a pure human but possessed some Beastman bloodline.

After countless years of research and sacrifice, the most perfect method was found, and it was in the potioneering field that had been abandoned early on.

Potioneering was the only method acceptable for humans.

Thus, Lin Yun didnt need to keep listening when he heard that the Burning Tower was making an alchemical device. No matter what type of alchemical device it was, no matter what train of thought it followed, it would ultimately fail.

Now they could only wait until they ran out of luck

Lin Yun kept researching the Beast Gods Blood. Morgans restless mind calmed down a bit as he saw Lin Yuns confidence.

After another ten days, Lin Yuns stack of Pseudo Heaven Rank mana crystals reached two hundred. That was including the ones hunted by his subordinates, as well as Morgan and Raphaels shares.

This was traded for two drops of Beast Gods Blood and those two drops were used to compound two Golden Temptation Potions. Lin Yun threw the potions aside and started researching the remnants of the Beast Gods Blood.

The Beast Gods Blood had already separated during the compounding of the Golden Temptation Potions, and its mist was covering the entire plane.

A lot of the impurities from that pure power were absorbed by the Demiplane, and the speed of the absorption slowed down by the time only pure power was left behind.

After going through the purification of the Demiplane and being condensed, the mist was reformed into pure power.

That method hadnt been documented in the future. If those alchemists researching the Beast Gods Blood could have a Natural Demiplane, they wouldnt need to research the Beast Gods Blood in the first place. Thus, there had been no record of this pure power.

Morgan chose this time to anxiously rush into the temporary laboratory.

"Sir Merlin, something happened! This is something huge!"

Lin Yun frowned and put down the glass bottle on his table.

"Sir Morgan, you are a Heaven Rank powerhouse now, cant you maintain a bit of the appropriate prestige? Dont tell me that the world is about to end?"

Morgan bitterly brought up two invitation cards.

"I just received an invitation card delivered by the Burning Tower. They are inviting us to their temporary camp to attend a ritual. They finished researching the alchemical device and also have Beast Gods Blood. They are just waiting to let a 9th Rank Archmage complete his Extraordinary transformation.

"They are asking us to witness the birth of a Heaven Rank powerhouse

"They definitely invited us to ridicule us. I also discovered some memory stones outside, and as long as they are opened with the Nesser Language, they will turn into invitation letters.

"The Burning Tower has already made the announcement. Any mage in the Raging Flame Battlefield can easily find an invitation, so everyone must already be aware of that matter.

"This isnt good! They told everyone about it and invited them all to act as witnesses. Once their people use the device, everyone will be drawn to the Burning Tower and the Shadow Tower.

"There will be no effect even if we say that you can refine the transformation potion.

"After all, they werent there to see me take the potion and advance to the Heaven Rank with their own two eyes, while they would be able to witness the process this time. They would unhesitantly walk to that despicable Dylas side if that happened"

Lin Yun held the invitation letter, and an indescribable smile appeared as he looked at it.

The invitation letter was very polite It was inviting them to witness the birth of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, but it reeked of boasting.

Not only was it saying that, but it was also pointing out that they had mastered the method to let a mage rapidly complete the Extraordinary transformation.

Whoever got the invitation letter would easily draw some conclusions

Anyone who got this piece of news would let go of everything and rush to the Burning Towers temporary camp.

"Sir Merlin, should we go or not?" Morgan asked worriedly.

But Lin Yun only smiled.

"Lets go, why shouldnt we go? My research has reached a bottleneck, so I might as well take a break and look at whats happening. Maybe seeing people running out of luck will give me some ideas"